gustav1234xHi! I have a rack of servers setup and 5 have booted and are in ready mode in maas but the new ones I’m adding PXE boot fine but end up in a busybox prompt with initramfs. Any ideas how to fix this so these nodes can be used?06:40
h0merchange the rootdelay to something longer06:50
gustav1234x”Global Kernel Parameters?"06:53
h0meryea i had to set mine to like 120 seconds06:54
h0merbut before you do that, I'd make sure that, is PXE boot set as the #1 boot option in your bios?06:55
h0merand move your hard drive all the way down to teh bottom06:55
gustav1234xWhy? It’s booting fine.06:55
h0merso your issue is the on the commissioning of the nodes right?  Or when you deploy?06:56
gustav1234xNo, before that. The initial boot of the nodes.07:01
gustav1234xTrying with rootdelay=240 now but it doesn’t seem to matter.07:01
h0merSo the PXE boot occurs, and during that process you're telling me it goes into the busybox?07:05
gustav1234xrootdelay=240 didn’t work.07:10
gustav1234xIt’s weird how 5 of them worked though.07:10
gustav1234xIt’s not the same hardware though.07:11
h0meri had the same issue07:26
h0mersimilar issue07:26
h0merwhere the machines that had WOL would do this07:26
h0meri had to manually wipe the disks before adding them back to maas07:27
gustav1234xThey’re wiped though, should be… hm.07:39
gustav1234xI added hardware manually and it worked.07:39
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mupBug #1488977 opened: "Stop node" is not working <MAAS:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1488977>13:24
mupBug #1488977 changed: "Stop node" is not working <MAAS:Invalid> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1488977>14:00
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mupBug #1489160 opened: auto-completion list for maas tags no longer shown with 1.8.2 when assigning tag in UI <oil> <MAAS:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1489160>20:43
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bdxhows it going everyone?23:49
bdxcan someone/anyone give an example of how to create a custome datasource?23:49

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