Dro__Na3iL, elacheche vous utilisez skype ?10:11
Dro__fhemtech chbi dima yfasse5 l'historique , pourtant j'ai coché "ne pas effacer"10:12
Na3iLSkype is a non free software Dro__ try to use Jitsi more powerful than skype10:12
elacheche+1 Na3iL :p10:13
Dro__Na3iL, jitsi yconnecti sur les serveurs de skype ?!10:14
elachecheDro__, Yeah I use it for work.. I don't have that problem..10:14
Dro__elacheche, kif t7el discussion tal9ah après redémarrage tal9a l'historique le9dim ?10:14
Na3iLo/ elacheche :D , Dro__ you can connect with xmpp protocol10:15
elachecheYes Dro__10:16
elachecheNa3iL, Skype it's not the same anymore10:16
Dro__Na3iL, madam elacheche 9allek its not the same anymore ma3neha zayed men ghir ma n7awel lé xmpp lé wethni :p10:19
elachecheDro__, you can try.. But I'm sure that it's not the same as before.. Didn't try that for ages now..10:20
elachecheDro__, you use Unity?10:20
elachecheMaybe it's that the problem x)10:20
elachecheDon't know how.. but a colleague have the same problem, she used to use Unity, I don't have it..10:21
* elacheche sent a hangouts to Na3iL :) 15:40
=== ubuntiste-msakni is now known as elacheche_anis

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