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JackHorroris there anybody here05:28
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balloonsping DanChapman13:05
DanChapmanballoons: pong13:21
balloonshey DanChapman. I'm curious if you submitted your MP to ubiquity. I don't see it13:21
DanChapmanballoons: howdy, no not yet. Still got some fixes for the manual partition step to do.13:24
DanChapmanI'll try and get it done over the next couple of evenings.13:25
balloonsDanChapman, ahh, is it lp somewhere? Might be handy to at least show the WIP; nuclearbob is curious at trying to get the setup going14:38
knomeballoons, http://open.knome.fi/2015/08/26/series-minor-improvements-ubuntu-websites/14:40
nuclearbobballoons: I sent an email the other day about how there are ubiquity tests running in CI, so we may be able to leverage that by improving the test code14:44
balloonsknome, interesting. You have anything for developer.u.c?14:47
knomeballoons, i don't use it, so nope14:49
knomeballoons, do you have problems with it?14:49
balloonsknome, I was just curious. I don;t :-)14:49
knomethe main website (everything that runs on the same platform as ubuntu.com) is likely fine, since the design team is working on that14:49
knomewikis etc on the other hand...14:50
DanChapmanballoons: no I haven't pushed to lp yet. I push what I have when I get home.15:28
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