flexiondotorgwxl, Just want to swing by and find out how the Beta 1 testing is going.07:58
ianorlinflexiondotorg: I don't think he is up yet it is 1 am his tieme and I should probably be sleeping08:00
ianorlinHave one really annoying intemitant fault08:00
flexiondotorgianorlin, Thanks for the info.08:00
flexiondotorgIs the issue a show stopper?08:00
ianorlinI don't think so08:00
wxlflexiondotorg: almost there. we need a couple i386 tests and then i need to work up all the paperwork.16:57
wxlspeaking of which ianorlin phillw et al. what about those missing i386 desktops?16:57
phillwwxl: they can be done.. only wednesday evening :D We're all waiting for a global respin to happen after we test and pass everything - like they always do!16:58
wxlphillw: what's thedeal with the respin?16:59
phillwso far, no global respin... they're waiting for us to finish all the tests before some one in -release calls for one :P17:04
wxlit's -release's idea then17:05
wxlflexiondotorg: well, looks like they're not coming along at all now that we're waiting on a respin XD17:05
phillwno one in release has called for one :)17:05
wxloh wait a minute17:05
wxlthis is humor17:05
phillwunless they are actually waiting  for us to finish early and make us do it all over again :P17:06
phillwhe he... go grab another cup of coffee wxl your caffiene levels are not yet up to normal level :)17:06
wxlclearly phillw17:06
wxlnevermind flexiondotorg XD17:06
wxlwhere's genii when i need coffee? :)17:07
flexiondotorgwxl, I take it LXQt is not happening for 15.10?17:19
wxlflexiondotorg: no17:19
flexiondotorgwxl, Do you have an ETA?17:19
wxlflexiondotorg: prolly 161017:19
flexiondotorgOh wow.17:20
wxlflexiondotorg: well i'm not going to spring new features on an LTS17:20
flexiondotorgAre you waiting for a 1.0 of LXQt?17:20
wxlflexiondotorg: waiting on getting all apps changed over, etc. it's not all about lxqt itself.17:21
flexiondotorgwxl, Do you mean stuff like the Lubuntu Software Center?17:22
wxlflexiondotorg: yeah and figuring out which qt apps are going to replace the gtk ones.17:23
wxlflexiondotorg: it's not exactly plug and play :)17:23
wxlflexiondotorg: we're most of the way there, but we're not going to make 15.10 and as i said, we're not going to spring something new in an LTS17:24
flexiondotorgwxl, Sensible.17:24
phillwwb gsilva19:11
ianorlinyay confirm scrollwheel works on live session in my laptop20:32
ianorlinalthough we don't maintain this http://launchpad.net/bugs/1458383 seems like it would mostly only affect lubuntu users and others who go out of their way to use zram21:26
ubot93Launchpad bug 1458383 in gnome-disk-utility (Ubuntu) "gnome-disk-utilty does not allow swapoff of zram devices" [Undecided,New]21:26
ianorlinargh I actually did i386 autoresize but into freed space21:26
ianorlinbut then closed my browser window but have reported the bugs now21:26
phillwianorlin: I'm just doing a full install with desktop and will then re-start it to auto resize21:31
ianorlinah ok21:32
phillwi only have 10GB HDD VM's as standard, so only do a full, then a side by side... I did alt last night... so needed to flush and restart... it does not take long :)21:32
phillwwell, actually... my two CentOS VM's have 20 GB each :D But they are used as machines21:34

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