mesaboogie01hi I'm terribly stuck06:27
mesaboogie01my touchpad is erratic/uncontrollable06:28
mesaboogie01pls help06:28
mesaboogie01...I'll be back soon, just try something06:31
mesaboogie01ok, I've seemed to have fixed it06:40
knobGood morning!11:29
xubuntu-x4ndFirst time using linux based OS. Having hanging issues during install of lubuntu or xubuntu from either cd or usb. XP is on old system, I would like that gone. Machine is x51 freevents and I've seen other people in other forums having issues with similar design machines but could not see a solution. I'm getting initializing gfx code on lubuntu and even less on xubuntu. Any help or advice would be very much appreciated. Thanks13:14
xubuntu-x4nd14.04.3-i386 are the versions I'm trying13:16
* xubuntu-x4nd slaps Al1ve around a bit with a large fishbot13:21
invalidNameHello, I recently upgraded to 15.04. Now when I connect a second monitor and extend the screen I cannot move any window fully onto the screen. The window will hit a 'wall' well before the halfway point of the second screen. The mouse is freely able to move around the second screen without issue. Any suggestions?14:32
holsteininvalidName: i have dealt with that in the past with alternate GPU drivers.. is that the case? is it nvidia or ati hardware that has proprietary drivers available?14:34
invalidNameholstein: I am using proprietary drivers (nvidia-331 v 340.76). My computer has nvidia Optimus (has both Intel and Nvidia). Encountering problems while running in intel mode but I haven't tried it with nvidia.14:36
cfhowlettinvalidName, did you install the intel 15.04 drivers?14:37
invalidNamecfhowlett: the graphics drivers?14:41
cfhowlettinvalidName, yep.14:41
invalidNamecfhowlett: no I have not14:42
invalidNamecfhowlett: would you suggest I try that first?14:44
cfhowlettinvalidName, seems a sane step14:45
invalidNamecfhowlett: great14:45
invalidNamecfhowlett: installed it but it didn't fix the problem.14:52
cfhowlettinvalidName, reboot14:52
holsteini have, in the past, used arandr to generate a script, which i will test, and set to autorun at login after a small delay14:53
holsteini have an older nvidia card that can do that, if i try and let it automatically deal with dual head14:53
invalidNameokay, i'll be back after reboot14:53
holsteinbut, if you didnt reboot, you have to do that for driver changes like that14:53
invalidName_cfhowlett: it works. Thank you very much.14:56
cfhowlettinvalidName, happy2help!14:56
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* Skald_9_ etenstijd16:00
another_nameAnother question about 15.04, I locked my computer with 2 screens (extended). After leaving it idle I came back to tried to unlock it. However both screens were gray. In order to unlock the computer I unplugged the second screen and the normal lock screen with login prompt showed up. Is there a solution to this?16:35
edufmassHello, I've installed xubuntu 15.04 and xrdp, I connect from win pc. I run ifconfig in a terminal and I get error (bin or sbin is not in path, i don't remember very well). Is there a way to make a remote conection and work like the physical connection (all permissions, etc)?16:36
knomeanother_name, some people have reported similar issues and it's not clear why they exist. the next time that happens, simply try clicking with your mouse - some have said that helps (and it helps for me too when i rarely get that)17:00
knomeanother_name, well i get it at boot, but it's essentially the same situation17:00
another_nameknome: okay fair enough. It also seemed it still accepted my keyboard input. So I might have been able to log in "blind".17:01
another_nameknome: thanks for the suggestions.17:03
knomeanother_name, no problem - let's hope we can get this all fixed :)17:09
knomeanother_name, if you are interested in helping us out, join #xubuntu-devel and hang out - we're talking about the problem now and then and potentially need debugging from different hardware setups17:09
another_nameknome: sure.17:10
Guest64444i have issue with calibre in xfce desktop.. files are not option using calibre18:35
zacwallsI am having this really weird desktop glitch http://imgur.com/UZVrNi5 what should I do to fix it?21:41
zacwallsthis is a fresh install from a couple of minuets ago21:42
holsteini would look for, and apply all updates, and reboot.. after that, i would look into any alternative GPU drivers.. then, i would try something like arandr, and see if i can set the desktop geometry and have any effect on that..21:43
zacwallsok thats what I figured. Be back in a few :)21:43
zacwallsholstien same thing21:47
zacwallsholstein same thing21:47
holsteinzacwalls: when? after rebooting after opening the terminal and running "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" ? and, are there proprietary drivers avaiable? also, have you tried arandr? or the included display tool?21:48
zacwallswait i forgot to mention that this laptops display is busted and I have been using a monitor and i just went into the display settings. I will report my solution in a few :)21:49
holsteini would expect to have dual head on, and maybe that is causing the issue.. where, you are actually just seeing a part of the broken display21:50
holsteini would likely disable the internal in the bios..21:50
zacwallscenter of the screen. Cannot afford to fix. Also, its via RGB and it wont display until I have booted into the OS21:51
holsteinhey, i do that often.. an external monitor on a broken laptop..21:52
holsteinbut, you'll have to sort out the work arounds..21:52
zacwallsdisplay tool it is...21:54
zacwallsholstein http://imgur.com/BYkcVEn21:55
holsteinright.. so, since that one is broken, you can disable it, there21:55
holsteinzacwalls: since the internal laptop screen is broken, you can use that tool to disable it21:56
holsteinand get a "better" looking desktop21:56
zacwallsholstein http://imgur.com/cUAq2Uw :(21:59
holsteinzacwalls: right.. whats the problem? that looks great21:59
holsteinvga only.. looks clean..21:59
zacwallsthe date/time is in the corner all weird IMPERFECTION!!!! lol22:00
holsteinzacwalls: thats the panel layout, though.. *not* monitor geometry22:00
zacwallsoh so desktop settings :)22:00
holsteinzacwalls: panel layout, specificall22:01
holsteinzacwalls: if thats what you are having issues with.. i literally dont see an issue with the desktop there..22:01
zacwallsok  well let me see what I can do and send you a screenshot22:01
fearnothinghi folks23:28
fearnothingwhat's the proper way to set static IP via command line these days?#23:28

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