TrevinhoMhmh... I thought that sync could do that automatically for me (ehm, sorry if I tried too many times), but at this point... Should I sync changes to trunk manually? :o02:03
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robruMirv: up yet?04:57
Mirvrobru: here05:25
robruMirv: oh just emailed you. No rush05:28
Mirvrobru: looks good! :) I'll take a good look and reply a bit later05:32
robruMirv: thanks, goodnight!05:39
Mirvrobru: goodnight!05:39
michiSigh, my silo build is toast: No space left on device07:25
michiNot just mine, by the looks of things...07:25
pstolowskihey trainguards, problem with silo 44 - "failed to write (No space left on device)"07:31
robrupstolowski: try again? I think it's being a bit temperamental07:36
robruMirv: ^^ if this happens again, try contacting IS. looks like /var/cache/pbuilder is a bit big at 5.6GBs: https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/cyphermox-test/1063/consoleFull07:36
pstolowskirobru, that was a second try07:43
Mirvrobru: ok!07:47
robruMirv: I recommend asking #webops to delete /var/cache/pbuilder/, it looks like there's two wily images in there somehow. train will regenerate the images on next build.07:47
robruMirv: uh but then after the pbuilder is deleted only let one build job run. if two build jobs run simultaneously it might make two pbuilder images or break in strange ways07:48
MirvI asked now generally over there for the vanguard to look at it07:49
robruMirv: I mean just for the first one. once the first build is complete then parallel builds can resume07:49
Mirvwebops is a bit busy but will hear more in a few minutes07:50
robruMirv: or at least once the first build uploads it's packages07:50
robrukenvandine: no07:51
robrukenvandine: ^07:51
robrukenvandine: no disk space left07:51
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kenvandinerobru, so it'll fail07:52
robruMirv: https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/manage I disabled jenkins jobs from running, once disk is freed you can re-enable that here (or sil can do it if you can't do it)07:52
robrukenvandine: it'll most likely fail. I guess there's no harm in letting that keep running07:52
robruon the off chance07:52
robrukenvandine: we're waiting for #webops to free some disk for us07:52
kenvandinerobru, yeah... any eta on freeing?07:52
robruoh god why am I awake07:52
kenvandinethat's what i was wondering!07:53
robrukenvandine: webops says "gimme a few minutes"07:53
Mirvrobru: thanks07:56
Mirvit seems it's a few minutes more still07:57
robruMirv: you're welcome. you'll want to click 'cancel shutdown' from that menu in case that wasn't obvious (don't worry, nothing will shut down, it's just in a mode that prevents jobs from running)07:58
Mirvrobru: it was pretty obvious, yes :) I've been kicking jenkins around a bit so I'm not completely unfamiliar.07:59
kenvandinerobru, btw... thanks for the magic in the reconfigure :)08:00
robrukenvandine: oh this is just the beginning!  I'm working towards making reconfigures not even a thing. You just assign and then changes in bileto reflect in Jenkins live.08:02
robruLots of little fiddly things to get sorted on the way though08:02
robruMirv: great, hopefully you have permission ;-)08:03
kenvandinerobru, that'd be nice08:04
kenvandinerobru, will you give us a shout out when the disk space issue is resolved?08:04
robrukenvandine: nah I'm going to bed, maybe Mirv can08:05
kenvandinegood night!08:05
kenvandinemorning here :)08:05
kenvandinein london this week08:05
Mirvkenvandine: I will08:18
kenvandineMirv, thx!08:18
Mirvstill no response, I guess the alert is taking vanguard's time08:18
Mirvvanguard also changed, asking the new one08:19
Mirvsil2100: so we have train down because of lack of free space, stay tuned, webops are on it08:23
robruMirv: I'm still here for some reason, I'll turn jenkins back on and start one build08:37
robruMirv: https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/view/1.%20Build/job/ubuntu-landing-010-1-build/211/console trying one build, we'll see if it passes now08:38
Mirvrobru: yes I can see you are still here :) you should move to China, then your hours would be fitting!08:41
robruMirv: cost of living is better too!08:41
robruMirv: so far so good with the wily build I think. just need to see it make the vivid pbuilder and then we'll know08:48
robruMirv: ok looks good, 5GBs free even with both vivid and wily pbuilder images08:58
robrukenvandine: pstolowski: we're back, go ahead with your builds08:58
pstolowskirobru, k, thanks!08:58
robrupstolowski: you're welcome08:58
robruah, only 2AM, must be bedtime08:59
kenvandinerobru, thanks!09:08
sil2100What is this? Company-wide insomnia? ;)09:10
robrusil2100: Ken's on London for a sprint. I'm the only one with crippling insomnia09:11
robrukenvandine: you're welcome09:11
robruOK I'm going to bed for real09:12
robruGoodnight everybody!09:12
sil2100Yeah, but there's also infinity with his really scary insomnia09:12
sil2100robru: goodnight!09:12
kenvandineget some sleep09:12
robrusil2100: whoever is building 20 didn't reconfigure properly, they will be disappointed09:13
robrusil2100: "preparing packages. Silo ready..." Means "i clicked build before the reconfigure finished and now I'm building with stale config"09:15
robruAnyways. Really goodnight now!09:16
Mirvsil2100: I've never understood the timezone infinity lives in anyway, he seems to be 24h09:19
sil2100boiko: ^09:20
boikorobru: sil2100: yeah, I clicked the reconfigure before the jenkins down thing, and reconfigured afterwards so I might have built before the second reconfigure finished09:21
boikoI didn't realize jenkins would save the reconfigure job to run after its reboot09:22
robruboiko: it didn't reboot, it just disabled running jobs while disk was full09:24
boikorobru: ah ok, so that was it09:24
robruboiko: I dunno what you've done now, please cancel the build, wait more than 1s, reconfigure, confirm reconfigure finishes, then rebuild09:25
boikorobru: ok, I will do that, thanks for the heads up09:26
robruWhen a silo has multiple statuses like silo 20 currently has three statuses, it's because jobs are running in parallel09:26
robruboiko: fortunately this nightmare will soon be over, I'm working towards making it so you never need to reconfigure.09:27
boikorobru: cool09:28
robruOK I'm literally in bed now, goodnight again ;-)09:29
Mirvrobru: crazy man09:31
Mirvwe should have a remote switch for robru's internet connection, to cut it off at midnight09:31
robruPls no09:31
Mirvor to be more pleasant, a remote switch to being able to screen -r or whatever he uses for IRC09:32
jibelsil2100, we are re-running sanity on latest mako, flo and emulator images for OTA6 and we are resuming the landings. We'll start with  48 which was problematic for OTA609:32
sil2100jibel: excellent o/09:36
sil2100Those long night stays for work are bad for everyone, good those only happen for me during the release week09:37
sil2100jibel: anyway, the arale images look good so far, right?10:30
sil2100Since I could copy those to the rc channel now10:30
jibelsil2100, arale, krillin and mako are good. Waiting for results on flo and this emulator crash on wily11:00
sil2100jibel: if the crash is reproducible, we might need to include it in the release notes as a known issue11:00
jibelsil2100, yes davmor2 is testing with an updated qemu11:02
davmor2sil2100, jibel: sorry was on another pc trying it out on vivid when I found out there was an update there too, so that is up and running now, and I'll retry here on wily in one second11:06
davmor2sil2100, jibel: so it is stable on vivid, retrying on wily11:08
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Mirvhello out-of-silos situation, long time no see11:40
sil2100Mirv: ;)12:07
nik90jibel: Were you able to reproduce https://bugs.launchpad.net/canonical-devices-system-image/+bug/1470308 recently?12:48
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1470308 in Ubuntu Clock App "launch clock app display a white page,and it take a long time" [Undecided,New]12:48
jibelnik90, sometimes, and ouch, I open the clock app, allow the location and the MX4 rebooted :(12:50
nik90jibel: really strange. Not sure how looking for location would block the UI thread. I will try to reproduce it on my end.12:51
jibelnik90, I think it depends if there is already a location acquired or not12:51
nik90jibel: Are there any other apps that ask for location access on app startup? I know camera-app used to do that.12:52
jibelnik90, osmtouch12:52
jibelgooglemaps and here are web based12:52
nik90jibel: ok. Will test with osmtouch as well12:53
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sil2100bzoltan_, Mirv: do you guys know if this silo is still needed? https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/static/dashboard.html#?q=ubuntu%2Flanding-04913:04
bzoltan_sil2100: I pass it to Mirv13:05
balloonsping cihelp. Can I get utopic removed from ubuntu-filemanager-app-ci and ubuntu-filemanager-app-ci-autolanding?13:07
sil2100brb in a moment13:10
Mirvbzoltan_: it's your silo, don't pass it to me ;)13:17
bzoltan_Mirv:  I give it to you.. .do not ya say I never give you anything13:17
Mirvsil2100: it's bzoltan's "late" gles landing split into wily + vivid because the gles twin package without the main package didn't really work out in bzoltan's first silo13:18
Mirvbzoltan_: how generous!13:18
Mirvsil2100: it's basically waiting for QA to review the vivid silo, if ok then publish both (047 + 049)13:18
bzoltan_Mirv:  how truze13:24
bzoltan_Mirv:  of course the funny twist is that the silo49 has a wily UITK-gles :) and so I need to test it with the wily emulator ... what might be disfunctional for a dozen of unknown reason... might be. I will see in 10 mins13:27
josephtballoons: I'm on it13:29
Mirvbzoltan_: well as long as you test the vivid 047 emulator it should be indicative of the update's quality.13:30
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Mirvbzoltan_: with luck though wily emulator works too since the wily image works.. maybe some of the tricks just done not yet there though, I'm not sure if Mir is up-to it since wily has 0.15.0 which maybe didn't have this hotfix13:31
bzoltan_Mirv:  that is what I mean... for example13:31
bzoltan_Mirv: as I was afraid the wily emulator does not show much.. black screen only14:09
Mirvbzoltan_: well check the vivid then and mark that at least ready. if it works, we can probably assume the identical wily release is good enough too.14:32
Mirvbzoltan_: the wily problem is probably the mir fix lagging behind there14:32
bzoltan_Mirv:  well at least the silo49 does not make it worst :)14:33
sil2100jibel, pmcgowan: I will have to jump out in 30 minutes to drive my girl to a doctor's appointment - leave me a message about the OTA tests results and I'll release once I'm back15:08
jibelsil2100, arale upgrade passed, krillin in progress15:11
* sil2100 brb15:24
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davmor2jibel: sil2100: krillin upgrades too \o/16:09
jibeldavmor2, awesome, I'll send the testing report and that's be it for OTA616:10
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robruTrevinho: the sources field is for sources that aren't defined by your MPs. The sources you specified in silo 56 are redundant to the MPs you've given. I'll fix it, but just for future reference don't do that.18:08
Trevinhorobru: ok, thanks... It was my first experience which such issue (and landing), so I wasn't sure :)18:09
Trevinho(issue = not synced down and upstream)18:09
robruTrevinho: right, and in this case what you've done is fine since it was just a no-change you're overwriting. but generally if somebody uploads to distro you need to sync it back to trunk, what you've done is effectively erased the manual upload that went to distro.18:13
Trevinhorobru: I asked to sil2100, that's why I did that18:13
robruTrevinho: yeah it's fine in this case, you should just understand that you have "synced" anything at all, you've just clobbered all over steve's work, that's all.18:14
robruTrevinho: https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-056-2-publish/5/artifact/ubuntu-push-qml_content.diff/*view*/ this diff shows what you removed.18:15
jibelThanks for pushing the buttons sil2100, I'm glad this release is out!18:29
sil2100jibel: big thanks to you guys for testing!18:35
sil2100Took a bit longer since I had to modify the phasing scripts18:35
sil2100Since now we actually phase more than one channel...18:35
balloonsjosepht, how's the core apps filemanager changes coming along?18:51
robrusil2100: you still around?19:10
sil2100robru: yeah, what's up?19:10
robrusil2100: I made some changes at https://requests.ci-train.staging.ubuntu.com can you check that they're ok? ;-)19:11
sil2100Oh oh!19:11
sil2100robru: I'm thinking about, generally I like it - first thing I like the reordering of fields, it makes much more sense like this19:13
robrusil2100: thanks19:13
sil2100robru: the additional controls are also nice and I think they can be like that too19:14
josephtballoons: thanks for reminding me.  I've approved the MP and will redeploy the jobs once it's merged.19:14
sil2100First I thought: hmm, those might annoy after a while, but on second thought it's  still good19:14
robrusil2100: the trick is really to declutter the page, I hope the hover behavior isn't too mysterious19:14
robrusil2100: next step: I'm going to add a view that shows all requests that require some kind of trainguard action19:19
robrueg everything that is publishable19:19
robrubut first, lunch19:19
sil2100robru: oh, that would be convinient19:19
sil2100Anyway, good direction so far :)19:19
robrusil2100: thanks!19:20
josephtballoons: the filemanager-app jobs have been redeployed and no longer call the utopic jobs19:36
balloonsjosepht, thank you. I re-ran and see success19:57
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robruTrevinho: https://code.launchpad.net/~canonical-platform-qa/autopilot-qt/wily_fix-unittests/+merge/268990 need this top approved22:49
Trevinhorobru: I know, but there were some concerns about failures, I wanted to wait nuclearbob full approvation22:50
robruTrevinho: alright no worries, please ping me once it's approved and I can publish22:50
TrevinhoI'm not sure whether those failures are related (they're just rebuilds), but still22:50
Trevinhorobru: ok, thanks22:50
robruyou're welcome22:50
sil2100It's best to propose landing branches that are already approved by someone usually23:11
Trevinhosil2100: yeah indeed... But those arrived later, as by landing xpathselect we saw that autopilot-{gtk,qt} had to be rebuilt as well after23:14

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