pieter2627morning barrydk inetpro octoquad  and all others05:39
barrydkGood morning everyone05:53
inetprogood mornings07:00
GnikLlortmorning every107:08
inetproSquirm: did you get your tickets?07:16
MaNIsite still struggling, I wonder how long before people realise the tickets are gone07:19
* inetpro would love to see a technical report of the site 07:20
Kilosmorning all08:02
nlsthznsup :)09:52
nlsthznhope the meeting went well last night09:57
* nlsthzn forever alone10:01
* nlsthzn waiting for baby to wake up to drill some holes in walls >.< 10:05
nlsthznreally dead today (or is that every day)?12:00
Kiloshi nlsthzn MaNI 12:07
Kilosdead cause im not here nagging12:07
MaNIeveryone taking a break :p12:09
MaNIhave to try save the economy and stuff no time to talk ;)12:24
nlsthznstart with eskom, then everything will pick up 13:24
MaNIeskom need to be replaced not fixed :)14:31
nlsthznsomething of interest - https://www.codecademy.com/courses/learn-the-command-line15:55
superflyJust saw that, thanks nlsthzn 16:06
superfly(via you on Google+) 16:06
nlsthznhey superfly , all well?16:06
nlsthznsuperfly one of three people that follow me on G+, others are spam16:06
superflynlsthzn: yeah. Just trying to get into some sort of a swing of things 16:07
superflyTired of feeling busy but having nothing to show for it 16:08
nlsthznknow the feeling16:09
nlsthznI have been having my mid-life crises since leaving school and it never stopped >.>16:11
* nlsthzn is *possibly* starting studies this coming October16:12
superflyThe other night I cleaned up and fixed up the high chair so that #3 can use it 16:30
superflyI felt like I'd accomplished a major project 16:30
superflyEven though all I had done was wipe it down and replace a wing nut 16:31
nlsthznI just put up two bathroom cabinets and rewarded myself with two beers for all the hard work >.<16:33
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:55
inetprogood night oom Kilos19:56
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