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guest101cant play 720p videos on youtube, please help01:59
holsteinguest101: i would try not using flash.. i would look at my GPU drivers.. i would have realistic expecations, if its older hardware.. and i would try current flash, from the chrome browser, as well02:00
guest101holstein: it works on windows xp... it's realistic expectation02:01
holsteinby, not using flash, i mean, try using the html5 playback... thats not always available, though. so, trying the most current version of flash is helpful02:01
holsteinguest101: you would think that, and, if all the entities involved, want to promise you support for linux, as they have for windows XP, you can have that playback.. but, since they dont, it actually may not be realistic02:02
holsteincheck and see what flash you are using http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/ and consider just simply installing the actual google chrome browser, not chromium, if only as a quick simple test to see the "best case scenario" for flash support02:03
guest101so i managed to play youtube videos in 720p but they are lagging while chaching03:57
guest101how can i fix this, i've came pretty far03:57
guest101if player is not chaching, they play fine03:57
guest101and i it lags even on surplus of chache03:58
guest101if there was only chache managment option in chromium...03:59
guest101please help03:59
guest101holstein: you are einstein here, give me something04:00
guest101alright, after 15 long years, it's time to activate genuine windows... i think it will snow in microsoft these days04:04
guest101don't send flowers04:06
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epifanioHi Lununtu15:45
epifanioi'm having a problem with file.desktop15:46
epifanioi added a custom launcher in the lubuntu menu, but while the app laucher works fine from double-click on the icon on the desktop15:47
epifanioit doesn't work when i try it from the menu15:47
epifanioif from the menu I select the launcher icon and  I do :   right click -> save to the desktop15:47
epifaniohe saved laucher.desktop works just fine15:48
epifanioi guess it is a "bug" in how the launcher is called from the menu15:48
epifaniothe launcher is :  http://gist.github.com/694cb587e7161bee57de15:52
epifaniolooks like the parameter " Path=/usr/local/ossim-qt/ "  get ignored when i run this launcher from the menu-bar in lubuntu15:53
epifaniothanks for any help!15:53
epifanioi'm clueless on how to debug the this problem15:53
bioterrorsounds weird15:59
bioterrorseems like the application has right chmods to run15:59
bioterrorjust wondering, if the Path= is needed?16:00
epifaniobioterror: how can i check for this ?  If i remove the "Path"  from the launcher, then also the double click on the file.desktop doesn't work16:00
ben_gIs it possible to pre-install programs on a Lubuntu live usb?19:20
ianorlinben_g: yes it is possilbe but I do not know how exactly19:21
ben_gMore exactly: install programs that will be installed on the computer during the Lubuntu installation.19:24
ben_gI know it's possible to temporarily install programs during the live session, but they don't stay on the usb and they aren't transferred to the pc that it will be installed on.19:25
ianorlinben_g: You could maybe use oem install and then maybe a filesystem image19:28
ben_gSo I can't use my already downloaded ISO for that?19:30
Marziusis the beta 1 going to ship with lxqt or is that still "in development"?23:59

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