micahgochosi: ok, I'll focus on xubuntu-core first01:09
TrialQuick question... Hopefully02:33
TrialWhen I wake my computer I can see what I was doing last then it goes to login in screen. Is this an Ubuntu thing or related to Xubuntu layer?02:35
holsteinwhat are you expecting to see?02:36
TrialImmediate login screen02:36
holsteinyou mean, you see the desktop, as it was when you locked it? and you think you should just immediately see the lockscreen? and not the desktop?02:36
TrialYep, I see the desktop and any windows I had open02:36
TrialAfter 10-15 secs it goes to login screen02:37
holsteini dont think its every happened for me that slowly.. but, i have found GPU drivers can effect that..02:37
TrialOkay, cool I will check into that. I am currently running Xubuntu on a HP Stream 11. So, not a lot of support but working on it.02:38
TrialI was working on a confidential document, and was startled what I seen when I opened it back up. I am going to have be more cautious I guess.02:39
holsteinnot if its just always you that sees it when its opened ;)02:40
TrialWell, true. It rarely leaves home, but in the event I do take in public... I don't know. Was just curious :D02:41
TrialSo, this a Xubuntu thing. I am not sure how much xubuntu is different from Ubuntu. Is it built on barebones?02:44
holsteinwell, xubuntu is ubuntu.. with xfce as the desktop environment, instead of unity02:46
holsteinthere are lots of different parts, and lots of exactly the same parts02:46
TrialAh, okay. Sorry for the delay.02:58
flexiondotorgbluesabre, You are participating in 15.10 beta 1 correct?08:24
flexiondotorgI'm helping with the release again and just confirming which flavours are taking part.08:24
flexiondotorgochosi, ^^^^^^^^08:31
flexiondotorgknome, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^08:59
bluesabreflexiondotorg: correct09:54
slickymasterWorkflexiondotorg, is there any prevision for when the url for B1 will land at http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/ ?09:59
slickymasterWorkfor both 64 and 32 bit09:59
flexiondotorgslickymaster, Can you come and ask that in #ubuntu-release please?09:59
flexiondotorgslickymaster, Thanks.10:05
flexiondotorgslickymaster, bluesabre Can someone update the wiki please? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WilyWerewolf/Beta110:22
slickymasterWorkon it, flexiondotorg 10:24
slickymasterWorkdamn wiki10:26
flexiondotorgslickymasterWork, Thanks :-)10:30
slickymasterWorkpleia2, knome, can you please mediatize https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/xubuntu-devel/2015-August/010867.html10:42
slickymasterWorkochosi, bluesabre, I don't think we've set yet a B1 release page (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WilyWerewolf/Beta1/Xubuntu)10:47
slickymasterWorkknome ^^^10:47
bluesabreslickymasterWork: if the others don't get to it before me, I can take a look this evening (or add to it as needed)10:48
slickymasterWorkgreat. thanks bluesabre :)10:48
ochosihey folks10:56
ochosisorry, i won't be able to take a look before tomorrow the earliest10:56
ochosijust returned from moving to a new flat and am... tired. reallly really tired10:57
ochosiwill try to be back tomorrow11:01
knomeslickymasterWork, tweeted12:10
akxwi-dave+slickymaster - has there been much done with 15.10 regards the look and feel of the DE/apps.. as its looking really slick and well rounded.12:51
knomeakxwi-dave, nothing special for 15.10 specifically - except some work on the LO icon theme (which is not comparable since this is the first release with LO) and the usual gtk theme updates for the newest gtk version12:55
akxwi-dave:-)  still looks good though..13:16
slickymasterWorkthnaks knome 13:16
slickymasterWork* thanks13:16
knomeakxwi-dave, sure, we've done a lot work in the past for an integrated looks - but nothing specific now13:16
slickymasterWorkdid you saw my ping regarding the B1 release page knome?13:17
knomei did13:17
knomeslickymasterWork, i updated the calendar entry for the meeting - now it actually says 10am and not "whole day"13:50
slickymasterWorkihadn't finished it tey knome :P13:50
slickymasterWorki was trying to find out if it was displaying it in my time zone or UTC, instead13:51
knomea good application tells you what13:51
knome*that :P13:51
slickymasterWorkwho choose Google calendar, anyway?13:51
knomewhat else?13:52
knomeno really13:52
knomeis there an alternative that is seriously so easy to reach for everybody?13:52
slickymasterWorknot that I'm aware of13:53
knomeso yeah, what else would we have chosen?13:53
slickymasterWorknot a clue ;)13:54
knomethen why whine? :P13:54
slickymasterWorkjust answering your previous question13:54
knomewell, i use gcal with tb13:56
knomethat does tell you the TZ13:56
slickymasterWorkI figured it out in my google settings13:57
pleia2slickymaster: thanks, G+ed and FBed16:11
knomepleia2, what did you say about the flyer schedule again? :)16:59
pleia2flyer schedule?16:59
knomeyou ordered the flyers16:59
pleia2yeah, they should be here when I get home on september 7th16:59
knomeok, cool16:59
* knome is tired16:59
knomeanother_name, welcome :)17:21
another_nameknome: thanks. Hope I can help with fixing the problem :)17:21
knomeso for those that didn't catch it, another_name has the grey screen on resuming from suspend problem and is apparently willing to help17:43
another_nameYes. It only occurred when I had two screens attached, and unplugging the second monitor lead to the locking screen to show up properly again.17:47
another_nameI haven't tried to suspend with two screens attached though.17:49
another_nameI'll give that a try17:50
another_nameSuspending leads to the same problem. Mouse moments show the gray screen where as left clicking brought back the lock screen and allowed me to login17:53
another_nameI also just encountered another issue; closing my laptop lid (which is set to suspend the system) with two screens turns off my main screen and sets the second screen as primary and the system does not suspend.17:54
knomebluesabre, ochosi ^17:55
ochosianother_name: what version of xubuntu and more specifically lightdm-gtk-greeter are you using?18:10
another_nameochosi: xubuntu 15.04, lightdm-gtk-greeter 2.0.018:11
ochosiso the system really locks up?18:14
ochosior is it "just a grey screen" and you click and the greeter "wakes up"?18:14
another_nameochosi: the screen goes black initially, moving the mouse or hitting keys 'wakes' the screen up to gray. After clicking on the gray screen it blinks to the lock screen18:15
ochosithat sounds like a known issue that has been fixed already18:16
ochosiblack initially is expected, that's just the screensaver18:16
another_nameochosi: agreed18:16
ochosiyou'll need 2.0.118:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1448761 in lightdm-gtk-greeter (Ubuntu) "gray screen shown when external monitor connected on resume from suspend" [Medium,Confirmed]18:17
knomeochosi, do we have quick instructions on how to test that?18:17
knomealso, hey ochosi :)18:17
ochosiwell, use a PPA to get 2.0.1 would be the most straight forward i guess18:18
ochosie.g. this one ^18:18
ochosihey knome :)18:19
another_nameochosi: yep works perfectly.18:21
another_nameany ideas on the other problem (closing laptop lid to suspend).18:21
another_nameochosi: thanks for your help :)18:22
ochosianother_name: no problem18:32
ochosithat other issue you're describing is intended behavior of xfce4-power-manager18:33
ochosiso you can keep on using your computer if it is docked18:33
ochosii'm not sure off the top of my head whether that was configurable or not18:33
another_nameEven if i have it set to suspend when the lid is closed?18:33
ochosii think so, yes18:33
ochosimulti-monitor is a separate scenario18:34
ochosii haven't touched that part of the code, but i remember seeing it at some point and wondering whether that wouldn't be an issue for some18:34
another_nameIs there a way to configure multi-monitor settings for locking? I can understand the use-case of docking (done it before actually) but I'd also be interested in configuring it. But if that's the intended behavior it's perfectly fine. 18:35
another_nameochosi: Thanks again for your help.18:38
melodieI got news for the Xubuntu teams18:42
ochosianother_name: yeah, no worries. sorry i don't think it's configurable atm18:43
ochosimelodie: don't keep us waiting then :)18:44
melodiehi ochosi here:18:44
melodie I had to replace a Windows 7 home edition on a HP large laptop, which has 8 cores proc, 8 GB ram, a ivybridge Intel 3D/Nvidia GPU :18:44
melodieand I have the pleasure to announce you there has been no bug at all! \o/18:44
melodie I used a Xubuntu 14.04.3 and installed all additional packages for iphone as the guy has a iphone 5 and that went well too. success!18:44
melodieI used the oem option18:44
ochosigood to hear :)18:45
ochosianother_name: this would be the code piece i had in mind: http://git.xfce.org/xfce/xfce4-power-manager/tree/src/xfpm-manager.c#n43618:45
melodiewhile I'm here I'll express a wish, that Thunar gets a menu "Display > Dual pane" feature. I installed pcmanfm additionally to make it available18:46
ochosianother_name: actually it looks as though suspend should still work when closing the lid with >1 monitor18:46
melodieelse than that, the guy who I installed for was really amazed18:46
another_nameochosi: I'm not sure what xfpm_is_multihead_connected is a flag for multiple monitors are connected.18:48
knomemelodie, i don't think that's going to happen; if you want that feature, use pcmanfm (as you do)18:49
melodiehi knome 18:50
ochosianother_name: ehm, what else would it be?18:50
melodiebefore pcmanfm had that feature, I used to install some k package 18:50
another_nameochosi: no idea not familiar with code.18:50
melodiefor the same purpose18:50
another_nameochosi: no idea not familiar with code base18:50
ochosianother_name: http://git.xfce.org/xfce/xfce4-power-manager/tree/common/xfpm-common.c#n14618:50
knomebbl as well18:54
another_nameochosi: I see what you mean.18:56
peachesI subscribe to the mailing list and wanted to ask if there was a repository I can read about the willy beta 1 testing.21:10
knomepeaches, the mailing list has all the information and news about the testing21:13
knomepeaches, the reporting and things related to that is all in the ISO tracker21:13
peachesI see the mile stonebuilds page21:13
knomepeaches, and if you have any questions, you can ask here or on the mailing list21:13
peachesis there any other documentation available without having to download the .iso?21:14
knomei don't understand the question; to test the beta 1 milestone, you will need to download the ISO21:14
peachesmy apologies, i'm not familiar testing xubuntu specific technology or developing with linux based developing environments. 21:16
knomeno problem21:16
pleia2peaches: when you click on a test case it'll give you instructions for what you need to do21:17
pleia2peaches: so if you're testing the 64-bit iso, you end up on the testcases page, here: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/345/builds/100663/testcases21:17
pleia2peaches: then you click through them to see which one you want to do21:17
peachesjust to ask because I'm not sure; is this project wily the irc bot for xubuntu?21:19
peachesi don't see much documentation on the email or site21:20
knomewhat irc bot?21:22
peachesis Wily Beta 1 a version of xubuntu? sorry to think it was a bot.21:24
knome"wily" is the codename for the forthcoming 15.10 release21:25
knomewily beta 1 is a work-in-progress version of 15.1021:25
peachesI understand. Thanks for clarifying my mix-up. 21:26
knomeno problem21:26
peachesI really enjoying using 15.04 on my VM virtual box, it's stable. What kind of benefits would I find to use 15.10?21:27
peachesright now would it be find bugs?21:28
knomeyes, we are asking people to help us test the beta version to find bugs21:28
knomeso if you are looking for the benefits, then you shouldn't install now21:28
peachescan some bugs become features or do you have strict adherence to how Wily Beta 1 should work?21:29
knomethe ISO testing we are calling for now should follow a specific testcase21:29
knomefor example, http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/345/builds/100663/testcases/1300/results for an entire disk install with the 64bit ISO21:30
pleia2if you find something while testing and aren't sure if it's a bug or a feature, you can just ask here :)21:31
knomebut in addition to that, we are constantly encouraging people to do so called "exploratory testing" - to simply run the new release and file any bugs they might find - especially those that are related to changes made since the previous version21:31
knomebut right now we need the ISO tests21:31
peacheswhat kind of version control do you use for this project?21:34
knomeummmh... i don't think that question really applies21:35
peachesmay i ask why?21:36
knomeseparate applications, libraries etc have different version control systems21:36
pleia2same as the rest of ubuntu, bazaar (bzr), but a distribution is much more than just the work we do, so our upstreams in debian (lots of our work is done in debian), libreoffice, mozilla, etc use all kinds of things21:36
knomexubuntu as an entity itself is not exactly version controlled21:36
knome(eg. there is no "diff" for any two given ISOs)21:36
peachesif I could find more documentation first on the standards this build is set on I would be effect at finding bugs.21:46
knomeit's a collection of loads of individual packages and changes21:47
peacheswhere to start?21:47
knomeas i said, for the ISO testing, we have predefined testcases21:48
knomeplease look at http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/345/builds/100663/testcases/1300/results21:48
knomein the "testcase" section you will see the exact procedure you need to take to run this test21:48
peachesi appreciate the link, thanks knome 21:49
knomewell, that's the second time i paste that21:52
knomeso maybe you also need to start paying attention21:52
slickymasterthanks pleia2 21:53
knomewb slimy21:53
slickymasterjust got home :P21:53
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