austin6598I use a mouse and keyboard sharing program called synergy across my windows 8.1 and windows 7 PC and it works best over a shared connection from my 8.1 ethernet to the 7's ethernet. When I share the ethernet connection on 8.1 it clones my wireless connection for my 7 so it is on the network and synergy works. However using kubuntu i can share a connection00:25
austin6598but synergy wont work over this, what setting am I looking for?00:25
sithlord48austin6598:  the program is called synergy00:43
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imbezoli upgraded from 14.10 to 15.04....03:28
imbezolhaving a tonne of issues in kde now03:28
imbezolhighest priority one at the moment is that my mouse point is really jumpy03:29
imbezoldarts back and forth between two positions on the screen03:29
imbezolwhen i move it around i can see the pointer being drawn at both points..03:29
imbezolsometimes those points are a half inch apart03:29
imbezolsometimes they're half the screen apart03:29
misternothat sucks03:31
misternomaybe you didnt update all03:31
misternoimbezol maybe try this sudo apt-get install --reinstall kubuntu-desktop03:34
misternoalso for plasma-desktop03:34
misternoand perhaps sudo apt-get autoremove03:34
misternoi had different issues with my desktop when i messed up with themes03:35
misternoand this sorted it out03:35
imbezolactually just figured out something very weird03:35
imbezolif i move my mouse to the top left corner then the "shadow" mouse pointer has no room to be above and left of the actual pointer03:35
imbezolthat causes the two images to converge and the issue is solved03:36
imbezolseems to happen again after locking and unlocking the workstation03:36
imbezolactually the more i use my mouse the more they start to diverge again03:37
misternowhat do you mean locking and unlocking workstation03:38
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sergeyHi. Speak Russian? Please help.05:47
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ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.05:48
cryptic<ubottu> thank05:50
excalibrDO you think plasma 5.4 will ever land in backport ppa?05:53
n3on-samuraiI hope so, im having a lot less issues with 5.4 than i had with 5.305:57
noneHi, when update kde in kubuntu 15.04 ?06:32
noneI have plasma 5.4 ? How ?06:33
noneI must waiting on repo update ? Yes06:33
nonelet is go06:36
misternonone is there plasma 5.4?06:39
noneMy pc have 3 users06:40
none1 user = 1 gui06:41
misterno[08:33] <none> I have plasma 5.4 ? How ?06:41
misternowhat did you mean by that06:41
noneUnity, Gnome and KDE xd06:41
nonehttp://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/plasma-fullscreen-dashboard-750x468.jpg i have it06:42
nonewhen plasma 5.4 in kubuntu 15.04 repo ?06:48
misternoi dont know06:51
nonei must waiting in update repo06:53
noneI have a problem in very slow gpu in kubuntu06:55
nonethanks for help me nar06:58
lordievaderGood morning.07:05
nfodear channel, short question, when i boot i have to wait for my network connection (arround 2 minutes) but my network/interfaces looks quite okay: auto lo iface lo inet loopback   any hints?07:24
lordievadernfo: That is everything in there?07:25
lordievaderHmm, networkmanager should take care of the rest...07:25
Silmarilionhow can I disable user list from showing up in 15.04? I want it to have username and password field in login manager.07:26
sonnehi :) i see that dolphin can access smb shares, but is there a way to mount them in kde, so that other programs can access them too?07:27
alvinSilmarilion: I believe there is a bug about that. It was possible with the previous login manager, but not with sddm.07:30
alvinsonne: The classic way. /etc/fstab. Only KDE programs can use the smb kioslave.07:31
sonnealvin, feared as much, thanks07:32
alvinsonne: What programs? LibreOffice is a bit of a special case. It /can/ use the smb kioslave, by downloading a temporary copy of the file and uploading it back when you close LibreOffice. You can also use an smb connection from within LibreOffice (Tools -> Options -> LibreOffice -> General -> Use LibreOffice dialogs)07:32
sonnealvin, audacious07:33
sonnei'm open to alternatives of course, but audacious is the only program that is both still alive and so cozily winampish07:33
alvinHmm, no idea. But you can create an fstab entry, with the 'user,noauto' options. That way, you can mount the share using Dolphin. It'll be visible in Dolphin and other programs can then use it.07:34
sonnedo you think that amarok will access smb? or is there a new player that is regarded as kde's music flagship?07:34
alvinAah, eh, no. Amarok will be able to use the smb kioslave, but forget the path when you close it.07:35
sonneforget the path?07:36
alvinI believe the nicest solution there is using another protocol altogether.07:36
lordievadersonne: Or use 'sudo mount'.07:36
sonneoh jees07:36
sonnesuch as?07:36
sonnelordievader, i was hoping for something more integrated in the DE07:36
alvinYes, suppose you have smb://server/music/great.mp3. It'll play from Amarok. But close Amarok, and open it again. You'll see it in the playlist, but it won't play again.07:37
sonnealvin, oh. that sucks.07:37
sonneyou were saying that if the share is present in fstab with 'user' dolphin will mount it rather than just exploring it?07:37
alvinYes, it does. I believe you'll have to look at DAAP, Ampache, or other stuff like that. I need to experiment with those one day.07:37
alvinsonne: That is correct07:38
sonnethat might be very good news then07:38
alvinNot with user 'dolphin'07:38
alvinLet me check07:38
sonnethere was supposed to be a comma after 'user' :)07:38
alvinyes. 'user,noauto'. Noauto will make sure the share is not mounted at boot, and user will make sure that you can mount it without being root. The share will show up in Dolphin, like USB sticks do. Just click it and it'll be mounted. (noauto is optional of course, It's better when you use a laptop)07:39
sonnei wonder if you can instruct kde to automount it..07:40
sonnestrange as it may sound my windows desktop fails to mount the share at boot too, i can't access it until i click on it on the file manager, so i'm used to having to mount it "manually".. however it would be refreshing to not have to do it for a change :P07:41
alvinclassic :-) I see the same symptoms in Windows. Click the drive and it shows up. But in Linux, just leave the noauto out. It'll mount at boot and timeout if the share is not available07:43
sonnei'm not sure how that would work out either.. for example my connection drops every time i close the laptop lid (which is working as intended of course), i'm not sure how that would work out07:45
alvinMe neither. That's for systemd to sort it out. It might work fine.07:46
sonne*shrug* what do i have to lose :)07:47
sonnethanks for the tip07:47
alvinsonne: //server/music /tank/music   cifs  user,iocharset=utf8,credentials=/home/sonne/.music,uid=1000,gid=1000 0 007:52
alvinYou'll need something like that, with your credentials in that file07:52
sonnealvin, it's anonymous, and it's already working as root..07:53
sonnemounting as user says that there is no reference for it on fstab though, odd.07:53
sonnei had it as \\server\path and only worked as root07:55
sonnechanged it to //server/path as you said, now works as user too *shrug*07:55
sonneworks from dolphin too! marvelous!07:57
sonnethanks alvin :)07:57
alvinYou're welcome :-)07:58
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amichair_is plasma 5.4.0 being backported to 15.04?08:30
alvinI hope so. I've been reading the release notes. What does "System tray gains quicker configurability" mean? It's the only remark about the system tray and I'd like to see that one fixed.08:41
alvinYay! Autostart has been fixed too!08:42
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kamil_hi guys, i just found that plasma 5.4 was released, when it will be available in backports?10:13
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mparilloI would expect it to be in Wily first, then backported to 15.04. Today, only the Beta (5.3.95) is in Wily.10:37
kamil_mparillo: can i expect that it will be available in eg. 1 month or rather soon(tm)?10:39
mparilloI do not know.10:45
lordievaderThat is very difficult to say since much of the work is done on a voluntairy basis.10:46
kamil_and how it was with earlier versions?10:47
lordievaderThe same.10:47
TJ-Why would it be backported? doesn't 15.04 support end in January? is it worth it?10:48
lordievaderPerhaps it will never be backported. Guess only the devs can say that.10:48
lordievader< Riddell> lordievader: if someone gets round to it, sgclark has had a good track record of that10:49
lordievaderWas the reply I got asking if 5.4 will be backported to Vivid.10:50
TJ-I'd doubt it simply because Wily has transitioned to GCC 5 and many packages have had GCC 5 specific fixes added; backporting would mean undoing those to match the 15.04 GCC version11:00
kamil_can i upgrade to wily yet (without reinstalling)? and is it stable enough to use?11:17
lordievaderkamil_: It is still a development release.11:18
kamil_yes i know11:18
kamil_but sometimes betas are stable enough to use11:19
lordievaderYou can upgrade to a development release at anytime, however it is never recommended for production.11:19
Alpha256Hi! I'm running Kubuntu 15.04 (vivid). Is there a way/ppa I can upgrade to plasma 5.4 ?11:22
lordievaderAlpha256: Not yet.11:22
Alpha256But plasma 5.4 will come to kubuntu-ppa/backports for vivid ? Or will it only go to wily ?11:25
kamil_which kernel is used in wily?11:25
hateballkamil_: anyhow #ubuntu+1 is a better place for answers11:26
kamil_i had performance problem with and thermald, i had to remove thermald and downgrade kernel and im curious if it will work ok in wily11:27
kamil_its last question and i go back to work :D11:27
lordievaderAlpha256: Perhaps and perhaps not.11:27
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BluesKajhiyas all12:04
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clement_hello :)15:11
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SmilexAnyone know why KDE doesn't ask me for a password any more, but instead says that it is unauthorized? This is for everything that requires extra permissions19:39
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metallicseriously people, I have just installed Kubuntu 15.04... Why has the «search and launch» desktop layout disappeared? I liked it a lot20:54
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metallicI guess I am the only one here who loved that desktop layout in kubuntu 14.04 :(21:12
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DoyleHey. Why does the known_hosts file not show IP addresses?21:34
DoyleSeems to list hashes or something instead21:34
DoyleHow can I identify which line belongs to a host?21:34
DoyleI learned semething21:37
Doylenot how to spell though.21:37
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