qwebirc18178If http streaming gets broken because of an update is there a way to reverse what happened?12:40
qwebirc186Hello.  My question is regarding S-video out from an HD DirecTV STB17:05
qwebirc186I have recently moved to an HD STB from a SD box and am trying to use S-video from the STB to a Hauppauge HVR-1600 tuner S-Video in17:06
qwebirc186i was under the impression that S-Video is S-Video but I cannot make it play in Mythbuntu17:07
qwebirc186It does work with mplayer - 'mplayer /dev/video0'17:07
qwebirc186but no matter what I try - it will not try to play in mythbuntu17:08
qwebirc186does anyone know if there's something different going on with S-Video from and HD receiver vs. an SD?17:09
qwebirc186and also why would it work in mplayer, but not the frontend?17:22
Shadow__Xdid you set it up correctly in mythbackend?17:27
Shadow__Xalso, i guess you don't want hd17:28
qwebirc186Hi.  I do but I'm waiting on an HD-PVR17:31
qwebirc186so - i just figured it out.  apparently, you MUST have something in the channel changer script entry in the backend setup17:32
qwebirc186i must have missed that somewhere... i'm also waiting on a usb/serial adapter for the change script17:32
qwebirc186so - no.  i did not have it set up correctly.17:33
qwebirc186thanks very much.  i hope your day is going well17:33

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