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daftykinsthat's one broken perl03:33
zmoylan-pior someone changed one tiny little thing :-)03:35
daftykinsi supplied a .tar of the whole folder in the end, fixed it right up03:35
daftykinsno idea what borked it03:35
zmoylan-piwalk into the building and say 'hands up who knows perl' the sod will raise their hand :-)03:36
daftykinsah now the truth comes out- it's installed to a flash drive03:40
daftykinsah the sound of my fan oven since repairing it, i suspect i've gotta take it apart and do the fan + motor now! :(03:48
daftykinsthink i've found one online03:48
daftykins£64 =|04:06
zmoylan-pijust my routers 5am hari kari04:57
daftykinslike clockwork is it? :)04:57
zmoylan-piset it up and it seems to have eliminated my router problems04:58
diddledanthat was nice and quick07:19
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:12
bashrcgood moaning08:12
brobostigonmorning bashrc08:14
davmor2Morning all08:15
brobostigonmorning davmor208:16
foobarryis it possible to find which tab is killing firefox?08:28
foobarryi mean cuasing 100% cpu08:28
popeywe had this conversation last night08:28
zmoylan-pishutdown tabs one by one till not 100% :-)08:29
foobarrythats my current approach08:29
popeyor use chromium :)08:30
foobarryi switched because of chrome08:31
zmoylan-pii use opera :-)08:31
zmoylan-piand vivaldi the new opera spinoff08:32
foobarrygot it08:33
foobarrysome phone rooting guide page08:33
zmoylan-piwho's rooting who? :-)08:33
diddledanzmoylan-pi: kinky08:35
foobarrygven until 1 sep or i will root my phone and put cyanopgen on08:35
foobarrygiven up wiating for 5.108:35
foobarry5.0.2 is murdering my phone08:36
diddledanso. I watched ALL 20 episodes of halt-n-catch-fire over the course of the night09:15
diddledanyey for tv marathon09:16
zmoylan-pii couldn't get through more than 1009:17
shaunodiddledan: you're not right, you know that?09:19
diddledanshauno: you mean in my head?09:19
diddledanshauno: medication is supposed to fix that, though, I thought09:20
diddledanspeaking of which. I guess I should pop some morning pills :-p09:21
foobarrythanks i forgot to pop my morning piull09:21
diddledanfoobarry: druggy!09:21
diddledanso, I actually sent the antifraud guys at police.uk an email last night09:23
popeydiddledan: first season was good, not tried second season09:24
bashrcdid you claim to be from Nigeria?09:24
diddledanit was a twofold message: 1) fix yo shoot. 2) fraud!09:24
zmoylan-pihe claimed to be from ms and wanted to fix their computers09:25
diddledanzmoylan-pi: yup. I even quoted RFC numbers at them :-p09:26
zmoylan-piexcellent... and hopefully emailed containy tiny core linux as a replacement :-)09:27
zmoylan-piunawake hands pre brekkie09:28
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diddledanI think my ex is outside with a chainsaw09:39
* zmoylan-pi places bet on the ex...09:40
diddledanwell, a few limbs might be lost, but I'm sure it'll end-up in steamy family-friendlies09:40
diddledanthat's usually how these things go, right?09:41
* zmoylan-pi rummages in cd collection for soundtracks to tarantino movies...09:41
zmoylan-pii'm thinking reservoir dogs for some reason...09:43
zmoylan-piright time to limp out to city centre...09:45
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diddledanjeez, it's widdling it down outside09:54
diddledanI feel sorry for the chainsaw murd0rer09:55
diddledanso, umm. I accidentally ordered a 500GB SSD yesterday. it'll arrive sometime today10:01
diddledanseriously, pepsi high and no sleep is a bad combo10:01
DJones Heh, just noticed a new "folder" appeared in my work office 365 email account called "clutter" with one email in it, best line in the email is "Clutter looks at what you've done in the past to determine the messages you're most likely to ignore." The only email in the folder is from MS explaining the clutter folder :)10:44
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)10:47
czajkowskihow meta!10:47
czajkowski2 more days to the bank holiday! whhoop whopp10:47
czajkowskiSaturday http://www.taketheleadservices.co.uk/family-fun-day--dog-show.html10:47
czajkowskiMonday Bletchley Park10:47
czajkowskicannot wait!10:47
diddledanbank holiday?!10:48
* popey has booked the whole week off \o/10:54
davmor2popey: me too10:54
* czajkowski needs to be in london on the Tuesday :(10:55
czajkowskiSeptember and October are shaping up to be a mental month10:55
lubotu3rat is The Real Ale Train. A yearly Ubuntu UK loco event to celebrate friends, trains and ale. Saturday 19th September 2015 Hampshire, UK: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-uk/3040-real-ale-train-2015/10:56
lubotu3oggcamp is a two day unconference on August 13th/14th 2011 - See http://oggcamp.org/10:56
diddledanthat's soon!10:57
davmor22011 wow we have to build a time machine to see it10:58
popey!no oggcamp i <reply> oggcamp is a two day unconference on October 31st / November 1st in Liverpool - See http://oggcamp.org/ for details10:58
foobarryi wold go to that10:58
foobarrybut liverpool :(10:59
popey!no oggcamp is <reply> oggcamp is a two day unconference on October 31st / November 1st in Liverpool - See http://oggcamp.org/ for details10:59
czajkowskialso london folks http://london-2015.devrel.net/11:02
diddledanso my toys arrived12:36
diddledannow to juggle wires until I can get the OS copied across to the SSD12:37
foobarryhas anyone been watching king of the nerds on sky?12:54
foobarrywarning: its terrible but i can't stop watching12:54
foobarrywhere is the rain coming from?13:59
foobarrythe clouds.13:59
foobarrywhere before that?13:59
bigcalmThe sea14:04
bigcalmAnd lakes14:04
bigcalmAnd rivers14:04
bigcalmAnd my tears14:04
foobarrybut only if the sun makes the water evaproate?14:09
foobarrywhat sun?14:09
foobarryits been raining solidly for 4 days14:09
bigcalmIt's the end times14:11
shaunothe sun is elsewhere :)14:15
shaunocloud forms over see, gets blown your way, bursts.  you don't need sun to be on the receiving end.  just ask ireland ..14:16
shaunoer, sea14:16
shaunoKnightmare: is "winkelwagen" actually a good translation for a shopping cart (web)?16:25
MartijnV1S yes16:25
shaunoI have a page presenting me with a button "toevoegen aan winkelwagen", and to be honest, it sounds a lot like one of diddledan's jokes16:25
MartijnV1Sadd to basket16:26
MartijnV1Sis what that means16:26
MartijnV1S(winkelwagen = shopping cart)16:26
shaunofair enough.  I did manage to make the mental leap from cart to wagon16:26
shaunobut .. well I'm sure diddledan will eventually chime in and tell you all about his winkel16:26
daftykinshe is oddly slow off the mark today :)16:38
shaunohe did say he watched 20 episodes last night.  he's probably very far from conscious right now16:39
shauno(I hope)16:39
daftykinsdon't buy that one, it comes with scary leads17:06
shaunolol @ scary leads.  I call them boas.  leads that fight back17:52
* diddledan wagens his winkel17:52
daftykinskids'll do anything for scary leads17:52
diddledanwhat's a view-converter and is getting one for free a good deal?17:53
daftykinsi imagine it's some googly eye specs17:54
daftykinshmm back to shopping for TVs for the boss17:54
daftykinsfor the flat down in Spain ;)17:54
shaunowouldn't it make more sense to search in spain?  especially with the euro being a bit pants right now17:56
diddledanI just looked at the back of my TV. the cables frightened me17:56
diddledanthey must be scary leads17:57
daftykinswell he wants to watch British services back home, so i suspect it might be handy to get a set over here that's got the proper services17:57
daftykinsplus we're VAT free anyway so it might not be too helpful17:57
daftykinsyou raise a fair point though, mmm17:57
daftykinshe's got a big shipment of refurb kit going down there so the TVs can join in though y'see17:58
daftykinsas long as i get them before mid September17:58
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shaunoI keep forgetting about your tax frau...deal17:59
daftykinstrust me, it's matched up with plenty of getting *ahem*'d over by the UK gov so it's not all peaches and cream17:59
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daftykins£656 for a 48" and a 40", seems alright18:50
SuperEngineerjust testing (xsetting up AndChat on firm's new tablet). Does iy s18:51
SuperEngineer*" doos it stay connected now?18:52
daftykinsyep major typos and all ;)18:52
SuperEngineerDefinite haha! Thanks daftykins18:53
* SuperEngineer deliberately logs off now ;) thanks for the patience18:55
SuperEngineer[that's better, back on desktop now - thanks again for the help]19:01
foobarryhelp me ubunt-uk my only hope...19:37
foobarrygot my first speeding points. was on holiday and was following a car on unfamiliar road and thought it was 40mph19:37
foobarrywhat happens next after sending back the form to say i dunnit?19:38
davmor2ignore foobarry he'll either go away or be captured by stormtroopers and flown off to a space station the size of a small moon19:38
foobarryi can't do the driver course as it's 5hrs drive away19:38
davmor2no idea never had points before19:38
daftykinsdon't have a points system here ;x19:39
foobarryalthough i was snapped by a secret gun19:40
m6lpifoobarry: if the other driver done off a cliff would you follow?19:41
daftykinsperhaps foobarry drives a Bond-esque flying car19:42
davmor2or submersible esprit19:43
foobarrym6lpi: thanks. i had turned off a 40mph road at a roadabout in unfamiliar area, on a downhill section, no speed signs19:49
foobarrythese things happen. and the police know as the perched a little man behind a tree with a speed gun19:50
foobarrymaybe if satnav told me...19:50
daftykinsooh entrapment19:51
daftykinsonly probably not as i'm not familiar with the true definition :)19:51
m6lpiRight... you need lots of info to properly defend it.19:55
foobarryi'm not going to19:55
foobarrygonna say fair do's and put it down to experience19:55
foobarrybut what happens next ?19:55
foobarryget sent an invoice? have to send my licence off?19:55
m6lpiIn that case your options are put yours hands up, pay the fine and take the points or put your hands up and do the course19:55
m6lpiPoints don't get printed on the license any more19:56
m6lpiBear in mind that the bit with the photo is the license. The paper bit is no longer issued or returned19:56
m6lpiSend them back the NIP with your confession, they'll advise what's next (like them sending a bill)19:58
foobarryand they will ask for me to send my photocard away?19:58
m6lpiDoubt it19:58
foobarryjust noticed is recently expired :(19:58
m6lpiI've not heard of anyone else that's hit a sp40 since the rules changed in June19:58
m6lpiAs in new photo needed?19:59
foobarryi was doing 39 in 3019:59
foobarryyeah i think so19:59
m6lpiSp30 then...19:59
m6lpiWell, get the photo updated. If needed you can explain to the fuzz that you're awaiting a replacement license due to.photo expiry19:59
foobarrywill be looking into that tomorrow20:00
foobarryunfortuantely i work in a wasteland ghetto20:00
foobarrylooks like i'm gonna be travelling around a bit20:00
daftykinswell there we go, couple of TVs ordered ^_^22:27
daftykinsget to play with those soon enough!22:27

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