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rtgarges, bug #1469829 would like your attention12:39
ubot5bug 1469829 in linux (Ubuntu Vivid) "ppc64el should use 'deadline' as default io scheduler" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/146982912:39
argesrtg: looking13:39
argesrtg: working on it13:40
unixabgapw: did my message make any sense the other day on the patch and the overlay stuff?16:39
apwunixabg, the patch looked obviously correct, i've not had a chance to think about it more yet16:39
apwi'll try and do that tommorrow16:40
unixabgapw: ok and I am not sure why it refused to mount list of lowerdir=/lower1.squashfs:/lower2.squashfs:/filesytem.squashfs17:17
unixabgapw: I will examine again in a few days I suspect it is something small but swamped at work atm.17:22
apwunixabg, yeah its something daft, will look at it in the morning17:23
unixabgapw: as I recall it complained about no fstab and I see in live-boot where there is a 17:33
unixabgtouch /etc/fstab and maybe that fixes the issue. I will test one time in just a few.17:34
unixabgno that did fix the issue, but I do remember seeing that error of no /etc/fstab and I did not17:37
unixabgthink if just touching to move on.17:37
unixabgMaybe that helps you somehow. If you need an update tested I can see if I get working results.17:38
apwwill do17:40
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genkgoWith 3.13.0-62 i am not able to boot any longer, seems like the same issue as http://askubuntu.com/questions/664383/kernel-3-13-0-61-update-wont-boot19:22
genkgoat a personal computer19:22
genkgohow can i find out what goes wrong so i can issue a bug?19:22
apwgenkgo, file a bug against linux with "ubuntu-bug linux" and report the working and broken versions ...19:32
genkgoaight, but so far i have no clue what is causing it19:32
bjfgenkgo, you it's just a matter of flipping back to a previous kernel and it works ... we can work with you to figure it out once we have a bug19:41
genkgobjf: ok, but i am not that often on this computer. so i'd rather find it out now.19:42
bjfgenkgo, it will take bisecting between the good version and the bad version to determine which commit is causing the problem19:43
genkgobjf: there is no way i can see what is going on while booting?19:44
genkgobjf: i see the beautfiul dots going and then it reboots19:44
bjfgenkgo, i understand that. we'll provide you with some test kernels to try. if you can successfully boot up to good graphics then that is a possitive, if you can't that's a negative19:47
bjfgenkgo, we go back and forth to narrow it down to one or more specific commits19:47
bjfgenkgo, and when you have a bug # come back and let us know what it is19:56
genkgook, will do, thanks :)19:56

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