OvenWerksThis is old, but part of where I want to go: http://gareus.org/blog/jack2dbus03:57
OvenWerksJack runs all the time, if the script finds a USB port it prefers that and switches jackdbus to that on the fly, otherwise it uses the internal audio IF.03:58
OvenWerksI would like to go one step further. Any device not being used by jack gets connected via zita-ajbridge.04:00
OvenWerksThe controller would set zita-ajbridge's client name to some inteligent interface name.04:02
OvenWerksmaybe just the name returned by arecord/play -l04:03
zequenceLet's make it happen, using -controls to configure it04:03
OvenWerksfor all those people plug in a USB mic and expect to monitor with internal speakers04:04
zequenceAnother thing I've been thinking about is handling jack crashes04:04
OvenWerks??? you have jack crashes?04:05
zequenceThere needs to be a restart/kill button somewhere04:05
OvenWerkscould be respawnable. (by an external task)04:06
zequenceIf jack crashes, the user shouldn't need to reboot in order to fix it (not everyone knows of killall -9 jackdbus)04:06
OvenWerksright, very few do.04:06
sinewavI just learned about it a few seconds ago! \o/04:07
zequencejack-rack is already taken out, btw04:07
zequenceWe can have it back if we upload it, but none of us has the right, I think04:07
sinewavThere is a good ongoing discussion about jack-rack on the Linux-audio list.04:08
OvenWerksI will play a bit with guitarix to see if it _can_ be used to replace it.04:08
OvenWerkssinewav: LAU?04:08
zequencesinewav: Yes, I saw that. Ralf started that after he read about it being dropped in Debian/Ubuntu04:08
OvenWerksIt needs someone to take over maintaining it.04:09
zequenceI already decided it would be worth maintaining it, at least for the next cycle, as it seems to function ok, but I don't have upload rights for it04:09
zequenceubuntustudio-dev would be maintainers04:09
OvenWerksPersonally, I would still want GCDMaster first.04:09
zequenceDoes it work?04:10
OvenWerkswith the right libs...04:10
sinewavIt seems the consensus is, it will eventually breaks, but it is small and unobtrusive, so it wouldn't to keep it around a little longer.04:10
zequenceOk, so it's just a matter of packaging then?04:10
sinewavwouldn't hurt*04:10
sinewavCan't type tonight....04:10
sinewavI still find myself using it about once a year, but yeah, all of Linux Audio should move into the modern age.04:11
zequenceOvenWerks: If you can make it installable and runnable, we can just get it in Debian again, with some help04:14
OvenWerksgcdmaster? that is gtk2 libs, it would mean bringing a lot of stuff in04:15
OvenWerksI am not quite up to the task of upgrading GUI libs yet.04:16
zequenceI'm sure that we have other stuff that uses gtk2?04:16
OvenWerksI think it is all gtk3 anymore04:16
zequenceIf you need to change code, that will be another issue all together, and we will also need to become code maintainers, not just packagers04:16
OvenWerksYa, like I say, I am not there yet.04:17
OvenWerksI am not sure what is happening with qmidiroute either.04:17
OvenWerksNo one seems willing to merge my one line fix in ubuntu.04:18
OvenWerksThe maintainer seems to only do fixes once a year.04:18
zequenceHmm, how do I download the package source for something that doesn't exist anymore?04:19
zequenceAh, yes. Thanks04:21
OvenWerkshttp://packages.ubuntu.com/source/vivid/jack-rack is newer but may be the same04:21
zequenceI'm building with bzr-buildpackage now, which created the orig04:21
zequenceThe package was not there when I did pull-lp-source04:22
zequenceWell, it got built. I'm going to see what happens when I try to upload it soon04:22
zequenceIt was in the bzr branch lp:ubuntu/jack-rack, though04:24
zequenceThat is where I got it04:24
OvenWerksIt would be nice to back port the version of jackd2 in utopic to trusty.04:25
OvenWerksIt fixes a bug where when started by a jack application it should stop when the application stops04:25
OvenWerksinstead of keeping running after.04:26
zequenceOk, that sounds like a SRU fix even04:26
zequenceIn that case, we need a patch for only that function04:27
zequenceUsually the one git commit, or something similar04:27
OvenWerksNope, I'm wrong it is the vivid version we need.04:28
OvenWerksPeople check the version number to see if it is the right one. fixing the one thing still won't give the right version.04:29
zequenceWell, that's not how SRUs work04:35
OvenWerkshttps://github.com/jackaudio/jack2/commit/dd97d191240de8d09e709f6b1a8c4fafdac0a030 maybe this one?04:35
zequenceWhen we do a fix like that, we should announce it, like I did for PA and jackd a while back04:35
zequenceDo you have time to test it?04:36
zequenceOtherwise, I can do it later today04:36
OvenWerksIt would have to be later, I have kids to get in bed ... should have a while ago.04:39
zequenceWould be good to have some sort of routine for checking our core stuff for bug updates, so that we get them as early as possible04:41
micahgBTW, I think you were looking for this before: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/packagesets/wily/ubuntustudio04:43
OvenWerksI wish I could say that was the only one in jack, but there are a lot of commits from 130622 to 14061004:43
zequenceI'm pretty much working with studio all day now, so I do actually have time04:44
zequencemicahg: Right, Ross was looking for a way to see all the studio packages04:45
micahgthere's a python script in ubuntu-archive-tools that can query packagesets, edit-acl04:46
micahgor you can use the webpage04:46
zequenceI'm preparing some tools for creating a html page of possible backports, but I ended up creating a new sort of apt search tool for just getting packages and versions for any debian distro04:47
zequenceI need it for other stuff too04:47
zequenceAh, I'll check it out04:47
zequencemicahg: Any chance you could help out with uploading jack-rack for us?05:01
zequenceBug 148713705:02
ubottubug 1487137 in ubuntustudio-meta (Ubuntu) "ubuntustudio metapackages reference lv2fil, jack-rack, specimen, phat removed from Debian" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/148713705:02
micahgright now, no, but tomorrow evening, sure, just subscribe me05:02
zequencemicahg: Ok, thanks05:03
micahgwho should the maintainer be, the ubuntustudio dev list05:05
micahgI went ahead and assigned it to me05:07
zequencemicahg: Yep, the team.05:37
micahgzequence: BTW, I'd suggest trying to get in touch with the original maintainer in #debian-multimedia on OFTC and see if there's some reason why it might not be maintainable and/or if they'd be willing to have it in Debian if you're committing to help with it05:47
zequencemicahg: I will06:08
zequenceI mean, that's a good idea, and I will06:09
zequenceActually, there's not much to say other than jack-rack is dead upstream, and that any bugs had no fixers.07:31
ubottuDebian bug 740123 in ftp.debian.org "RM: jack-rack -- ROM; dead upstream" [Normal,Open]07:31
ubottuDebian bug 734020 in jack-rack "FTBFS: error: unknown type name ‘GtkCallbackMarshal’" [Serious,Fixed]07:31
zequenceWe'll keep it for another cycle, and if nothing has happened about maintaining it properly until then (someone might get interested in working the code upstream, or forking it), we should probably remove it for the next LTS07:32
cubI noticed contact@ubuntustudio.org are listed in some places. Is that address reaching someone?09:56
zequencecub: It is redirected to me09:57
zequenceMostly spam, but I get the occasional email from a real person. Mostly people looking for support, and I just redirect them to other places.09:57
zequenceI think we should remove it when I stop being lead. If the new lead wants it, we can create a new address09:58
zequenceThe email is now html encoded, but I have no idea how that spamming works. Maybe it's too late for that now09:58
zequenceMaybe a new address would produce less spam09:59
zequenceI can get 100 spam mail per day09:59
zequenceIt is almost always filtered out into the spam folder by my email service, but still...09:59
zequenceThe email address on the site is html encoded, is what I meant10:00
cubGood, I was just checking so it didn't just go nowhere and frustrated people. :)10:22
cubIs there a guide on how to log on to the web site to do corrections or posts?10:24
cubNever mind, got it. 10:31
cubHmm I don't have any rights though.10:32
zequencecub: YOu have to login with the pr and support team membership10:33
zequenceThe ~ubuntustudio team has a subscriber role only10:33
cubyes, now it looks more familiar10:34
zequencecub: Ah, right. I also made you member of the website team10:35
zequenceThat will have even more rights10:35
cubyes, you put me on the web site team to upload the changes in colours for the WP theme10:36
zequenceRight. It also allows you to change settings for the website10:36
cub"Discourage search engines from indexing this site" is checked. Is that imperative from Ubuntu?10:38
zequenceNo, I don't think so10:38
zequenceThat sounds like a bad idea for a setting10:38
cubYeah I only do that for development sites, then change it when we go live10:39
cubI'm changing that. *fingers crossed*10:40
* zequence watches out the window looking for explosions10:40
cubI immediatly got an email from David Pires......but it was unrelated. ;)10:42
cubWhen I installed US 15.10 it changed the names and order of my grub menu, which is a bit annoying. Anyone know of a good simple way to re-arrange the order again without heavy scirpting or using grub-configurator from a PPA?16:56
cubAs I suppose this will happen every time I do a new installation for test16:56
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub216:56
holsteini always just refer to that ^ and do things manually if needed16:56
holsteinpersonally, it depends on the machine..but, the laptop i haul around, i just set it to wait, and not automatically do anything.. since, i reboot so seldom..16:57
holsteinthe studio rig, i get a little more forceful about.. but, i still set it to let me manually choose.. with no countdown16:57
cubI choose manually as well, but the latest installed OS always get on top16:58
holsteinwell, you likely are having that new install install grub16:58
holsteinyou can have it *not* install grub, and just run "sudo update-grub" on the other install.. likely16:59
holsteini have had issues both ways, so, i just deal with it as it comes16:59
cubyeah I was reading through this one now https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/CustomMenus16:59
cubran sudo update-grub on my Debian now and hope it will put itself first in line. At least it renamed all the entries better than US 15.10 did17:01
cubholstein, did you get anywhere with the G+ name?17:01
holsteincub: im right where i was17:09
holsteincub: i dont have permission to add a plugin to add code into the header.. not that we know if that would allow us to have the name17:10
holsteinbut, something like UbuntuStudioOrg would do, as well..17:10
cubgotta work for a few hours. See ya!17:18
zequenceEach new install does a fresh install of GRUB, so if it's not a UEFI system, just don't install the GRUB bootloader.17:48
zequenceTo refresh the GRUB menu, instead boot into the installation that also installed GRUB, and in a terminal do: sudo update-grub17:48
zequenceTo rearrange GRUB, I have used ppa:danielrichter2007/grub-customizer17:50
zequenceOr, rearrange the GRUB menu, that is. It can do other GRUB settings as well17:50
OvenWerkszequence: I didn't know you could not install GRUB, I just always install it somewhere I won't use. But yes go back to the partition that installed it and update.21:07

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