derekvanyone ever seen this structure?  /etc/somefooservices/conf.empty19:23
derekvi'm trying to figure out wtf conf.empty is supposed to be fore19:23
derekvits part of the install package19:23
derekvbe fore.  or be aft.  or before. or aftre.19:26
derekvtwoee timre twooe be fore19:27
* derekv is losing his mind19:27
derekvok figuring it out, its their fartbrained way of saying "example configs"...19:32
derekv /etc/foo/conf is a symlink to /etc/alternatives/foo/conf, which is a symlink to /etc/foo/conf.empty19:40
derekvi don't get any of this19:40
derekvi don't even get why foo is set up as part of alternatives19:41
cmaloneyWell that's strange23:54
cmaloneyBean and Leaf wireless won't let me ssh to home, or browse Slashdot.org23:54
cmaloneybut Yahoo and Google are fine23:54

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