eipi10I am hoping someone can inform this ignoramus.16:13
eipi10I have gecko MP 1.0.9, yet about:plugins still reads 'vulnerable' for quicktime plugin16:13
eipi10is that the latest Gecko?  Do I still need to update quicktime?  why is it called quicktime if it uses gecko?  Am I over-simplifying?  Is there a way not to use quicktime?16:15
gQuigsit might be checking the version of quicktime instead16:16
eipi10so gecko is an "insert" so to speak of quicktime?16:18
gQuigseipi10: although it hasn't been updated in ages and appears to be a dead project16:18
gQuigseipi10: are you sure you need it?16:18
eipi10I'd rather not16:18
gQuigsthen uninstall it :)16:18
gQuigsdid it come with an image or something?16:19
eipi10I just installed lubuntu and with it ubuntu-restricted-extras16:19
eipi10isn't gecko the native player for all kinds of stuff in ubuntu?16:20
gQuigsgecko is what the Firefox engine is called under the hood16:21
eipi10can I chuck QT in the terminal?16:21
gQuigssudo apt-get remove gecko-mediaplayer16:22
eipi10wait, I thought I was removing quicktime16:22
gQuigsgecko = firefox, it likely has a few plugins within it,  quicktime, windows media player, etc16:25
gQuigsI haven't seen any websites that require any of them for a while16:25
eipi10if I remove gecko, then adobe flash plays everything (it's installed)16:27
eipi10do you use FF?16:28
gQuigsI don't have flash installed :)16:29
gQuigsbut yes I use Firefox16:29
gQuigsalternatively you could just disable the specific plugin from addons -> plugins16:30
eipi10how tf do you watch spewtube nd all that garbage?16:32
gQuigs??  youtube?16:32
gQuigsit defaults to HTML5 now16:32
gQuigssome ads do still require flash16:32
eipi10I didnt know html5 handled all that16:33
eipi10and you don't use adobe flash?16:34
eipi10thats killer.  adobe is invasive.16:35
eipi10I wanna get rid of all this crap16:35
gQuigswell try uninstalling them both and see how it goes16:35
gQuigsyou can always reinstall16:35
eipi10yeah, those are my thoughts exactly.  gecko runs everything besides shockwave16:36
eipi10on my pc I mean16:37
eipi10why is this stuff included with a minimalist iso like lubuntu?16:37
eipi10whats adobe flash specifically called so I can remove it in command line?16:42
gQuigsit varies, try dpkg -l | grep flash16:44
eipi10thanks.  I was just looking up command lines.  I'm a virgin.16:45
gQuigsdpkg -l  lists all installed packages16:45
eipi10sweet.  thanks!16:45
eipi10spewlube works fine16:53

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