pittiGood morning04:19
darkxstpitti, hey04:22
pittihey darkxst04:22
darkxstpitti, do you know if there are really still cases where plymouth can get stuck with a 16color framebuffer?04:22
pittidarkxst: I don't know (I've never worked on plymouth/graphical boot), but it seems unlikely04:23
pittiwith KMS it of course doesn't happen, with fbdev it shouldn't either, and the next fallback is plain text mode04:24
darkxstpitti, right, and pretty much everything on intel platforms is using KMS these days?04:24
pittiI don't know about the proprietary nvidia/amd drivers04:25
pittinvidia had used plaintext boot for a long time, not sure if that's still the case04:25
darkxstnvidia have KMS, but its not the standard one, think they are porting over to that though04:25
pittioh, they do? I thought KMS was GPL-only, so you can't legally have a KMS-capable proprietary driver04:26
pittibut maybe that changed now04:26
darkxstI think they blacklisted the graphical plymouth, because it causing problems with their framebuffer04:26
darkxstpitti, they are doing a big restructure of their kernel side to support wayland etc04:27
pittior that; but then you also wouldn't run into a graphical 16 color fb04:27
darkxstyeh exactly that is just text04:27
pittior are you talking about the classical text mode?04:27
pittithat happens all the time, and must be supported04:27
darkxstno the ubuntu theme, has fallback to 16color04:27
darkxstbut that is a pain for what we want to do since there is no alpha channel then04:28
darkxstand I guess worst case is they won't see the animation if it really happens, other things like passwords etc are all the same as per ubuntu theme04:29
darkxstpitti, btw I think nividia are going to register their own KMS service that than emulates the GPL-only API's from within their driver04:40
pittiheh -- kernel license wars :)04:41
darkxstand nothing ever happens to the companies that just blatantly abuse GPL code04:47
pittiaside from being shown the finger, but they can surely live with that :)04:48
darkxstthere are far worse companies out there than nvidia!04:49
didrocksgood morning05:36
pittibonjour didrocks, ça va ?05:42
didrocksça va bien pitti, et toi ?05:49
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larsuseb128, morning!07:52
* larsu didn't see you come in07:52
seb128good morning desktopers!07:52
seb128hey larsu, how are you?07:52
larsuseb128, great thanks! convincing quilt to take changes to my patch07:52
larsuhow are you?07:52
didrocksgood morning seb12807:52
seb128quilt refresh!07:53
seb128I'm good thanks ;-)07:53
seb128hey didrocks07:53
larsubut quilt add, too07:53
larsuseb128, we miss you in that certain other channel07:53
pittihey seb128!07:57
pittihello larsu07:57
seb128hey pitti07:57
larsu"morning" pitti07:57
seb128larsu, oh, right, removed that from my list yesterday and I'm not really looking at IRC yet today ;-)07:57
pittilarsu: yeah, almost lunchtime :)07:57
larsuseb128, no worries :)07:58
larsufyi: I'm off this afternoon07:58
pittiseb128: did you notice that the new bluetooth indicator regressed again? if you disable bluetooth it disappears entirely instead of graying out07:58
pittididn't we fix this like three times already?07:58
larsuisn't that by design?07:58
seb128larsu, oh? have fun!07:59
didrockspitti: you meant *run*time07:59
larsuseb128, helping a friend move to Hamburg :)07:59
pittididrocks: cą aussi !07:59
larsuah, pitti is right, it should be insensitive instead of disappearing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bluetooth#PC08:00
pittithat's how it worked with bluez408:01
larsuit should only disappear when the computer doesn't have bluetooth08:01
pittiI think with bluez5 it went away entirely, and the new version from yesterday didn't fix that yet08:01
pittialthough it should really only look at rfkill, not at bluez08:01
pittithis bug keeps coming back :(08:01
pitti(we do have a mock for rfkill, just saying..)08:01
seb128larsu, hope it's not raining ;-)08:01
larsuthanks. looks fine so far08:02
larsuvery sunny08:02
larsupitti, maybe it can't differentiate between "bluetooth is off" and "no bluetooth hw available"08:02
seb128pitti, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bluetooth#Indicator_and_menu states08:02
seb128"When Bluetooth is off, to save space the Bluetooth indicator should not be present at all. "08:02
seb128talk to mpt about it I guess?08:03
larsuseb128, this is on the phone, though08:03
seb128larsu, convergence? ;-)08:03
larsuseb128, yes, I agree, but the spec says otherwise for the desktop08:03
pittilarsu: sure it can; check rfkill list, you'll have a soft blocked bluetooth device08:03
pittithat's how it was fixed previously08:03
larsupitti, just thinking out loud :)08:03
pittiit's really wrong for a desktop to disappear -- you have no (obvious) way to reenable it08:04
seb128hey Laney08:04
pittihey Laney, how are you?08:04
larsupitti, same on the phone, no?08:04
seb128pitti, did that fix you mention ever landed?08:04
seb128I though we had issues when robert_ancell previously tried to do that08:04
pittiseb128: sure, it has worked fine since vivid08:04
larsupitti, I tend to agree though - and we have more than enough space in the menu bar08:04
pittibug 112610808:04
ubot5bug 1126108 in indicator-bluetooth (Ubuntu) "Indicator disappears entirely when disabling / turning off bluetooth" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/112610808:04
Laneyyeah this worked before08:04
seb128pitti, k, dunno then, patches are welcome ;-) that indicator is basically on low maintainance, I doubt anyone is actively looking at it08:05
* larsu slowly walks away08:05
didrocksgood morning Laney08:05
larsuLaney, how was climbing?08:06
Laneygood try08:06
Laneybut incorrect08:06
Laneytuesday -> pub quiz08:06
larsuah. damn. sorry :)08:06
larsuhow was the pub quiz?08:06
willcookedidrocks, am trying to move that meeting now08:09
didrockswillcooke: thanks!08:11
larsumorning willcooke08:11
willcookehey larsu08:11
larsuhow's the sprint?08:11
Laneylarsu: we came (joint) second, but 4(!!!) points behind the winners08:16
Laneywas fun08:16
larsuLaney, the correct German term for this is "ärgerlich"08:16
larsu(there's no good english translation)08:17
LaneyI know es ärgert mich08:19
larsuyeah that works as well but sounds a bit stronger to me08:19
Laneywell I don't know the difference08:20
Laneybut I know what my one means :P08:20
Laneydoes it mean "I really hope they weren't using their mobile phones"? :)08:20
larsuit's the adjective to "ärgern"08:21
larsuso in theory it's very similar08:21
larsubut it's used with weaker meaning08:21
larsuI love bug #40169208:42
ubot5bug 401692 in gedit "Gedit - default file name is "unsaved document"" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40169208:42
larsuwe've carried a patch since '09 for this...08:42
seb128we can drop the patch now?08:43
seb128so "we carry ..."08:43
larsuthe upstream bug even has comments from this year08:43
larsuseb128, true :)08:43
* larsu makes them a proper patch and comments08:43
seb128well at least it's an easy to maintain change08:43
larsuit's also stupid08:43
larsubut yeah...08:43
larsueasily applied08:44
seb128still woth it imho, it's confusing that your saved documented are name unsaved document by default08:44
larsuyes of course!08:44
larsuunsaved is so stupid that I don't even begin to understand how they didn't change it upstream yet08:45
* larsu goes all mpt on them and makes a list of apps and their default file names08:45
robert_ancelllarsu, Simple Scan is "Scanned Document"08:46
larsurobert_ancell, thanks!08:46
didrockstjaalton: hey, is there any way to ensure that UXA is chosen as the AccelMethod before I report the new crash?09:01
didrocks(intel driver regular crash)09:01
tjaaltondidrocks: check x log09:06
didrockstjaalton: ok, seems I'm still using SNA then09:09
* didrocks changes capital letter and wait for next crash to check logs09:10
didrockshum, seems that even setting it in non capital letter doesn't work for some users: http://askubuntu.com/questions/638231/how-can-i-switch-graphic-card-acceleration-from-sna-to-uxa09:11
didrockstjaalton: any idea what's wrong with the syntax? ^09:11
tjaaltonis it all quoted?09:13
tjaaltonthe very beginning and end09:13
didrockstjaalton: ah yeah, this user sounded to have it wrong09:15
didrocksanyway, let's see after my next crash, will keep you posted :)09:15
didrocks(seems like the bug started to be popular btw)09:15
tjaaltondo you use chromium?09:15
TheMusoquery willcooke09:15
TheMusoWquery willcooke Whoops. :)09:16
willcookeTheMuso, :)09:16
didrockstjaalton: chrome, indeed09:18
didrocksthat's how I saw that pattern09:18
tjaaltonguess something changed in chromium then that triggers this09:20
tjaaltonsince the driver stack didn't09:20
tjaaltonand vivid got the same update09:21
* larsu yells at quilt09:31
larsu(and remembers `exit 0` from now on)09:31
didrockslarsu: classical :p09:34
larsuit could at least ask!09:34
didrocksquilt refresh first ;)09:34
didrocks(and it's bzr bd-do)09:34
larsuya, indeed09:34
didrocksbut if you don't run bzr bd-do first now09:34
didrocksyou can still access it09:34
didrocksin ../build-area/package-name_version09:34
larsuI really yelled at that workflow. sorry quilt!09:34
didrocksthen quilt refresh09:35
didrockscp your patch09:35
larsudidrocks, ah, right09:35
tjaaltondidrocks: I'll build -intel from current master with debug symbols on09:36
tjaaltonit looks like https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=9165809:36
ubot5Freedesktop bug 91658 in Driver/intel "Xorg segfault during video playback" [Normal,New]09:37
didrockstjaalton: interesting, that can be, however, I definitively got many crashes when I wasn't watching a video09:37
larsuoh wow, we have ubunut.com!09:51
larsujust typoed that and wondered why it worked :)09:51
pittididrocks: *maintenant* c'est l'heure de courier :)10:32
didrockspitti: héhé, pareil ici (bientôt)10:36
seb128pitti, bon sport ;-)*10:39
seb128didrocks, toi aussi :-)10:39
pittimerci !10:39
seb128pitti, tu ne manges pas à midi ?10:40
pittiI think I tamed the ppc64el workers enough, /me releases the autopkgtest flood upon them and runs away to evade the splinters :)10:40
pittiseb128: pas encore, après le courier10:40
larsuLaney, (and maybe seb128), I've got a first gedit 3.16 branch up if you're interested: https://code.launchpad.net/~larsu/gedit/update-31610:41
larsuit's missing a few bits and it has a headerbar10:42
seb128larsu, good, I'm running the gnome3 ppa version since yesterday10:42
seb128let me try yours10:42
larsumost importantly the menubar patch10:42
seb128I was close from reverting to 3.810:42
seb128I'm not getting used to the new ui when maximized :-(10:42
larsumenubar patch is definitely coming (but won't have time today, have to leave)10:42
seb128the titlebar showing under the panel and the double decorations are really annoying :-/10:43
larsuseb128, headerbar is not yet decided. I'll add a patch if we don't10:43
larsuseb128, yeah... I have the same issue. We could theme it differently when maximizefd10:43
didrocksseb128: merci ;)10:43
Laneywe can't do this headerbar stuff for 15.10 surely10:43
larsuseb128, but I've got to run now. See you all tomorrow!10:43
seb128larsu, good luck with the moving ;-)10:44
didrockssee you larsu!10:44
larsuthanks :)10:44
didrocksdon't break anything while moving and don't break anything on you as well :)10:44
* larsu tries10:45
popeydidrocks: http://blogs.unity3d.com/2015/08/26/unity-comes-to-linux-experimental-build-now-available/11:08
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didrockspopey: waow, excellent!11:13
* didrocks can't wait for this day to happen11:13
didrocks(when it's more marked as stable)11:13
didrocksI'll have a try though :)11:13
seb128tseliot, Laney, can you merge&clean silo9 (usd)?11:17
seb128it's in proposed but there is a checkbox to say to ignore that it didn't migrate11:18
seb128there are no silo available atm, that seems an obvious one we could claim back11:18
LaneyAre you in there? do it11:18
LaneyI didn't publish it11:18
Laneyotherwise I've got to go get the yubikey :P11:19
seb128did it11:19
Laneybrb, dell man is here11:21
Laneyi haz speakers11:52
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Laneyis g_bus_unown_name supposed to call the name_lost callback?12:13
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willcookeTrevinho, hey!  Going through old bugs....13:40
willcookeuhhh ohhhhh13:40
ubot5Ubuntu bug 798445 in unity (Ubuntu) "can't discern between two files or folder with identical names " [High,Incomplete]13:40
willcookeJust had a v. quick chat with JohnLea13:41
willcookeJust to let you know, I've put it on the list for consideration13:41
willcookeif you have any good ideas, let me know13:41
Trevinhoyeah, that's actually something I noticed as well13:41
willcookeJohnLea said pretty much the only option is to put it in to the right-click screen13:42
willcookepreview I guess it's called :)13:42
Trevinhomh, yeah I was thinking exactly the same13:42
Trevinhoyes preview13:42
Trevinhobut... Well, having a quick look is also soemthing that can help13:42
willcookebut anyway, just ponder it at your leisure, if you think of anything cool, let me know13:42
Trevinhomaybe... Something on mouse hover such as showing a collapsed path13:42
willcookewe spoke about that, adding a whole new thing in hover seems like a bad idea, but I think it's a better solution than having to click13:43
willcookeso, dunnno13:43
Trevinhobut indeed preview should state it13:43
willcookeoki, well - it's on the list :)13:43
TrevinhoNo I didn't want things such as pop-ups, but something like that the name changes once you're hovering for a certain amount of time13:44
willcookeohh, nice13:44
willcookehover over it and the full path could scroll by?13:44
willcookein place of the name13:44
Trevinhosomething like that13:44
Trevinhowhat was the tag name?13:47
Trevinhoah ok I see it13:47
Trevinhowillcooke: also a way to go trough the approved backlog, just browse bugs in the ayatana-design side. Some were commited and still there :)13:48
willcookethanks Trevinho13:49
Trevinhowillcooke: I had collected these http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/12199413/13:49
Trevinho(and others, but need to do the tagging properly)13:50
* willcooke reviews13:51
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willcookeanyone having issues with LP?  I keep getting timeouts trying to comment on bugs, and for once I don't think it's related to wifi14:23
qenghoI got some new Http 500 page yesterday.14:23
qenghoMine was too quick to be a normal timeout, though.14:24
qenghoEr, maybe it was a "down for upgrade" page, now that I think about it.14:24
willcookemeh, now it works14:25
* willcooke blames wifi again14:25
seb128works for me14:27
degorenkohello here! Is here anyone around, who can help me? I want to fix this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sahara/+bug/1452698 I found this instruction: http://packaging.ubuntu.com/html/fixing-a-bug.html is it correct?14:53
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1452698 in sahara (Ubuntu) "Issue in sahara-common.postinst.in: sahara-db-manage is executet on fresh install (even without a db-connection)" [High,Confirmed]14:53
seb128degorenko, hey, try #ubuntu for user issues14:55
degorenkoseb128, ok, thanks14:55
mitya57Actually that doesn't sound like an user issue15:06
mitya57degorenko, ping coreycb or jamespage on #ubuntu-devel, they touched it last15:07
degorenkomitya57, ok, will do :)15:09
willcookegoing to check in to the hotel16:39
Trevinhoseb128: I've made this (so I can apply the same to dash as well): https://code.launchpad.net/~3v1n0/ubuntu-themes/osd-scrollbars-improvements/+merge/26924516:46
Trevinhodo you prefer I wait larsu for checking that?16:46
seb128Trevinho, yes, I need to go now, we have a sprint dinner tonight and meeting is in 30 min16:46
Trevinhoseb128: oh, right... I forgot you were in london :)16:47
seb128your video looks good :-)16:47
Trevinhoseb128: I've also this https://transfer.sh/YLymC/out-19.ogv but it needs gtk patching (small theming thing)16:48
Trevinhoand probably some transitions, which - for some reason -doesn't work16:48
* Trevinho also wonders why all the theming stuff inside gtkscrolledwindow is hardcoded :o16:49
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