jaksi07c8I'm using cloud-init with the cloud image of ubuntu trusty09:22
jaksi07c8and sometimes it fails to install the packages (packages: section of the cloud-config file)09:23
jaksi07c8it actually fails to configure them, running `dpkg --configure -a` after cloud-init has finished solves the problem09:24
jaksi07c8what could be the cause of this? the environment is the same, and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.09:25
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Odd_Blokejaksi07c8: Does /var/log/cloud-init.log have anything related?09:57
Odd_Blokejaksi07c8: (And is this an official Ubuntu image, or a derivative?)09:57
jaksi07c8Odd_Bloke: it's the official image10:03
jaksi07c8no, i didn't find anything in the logs10:03
Odd_Blokejaksi07c8: Is it specific packages or can you reproduce with any packages?10:04
jaksi07c8Odd_Bloke: there's a fixed set of packages to be installed10:05
jaksi07c8sometimes all of them are installed10:05
jaksi07c8sometimes none, sometimes just a few10:05
jaksi07c8these are actually our own packages from our own apt repository, so the environment is even more fixed10:06
Odd_Blokejaksi07c8: And these packages definitely reliably install when not using cloud-init?10:08
jaksi07c8is the standard error also present in the logs?10:08
Odd_Blokejaksi07c8: Could you paste your cloud-init.log somewhere?10:08
Odd_Blokesmoser: https://code.launchpad.net/~daniel-thewatkins/cloud-init/shim_fixes/+merge/269199 fixes some problems that Azure have found with the snappy Azure stuff.12:23
jaksi07c8Odd_Bloke: could it be that cloud-init runs apt-get install in the background, not waiting for it to finish?12:40
jaksi07c8because what I'm experiencing now is that if I shut down the VM right after cloud-init finishes (the login prompt appears), the packages are not installed12:40
jaksi07c8if I wait a little, everything is fine12:40
Odd_Blokejaksi07c8: cloud-init won't block the login prompt appearing.12:48
jaksi07c8mhm... I'm actually replacing an old script which did a preseed-based install of a regular ubuntu server image. The method I used to detect when the installer finishes was that I checked if port 22 was available on the host (sshd has started)12:50
jaksi07c8is there a way to tell if cloud-init has finished everything, and the machine can be safely shut down?12:51
Odd_Blokejaksi07c8: Yeah, that won't work with cloud-init.  See http://cloudinit.readthedocs.org/en/latest/topics/examples.html#reboot-poweroff-when-finished12:51
Odd_Blokejaksi07c8: If you need to detect whether cloud-init has finished running while the machine is still up, then you can examine /var/lib/cloud/data/status.json.12:54
jaksi07c8ah, great, thanks a lot for your help!12:56
Odd_Blokeclaudiupopa: smoser: Are we going to do the meeting (in 53 minutes; don't panic) in here or in the hangout?13:07
claudiupopaI would prefer it to be here, I guess there isn't much to talk for today.13:07
smoserOdd_Bloke, here is fine the.13:32
* smoser reboots13:32
Odd_Blokesmoser: claudiupopa: Meeting time!14:02
smoserso the one merge open right now is Cladiu's14:03
Odd_BlokeI think that's waiting for another +2 and a workflow +1.14:05
Odd_BlokeUnless I have, once again, forgotten how this process works. :;14:05
smoserok. that doesn't have a +1 from Odd_Bloke14:05
smoserso i was just going to ask that.14:05
Odd_BlokeI do remember reviewing this most recent version, not sure why I don't have a review on it.14:06
Odd_BlokeLet me log in and see if I have anything I haven't saved.14:07
smoserOdd_Bloke, ok. and i'll look at it a bit after this.14:07
smoserso lets say that is done, and we should have smoser's comments shortly or a +2/+114:07
smoserOdd_Bloke, did you do anything for main ?14:07
claudiupopaOkay, that sounds good for me.14:07
* smoser has been on holiday for 12 days (very nice)14:07
Odd_BlokeI was at LinuxCon/Plumbers last week, so I haven't done anything.14:07
smoseroh yeah. had forgotten.14:08
Odd_BlokeYep, I'd reviewed everything but hadn't actually +1'd.14:08
Odd_Bloke+1'd now.14:08
smoserok then. so if you contineu to look at that, th'ad be good.14:09
smoseri have been doing some reporting work in cloud-init 0.7.x and using it in curtin also, much to Odd_Bloke's dismay14:09
Odd_BlokeThat yep was to the previous line. :p14:09
smoseri will have that submitted to review in 2.0 sometime soon i hope.14:10
smoserthen we have https://trello.com/b/HoPNdiTI/cloud-init-development-roadmap14:10
smoserOdd_Bloke, should take main executable14:11
smoserand i'll add  a task for 'webhooks reporter'14:11
smatzekI was on vacation the week Cladiu's review came out and it got lost in the pile of email. I'll try to get a good review of it this week but don't hold up the merge on my part.14:11
claudiupopaI'll probably take the new config module architecture, in order to have soonish a work-in-progress cloudinit v2 that does something.14:11
smoserclaudiupopa, cool14:11
Odd_Blokecloud-init 2.0 doing something? Controversial.14:12
Odd_BlokeI thought we were just going to implement all the fun bits and then do something else. ;)14:12
smoser(thanks smatzek for comment above. any help you have is welcomed)14:13
smoserthats about all we have then.14:13
Odd_BlokeA brief AOB point: do we have a list of everyone we should ping at the start of a meeting? :p14:14
Odd_BlokeI can only type sm<TAB> once, so only one of smoser and smatzek are going to get pinged unless we make a list. :p14:15
smoseryeah, i know. :) quite rude of smatzek to take collide on my first and last initial.14:15
smosersmb is also guilty of that.14:16
smoser(/me realizes both of them probably came into existence before him)14:16
Odd_BlokeNow you're calling them old; real smooth. :p14:17
smatzekclaudiupopa:  A pre-emptive review on ConfigDrive.  If you're going to use 0.7.x as a starting point, can you make util.mount_cb and def find_candidate_devs(probe_optical=True): do the mount and candidate find in a way that can be overridden by the OS distro?14:17
smatzeksmoser: thanks :)14:17
smatzekor have it call to the distro for that support?14:18
smosersmatzek, well claudiupopa cares about this legacy OS that comes from some vendor in washington.14:18
smoserwhich apparently doesn't even have a 'mount'14:18
smoserso he'll probably abstract it somehow :)14:18
smatzekan AIX port of cloud-init exists outside of 0.7.x trunk and this is one of the things that is different in that port.  I know if at least 1 other legacy OS, besides the washington one that a port is being created for that also has different ways it handles ISOs.14:19
smatzekI hope to put patch sets out to bring the AIX items into 0.7.x and definitely 2.0 once I clear some legal hurdles.14:21
claudiupopaSorry, I was dragged into other meeting for a while. smatzek, smoser: probably it will be abstracted, so we won't care too much about mounting from an interface perspective.14:32
smoserclaudiupopa, ok... very bad nitpick14:33
smoseryour commit message width i think is > 8014:33
jaksi07c8hm.. is there a "right" way to set up static routes with cloud-init?16:04
jaksi07c8I mean I can just run a command like `ip route add via`, but that's not the prettiest16:05
smoserclaudiupopa, commented on your https://review.openstack.org/#/c/209520/16:29
smoserjaksi07c8, no. in the future we expect much better /  more aware network knowledge, but for now... i think thats the best you can do .16:30
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