Kilosmorning all08:03
PabloRubianeselacheche: ping13:10
elachechepong PabloRubianes :) 13:13
PabloRubianeselacheche: I imagine you already know but your ticket about the ML is fix13:13
elachecheYep.. I got my password today :) Is it closed or I need to reply so they can close the ticket?13:14
PabloRubianesI think it's closed13:15
elachecheGreat :)13:17
elachecheThx PabloRubianes & wxl :)13:17
PabloRubianesno problem :)13:18
elachechePabloRubianes, can you please extend my LoCo expiration date as the meeting will be after that date!?13:18
PabloRubianesI forgot13:19
elachecheAwesome :) thx PabloRubianes :) 13:19
PabloRubianesdone elacheche13:21
elachecheMany thx PabloRubianes :)13:25
=== ubuntiste-msakni is now known as elacheche_anis
joseelacheche, elacheche_anis: ping21:12
elacheche_anispong jose 21:13
joseelacheche_anis: hey! did you get your password on your email? :)21:14
elacheche_anisYep jose, as the ticket is closed I didn't wont reply to the mail to not open it again..21:15
elacheche_anis100000 Thx jose for the help21:15
josegreat! just wanted to confirm everything was good21:15
joseno problem, here to help :) please, let us know if you need anything else to get the loco team running!21:15
elacheche_anisjose, no doubts, that's my main goal → getting the loco running.. 21:16
elacheche_anisjose, is it me, or you noticed that locos are not any more active like before?!21:16
joseelacheche_anis: it happens. there's always a period where there's a activity spike, but that's nothing to worry about21:17
joseit's the cycle of things - we're seeing some activity again21:17
elacheche_anisI confirm that :)21:18
elacheche_anisLoCos around my LoCo are dying :( And I can't really help because I'm trying to keep mine alive21:19
elacheche_anisMorocco, Algeria, Egypt.. I almost can't find my old friends in there anywhere :( Hope that daker WaVeR and the other guys can keep things running in there.. :(21:21
elacheche_anisThere was a period where I used to talk to all the guys every night on irc.. 21:21
elacheche_anisNow, I sometimes talk to ubuntulog.. And he's a good listener x)21:22
elacheche_anisjose, you're from the CC?21:26
joseelacheche_anis: not actually, I'm part of the LoCo Council. We check everything that is related to loco teams, while the CC checks everything related to the code of conduct and the community in general.21:27
joseis there anything I may help you with?21:27
elacheche_anisNo I just asking :D As I know PabloRubianes & wxl from the LoCo Council..21:28
josethough my term is ending really soon, in like two months21:29
josewe'll see what happens after that :)21:29
* ahoneybun trys to revive his LoCo team21:29
joseahoneybun: you doing alright?21:29
ahoneybunwe are going to have a release party :)21:30
ahoneybunI'm sick, hungry and pissed but I'm all good lol21:30
ahoneybunjose: I saw your name on trello I think21:32
joseoh, hope you get better soon!21:32
joseahoneybun: trello... kubuntu-promotion?21:32
pleia2things have been quiet in the US for a few years, but UbuCons have started making things active again in a few states21:33
elacheche_anisjose, my LoCo will have a SFD and be present during the birthday of the oldest FOSS club in here, and will help during a OO/LO training for kids :D21:33
joseelacheche_anis: woot woot, that's amazing news! let me double check if the SFD global event is already on the LoCo Portal so you can add your event21:34
elacheche_anisjose, you'll be present for my LoCo reapproval next meeting? :D 21:34
elacheche_anisYes it is and I'll add it this week :D21:34
joseI hope so. university is taking a lot of my time and I'm not sure if I'll be there for meetings21:34
josefirst week of the semester is always chaotic :P21:34
joseoh right, it's there, amazing21:35
elacheche_anisYeah especially first week after summer holidays.. 21:35
ahoneybunjose: what about kubuntu?21:37
joseahoneybun: my name on trello. it should be on the kubuntu promotion board\21:37
ahoneybunI added you to the board for the party21:38
ahoneybunjust incase you have ideas and such21:38
ahoneybunbeing a big event expert lol21:38
joseahoneybun: gotcha, thanks! I'll pitch in when I have a chance21:43
josetime to go to class, laters all21:43
ahoneybunjose: when you get around let me know if your on telegram23:25
ahoneybunwe can make a group there23:25
joseI am23:25
ahoneybunso tempted to do a hangout XD23:27
ahoneybunjose: what is your timezone?23:53

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