bobloblianHi, I got my Aquaris E5 today, so I got myself a sim card and installed it, the phone seems to recognize it is there in that it says it is searching or unregistered, and sometimes it says denied, but when I go into the cellular settings and search for carriers it finds none.  I am trying to find how to get more info about what is failing, but I am finding nothing sensible in the logs or on google.  any pointers?03:43
bobloblianbtw, in case it matters, I am in northern canada, but the cell company says it supports both 3g and 2g on the bands listed in the phone specs...03:43
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duflubobloblian: Most of the people who can answer your question are in Europe. So are a few hours away from coming online05:17
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bobloblianduflu: thanks for the answer, guess it will be a project for tomorrow...05:34
Hawk_will disabling boot splash show the text screen? bootloop at splash screen and adbd not turning on05:47
Hawk_have replaced the adbd with unlocked version05:48
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Hawk_finally...managed to get utouch to boot. :)07:16
Hawk_on sony xperia l07:16
lotuspsychjehow did you do that Hawk_07:23
Hawk_compile from source and lots of taking out the battery when it get stuck countless time07:24
lotuspsychjeHawk_: you might wanna share that img to xda developer forum07:24
Hawk_i will but at the moment its the first successful boot not ready for sharing07:25
Hawk_have much to work on07:26
lotuspsychjeok well good luck with further progress :p07:26
Hawk_thanks, its only the first positive start...many more obstacles ahead07:27
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jgdxkenvandine, https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/generic-deb-autopilot-runner-vivid-mako/3168/07:39
Guest39201!seen OTA607:48
ubot5I have no seen command07:48
kenvandineGuest39201, real soon!07:50
kenvandinelast blocker bug has been fixed, just going through the QA process now07:50
Guest39201yay! \o/07:51
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mandelkenvandine, is there an easy way to build system settings on a laptop?08:40
robin-heroHey all! I'm testing rc-proposed channel in Ubuntu Emulator. But it starts in windowed mode default, how can I change back to the "phone" mode?09:01
davmor2robin-hero: you can't but you can full screen each app09:39
jgdxkenvandine, there's literally a setting for movement speed in autopilot: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~autopilot/autopilot/trunk/view/head:/autopilot/input/_uinput.py#L52809:45
jgdxthere's a sleep when animated09:45
pepetahi there!!09:47
pepetaI'm thinking on buying an ubuntu phone and I want to now if the battery life issues are already fixed09:48
davmor2pepeta: yea[09:48
pepetathanks, is it good enaugh to have an ubuntu phone as your only mobile device?09:49
davmor2pepeta: depends on your needs09:49
pepetaIt doen't have whatsapp... but that could be an improvement :)09:50
mcphailpepeta: good enough for me, but I just look for a decent web browser and decent call quality09:50
robin-heropepeta: I'm using it as my main phone since March09:51
pepetavarious mail account (Microsoft Exchange included), GPS and calling09:51
pepetawhat's wrong with the phone quality mcphail ?09:52
pepetaare you satisfied robin-hero ?09:52
robin-heropepeta: Yes, I is better with every OTA update09:52
davmor2pepeta: no exchange, but dekko should cover everything else, gps is functional but not perfect (again depends on use) calling/messaging is fine09:53
mcphailpepeta: the call quality is very good and the browser is excellent. But I don't use my phone for much else09:53
pepetano exchange :( that's bad news09:55
mcphailpepeta: bluetooth is dodgy. That's my biggest complaint09:56
davmor2pepeta: however you can login to outlook.com or whatever the online mail app is from microsoft and access mail from there I guess, I haven't tried that though as I don't have exchange09:57
DanChapmanyou can access exchange over IMAP. It's not great but it kinda works (slowly). Depends if the sys admin has enabled it though09:59
pepetaI guess, with the e-mail client you can just rely on the notifications09:59
pepetaI should try that DanChapman10:00
pepetathanks a lot!10:00
jibelDanChapman, Hey, bug 1478207 is still happening with 5.8. Do you want another bug report or crash file?10:02
ubot5bug 1478207 in Dekko "Dekko crashes while refreshing the mail box" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/147820710:02
mandelkenvandine, this is a duplicate to what we are doing, right => https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-download-manager/+bug/148791710:05
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1487917 in ubuntu-download-manager "changing ubuntu one password => no more updates" [Undecided,New]10:05
DanChapmanjibel, :-( ouch! yes another report (or just re-open the previous) with crash file would be great.10:05
mandelkenvandine, can you fwd the bug number for the creds errors10:06
jibelDanChapman, actually wait, the crash file is called _opt_click.ubuntu.com_dekko.dekkoproject_0.5.6_lib_arm-linux-gnueabihf_bin_dekko.32011.crash but 5.8 is installed, weird. I'll reboot the phone and try again10:06
kenvandinemandel, bug 137867810:06
ubot5bug 1378678 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "updates panel doesn't deal with invalid u1 tokens" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/137867810:06
mandelkenvandine, thx10:07
mandelseb128, what do we do with bug 145109010:09
ubot5bug 1451090 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "Click updates don't respect the "autodownload" setting" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/145109010:09
jibelDanChapman, it was a pebcak, I probably didn't restart the app after the upgrade. It is not crashing anymore. Thanks for the fix!10:12
* dhbiker wonders if anyone has tried to play around with arale kernel ?10:13
jgdxkenvandine, QML_IMPORT_TRACE=110:14
seb128mandel, we fix it? ;-)10:15
seb128it's a "nice to have" but I don't think it's important10:15
seb128going to set it to "low"10:15
mandelseb128, ok, I don't think is something that should be in udm, right? is more a system settings thing, or am I missing something?10:16
seb128I'm unsure, u-d-m could have a setting to autodownload click updates when it finds some?10:16
seb128or settings could request for the downloads (can it request an update to be downloaded and not installed?)10:17
DanChapmanjibel: :-D yw!10:17
mandelMirv, I'm taking a look at this bug => https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-download-manager/+bug/1368090 looks like after the ABI changes we do not longer have it, should we close it?10:26
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1368090 in ubuntu-download-manager "/usr/bin/ubuntu-download-manager:11:Ubuntu::DownloadManager::Daemon::FileDownload::resumeTransfer:Ubuntu::Transfers::Queue::updateCurrentTransfer:Ubuntu::Transfers::Queue::onManagedTransferStateChanged:call:QMetaObject::activate" [High,Confirmed]10:26
robin-heroDanChapman: The contact importer still in english for me with 5.8, but it is translated fully on Launchpad.10:30
DanChapmanrobin-hero: could you file a bug for it please https://bugs.launchpad.net/dekko/+filebug and say which strings are not translated. Screenshots would be handy as well :-)10:41
Mirvmandel: sounds good, I was commenting purely based on errors.ubuntu.com statistics and you know better the actual problem or lack of10:52
mandelMirv, great, I'm looking at the errors page (and unless I dont understand it) we do not longer have that any errors with the bug, can you double check?10:53
Mirvmandel: I'm just looking, trying to guess the latest good parameters to use..10:55
Mirvmandel: hmm now the same page loaded better for me https://errors.ubuntu.com/problem/a10c010557e8bb231aeec6c7c84595daf1e57562 - shows statistics, seems pretty low with the 20150724 version (which is in current vivid overlay images, ie all normal users)10:56
robin-heroDan Chapman: https://bugs.launchpad.net/dekko/+bug/148891510:57
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1488915 in Dekko "Some strings still in english" [Undecided,New]10:57
MirvI was now using the url https://errors.ubuntu.com/?channel_name=ubuntu-touch/stable/bq-aquaris.en&device_name=&period=week&pkg_arch=armhf10:57
mandelMirv, yes, there are not that many with the new version, I guess there was an ABI issue and was fixed with the update.10:58
Mirvmandel: sounds like that, feel free to close10:59
mandelMirv, awesome10:59
DanChapmanrobin-hero: super! thanks. Just noticed the import dialog is using i18n.tr() calls which is wrong.11:06
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Tm_TOTA incoming11:14
* Tm_T hides11:14
Tm_TStskeeps: oh, you...11:14
Stskeeps(OTAs are huge amounts of fun)11:14
Tm_Tyes they are (:11:15
Tm_Tat least it's booting up11:16
=== popey changed the topic of #ubuntu-touch to: Home: http://bit.ly/YEqEfo | Install: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install | Porting (advanced) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Porting | Bug filing: http://bit.ly/1aV9AJG | Dashboard: http://bit.ly/12AQV53 | Changelog: http://bit.ly/1ljube1 | http://www.bq.com/gb/ubuntu.html | http://www.meizu.com/products/ubuntu.html | OTA 6 is out! (for some devices)
robin-heropopey: Is OTA6 released? :O11:21
robin-heroI don't see any announcement or something like that11:22
jibelrobin-hero, it'll be announced when it is released11:22
popeyoh, i thought it was, sorry.11:23
=== popey changed the topic of #ubuntu-touch to: Home: http://bit.ly/YEqEfo | Install: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install | Porting (advanced) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Porting | Bug filing: http://bit.ly/1aV9AJG | Dashboard: http://bit.ly/12AQV53 | Changelog: http://bit.ly/1ljube1 | http://www.bq.com/gb/ubuntu.html | http://www.meizu.com/products/ubuntu.html | OTA 6 is (nearly) out! (for some devices)
jgdxElleo, hiyo, how do I debug the osk not appearing when I focus any field?11:24
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robin-heropopey: :)11:42
svijOTA6 is stage-rolling out on arale?11:47
nik90charles: ping12:24
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Hawk_is this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/AppArmorForPhabletKernels still valid for apparmor patching?13:03
brendandpitti, can adt-run using ssh alone (rather than via adb?)13:10
pittibrendand: sure13:20
pittibrendand: see man adt-virt-ssh; you can give it IP/user/password etc.13:20
pittibrendand: sorry, that's just the sudo password -- right now you need to use ssh key, no ssh pwd13:20
pittibrendand: this is meant for testing on bare metal laptops and the like13:21
brendandpitti, in this case we want to use it for testing a phone which we cannot access via adb13:21
pittibrendand: the setup script's purpose is to configure ssh and tell adt-virt-ssh about IP/user/port; if that's already known, you can just give that as arguments directly13:22
pittiLaney: bah, there's no pleasing this autopilot-gtk test, is there :-(13:23
pittiLaney: why does it fail on self.launch_test_application('gnome-calculator')?13:24
pittiLaney: that seems like the most basic thing it's supposed to do?13:24
pittiit fails on launching the shipped test app, too13:25
Laneypitti: This list index out of range error is the ABI problem13:26
Laneypitti: Try running it yourself against wily-proposed (e.g. adt-run)13:27
pittiLaney: mais c'est la même problème -- http://autopkgtest.ubuntu.com/packages/a/autopilot-gtk/wily/amd64/13:28
pittiLaney: oh, the rebuild isn't in wily-proposed yet, I figure?13:28
pittiLaney: right, I understand13:28
Laneythe renamed stuff is in silo-<mumble>13:28
Laney(just not the latest commit to autopilot-gtk)13:29
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robin-herosil2100: Can we expect an OTA update for MX4 today?14:00
sil2100robin-hero: hey! Yes, QA are performing the final upgrade tests14:01
sil2100Should be done soon and we do not expect any issues with that14:01
robin-heroawesome! :)14:01
sil2100We will also release mako, emulator and flo14:01
charlesnik90: pong14:03
bkchrHi! I try to compile a kernel for my device. But I'm stuck because the screen won't turn on and adb also don't work. Adbd is showing some errors in the log. But I don't know why the program is crashing, maybe someone has an idea? http://paste.ubuntu.com/12199540/14:08
m0n5t3rbkchr: does it work with the same command line on another kernel? maybe it's using the wrong root partition (I see a bunch of complaints that it can't find various binaries, including adbd)14:28
bkchr This kernel is build out of the cyanogenmod sources. There is a kernel which works for my device and it's using the same commandline but they use other kernel sources.14:31
nik90charles: hey, we changed the default alarm sound from "Suru arpeggio.ogg" to "Alarm clock.ogg" in OTA-6. Can you set this as the new default sound in indicator-datetime?14:44
charlesnik90, sure, could you open a ticket for this priority high, assigned to me, and I'll take care of it ASAP14:45
nik90charles: shall I add indicator-datetime to the existing bug 1354370 ? or create a new one?14:45
ubot5bug 1354370 in Ubuntu UX "[Alarm][UX] default sound for alarm doesn't get its job done" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/135437014:45
nik90charles: bug 148903715:03
ubot5bug 1489037 in indicator-datetime (Ubuntu) "Change defaut alarm sound to "Alarm clock.ogg"" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/148903715:03
charlesnik90, cool, thanks15:04
charlesnik90, sorry for disappearing, was in standup meeting and didn't see your q about 135437015:04
nik90charles: np15:04
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peat-psuwitCould anyone have a look at this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-rtm/+source/ubuntu-touch-meta/+bug/146075216:06
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1460752 in ubuntu-touch-meta (Ubuntu RTM) "Can't read Thai character." [Undecided,Confirmed]16:06
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=== sil2100 changed the topic of #ubuntu-touch to: Home: http://bit.ly/YEqEfo | Install: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install | Porting (advanced) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Porting | Bug filing: http://bit.ly/1aV9AJG | Dashboard: http://bit.ly/12AQV53 | Changelog: http://bit.ly/1ljube1 | http://www.bq.com/gb/ubuntu.html | http://www.meizu.com/products/ubuntu.html | OTA 6 phasing in progress for arale, mako, flo and generic!
davmor2sil2100: \o/....../me falls alseep in a corner18:22
* svij checks his arale18:25
mcphailDanChapman: Thanks for the new dekko! When is it going to become a coreapp? ;)18:33
argon18hello, i cant install any apps or upgrades,18:34
argon18 since ~1 week ago, because everytime i try to install anything my u1 account gets deleted, i have already asked about the problem on ask ubuntu and on launchpad18:36
dobeyargon18: go to https://login.ubuntu.com/+applications and delete all the existing entries18:38
dobeyargon18: if logging in and trying to install something still fails, there's likely an issue with your account that will need an admin to help resolve18:39
studio_i have a problem since somebody said ubuntu touch is ubuntu, because i am not able to change/set the root-password, nor i am able to modify or disable the the user "phablet" ... is there an solution to fix that problem?18:41
mcphailstudio_: did you get an ubuntu device after all? Which one?18:45
studio_for exp.: " sudo /bin/bash" and then passwd ... i get an token error18:46
argon18still have the problem (i have changed the hostname ~1 week ago from the default name to rl-argon-ubuntu)18:46
argon18could that be the problem?18:47
dobeystudio_: no, your phone is still not a PC18:50
argon18whats the default hostname of an ubuntu touch device?18:51
dobeystudio_: you are however, free to build your own image, in which you do not have a 'phablet' user, too18:51
argon18i think thats the problem18:51
argon18but i forgot the old one :(18:51
dobeyargon18: what problem?18:51
studio_dobey, since i tried "sudo /bin/bash" i know ubuntu touch is not ubuntu ...18:51
dobeystudio_: there is no such thing as ubuntu touch. there is only ubuntu18:52
dobeystudio_: your disagreement of the facts, does not change the facts18:52
dobeyso please stop with this line of argumentative waste18:52
studio_dobey, so, how to set a password for root?18:52
argon18i still cant install any apss, same problem with acc deleting, i now opened the terminla, and i got a alert message that my custom hostname is unknown, now i need the original one18:53
dobeyargon18: oh ok, yes, the default hostname is ubuntu-phablet18:53
studio_dobey, comeon, how to set a password for root?18:54
argon18ok, ill try and reboot, hope thats the solution18:54
argon18sudo -s and then set passwd18:54
dobeystudio_: you know how. if you want to break your system, then go break your system.18:54
argon18like on normal desktop systems18:54
studio_"studio_: you know how." sorry i do really not know!18:55
mcphailstudio_: which phone did you buy?18:55
studio_bq e4.518:56
mcphailstudio_: nice one18:56
m0n5t3rI changed the hostname a few hours ago and I can install apps just fine (with several reboots since then - I also moved /etc/hosts to /etc/writable so I can copy what adaway and friends do on Android)18:56
mcphailstudio_: do you like it?18:57
studio_dobey, please how to change/set the root password?18:57
dobeystudio_: there is no root user.18:57
dobeyphones don't have root users18:58
argon18m0n5t3r: well, i changed it, abd now wehn i write sudo -s i says it couldnt resolve hostname rl-argon-ubuntu18:58
studio_dobey, and what about "cat /etc/passwd" ?18:58
m0n5t3rspeaking of which: any lxc gurus around? I am trying to start a container (so I can apt-get install stuff without messing with the base installation), without much success18:59
dobeystudio_: what about it?18:59
studio_there is a root19:00
m0n5t3rargon18: remount / read-write, edit /etc/hosts and change ubuntu-phablet to rl-argon-ubuntu, remount / back read-only or reboot19:00
* m0n5t3r a n00b at lxc19:00
m0n5t3rlxc-start: cgmanager.c: cgm_setup_limits: 1247 call to cgmanager_set_value_sync failed: invalid request19:01
dobeystudio_: and when you lock the screen, does 'root' appear as an option with a place to enter a password?19:01
argon18m0n5t3r: how to remount with read-write?19:01
argon18which command?19:01
benjamin__mount -o remount,rw19:02
m0n5t3roh, come on... mount / -o remount,rw19:02
m0n5t3rreplace rw with ro for read-only19:02
studio_dobey, the problem is, "phablet" is an external user. so root is an "secondary" user to the system19:02
dobeystudio_: no. the problem is your constantly insisting that a phone-specific image is 100% equivalent to a PS OS install19:03
mcphailstudio_: what are external users and secondary users? I'm learning a lot from this19:04
m0n5t3rdobey: well, you technically _can_ make it mostly equivalent by making the root FS writable and managing updates by hand, but then you're pretty much on your own because there are these dragons everywhere...19:05
benjamin__I'm having an issue with receiving notifications. I've read the "how it works" but it isn't specific enough to help me diagnose the issue. Is there a list of servers the push the notifications to my phone? I'm thinking the firewall is blocking the data.19:05
benjamin__that* push19:05
studio_dobey, please give me an hint, how to "disable" the user "phablet"  and how to set an password for root?19:05
dobeym0n5t3r: you can break the image of your own free will, yes, but it still won't be the same19:06
dobeystudio_: build your own custom image.19:06
dobeybenjamin__: all push notifications are sent via push.ubuntu.com19:07
m0n5t3rstudio_: the graphical interface needs the phablet user, why would you want to run it as root? root is for administrative tasks, stuff you almost never need to do19:07
dobeybenjamin__: what notifications are you not getting?19:07
studio_m0n5t3r, i'd like to disable the user "phablet" and i also like to give the user "root" a password, sam as i make under "Ubuntu" ...19:09
benjamin__dobey, I get the first notification i.e. when I setup the account. And then nothing afterword19:09
dobeybenjamin__: what account?19:10
dobeystudio_: if you want a PC OS image for your device, then you need to build your own custom image that meets those goals19:10
dobeystudio_: obviously you do not want a phone19:11
dobeybenjamin__: telegram is the only one of those that is actually push notifications19:11
dobeyi don't know if there notifications for google account at all19:11
dobeyi suspect probably not19:11
studio_dobey, it is not depending on "the phone"  ...19:11
benjamin__how about dekko?19:12
dobeyi think maybe facebook notifications are no more either19:12
dobeyi don't think dekko has any notifications yet19:12
dobeyyou can ask in #dekko about that i guess19:12
benjamin__Huh, well I wonder why I get the notifications when the accounts are first setup on the system19:13
dobeyi am not sure what notifications you are getting exactly19:14
dobeya "your account is set up" notification?19:14
studio_dobey, sorry for my request, but did i understood it right, ubuntu-touch is not able to set a password for root. the default user is "phablet" with a common PIN between 0000 to 9999?19:18
Fighter19Hey there, I'm thinking about building Ubuntu for my Rockchip device, the problem is, I looked at the instructions. It says I should use rootstock-touch-install to flash system.img together with a rootfs to the device. However my device doesn't support flashing through the normal utilities. Is it possible to create a new system.img from the rootfs and the one build from the ABS?19:20
Fighter19*the system.img built from the build system19:20
davmor2studio_: you can set a password on account creation if you don't want a pin, pin is just easier on a phone19:21
dobeystudio_: you cannot set a password on a readonly fs, no19:21
dobeystudio_: you can set a password or pin for the user to unlock the screen19:21
davmor2studio_: you can even change it in the settings app19:22
studio_q: have you ever tried to set "passwd" via ssh?19:22
dobeyset what password?19:22
dobeythe phone doesn't ship with ssh enabled19:23
studio_W3566-%&1 for exp.?19:23
dhbikeris there any plan to make volumes separate like on android ? for example ringtone, media player, notifications all separate... it's kind of annoying now19:23
dobeydhbiker: i think they are separate now. each type of thing has a 'role' and multimedia is separate from alert and alarm roles19:24
studio_come on, try to set your passwd via terminal and login again!19:24
dobeybut i think you can only set the volume when that role is playing audio perhaps19:24
dobeyset what password?19:24
dobeyi've changed passwords via ssh on remote shells plenty of times19:25
studio_dobey, your choise19:25
davmor2dobey: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4AVWZwZq_QU19:26
dobeydavmor2: lol. "not available in your country"19:29
Fighter19For me too19:29
dhbikeroh.. will try that dobey thanks19:30
* nik90 upgrade his development laptop to wily...:D19:30
davmor2studio_: if this was an android device would you login via ssh and modify the password for the user?19:31
dobeydavmor2: would you not?!19:31
davmor2zzarr: hello19:32
davmor2dobey: shockingly (I know) no,19:32
davmor2dobey: call me weird, if you will but it's a phone not a server ;)19:33
benjamin__dobey: I get an initial notification of all my unread mail including a small snippet of the newest mail message. (you know a notification) After that nothing.19:34
zzarrI am chatting from my MX4 using the freenode app, can I resize the text?19:34
studio_davmor2, i am talking about the bq Aquaris E4.5 (5.0) ...19:34
benjamin__Was trying to figure out where the issue is, before I start trying to use the system for my app19:34
DanChapmanmcphail: yw! hopefully Dekko will be installed by default for OTA-7 :-) That's the target anyway...19:35
mcphailDanChapman: great news!19:36
zzarrIsn't the next OTA nr 6?19:36
mcphailzzarr: yep. Almost there19:36
zzarrI like Dekko :-)19:37
davmor2studio_: right you are talking about a phone, a phone developed for people to use as a phone.  Same kinda thing as android,  so the question you still haven't answered is, if this was an android device would you login via ssh to change the password19:37
zzarrmcphail, when will it be releast?19:38
studio_davmor2, there is a bug report under "https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/shadow/+bug/1450880" so the problem is not fixed ...19:38
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1450880 in shadow (Ubuntu) "Impossible to set root password in Ubuntu Touch" [Undecided,Confirmed]19:38
mcphailzzarr: 6 weeks, I'd guess19:39
zzarrI meant OTA-619:39
mcphailstudio_: Ubuntu doesn't support setting a root password, on desktop or phone. If you want to set a root password you won't find the answer in a support channel like this one19:40
mcphailzzarr: On its way, apparently. Us bq users are going to have to wait until next week19:40
zzarrI have a Meizu19:41
mcphailzzarr: check the /topic19:41
davmor2studio_: it's not a problem, you can't do it19:42
mcphailzzarr: looks as if you'll get it in the next 24h19:42
studio_mcphail, what is "phablet" in Ubuntu-Touch? An external "unkown" user for Ubuntu-Touch?19:42
mcphailstudio_: what is an external user? I don't understand you at all19:42
studio_mcphail, check "cat /etc/passwd"19:43
zzarrone can become root by using sudo wirh the pin19:43
mcphailstudio_: why?19:43
studio_check it please19:44
davmor2studio_: allow us to say this one more time,  You studio_ can not become root, phablet is a sudoer use sudo the end!19:44
mcphailstudio_: honestly, why? If I try to type on the phone terminal just now I'll spill my dinner19:44
m0n5t3rstudio_: ever heard of PAM (pluggable authentication modules)? pam_unix is only one of the possible backends19:45
* dhbiker prepares a camera just in case if mcphail spills his dinner19:46
zzarrit's hard to read for me, 1152x1920 on a 5.36" display with 10 or 12 point text is hard on my eyes19:46
studio_mcphail, did you find "phablet" under "/etc/passwd" as an "normal" user? i do not think so. "phablet" is an "external" user !19:47
dobeymcphail: oh, you got sucked into the trap19:47
mcphailstudio_: what is an external user? All my years, I've never heard of this one. Link?19:48
mcphaildobey: I _love_ studio_19:48
dobeybenjamin__: oh, well, dekko can only show notifications while it's running, and it's only running if it's in the foreground and screen is unlocked19:48
mcphaildobey: particularly as I have a glass of wine balanced next to my dinner19:49
dobeybenjamin__: so if you're expecting mail notifications otherwise, you won't get them i guess19:49
studio_mcphail, what is an "internal" and what is an "external" user?19:49
dobeystudio_: you need to define that19:49
dobeystudio_: since you're the one using those terms19:49
studio_dobey, how to set an password to root?19:50
dobeystudio_: first you must create the universe19:50
mcphailstudio_: I thought you were going to tell me?19:50
dobey"If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe."19:51
studio_sudo /bin/bash and a "passwd" is "NOT" working on the "ubuntu-touch" device !!!19:52
mcphailstudio_: and why is that a problem?19:52
dobeywhy would it?19:52
dobeyof course it doesn't, / is a readonly filesystem19:53
studio_mcphail, why do you not ask this yourself?19:53
dobeystudio_: stop being so rude19:53
dobeyan ubuntu phone is not a raspberry pi. if you want it to work similar to one, then you're going to have to build your own custom images19:54
m0n5t3rstudio_: because you're the only one having an issue with it, and we don't understand why?19:54
studio_rude? sorry, this is a simple question.19:54
dobeyno, "how is the wine?" is a simple question19:55
mcphaildobey: it is lovely19:55
dobeyor "what is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?"19:56
studio_dobey, again, how to set a password to root?19:56
* dhbiker grabs popcorn19:56
studio_dobey, again, how to set a password for root? ... sorry for my english ...19:57
dobeystudio_: if you want support from me, you're going to have to paypal me $30 for every 5 minutes.19:58
* m0n5t3r https://images.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=http%3A%2F%2Fi294.photobucket.com%2Falbums%2Fmm86%2FJohnLeland1789%2FFunny%2FPopcornHugeBags.jpg&f=119:58
mcphail!root | studio_19:58
ubot5studio_: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo19:58
mcphailstudio_: that is the official support position. This is a support channel. Asking how to set a root password is offtopic here19:59
studio_$30 bugs for a bug , are you kidding? I reported that!20:01
dobeyit's not a bug20:01
mcphailit's a feature20:01
dobeyand yes, $30 for 5 minutes of your disturbance is quite honestly, a bargain for you20:02
studio_ok, it is not a bug, it is a feature ;)20:02
dobeyit's a phone.20:03
studio_ok :)20:03
mcphailstudio_: what do you think of the call quality? Pretty good, imho20:03
mcphailstudio_: better than I get with my desktop, anyway...20:04
studio_mcphail, sorry, i am still on the "basics", but the "phone" do not support the "basics" ... what do you thing about a phone and its "basics" ... is "sip" supported by basics" ?20:05
slash_Hello gents, i'm looking for mounting a webdav filesystem to my ubuntu phone on nexus 4 ? I couldn't find any information on it.20:06
mcphailstudio_: surely the basics are phonecalls?20:06
dhbikerstudio_ go set a root password on Windows Phone :D20:06
mcphailstudio_: don't you get a reception where you live? Are you in a basement or something?20:07
mcphailstudio_: Reception here is great20:07
studio_dhbiker, i am back "in the moment" on "android 5.x" and all is working fine ... still waiting for a "beta" on 15.10 with a new "kernel" !!!20:09
slash_Nobody has an idea for the webdav  mount ?20:20
dobeystudio_: the phone supports the basics of "being a phone" but not of "being a web application server"20:21
mcphailslash_: never tried, I'm afraid20:21
slash_mcphail: thank for the feedback20:21
dobeyslash_: i don't think there's any way to mount webdav shares in the file manager. maybe there is a bug about it already?20:21
slash_Do you know how to find the cli name of the app and launch it via the terminal ?20:22
slash_ok I'll have a look20:22
ahayzenslash_, bug 147267720:22
ubot5bug 1472677 in Ubuntu File Manager App "Network shares are inaccessable by the application" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/147267720:22
dobeyslash_: click list will show you what's installed, ubuntu-app-triplet will give you the string you need to launch with, and passing that string to ubuntu-app-launch will launch it from the terminal20:23
Springbankdo you know if an easily caldav configuration will be implemented soon?20:23
slash_great thank dobey20:24
argon18m0n5t3r: i did what you said, but i still cant install anything (this problem: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-system-settings-online-accounts/+bug/1389028 )20:24
argon18the problem has nothing to do with the account itself, because i created another one, and same problems20:24
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1389028 in ubuntu-system-settings-online-accounts (Ubuntu) "u1 account crashes and gets removed when installing app" [Undecided,Incomplete]20:24
slash_ubot5:  i was thinking mounting the webdav folder via /etc/fstab20:24
ubot5slash_: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)20:24
slash_ah ok ubot5  :)20:25
dobeyargon18: crashes?20:25
argon18yes, read the discription20:25
slash_Springbank: have a look to : http://notyetthere.org/syncing-ubuntu-touch-with-owncloud-or-any-carddav-server/20:25
slash_it's working between my owncloud and my ubuntu touch20:26
dobeyargon18: you do not have the same problem20:26
argon18dobey: but the same symptoms20:27
dobeyargon18: and if you want to comment on a bug, please add a comment, and don't update the description in that manner20:27
argon18dobey: this is the first time i have to comment or anything like that, i am totally new to this :(20:28
dobeyargon18: the local token is deleted when we are given a response from the server that the token is invalid.20:28
argon18so what can  i do then?20:29
dobeyargon18: so if the server is refusing to accept the signature on the requset, we delete the token, and ask you to log in again. that is expected20:29
dobeyargon18: check in /home/phablet/.cache/upstart/scope-registry.config if there is a network error when you try to install an app, and what that error is20:29
slash_dobey: "Click list" is it an app ?20:30
dobeyslash_: "click list" lists all the installed click packages. it doesn't tell you if they are apps or not though20:31
dobeybut generally they are, unless it's a scope. and most scopes tend to have "scope" in their package name20:31
slash_ok thanks20:32
argon18dobey: do you really mean scope-registry.config? because that file doesnt exist, at least not there, what i can find is /home/phablet/.cache/upstart/scope-registry.log20:34
dobeyargon18: no, .log20:34
dobeynot .config20:34
dobeyi don't know why i typed that20:34
dobeymy brain is exhausted :)20:35
argon18dobey: there are only errors20:35
dobeyargon18: what errors?20:36
argon18like this;20:36
argon18 "Authorization Required"20:36
argon182015-08-26 16:08:51,941 - WARNING - Network error getting purchases.20:36
argon182015-08-26 16:09:02,219 - WARNING - InstallingPreview got error in getting credentials during startDownload20:36
argon182015-08-26 16:09:41,462 - WARNING - QThreadStorage: Thread 0xac1098f8 exited after QThreadStorage 2 destroyed20:36
argon182015-08-26 16:09:42,703 - WARNING - WARNING: QApplication was not created in the main() thread.20:36
argon182015-08-26 16:09:43,910 - WARNING - InstallingPreview got error in getting credentials during startDownload20:36
argon182015-08-26 16:10:22,820 - WARNING - QThreadStorage: Thread 0xac189328 exited after QThreadStorage 2 destroyed20:36
argon182015-08-26 16:15:52,550 - WARNING - WARNING: QApplication was not created in the main() thread.20:36
argon182015-08-26 16:15:53,809 - WARNING - Network error: "Host requires authentication (204)"20:36
argon18 "Authorization Required"20:36
argon182015-08-26 16:15:53,809 - WARNING - Network error getting purchases.20:36
argon182015-08-26 16:16:02,638 - WARNING - InstallingPreview got error in getting credentials during startDownload20:36
dobeyargon18: check /var/log/syslog for denials from apparmor20:37
argon18what grep expression should i use?20:38
dobeyjust less it and go to the end; or tail -f it, and try to install again20:40
m0n5t3rit's usually apparmor="DENIED"20:40
dobeyi guess grep -i deni20:40
argon18thats the last error, all others look the same, and today i got a lot:20:43
argon18Aug 26 16:07:17 ubuntu-phablet kernel: [ 2553.675652]type=1400 audit(1440598037.680:283): apparmor="DENIED" operation="open" profile="uappexplorer.bhdouglass_uappexplorer_2.3" name="/dev/disk/by-label/" pid=24765 comm="qmlscene" requested_mask="r" denied_mask="r" fsuid=32011 ouid=020:43
dobeyno, that's unrelated20:44
argon18i got more like this, with other applications20:44
argon18telepathy euronews scope, ...20:44
dobeyit seems more like when you're logging in, that it's not actually saving the token, or something20:45
TeaTrying to import a project into the ubuntu sdk, says it can't find the cmake binary but I know I have cmake installed20:47
Springbankslash_: Thank you for your answer but my contacts via cardav are already sync, i'm looking for caldav20:48
dobeyTea: #ubuntu-app-devel is a generally better place for sdk questions20:48
dobeySpringbank: for caldav syncevolution should work similarly as well20:49
slash_Springbank: look the comment from  Kalle says: March 28, 2015 at 10:31 pm20:49
argon18i have a new20:50
argon18entry in scopes-registry.log. should i post it? i appeared directly after trying to install an app and added acc20:50
nhainesHuh, I can't download the new OTA on my N5.20:51
nhainesI hope Tassadar's server's still up and running.20:51
argon18"==== Failed attempt URL: https://api.xmltime.com/astronomy?accesskey=aDyKA7b2wz&timestamp=2015-08-26T14%3A48%3A34Z&signature=hzpakHdkOlDKwaV8kM7MTcSpkSQ%3D&lang=de&placeid=%2B41.4066-75.6218&startdt=2015-08-08&object=moon&isotime=0&types=phase"20:52
argon18Source changed not found20:52
argon18Source changed not found20:52
argon18Source changed not found20:52
argon18Source changed not found20:52
argon18Source changed not found20:52
argon18Source changed not found20:52
argon18Source changed not found20:52
argon18query complete, status:  ok20:52
argon182015-08-26 16:48:39,403 - WARNING - WARNING: QApplication was not created in the main() thread.20:52
argon182015-08-26 16:48:51,664 - WARNING - InstallingPreview got error in getting credentials during startDownload20:52
slash_nhaines: how do you launch the new ota download ?20:52
nhainesslash_: I'm not sure I understand.  System updates are done in System Settings through the updates view just like all other updates.20:55
slash_nhaines: ok, i just never did a big OTA yet on the phone20:56
daniel_when is the next atm for the bq 4.5?20:56
nhainesslash_: the only difference is that it needs a reboot to perform.20:56
daniel_Nothing on Ubuntu insights yet20:57
nhainesdaniel_: I don't know what "atm" means (automated teller machine? atmosphere?).  But Ubuntu updates are roughly every 6 weeks so... 6 weeks from now.20:57
mcphaildaniel_: the bq OTA is next week, I think20:58
nhainesoh, I misunderstood.  Blah being sick is no fun.  -_-20:58
daniel_Is is oat over air transmission? Update basically!20:59
dobeyargon18: what device and channel are you on?20:59
argon18dobey: i just browsed some logfiles and found this in the pay-service.log:20:59
argon182015-08-26 16:48:51,664 - WARNING - No Token :-(20:59
dobeydaniel_: over the air, yes20:59
argon18dobey: device is bq e4.521:00
dobeyargon18: yes, that just means you didn't have a token when pay-service started, probably when you rebooted21:00
argon18whats a channel? (sorry for dumb question)21:00
daniel_Cool sort of Hoping for ssh capablities and wifi hotspot but always pleased by whatever update I get!21:02
dobeyargon18: please use http://paste.ubuntu.com when pasting data; and can you paste the output of "system-image-cli -i" there please?21:02
dobeydaniel_: wifi hotspot is in ota6 for bq afaik21:03
argon18dobey: ok posted at the url you sent21:04
argon18dobey: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12202135/21:04
Fighter19Hey, I'm a noob at building ROMs, so I have downloaded the branch and a repo (CM) for the device I want to build for inside device/[ven]/[dev] How to add the device to lunch properly?21:05
dobeyargon18: interesting. i have no idea why you are having these issues. :(21:06
Fighter19And just btw. I can tamper around with the device data, as much as I want, as soon as I keep the loader?21:06
argon18dobey: maye thats important too, i dont believe, that this would be: i am in amerika now since two weeks ago, at home worked everything fine. and i changed the /etc/hostname entry from the original to rl-argon-ubuntu21:07
argon18todey i changed the hostname back to ubuntu phablet21:09
dobeyargon18: many of us have used our phones in multiple different countries, so no, that should not be related21:10
dobeythe hostname should also not matter21:10
Fighter19nvm, I got it, reading the CM wiki I found out I just have to rerun envsetup21:11
argon18so last try to fix is resetting the phone?21:11
dobeyargon18: i guess you could try that. i'd really like to know what is going on that is causing these problems for you though21:13
dobeyargon18: did you go to the login.ubuntu.com page i linked earlier? does it list your token?21:14
argon18well, i can live with the problem some weeks longer21:14
argon18yes, it lists them21:14
dobeyargon18: does it list the same one twice?21:14
argon18i deleted them when you told me21:15
dobeyyou just have the one token listed "Ubuntu One @ $hostname" and the web site application?21:15
argon18thats what i can find there: Ubuntu One @ ubuntu-phablet                 2015/08/2621:17
Fighter19The Kernel changes are needed aren't they? So I do have to recompile the Kernel in order to work with Ubuntu?21:32
dobeyapparmor needs to be enabled at least21:32
Fighter19I thought AppArmor is optional, at least for the inital state of a port21:33
dobeynot sure what all else you need in the kernel that may not be enabled for android, or that requires other patches21:33
dobeywell sure21:33
dobeyyou don't need apparmor to boot it21:33
dobeybut you have to rebuild it at some point to have apparmor21:33
Fighter19well shouldn't be to hard, but by not rebuilding I can narrow the possibilities what could prevent my device from booting21:34
Fighter19(at least for the beginning)21:34
dobeyi don't know much about porting, myself21:36
dobeyanywya, i need to go now. later :)21:36
Fighter19Well thank you anyway21:36
dobeygood luck21:36
mTeKCan you build for a device that only has android 5.0?22:17
Didge-Would anyone like to see an artistic impression of a device we are currently prototyping, I've been funding this myself over the last few years.. I'm looking for folks to help develop this for our firm WiseCorp here in the UK.22:45
Didge-Trying to get Ubuntu involved on a community level once the final specifications and phase two of the boards come from the PCB assembler..22:46
Didge-is it okie to post a URL? I don't mean anything by it and not trying to get free air here, looking for folks who wish to work with us as a community really.22:47
Didge-We also did not want to give too much away about the general look of the product while seeking more investment.22:47
Didge-I'm not even sure Ubuntu foundation would take donations to help develop this, we have spent 10k on some parts of the PCB design only over the last 9 months..22:48
Didge-All OS's seem to be pointing towards going multiple GUI environments for each device, why not a device that changes too..22:50
mTeKDidge-: Looks nice but what Radio spec will this device be? US?22:52
mTeKIs that a snapdraggon or mediatek octa core?22:52
Didge-You have a very valid point there and we are using 2G,3/3.5G, 4G here hence why I'm asking silly questions and developers around the world, we dont know every spectrum that everyone uses and thought that covering 2 through to 4G would almost be workable to everyone.22:53
Didge-And it's an AllWinner A80 [OctaCore with 64 GPU] they do have some buggy memory parts and it's not the best AllWinner has produced so far but it is the only suitable three screen capable SoC on the market so far.22:55
Didge-We have approched ARM in Cambridge for a complete SoC design to suit our requirements but that is going to cost allot more then my savings currently.22:55
Didge-You guys in the States are using WCDMA and such, I assume?22:56
Didge-800 through to about 1900Mhz if I recall..23:01
Didge-I/we are not sure how to approach the Unbuntu OSS community for development support, this was my idea of the first port of call, trusty old IRC eh..23:04
Didge-http://www.mtek.co.uk/ LOL niceone :)23:12
mTeKVery cool23:13
Didge-You work/own mtek.co.uk?23:14
Didge-I'm only in Northampton..23:15
mTeKNo just happen to have the same irc name, My name is Matthew Midgett and my wife call's me Tek so I just combind them23:16
mTeKJust a end user who like hacking on hardware23:17
Didge-LMFAO awesome, I just get called BigGeek by everyone man.. I feel your pain!23:17
mTeKNice plans for a device, looks like you have been working on it for awhile? How does Allwinner support the GPL, If I remember correctly they didn't like sharing the kernel code and had hardware blobs?23:19
Didge-you'll maybe be shocked to find they "AllWinner" have done well this time around and have many GPL violations, it's not the SoC I would have first thought of using, but the price per compute with regards to CPU and GPGPU you cant moan about, not from a business point of view anyway.23:21
Didge-And only of Jan this very year the GPU processing what fucked "if you dont mind the pun" with regards to anything not android based..23:22
mTeKI bought a $49 7" tablet for my kids and it has a allwinner in it and if it had more than 512mb of ram it would have been ok23:22
Didge-Thankfully now, the GPU can be used in pretty much Ubuntu, MEPIS??(AllWinners own OS), Firefox? Android of course and a couple of others.23:22
Didge-WiseDevice comes with 8GB DDR3L23:23
Didge-I hate the fact these devices are RAM stricken, pain in the rear.. and I wish they would add in more L1 and L2 Cache I mean come on, all this interconnect passing of information must slam the hell out of the cache..23:24
mTeKThat's ahead of the current game right now, I know that you can't say too much but are we talking a mid priced device or a high priced device23:24
Didge-Like yourself mate, I want High-spec at a mid-range price.. We are not looking to make a killing here and if you would allow me to be honest even the 4G addon costs about 120USD just to put on the board and use..23:25
Didge-We have plans for a mid and high spec but the RAM and SoC will not change, not only that but you have three to four SDcard slots and looking into the RAID software function too.23:26
mTeKI just bought the Asus Zenfone 2 ZE551 - 2.3ghz quad and 4gb ram. I like it very much23:26
mTeKI personally think that will be a waste of resources23:27
Didge-hehe I have the Asus Nexus 7" sat right in the other room, their also pretty cool!23:27
Didge-We could cut down the 8GB to 4GB, it's actually only about 20 bucks difference in the manufacturing costs..23:28
mTeKI currently have cyanogenmod 12 on it, if someone will answer my question about building with a 5.1 I'd start building ubuntu.23:29
mTeKYou could reduce screen size23:30
Didge-I don't mind explaining things to anyone who is nice enough to ask the right questions and suggestions.. I personally don't think I could Patent the folding phone idea maybe due to Google or someone.23:30
mTeKOh duh I just saw that23:31
Didge-We could reduce the screen size but that is the major issue with these devices, you see teens and adults alike, watching a HD quality movie on the bus hunched over a 4.5" screen.. Here in the UK 6" devices have been around for years.23:31
mTeKWell for a phone a 4.5 is good, if you use it for more and the phone is secondary then bigger might be better.23:32
mTeKMy 5.5 is almost too big and I don't have small hands.23:32
Didge-Honestly though, I reckon 4.5" is about the lowest anyone should go if they are at all interested in watching  or viewing the internet. And as you mention that even myself has issues taking a selfie style image and holding/clicking the snap button without the phone wondering off in your fingers at a funny angle, I see where you are coming from just fine mate :)23:34
Didge-Reminds me of the "Flash Gordon" with the folks who have displays hooked to their eyes lol23:36
Didge-Like this mTek : http://content.internetvideoarchive.com/content/photos/067/002828_17.jpg23:38
mTeKGoogle glass on steriods23:39
Didge-Cray ennit lol now we know where G-Glass got the idea from..23:40
mTeKI want some of those movie glassed that were 2x1 lcd23:40
mTeKI saw them in a magazine while flying, they were about $600 at the time 10 years ago23:40
Didge-Wh00 kewl! That would be awesome. I have seen being tried the Samsung phone in the oculus VR headgear that looked okie..23:42
Didge-I once too the polarisation film off an LCD at work (old LCD) and then used that film, stuck it to some normal glasses and then no-one else could see my screen..23:43
Didge-I was going to make a mobile device that did this as standard specification, problem is the colours at around 3-4ft seem to drift in to hues of blue..23:44
Didge-Good thing was though, not a sole could see your phone screen, or anything at all unless the glasses were worn, it was awesome :)23:44
mTeKDidge-: how are they connected23:52
Didge-Their not really, After you mentioned the movie glasses, reminded me of an old trick I tried while working in europe about 12-15 years ago. That's all :D23:56
Didge-Must just be me getting old, firing neurons somewhere eh..23:57

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