lordievaderGood morning.07:05
clobranogood morning :)07:07
flexiondotorgHow is the Kubuntu Beta1 testing going?07:58
lordievaderThat is what I like to know too :) Time for some testing I guess.08:20
lordievaderAwww, no love for amd64 :(08:22
lordievaderRiddell: Ah, in the oem mode if the desktop mode is set to folder view the 'prepare for shipping' is shown :)09:08
sittersomeone killed my precious akonadi kcm for kde apps 15.12 :'(09:15
Riddelllordievader: well that's a good start :)09:15
RiddellI'm doing upgrade testing this morning not reliably online09:16
sitterRiddell: ppas still broken09:17
sitterRiddell: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12198006/09:18
lordievaderRiddell: Yes, so it is there. Just not showing XD09:19
sheytanHey guys! When can we expect plasma 5.4 update?09:19
sitterPackage: plasma-look-and-feel-org-kde-breezedark-desktop09:35
sitterthoughts on that name?09:35
sitterpackaging the look and feel package /usr/share/plasma/look-and-feel/org.kde.breezedark.desktop09:35
sitteryofel, shadeslayer: ^?09:38
TJ-plasma.laf.ok.breezedark-desktop   :)09:39
shadeslayersitter: dafuq09:43
sitterbut what else?09:45
Riddelllordievader: beta is looking pleasingly good, thanks for testing10:06
lordievaderNo problem10:08
shadeslayersitter: plasma-org-kde.breezedark ?10:15
sittershadeslayer: that seems out of line with general nome culture I think. plasma-* is a thing plasma-runner-* is a runner package plasma-applet-* is an applet package10:23
sitterfollowing that it would have to be plasma-look-and-feel-*10:24
shadeslayerI object to the insanely long name10:24
sitterwell yeah10:24
shadeslayerplasma-laf ?10:24
sitterbut that is more of an upstream issue10:24
sitterthung is10:25
sitterwhat if look only packages become a thing at some point10:25
sittershadeslayer: what if we go with long name for now see if anyone complains?10:25
sitternames are easy enough to change for asset-only packages10:26
shadeslayerI'm complaining right now! :P10:26
shadeslayerthat will take me eons to type out10:26
sitterwhat are you complaining about tho10:26
shadeslayerbecause I don't use GUI package managers10:26
sittershadeslayer: plasma-look<tabtab> -> select suitable package10:26
sitterit's really no different from plasma-applet- in that regard10:27
shadeslayer*shrug* ok then10:27
sitteras I said this only would give a headache if look packages become a thing, though I don't see that happen since look-and-feel accomodates both so upstream probably won't be content to make look a thing :P10:27
shadeslayerI have ENOTIME for this discussion :P10:27
sitterplus I wouldn't know what look would be anyway10:27
sitterbtw only 6 characters longer than the existing Package: qml-module-qtquick-controls-styles-breeze10:28
sitterlintian will be so angry10:28
shadeslayersitter: btw I don't think I have time to fix the other issue that you mentioned10:29
shadeslayersitter: whoever gets to it first can fix it :P10:30
sitterlet's leave it broken then10:32
yofelsitter: so, I did play around a bit yesterday: http://yofel.net/kubuntu/transitions/10:32
yofelnot sure if it's quite accurate10:32
* yofel -> lunch10:32
sitteryofel: <310:33
sitterI wonder what the red means10:33
sitteron the arches10:33
Riddellsitter: pausing kci for plasma staging-upload, I've added a print at the end to remind me to unpause, let's see if that helps10:39
sitterRiddell: did you see the broken list I pasted earlier10:40
Riddellsitter: yes I deleted the ones with 4: from the kubuntu-ci archives10:40
sitterbreeze somehow seems like a lot of splitting10:44
* Riddell grumbles how plasma-workspace-wallpapers is in svn but breeze has far more binary blogs in git10:47
sitterRiddell: you may want to suggest adopting something like https://git-lfs.github.com/10:48
lordievaderWill Plasma 5.4 be backported to Vivid? People are asking about it in #kubuntu.10:49
sitterit essentially replaces the binaries with references to an out-of-git storage and then only pushes the references to git and the data to the storage thingy10:49
Riddelllordievader: if someone gets round to it, sgclark has had a good track record of that10:49
sitterso no binary blob in git repo itself but tracked via git10:49
lordievaderThanks :)10:50
ScottKsitter: is that any different than git-annex?11:13
sitterScottK: havent' used it so I can't say. description on website suggests annex doesn't implement the shuffing data to server part11:15
sitterother than that it sounds pretty similar11:16
sitterScottK: reading a bit more it now sounds like annex basically turns the entire repo into a ref store while git-lfs would only do it selectively11:19
ScottKGit-annex is by Joey Hess, so I know it has a competent upstream.11:22
Riddellhttp://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/ppa-status/plasma/build_status_5.4.0_wily.html  not too bad11:24
sitterScottK: unfortunately it suffers from the haskell problem ;)11:24
ahoneybunhow the heck do we use full screen launcher11:25
sitterRiddell: nm might fail because libnm transtion in proposed11:25
sitterthe others shouldn't11:25
sitterbluedevil we don't CI so I guess that is no surprise11:26
sitteroh we have bluez5 now11:26
sittercould enable bluedevil again11:26
sitter /usr/include/libnm/NetworkManager.h:30:32: fatal error: nm-core-enum-types.h: No such file or directory11:27
sitterRiddell: plasma-nm fails because of the libnm transition11:27
sitterI think it needs build deps updated11:27
sitterto use the new -dev package11:27
Riddellsitter: I've uploaded bluez-qt to frameworks ppa and bluedevil to plasma ppa for staging11:27
sitterRiddell: didn't we have bluez-qt 5.13 already?11:28
sitterright then11:29
sitterRiddell: I suppose bluez-qt 5.13 was not uploaded because bluedevil 5.4 wasn't a thing back then?11:29
Riddellsitter: right11:29
sitterwell then11:29
sitterplasma-nm should be the only actual failure there that needs fixing11:29
yofelsitter: red == bad, green/hidden == good, good and bad is defined by the patterns at the top11:32
* Riddell unpauses CI11:33
yofelthe release team has their own tracker http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/transitions/11:34
yofelbut that's managed by hand :(11:34
sitteryofel: http://yofel.net/kubuntu/transitions/html/auto-kdecoration.html why are they red though?11:37
sitteractually probably because they want the old lib and that breaks11:37
yofelsitter: looking at the buildlog for breeze 4:5.3.95-0ubuntu3, it says kwin-style-breeze depends libkdecorations2-511:38
yofelright, it depends on the old lib, which isn't what you want11:38
sitteryofel: so kdecoration is red because the rdeps are not upgradable?11:38
yofelno, because it depends on the wrong lib...11:38
yofelBad: .depends ~ /\b(libkdecorations2\-5|libkdecorations2private5)\b/11:38
yofelor rather, one of the binaries depends on the wrong lib11:39
yofelonce it's rebuilt against 5v5 it'll depend on that which matches11:39
yofelGood: .depends ~ /\b(libkdecorations2\-5v5|libkdecorations2private5v5)\b/11:39
Riddellahoneybun: you still using that ec2?11:40
sitteryofel: all Depends: are good though https://launchpadlibrarian.net/215496599/buildlog_ubuntu-wily-amd64.kdecoration_4%3A5.3.95-0ubuntu2_BUILDING.txt.gz11:40
sitterso it would have to be because the rdeps are red11:40
yofelsitter: the tracker tracks packages that depend ON kdecoration11:40
sitteryofel: the Depends: still are correct :P11:41
sebaswhen are plasma 5.4 packages hitting kubuntu backports? :)11:41
Riddellsitter: do you know if there was a conclusion on how to get kopete to compile?11:42
kfunksebas: Kubuntu 15.10 is super smooth for me already (*with* Plasma 5.4) :)11:42
yofelsitter: how so? kwin-style-breeze has an shlibs dep on libkdecorations2-5, which should be libkdecorations2-5v511:42
Riddellkfunk: yay :)11:42
sebaskfunk: don't be so tempting, I'm so proud of myself for running a stable release!11:43
sitteryofel: yes but kdecoration is also marked red on the transition page11:43
kfunkI don't have that patience11:43
sebasAlso, 15.10 isn't entirely through the gcc5 transition, is it?11:43
sitterRiddell: build legacy kdepimlibs11:43
sebasI already have one machine stuck in the middle of it11:43
sitterRiddell: so we'll need to make a kde4pimlibs source I guess11:43
sitteranother case of badly handled dep transition I am afraid11:44
sitterhad kdepim been merged sooner we probably would have caught that even :/11:44
sittersebas: still ongoing11:45
sitterI think at least, haven't seen updates in a while ^^11:45
sebasneeds an account apparently11:45
sittersebas: regular lunchpad account11:45
sebasubuntu one account, no less, wasn't that dead?11:45
yofelsitter: it likes to show those as well, not sure why.. maybe because in the Package list I run it on it has the new and old version of kdecoration (while it's originally meant to be run against unstable)11:45
sittersebas: as far as kde is concenred the transition is done11:46
sitteryofel: ah ok, that's what I wanted to know :)11:46
sitteryofel: can we get this on qa.kubuntu?11:46
sebassitter: hm ... then tempting11:46
yofelsitter: if we upgrade that server to jessie, sure..11:46
sitteralso, can we maybe get a chef recipe for it?11:46
sebasanything known broken?11:46
Riddellsitter: we still have a lot to get from -proposed into release11:47
sitteryofel: bummer11:47
sebasmy laptop for example doesn't have kmail right now ... that's fairly annoying11:47
sitteryofel: simply docker it? xD11:47
ScottKyofel: you'll find there are kwin symbols changes, so it needs more the just a no change upload.11:47
sitterRiddell: not because of gcc511:47
yofelsitter: hm, that would be an idea...11:48
ScottKWe did the kdecorations transition yesterday in Debian.11:48
sebasas I haven't actually seen an answer: when are plasma 5.4 packages hitting kubuntu backports for 15.04? :)11:53
sebasyou guys try to trick me into running unstable11:53
yofelScottK: so you mean kwin changes ABI by doing that transition?11:53
sittersebas: when it's done :P Riddell is preparing 15.10 upload once that is done someone will have to find the time to backport11:54
sebassitter: so days, rather than weeks?11:55
sitternext week at the latest one would expect11:55
sitterbuilds look fine on 15.1011:55
usafwhen will plasma 5.4 be in the backports?11:56
=== sitter changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Plasma 5.4 work in progress. Will be ready soon. | https://trello.com/kubuntu | http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/ | https://notes.kde.org/p/kubuntu-apps-15.08
sitterRiddell: are you going to archive upload apps?12:00
ScottKyofel: no it's just GCC stuff no longer exposed.  IIRC12:00
=== sitter changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Plasma 5.4 work in progress. Will be ready soon. | https://trello.com/kubuntu | http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/ | https://notes.kde.org/p/kubuntu-apps-15.08 | 5.4 http://goo.gl/XrOhvc
Riddellsitter: yes, I'm just tidying up some of the ones still not green, but I'll ignore e.g. kopete for now12:00
yofelah ok12:00
sitterRiddell: not sure we should time tyding up kde4 apps tbh :P12:01
sitter*spend time12:01
sitteryofel: ScottK: that's alraedy picked up in the kubuntu derived symbols files I think12:02
sittersomeone retracted the symbols in kdecoration without transitioning, but kwin was rebuilt against that anyway as part of plasmabeta so the gcc5 update there was also adopted12:03
sitterso for wily it really is just a rebuild12:03
* sitter still needs to gen symbol dumps for some pim libs >.<12:04
ahoneybunRiddell: I thought it was off?12:04
ahoneybunI can't login12:04
BluesKajhiyas all12:04
yofelsitter: do you have a list of those?12:04
sitteryofel: the symbol retraction in kwin?12:05
yofelsitter: stuff missing symbol files12:05
ahoneybunhey BluesKaj12:05
Riddellahoneybun: ec2-54-144-60-15.compute-1.amazonaws.com is still on12:05
sitteryofel: https://notes.kde.org/p/kubuntu-apps-15.0812:05
BluesKajhey ahoneybun12:05
sitterbottom 12:05
ahoneybunRiddell: I've gotten kdenlive to build and on my ppa12:05
yofelsitter: perfect12:05
Riddellahoneybun: how did you do that?12:05
ahoneybunRiddell: the backports ppa has the updated package12:05
debfxfwiw we transitioned kdecoration to a v5 name because of an incompatibility in std::function between gcc versions (causing crashes)12:05
ahoneybunso you need that ppa and mine12:06
sitterdebfx: yup that's the one we skipped, transitioning in proposed now12:06
ahoneybunanyway g2g work calls12:07
sittershadeslayer: for CI I also switched kgapi stable branch to the right upstream branch12:07
shadeslayersitter: IIRC kgamma was fscked too12:08
shadeslayersitter: upstream calls it kgamma512:08
sitterthe repo you mean12:08
sittershadeslayer: data/upstream-scm.yml is your friend12:08
* shadeslayer rages at touchpad12:08
shadeslayersitter: I know12:08
shadeslayerI'm too brain dead today12:08
sitterRiddell: fwiw I find it really meh when the tarball name doesn't match the repo name12:09
Riddellsitter: such as where?12:10
sitterkgamma apparently12:10
Riddelltarball name is kgamma5, I moved repo to kgamma5 didn't I?12:10
sitterso you did12:11
Riddellboth in kde and in debian git12:11
sitterno clue what shadeslayer is going on about then12:11
sitterRiddell: nevermind, looks all good to me12:11
Riddellwhich as was pointed out is a problem for frameworks 6 versions but oh well12:11
shadeslayeridk, I had kgamma in my CI last night12:11
shadeslayerah old stuff12:11
shadeslayersorry, lack of sleep12:12
yofeland it's not even friday yet ^^12:12
sitterRiddell: IMO it's the old version that should be renamed not the new one anyway. lest you want to carry a version in your name forever more12:12
shadeslayerI finished Ender's Game in one sitting last night :312:12
shadeslayerProbably going to finish Speaker for the dead tonight12:13
shadeslayerunless I fall asleep12:13
Riddellkgamme was an upstream issue, can't rename released tars in upstream12:13
Riddellshadeslayer: is that healthy?12:13
sitterRiddell: sure you can. you make a new release12:13
shadeslayerRiddell: I don't think so12:13
shadeslayerwho gives a shit anyway12:13
BluesKajlooking for a method to delete ramdisk that a family member thought could benefit the speed of this older pc, however I don't see any benefit. I'd like to remove it if poossible. The clear ram cache commands I found on google etc don't work , sudo -fdisk -l still lists them12:13
Riddellshadeslayer: better than drugs I guess :)12:14
shadeslayerRiddell: most certainly than drugs keeping me awake at night, yes :P12:14
sitterRiddell: anyway. IMO libraries in general should have the soversion in both their name and tarball name anyway and consequently also in the repo name12:14
sitterin fact qt derived things also should have qt12:15
sittersince new qts always break ABI for derived qobjects12:16
yofelin the repo name sound crazy, like e.g. kipi or marble which break ABI practically every release12:16
yofelI see the point though :S12:17
sitteryofel: marble shouldn't have the lib inside marble12:17
sitterkipi is a bit special though, yeah12:17
sitterthen again with kipi you never want to do a smooth transition anyway12:17
sittersince it's a plugin lib you usually want to go all or nothing with it12:17
RiddellScottK: bug 1488843 and bug 1284093 in need for ~ubuntu-sru love if you have time12:20
ubottubug 1488843 in ubuntu-release-upgrader (Ubuntu Wily) "upgrader kde frontend fails to start" [Critical,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/148884312:20
ubottubug 1284093 in wireless-regdb (Ubuntu Vivid) "Please update regulations to support VHT" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/128409312:20
ScottKNot before Friday.12:21
ScottKMostly afk until then.12:22
RiddellScottK: your irc presence betrays you :)12:24
sitteris it just me or do our merge trees in git often look mighty wild?12:25
sitterwhatever this is12:26
yofeland that doesn't even include backports12:28
yofelwhere's the git-based backport script again?12:28
sitterI have no clue12:35
sittershit is all over the place12:35
sitterwe need a dir on git.debian to put many repos with all the rubbish IMO12:35
mparilloScottK: Riddell: Is that bug a dup of: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-release-upgrader/+bug/146433012:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1464330 in ubuntu-release-upgrader (Ubuntu) "Release Upgrade Stalls on Kubuntu Upgrade to Wily" [Undecided,Confirmed]12:35
mparilloIf so, there is a tested patch in my bug.12:36
sitteryofel: I am not sure how backporting works in general TBH12:36
Riddellmparillo: yep, that's just what I uploaded, please mark as dup or fixed12:37
sitteryofel: I think kubuntu-repo-merge is used to derive kubuntu_wily_archive into kubuntu_vivid_backports12:37
yofelhm, guess I'll have to track down sgclark12:37
sitterand then intiial-upload is probably run against the backport branch12:37
sitterjust a guess tho12:37
sitterwould be the most reasonable at any rate12:37
Riddellyofel: staging-upload probably needs some fixes to support backports again12:37
Riddellkubuntu-initial-upload got renamed to staging-upload12:38
sitters/fixes/moar hacks/?12:38
yofellets try fixes first12:38
sitterwhat all of this needs is tests12:39
sitterlots and lots of tests12:39
Riddellbluez-qt uploaded!12:39
yofeluntil we actually split those monoliths up, no tests for you12:40
sitteryofel: TBH I think writing shitty tests for new stuff one fixes or writes is a good first step towards getting better quality12:41
sittertheres a central class in our CI stuff that is impossible to test because it calls all over the intertubes and is altogether terribly designed but it's like 50% tested now which saved me from breaking things when I made a minor adjustment a while back ^^12:43
mparilloMarked as Duplicate. I will try to test the upgrade today.12:43
sitteralbeit very shitty tests with leaky test containment and stuff xD12:43
Riddellplasma 5.5 kickoff meeting on now in #plasma13:11
ximionRiddell: did you know that Ubuntu will adopt AppStream? ;-)13:42
sitterximion: mvo said so for years followed by "too busy now though" xD13:44
ximionthis is changing :-)13:45
ximionI had a very nice discussion with the Ubuntu folks at Debconf13:45
ximionmvo is still busy though ^^13:47
kfunkokular not installable? :|13:53
lordievaderHmm, Ubiquity crashes on manual install...13:55
kfunkok, boils down to:13:56
kfunk kde-runtime : Depends: plasma-scriptengine-javascript (= 4:15.07.90-0ubuntu1) but it is not going to be installed13:56
kfunk               Depends: libplasma3 (>= 4:4.7.0) but it is not going to be installed13:56
kfunklooking at my pdfs with imagemagick now. *shrug*13:56
mparilloOn the Beta, I consistently get: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=35180514:04
ubottuKDE bug 351805 in general "Configuration file "//.config/kwalletd5rc" not writable. Please contact your system administrator." [Normal,Unconfirmed]14:04
Riddellhi clivejo, I'm looking at Applications fixes now14:55
yofelRiddell: do you know if there's something on QA that would break if we would upgrade the server to jessie?16:34
yofeljust curious if there's something to pay special attention to16:35
alleeThere is no plan  for wily to use (at least ;_) )  systemd-cat /usr/bin/startkde   instead of ~/.xsession-errors?  16:41
Riddellyofel: I doubt it but you know computers, things always break16:50
Riddellallee: still xsession-errors here16:50
alleeRiddell: yeah, here too. We passed feature freeze, so no hope for wily.16:57
ovidiu-florinRiddell: what's the email of the website webmaster?17:28
ejatis it the new build in staging ppa ready to be use??18:05
ejatanyone ? 18:13
clivejoapp 15.08?18:14
clivejolooks like pim and kde-base apps have been fixed18:16
ejatppa:kubuntu-ppa/staging-plasma <-- 18:17
clivejooh thats new18:18
clivejoworkspace being red aint a good sign 18:18
ejatyups 18:19
ejatforgot to check the status :) .. thanks for remind .. 18:19
clivejoodd, it got to [ 99%] Built target plasma-geolocation-gps18:20
ejathttp://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/ppa-status/applications/build_status_15.08.0_wily.html <-- also not in full good stat18:22
clivejoIve done all I can with the apps18:22
clivejoI think Riddell was working at them earlier18:22
clivejohe also seems to have uploaded this new plasma about 7 hours ago18:23
clivejoI wonder is workspace just a fluke18:24
yofel/usr/include/libnm/NetworkManager.h:30:32: fatal error: nm-core-enum-types.h: No such file or directory18:26
yofelthat's workspace18:26
clivejoyofel: why is workspace failing at 99% ? 18:27
Riddellclivejo: I'm uploading apps now to wily18:28
Riddellclivejo: how's plasma doing?18:29
clivejoIm tempted to retry workspace18:29
yofelbecause launchpad uses -j > 1, so other threads still continue after the failure18:29
clivejoRiddell: few issues, seem to be stemming from workspace not building18:29
ovidiu-florinRiddell: ping18:40
Riddellhi ovidiu-florin18:57
Riddell/usr/include/libnm/NetworkManager.h:30:32: fatal error: nm-core-enum-types.h: No such file or directory18:57
Riddellclivejo: that'll be the network-manager transition I hear is going on18:57
RiddellI've no idea what the transition is or how to fix it18:58
Riddellcyphermox: do you know how to fix that? ^^18:58
clivejoRiddell: how do you hear these things?18:58
Riddellclivejo: sitter said this morning that plasma-nm would break18:58
RiddellI guess it's a bit more than just plasma-nm18:58
clivejothey all seem to reply on it18:59
ovidiu-florinRiddell: what's the webmaster email address for the kubuntu site?19:00
Riddellovidiu-florin: um no idea19:07
ovidiu-florinRiddell: you asked me once If I agree to forward those email to my email19:08
ovidiu-florinand I said yes19:08
Riddellprobably webmaster@kubuntu.org then19:08
ovidiu-florinbut I don't remember the memail19:08
ahoneybunRiddell: have you tried breeze dark and look at dolpin in 5.4?19:13
Riddellahoneybun: nope19:16
ahoneybunit looks bad19:17
ahoneybunwhite background with white text19:17
ahoneybunsomething up with dolphin19:17
valorieabout sgclark -- she has said she's stepping back from kubuntu packaging until she finds a job, so I wouldn't rely on her to do those backports19:31
valoriewe need someone else to step up19:32
kfunkwhy is my yakuake broken? :(19:33
valoriein vivid, or wily?19:34
valorieworking here in vivid19:34
valorieworking in wily as well19:35
yofeldolphin: "The file or folder file:/home/yofel does not exist"19:35
valorieodd, that there is one /19:35
yofelkfunk: works here, what's broken19:35
valorieusually /// ?19:35
clivejokdenlive 15.08 just failed to build19:35
ahoneybunclivejo: that's built19:35
ahoneybunfor both vivid and wily19:36
clivejo15.08 19:36
clivejooh wily19:36
kfunk kde-runtime : Depends: plasma-scriptengine-javascript (= 4:15.07.90-0ubuntu1) but it is not going to be installed19:36
kfunk               Depends: libplasma3 (>= 4:4.7.0) but it is not going to be installed19:36
kfunkyofel: ^19:36
yofelvalorie: hm, I guess some config file is broken, works fine if I go to / and then navigate there19:36
ahoneybunI just built it for vivid yesterday19:36
clivejoits being moved into proposed19:36
clivejoso far thats kopete, kmix and kdenlive19:37
yofelvalorie: hm, I had hoped she could at least tell us how she did them lately19:37
yofelguess we'll figure it out19:37
valoriesgclark: ping on some notes about backporting?19:37
valorieI know she has notes, because she's awesome like that19:37
ahoneybunclivejo: so we're backporting 15.08 to vivid?19:38
kfunkyofel: aah. I think I have still packages from a 15.04 ppa19:38
clivejoahoneybun: no, Riddell is moving 15.08 from staging into proposed and they get rebuilt19:38
cyphermoxRiddell: working on fixing the autopkgtests at the moment, because these autopkgtests suck.19:38
kfunkwhich breaks "everything"19:38
clivejobut there are problems19:38
ahoneybunclivejo: so something broken in the rebuild?19:39
yofelvalorie: fixed it, default location should be '/home/yofel' - without the file:19:39
yofelI'm curious if that's reproducable..19:39
clivejoprobably just depends 19:39
clivejowhich comes first the chicken or the egg19:39
cyphermoxRiddell: so, on the same vein, that nm-core-enum-types.h missing looks like a real issue in the -dev packages19:39
clivejocyphermox: do you know what id causing it?19:40
Riddellcyphermox: what is the transition tha'ts going on?19:40
cyphermoxI think it's either one file is missing from what we should ship, or an issue in the package dependencies19:40
cyphermoxRiddell: not so much a transition but landing 1.0.4 and it's not going as well as I expected *at all*19:41
cyphermoxperhaps it's time to consider reverting this completely19:42
yofelximion: didn't we have that missing nm header in tanglu? nm-core-enum-types.h: No such file or directory19:43
cyphermoxRiddell: brb19:43
valorieyofel: that works for me in dolphin/vivid for my own user19:53
valoriecurious what you were doing to get that weird error19:53
yofelstrange, now it again says file:/home/yofel in the settings, but now that works19:54
cyphermoxso, nm-core-enum-types.h is shipped by libnm-dev19:55
cyphermoxI just verified it's there in debian and in ubuntu; so it's possibly that we should depend or recommend libnm-dev from network-manager-dev or something like that19:55
clivejowe need libnm-dev as a build dep?19:56
cyphermoxI'm just wondering if it wouldn't be best if I made that a dep/recommend somewhere so that it's more obvious19:57
cyphermoxbut I don't see so much of a good way to do this19:57
yofellibkf5networkmanagerqt-dev would be an idea19:58
yofelthat's where the include is19:58
cyphermoxnah, I'm thinking at the NM level :)19:58
yofelah :)19:58
cyphermoxbut yes, you could just add it to the build-depends19:59
clivejoyofel: libkf5networkmanagerqt-dev (>= 5.3.2) is already there19:59
cyphermoxthat's not build-depending on anything NM directly, is that what you mean?19:59
clivejolibnm-dev | hello,19:59
clivejowhats that about?19:59
clivejoin plasma-nm control file?20:00
ximionyofel: I remember we had the same error20:00
ximionwas caused by a version mismatch between the nm kf5 module and libnm-dev, AFAIR20:00
yofelcyphermox: libkf5networkmanagerqt-dev should depend on libnm-dev is what I meant20:01
cyphermoxyou know better than I do :)20:01
clivejoyofel: what does "libnm-dev | hello," mean?20:01
yofelclivejo: erm, that's a hacky way to make an optional dep on libnm-dev20:02
yofelin cleartext: depend on libnm-dev if there, otherwise on hello20:02
clivejoand what is package hello?20:07
yofelsomething like the "Hello World" for packaging20:08
yofelit's used in the debian new maintainer's guide20:08
RiddellI seem to remember the packaging in gnu hello is really old school20:20
soeeRiddell: apps are ready for Wily ?20:26
ahoneybunso the things left are the larger projects20:34
ahoneybunApplication Launcher is available as an alternative to the default launcher and you can switch between launchers by simply right clicking on the 'start' button and choosing the launcher you want. 21:05
yofelthat does work21:06
yofeljust requires unlocked widgets21:07
ahoneybunIdon't have it21:07
ahoneybunjust 2 options21:07
ahoneybunApplication Launcher and Application Menu21:07
yofelstrange, I guess something's not installed21:07
ahoneybunits in kdeplasma-addons but we don't have that21:08
ahoneybunRiddell said it was in the other packages or something21:08
ahoneybunI'm still confused about that21:08
ahoneybunnot for wily21:08
yofelwell, I don't have kdeplasma-addons, but I do have the launcher in wily21:08
ahoneybunthese are being held back: kdeplasma-addons-data kwin-addons plasma-dataengines-addons plasma-runners-addons plasma-wallpapers-addons plasma-widget-kimpanel plasma-widgets-addons21:10
ahoneybunforce it?21:10
ahoneybunthat might be it21:11
yofelI do have those, right21:12
ahoneybuncan I force the update?21:12
yofeldepends on what the outcome is21:12
yofelI apparently did that21:13
ahoneybunthat's what I'm worried about21:13
ahoneybunthey are usually held back for a good reason21:13
ahoneybunI would think21:13
valorielast I heard, plasma-addons was still in pending or something21:19
ahoneybunidk some stupidness 21:19
valorie!info plasma-addons21:19
ubottuPackage plasma-addons does not exist in wily21:20
valorie!info kdeplasma-addons21:22
valorie$ apt-cache search plasma-addons21:23
valoriekdeplasma-addons-data - locale files for kdeplasma-addons21:23
valoriekdeplasma-addons-dbg - debugging symbols for kdeplasma-addons21:23
valoriebut no actual kdeplasma-addons21:23
ahoneybunyea the rest are being held back for me21:24
valoriejust the data and dbg21:24
ahoneybunyofel forced it21:24
valoriewhich is strange21:24
ahoneybunand got that new launcher21:24
ahoneybunI'm tempted to force it as well21:24
ubottuPackage kdeplasma-addons does not exist in wily21:29
VeryBewitchingSame with Vivid.21:30
ahoneybunRiddell said in an email that the other packages have all the stuff21:31
ahoneybunno need for the main kdeplasma-addons from my understanding21:31
ahoneybunyep forced the updates gave me the launcher21:51
* clivejo has no idea what plasma-nm is complaining about and gives up22:14

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