bwmakerI wonder how long it an apt-get upgrade would take over Tor.14:43
cyberangerdepends how much there is to upgrade16:14
bwmakerTrue, but I was thinking relatively. :) a 2 min upgrade could turn into a 4 min upgrade. May not be much, but installing large packages could be tedious if one is already on a slower connection. It's a great option if you need it though. I don't mean to diminish the significance of the contribution.16:30
cyberangerbwmaker: also, running it as a two step at night wouldn't hurt16:50
cyberangersudo apt-get update;sudo apt-get -d dist-upgrade16:50
cyberangerthen come back in the am, run part two16:50
cyberangersudo apt-get dist-upgrade16:50
cyberangerthat'll make it feel faster, you'll be asleep on the download16:51
cyberangerI do see your point, but if you need every extra inch of security, couldn't hurt16:53
cyberangerpersonally I was using an https mirror over tor (keep in mind, the whole setup already is secured with gpg too, so it was triple secure)16:54
bwmakerYeah, I don't know that I need to go that far. But then, I didn't think FDE was really necessary 2+ years ago.16:54
cyberangerI don't think it is for me, but I also try to keep my attack surfaces low16:54
cyberangeras much as I like absolutes, nothing is ever 100%16:55
cyberangerI see a benift when the hotspot doesn't know who I am, who I'm talking to, the services don't know who they're talking to16:57
bwmakerI agree. The effectiveness of FDE is purely contextual, as are many of the precautions. At least, that's my own perception. I've been wrong before. :)16:57
cyberangerthey're talking securely with my gear, so nobody can easedrop16:57
cyberangerand nobody knows what's installed on my systems16:58
bwmakerYeah, that's a really good point.16:58
cyberangerproblem with FDE is, is it truely full disk16:59
cyberangercan I modify your boot code, snatch your password, upload it later in the boot process to somewhere and come back and use it17:00
cyberangerCan I migitate that attack, sure, I can two ways, never leave my laptop around, away from me17:01
cyberangerand never put my unencrypted /boot on the hard drive, use a flash drive and install there (also, make sure the MBR code goes to the flash drive too)17:02
* cyberanger isn't paranoid, it's just that....well.... you see....everybody is out to get me....that's all17:02
cyberangerbwmaker: ^17:03
bwmaker:-) I'm paranoid. I'll admit that. But  I think it's reasonably so, if there is such a thing as a reasonable amount of paranoia.18:03
bwmakerBut I do believe it's a mistake to believe one's digital life and belongings are completely secure. There's always a flaw in the system.18:07
aeden__dI hear a lot of people talking about tunneling certain programs thru ssh. I've read up on this but I'm not sure of the benefits. what are the benefits to installing openssh-server?23:34

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