blrwgrant: cjwatson: is there much to be gained by using request's collection pooling/sessions do you think?03:30
wgrantblr: Not for this. Several HTTP requests are alreadymade per dispatch.03:34
wgrantIf this were an otherwise fast path then sure.03:34
blrwgrant: thanks, I didn't think so (we use it in the git hosting client)03:35
wgrantblr: Oh, you probably can't use requests here anyway03:36
blrwgrant: err why's that?03:36
blrfrom the build master?03:37
wgrantblr: buildd-manager is all asynchronous Twisted, so blocking requests are a bad idea. You could deferToThread, but the requests are simple enough that using native twisted.web is probably easier03:37
blrwgrant: ah, I appear to have wasted most of the day :)03:38
blrwell, the interface is probably fine03:39
wgrantLikely, will just need to be deferred-ified03:40
blrwgrant: will have a look at twisted.web.. sorry, I should have talked to you about this in more depth perhaps03:40
wgrantI should have remembered you hadn't properly encountered twisted in depth before03:41
wgranttwisted.web isn't too bad, compared to the classic python librariea03:41
blrwgrant: so I gather I want an Agent?03:50
blrah found, some client documentation that is more informative than the api docs.03:52
wgrantblr: twisted.web.client.downloadPage is used in a few places, and may be sufficient for your needs.04:13
wgrantI forget the details, but let me know if your digging is unsuccessful.04:13
blrwgrant: thanks04:14
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cjwatsonwgrant: https://code.launchpad.net/~cjwatson/launchpad/answers-mail-permissions/+merge/269241 if you're still up, otherwise I'll self-review in a bit to fix the current qa-bad16:27
cjwatsonOK, SRing16:38
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blrwgrant: colin mentioned there was a method which took a build type argument, do you recall which that was - I only see snappy used explicitly in the builder browser code22:47
cjwatsonblr: The build behaviour tells the slave which of its build managers to use: in this case, SnapBuildBehaviour.composeBuildRequest23:24
cjwatsonblr: The build manager in question is called "snap", not "snappy", which is perhaps why your search failed23:25
blrah thanks cjwatson23:25
cjwatsonAnd you can follow through the build argument handling from there23:26
cjwatsonThere's a build behaviour for each build type23:26

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