Kiloshellooo africa, meeting tonight hey08:03
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Kilosoh my16:53
Kilosonly sent out a meeting reminder now. sorry guys16:53
KilosQA  announce Meeting here tonight in 1 1/2 hours16:54
QAKilos: What?16:54
craigzimno fuss will be there, cant believe a months gone by16:55
Kilosso quick hey16:55
Kiloshi abakamousa Benno-00717:31
superflysjoe, Kilos, leave things for the last minute, hey?17:31
Kilosyeah sorry superfly struggling a bit, think meds make me drowsy17:32
superflyKilos: I'm just teasing :-)17:32
Kiloshi Dro__17:36
Dro__hi Kilos how are you ?17:36
Kilosnot too bad ty and you?17:37
Kilosim just sleepy all the time atm17:37
Kiloshehe lazybones17:37
Dro__hahaha we're all sleepy dear :P17:40
inetprogood morning everyone17:45
Kiloshi inetpro17:45
inetprooops, I mean evening17:45
Kilossmall group tonight look like17:46
* inetpro needs more sleep 17:46
Kilosya me too17:46
Kilosi got your bug, wake up tired17:46
inetprotough to have two meetings in a row17:47
Kilosyou are tough man17:47
Kilossoon pieter2627 or elacheche can take over17:47
Kilosor evencrai17:48
inetprohopefully we win the cricket before the start of the meeting17:50
pieter2627hope so17:51
inetproKilos: where's your buddy ongolaBoy?17:53
* inetpro looking at the agenda 17:54
Kilosi hope he sees the mail before meeting time inetpro17:54
Kilosi was terribly send sending it out17:54
inetpronot much on the agenda17:55
Kiloswe just need to keep active here till i recover a bit17:56
inetprowe keep the ball rolling17:57
Kiloshi philipballew18:00
philipballewKilos, hey man.18:03
philipballewHow goes life18:03
Kilosalive ty philipballew and you?18:08
philipballewKilos, I am alright as well. No complaints myself. Because if I do complain, it will not help...18:09
Kiloselacheche  ping18:25
inetproSouth Africa beat New Zealand and win the three match series 2:118:27
pieter2627yea, they did a great job... kind of18:28
Kilosplayed well for a change18:29
pieter2627now to get ready to hit the meeting for a six18:29
Kilosubuntiste-msakni  wb18:29
Kilosmeeting time18:29
inetprooh goodness18:30
inetproQA: start meeting about Ubuntu Africa Monthly Meeting - August 201518:30
* QA gets out the memo-pad and cracks her knuckles18:30
inetproQA: topic Welcoming and Introduction18:30
QACurrent Topic: Welcoming and Introduction18:30
inetproThanks everyone for joining once again18:31
KilosQA  I am Miles Sharpe18:31
QAKilos: Okay18:31
inetproplease introduce yourself to our bot as follows: QA: I am <FirstName LastName - Country>18:31
pieter2627QA: I am Pieter Engelbrecht from South Africa18:31
QApieter2627: Alrighty18:31
inetproQA: I am Gustav H Meyer - South Africa18:31
QAinetpro: Alrighty18:31
inetprothe Agenda for this evening can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AfricanTeams/Meetings/2015082618:33
KilosariabbaS  cyrilb daker philipballew kenju254 eebrah Dro__ r0ckwilda{-_-} R0ok_ ping18:33
inetproon;y the three of us?18:33
philipballewim here!18:33
Kilosplease login with the bot guys18:34
* pieter2627 was almost worried18:34
superflyQA: I am Raoul Snyman18:34
QAsuperfly: Done18:34
philipballewQA I am philipballew18:34
QAphilipballew: Okay18:34
ariabbaSI'm Ari Ado - Cameroon ;-)18:34
Kilosi apologize for being late with the list reminder guys18:35
inetproI'll give you a minute to look at the agenda18:35
inetproplease suggest any last minute topics you might want to add18:35
inetproKilos: don't stress about it18:35
pieter2627np Kilos18:35
pieter2627inetpro: should we still discuss the meeting time?18:35
inetpropieter2627: good idea, I'll add it as a topic in a minute18:36
ubuntiste-msakniHey guys!18:36
ubuntiste-msakniWhen is the meeting?18:37
pieter2627ubuntiste-msakni: just started18:37
Kilosyou late ubuntiste-msakni18:37
=== ubuntiste-msakni is now known as elacheche_anis
Kilosi battle with thew tunisians18:37
* elacheche_anis will remain silence and stay quiet :) o:)18:37
inetproanything else for the Agenda?18:38
Kilosnonono elacheche_anis you need to take not and take over chairing even in the future18:38
inetproright... moving ahead18:38
pieter2627elacheche_anis: QA takes minutes for us. Please intro yourself to him using 'QA: I am <firstname lastname> - <country>'18:38
inetproQA: topic Review minutes of previous meeting18:38
QACurrent Topic: Review minutes of previous meeting18:38
inetprothe minutes of our first meeting can be seen at: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AfricanTeams/Meetings/20150729#Summary18:39
elacheche_anisQA, I am El Acheche Anis - Tunisia18:39
QAelacheche_anis: Okay18:39
inetproanything we need to highlight from the summary perhaps?18:40
pieter2627ty elacheche_anis, glad to see you again... or to be here :)18:40
pieter2627inetpro: that we did few of the ideas?18:41
elacheche_anispieter2627, am 24/5 here :) → elacheche == elacheche_anis == ubuntiste-msakni :)18:41
inetpropieter2627: what did we do sir?18:42
pieter2627yea realised that i'm quite, hence the last part18:42
Kilosthere were some ideas but those guys arent here tonight18:42
inetprook looks like things have been rather quiet this month... we have work to do18:43
pieter2627inetpro: i personally did nothing (sorry) maybe others have18:43
pieter2627so nothing to review18:44
inetprook, maybe time to discuss meeting time18:44
inetproQA: topic Meeting time18:45
QACurrent Topic: Meeting time18:45
elacheche_anisSorry guys, wasn't able to think this month, I already have plenty of work and my LoCo Re-Approval + the organization of the Software Freedom Day..18:45
Kilosnp elacheche_anis18:45
Kiloswe understand, re- approval is rather stressful18:46
Kiloswb craigbrash18:46
elacheche_anisvery x'(18:46
inetproI guess with so few people around we might need to discuss this topic in a next meeting?18:46
Kilosinetpro  agreed18:46
inetprothose who are here are you happy with the date at least?18:46
pieter2627maybe we should take it to the mailing list18:46
inetproas in every 4th Wednesday of each month?18:47
pieter2627seeing that it will affect next attendance18:47
inetpropieter2627: I'll add it on the next agenda18:47
pieter2627didn't some say that it was a bit late/early?18:48
inetprobut I agree, discussing on the mailing list might be a good idea18:48
Kilosmaybe we should all push the list for a whileand see ifwe can improve next meetings attendance18:48
Kilosthe list is very quiet18:48
Kilosoh philipballew18:49
superflymeh. using Launchpad's lists is a bit of a pain18:49
inetprowho takes on the task of raising the point on the mailing list?18:49
superflythey don't change the reply-to, which is incredibly frustrating18:49
Kiloscan you maybe do reminders for next meeting on f/book please18:50
inetprosuperfly: good point, but that is another topic18:50
pieter2627inetpro: i will mail the list tomorrow18:50
inetpropieter2627: thanks18:50
inetproQA: agreed pieter2627 to start the conversation around monthly meeting times18:51
QAAgreed: pieter2627 to start the conversation around monthly meeting times18:51
Kilosmaybe we must do the time thing by a vote18:51
Kilosno good changing the time to suit only one person18:52
pieter2627i will ask if any have a major issue18:52
Kilosmaybe an hour later is a starting point18:52
Kilosmany are an hour behind us18:53
inetproKilos: raise that as a response on the ML... next point18:53
inetproQA: topic Awareness and actions18:53
QACurrent Topic: Awareness and actions18:53
Kilosstickyboy  where are you man18:53
inetprodo we have any new users here who joined us since our last meeting18:53
pieter2627if results are varied then we could have vote one day on the channel?18:53
Kilosnot here atm18:53
Kilospieter2627  agreed18:54
* pieter2627 checking18:54
inetproso how do we get more Ubuntu users to join and ultimately to apply for official membership?18:55
pieter2627none on the lp group18:55
Kilosinetpro  with difficulty18:55
craigbrashfirst need to find ubuntu users in our own countries18:55
pieter2627with the last meeting we discussed a lot of avenues...18:56
Kilosdont forget guys, we welcome all lugs to join us as well hey18:56
inetproI guess that is somewhat of a retorical question18:56
inetproKilos: What is the status with missing/tired LoCo's?18:56
pieter2627personally, i think that each should focus on the media that they use18:56
pieter2627and work with others that use it too.18:57
Kilosinetpro  i have done anything about them this month18:57
Kiloshad one in mind last month18:57
Kiloswas a lug in a country with no loco18:57
inetprolast update was on 2015-08-1318:57
Kilosya a new guy was here recently18:58
inetproTunisian GNU/Linux User Group (TGLUG)18:58
inetproadded by Na3iL?18:59
Kilosim sure what we need to do is make irc more attractive in some way18:59
Kilosother social media is whats holdin irc down19:00
inetproanyone else have feedback about dead LoCo's for now?19:00
Kiloshe is in tunisia and applying for membership soon19:00
pieter2627the web irc client kiwi is quite attractive19:00
inetprook, so we keep going and encourage guys to be more active?19:01
inetproQA: agreed encourage existing members to be more active19:01
QAAgreed: encourage existing members to be more active19:01
pieter2627seem so19:01
Kilosthats all we can do, keep inspiring peeps19:01
inetproand obviously19:01
inetproQA: agreed encourage more people to get launchpad ID's and join us at https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-africa19:01
QAAgreed: encourage more people to get launchpad ID's and join us at https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-africa19:01
inetproQA: topic raise awareness of not so official mirrors but widely used in some areas (ongolaBoy)19:02
QACurrent Topic: raise awareness of not so official mirrors but widely used in some areas (ongolaBoy)19:02
inetproIs ongolaBoy here this evening?19:02
Kilospieter2627  do you have time to play around?19:02
Kilosnope inetpro19:02
pieter2627Kilos: some at times19:02
inetproKilos: do you know whether he got his mirror sorted?19:03
Kilosyes inetpro he has his mirror as an unofficial one for now19:03
inetproah, so we can remove it from the next agenda?19:04
Kilosneeds more drive space to become official19:04
inetproQA: topic Events19:04
QACurrent Topic: Events19:04
Kilospieter2627  when you bored can you please search and contact all lugs in africa19:04
inetprohaha :-)19:04
Kilosi have one lug but i think the reminder mail was too late19:05
craigbrashi will look too for lugs19:05
pieter2627Kilos: i can try, but lugs are not really in my sphere19:05
Kiloslugs are absorbing ubuntu users, not the way we are doing it19:06
inetprocraigbrash: thanks for volunteering19:06
pieter2627that meetup.com thing might help19:06
Kilosty craigbrash19:06
pieter2627to find them19:06
pieter2627thanks, craigbrash19:06
Kilosbig job, you have to join them then their list and then only invite them19:07
inetproso on to events, anything newsworthy that happend in the last month?19:07
inetproor am I moving too fast?19:07
Kilosthats why i think we must push strongly the idea that this is an all linux user channel19:07
pieter2627no inetpro19:07
Kilosno inetpro19:08
inetprono nothing newsworthy happened or no, I am not moving too fast?19:09
pieter2627last one19:09
inetprohaha :-)19:09
* inetpro should learn to stick to one question at a time19:09
pieter2627or we should answer better :)19:09
inetprook, upcoming events19:09
inetproso we know about SFD, anything else?19:10
Kilosmain one is to support elacheche_anis at their re approval19:10
pieter2627not that i know of, which countries are planning for SFD?19:11
Kiloselacheche_anis  call on guys here for support hey19:11
KilosariabbaS  say something19:11
Kilosyou guys must all get involved here19:11
ariabbaSok for me19:12
inetprofor those who may not know know about SFD19:12
inetproSFD or Software Freedom Day is a worldwide celebration of Free and Open Source Software19:12
Kilosideas are welcome from all19:12
Kilostunisia is having an event there afaik19:12
inetpro2015 Software Freedom Day is approaching and will be celebrated on 19th September (Saturday) this year, let's tell people about it!19:12
inetproSee: http://softwarefreedomday.org/19:12
Kiloscraigbrash  what are you guys doing19:12
Kilosim sure cyrilb has some plans as well19:13
craigbrashWe had an event 2 years ago ,not sure if anything happening this side19:13
inetproat #ubuntu-za we have some peeps involved to help arrange the event in Pretoria (more info: http://www.sfd.org.za/)19:13
craigbrashwill try find out19:13
Kiloscraigbrash  can you ask around and let us know please19:14
inetproQA: agreed 2015 Software Freedom Day is approaching and will be celebrated on 19th September (Saturday) this year, let's tell people about it!19:15
QAAgreed: 2015 Software Freedom Day is approaching and will be celebrated on 19th September (Saturday) this year, let's tell people about it19:15
inetproanything else?19:15
Kilosnot from me sir19:15
craigbrashKilos will do19:16
inetproso we move on to Miscellaneous?19:16
Kilosstill think we need a greeter bot here, at least till im fully active again19:16
inetproQA: topic Miscellaneous19:16
QACurrent Topic: Miscellaneous19:16
inetprosuperfly: I guess you now have a chance to rant some more about the mailing list19:17
inetproor come up with a better solution :-)19:17
* elacheche_anis was AFK x(19:17
inetproelacheche_anis: wb19:17
Kiloselacheche_anis  you must keep us informed about you SFD event19:18
Kilosinform the list as well please19:18
elacheche_anisKilos, we organize the SFD almost every year since 2006 (just skipped 1 or 2 years as I know).. We just organize it on October not in September19:19
inetproelacheche_anis: SFD Douala Team, that your team?19:19
elacheche_anisWe just started the organization of this year.. As soon as there is information that I can share publicly I'll do that :)19:20
Kilosanyway keep the list alive with info, it might help inspire others19:20
elacheche_anisNope inetpro chekc for Tunisia → Clibre Association19:20
elacheche_anisOk sir :)19:21
Kilosill even smile :D19:21
elacheche_anisThe website is a little bit buggy, but we're already working on fixing that.. We have some infrastructure issues that we need to solve before :)19:22
elacheche_anisBut you can find the history of all our past SFDs :)19:22
inetprooh great!19:22
* inetpro only noticed two registered events in Africa on the map19:23
* pieter2627 too19:23
Kilosoh yeah elacheche_anis hehe19:23
elacheche_anisinetpro, loool.. Tunisia still in Africa not in Europe :p :D19:23
superflyinetpro: just the problem wit the reply-to19:23
elacheche_anisShame on you guys :p19:23
Kilosyou still have the map to sort as well19:23
elacheche_anisKilos, never forgot about the map.. Am even planning to do the same for my loco and #ubuntu-africa :D19:24
Kilosgood man19:24
elacheche_anisJust need to get urgent things done :)19:24
Kiloswe understand19:24
inetproelacheche_anis: sorry! I missed the flag up north19:25
pieter2627oh, that is so close to euro...19:25
elacheche_anishahahah :D19:26
* pieter2627 mistook it19:26
Kilosmost northern point of africa19:26
inetproso http://clibre.tn/ and http://sfd.tn/ is the same team?19:26
elacheche_anisclibre is an association that promotes the Free & Open Culture ( FOSS, OpenData, OpenGov, etc..)19:27
elacheche_anisClibre organizes the event..19:27
elacheche_anisThe founder of clibre is the spiritual father of Ubuntu Tunisia :) :D19:28
elacheche_anisSo many current and previous Ubuntu-tn members are members in Clibre and involved in the SFD..19:28
* pieter2627 thinks that clibre might stand for Culture libre19:28
* inetpro should one day make an attempt to learn another forreign language19:29
elacheche_anisClibre organized WikiArabia too.. They have Wimedians in the association as well..19:29
inetproproblem is their are way too many of them :-)19:29
elacheche_anispieter2627, you're right :)19:29
inetprook, time has caught up with us19:30
inetprotime to wrap up19:30
inetproQA: topic Elect chairperson for next meeting19:30
QACurrent Topic: Elect chairperson for next meeting19:30
Kilosty for chairing again inetpro19:30
* Kilos votes inetpro +119:30
elacheche_anisI vote for inetpro19:30
* pieter2627 +1 inetpro 19:30
inetprothanks for the votes of confidence19:31
Kilosmotion carried19:31
craigbrashwe loves you19:31
elacheche_anisinetpro, I'll help you on that once I finish what I have in mind :D19:31
inetproat least we now have one day a month that we have to talk to each other :-)19:31
inetproQA: agreed inetpro to chair the next meeting19:31
QAAgreed: inetpro to chair the next meeting19:31
* elacheche_anis got to go → I'll install Ubuntu on my sister's new laptop..19:31
inetproQA: topic Next meeting19:32
QACurrent Topic: Next meeting19:32
Kilosnice elacheche_anis19:32
inetproso for now we stick to 23 September 2015 ?19:32
pieter2627see again elacheche_anis19:32
inetprountil further notice pieter2627?19:32
pieter2627guess so19:32
elacheche_anisI didn't have malwares @home :D since 2010 :)19:32
Kilosill be in lockup19:32
inetproQA: agreed next meeting scheduled for 23 September 2015 until further notice19:33
QAAgreed: next meeting scheduled for 23 September 2015 until further notice19:33
Kiloselacheche_anis  mark your calender19:33
inetprothanks for attending guys!19:33
inetproand enjoy the rest of the evening19:34
Kilosyes thanks all of you19:34
pieter2627yip thanks all19:34
inetproat least we can now celebrate the victory against NZ19:34
inetproQA: end meeting19:34
QAMeeting Ended19:34
QAMinutes available at json: :: txt: :: html:
Kiloshi xene19:34
Kiloswelcome to ubuntu-africa19:34
inetprosorry for going over the time limits19:34
* pieter2627 hears his bed calling19:35
Kiloshi lafricain19:35
pieter2627np, night all19:35
Kilosyou arrived late19:35
lafricainHi, Xene was me!! I use an other computer...19:35
lafricainYes I forgot the meeting...19:35
lafricainI would like to meet renemanasse?19:36
Kiloswell try get reminders out earlier next month19:37
Kilosyou need to hang here19:37
Kilospeeps pop in and out at odd times19:37
lafricainI send him a message but no response... Maybe my mail in spams.19:38
Kilosuse the mailing list as well lafricain19:38
lafricainWhere can I find it?19:38
Kilosjoin in there19:38
lafricainOk but I didn't found how to subscrite. I have already a ubuntuone account, but I couldn't, I'll try again...19:39
Kilosi think you first join the group19:40
Kilosthem when approved you go back there and at the bottom of the page is where you join the list19:41
lafricainok I try!19:43
lafricainOk I think it's ok. Thank you.19:44
Kilosi just approved you19:45
Kilosnow you should see the list at the bottom19:45
Kilossubscribe is what you tick19:47
craigbrashok goodnight all19:49
Kilosnight craigbrash19:49
Kilossleep well19:49
Kilosty for attending19:49
=== ChanServ changed the topic of #ubuntu-africa to: Welcome to #ubuntu-africa | Website: http://ubuntu-africa.info | https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-africa | https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AfricanTeams | Logs: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com | Next meeting: Wed, Wed, 23 September 2015 18:30 GMT Agenda: http://bit.ly/1KO5ulO
inetproKilos: there you go ^^, I'm done for the evening19:53
Kilosty inetpro you are a star'19:53
Kilossleep tight africa19:56
inetprogood night oom Ki[tab]19:56

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