TJ-linuxnewbie22: If I recall correctly, on the FreeDos menu, you have to chose the drop to command line, or don't load drivers option - can't remember what it is, but don't chose the CD option00:00
linuxnewbie22pettypierx: My bios driver is a .exe file if that answers your question.00:00
TJ-pettypierx:  it's a real-mode DOS environment that is required to use the Dell Flash tools to do BIOS upgrades. Dell don't provide a flash tool for many of their systems - mostly only for servers00:00
LambdaComplexlinuxnewbie22: It doesn't answer his question.00:01
eclectichedgehogacmeraptor, if its for remote desktop, have you looked at x2go?00:01
LambdaComplex.exe can be either a DOS executable or a NTFS executable.00:01
TJ-linuxnewbie22: you create the FreeDos bootable image on the USB (use 'dd', 'cat', 'cp' for that), then mount the USb file-system and copy to it the flash updater and BIOS image if it is separate, unmount, reboot, boot from USB00:02
pettypierxlinuxnewbie22: you need to make a bootable dos usb with that file on. Then navigate to the file. It's similar to terminal on linux00:02
linuxnewbie22pettypierx: It's a dos exe.00:02
acmeraptoreclectichedgehog: i have not. x11vnc works just fine for me, when i leave myself logged on.  does x2go function like tightvnc?00:03
eclectichedgehogacmeraptor, pretty much i think, i have heard good stuff about it.00:03
linuxnewbie22pettypierx: I got freedos command line to work, but I didn't know how to navigate to the file and run it, and I read the wiki on it.00:04
pettypierxlinuxnewbie22: if RUFUS works in wine00:04
pettypierxlinuxnewbie22: www.howtogeek.com/136987/how-to-create-a-bootable-dos-usb-drive00:04
acmeraptoreclectichedgehog: i'll read up on it, thanks!  tightvnc was the only thing mentioned so far on creating a generic xsession, not just sharing one00:05
eclectichedgehogacmeraptor, np00:05
linuxnewbie22pettypierx: I used unetbootin, which works on linux. I don't think that rufus works on linux.00:05
ainzrufus only work with windows00:06
LambdaComplexdd and possibly installing grub4dos manually would probably work00:06
linuxnewbie22TJ-: I got freedos to work and the command line came up, but I didn't know what commands to use even though I read the wiki on it.00:06
linuxnewbie22TJ-: But i'm going to try wine. I just installed it.00:06
plytrolinuxnewbie22: can't you get a dos boot image from "somewhere" and write that to a disc00:07
pettypierxlinuxnewbie22: www.chtaube.eu/computers/freedos/bootable-usb00:07
TJ-linuxnewbie22: if you've put the flash executable on there, do "dir" to list files to be sure, then run the flash program by name00:07
TJ-linuxnewbie22: did you start from the fdboot.img ?00:08
linuxnewbie22TJ-: No, but should I download fdboot.img and place it on the flashdrive?00:08
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pettypierxlinuxnewbie22: near the bottom it says he uses it to do bios updates.00:09
TJ-linuxnewbie22: no, follow the guide pettypierx pointed you to... " FreeDOS-1.1-memstick-2-256M.img.bz2" looks like the one to choose00:09
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linuxnewbie22TJ-: Sure, I used that guide but unfortunately it didn't work out for me.00:10
TJ-linuxnewbie22: we'll follow you through with it to make sure it works00:10
linuxnewbie22Okay thanks guys!00:11
TJ-linuxnewbie22: is it BIOS 2.5.3 you're installing?00:11
linuxnewbie22TJ-: I downloaded the image file, but I downloaded the 2048mb one.00:12
TJ-linuxnewbie22: OK, but there was no need. You only need a very small amount of space for the flash tool00:13
linuxnewbie22TJ-: That's correct, my BIOS 2.5.3 is from 2007, but the dell website says there is a version from 2011.00:13
linuxnewbie22TJ-: Okay, I downloaded the 256mb one.00:14
TJ-linuxnewbie22: before you waste the effort. If there were any difference in the 2 BIOS image, Dell would increment the BIOS version. The "Last Updated" date is for the documentation on the web page00:14
TJ-linuxnewbie22: can you show us what this reports "dmesg | grep DMI"00:15
linuxnewbie22dmesg|grep DMI00:15
TJ-linuxnewbie22: copy that command to a terminal and run it00:16
linuxnewbie22TJ-: [    0.000000] DMI: Dell Inc.                 Dell DXP061                  /0WG855, BIOS 2.5.3  11/22/200700:16
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TJ-linuxnewbie22: I'd make a large bet the installed BIOS is identical to the 2.5.3 on the web-site.00:17
linuxnewbie22TJ-: Yes, it must be the latest update and I simply thought there was a 2011 version for it.00:18
TJ-linuxnewbie22: I've been caught out by those "Last Updated" dates myself... gets yours hopes up until you figure it out :)00:18
TJ-linuxnewbie22: were you hoping to fix a particular problem, or just trying to stay up-to-date00:19
linuxnewbie22TJ-: Have you ever seen a machine go into power save mode in the middle of booting up?00:19
TJ-linuxnewbie22: what do you mean by power-save mode?00:20
linuxnewbie22TJ-: Well, you could also call it hibernating I think.00:20
TJ-linuxnewbie22: how far into the boot sequence does it get... is Linux kernel loaded at that point?00:21
linuxnewbie22TJ-: I can check, to look at what the code says on the screen but a few lines of code and then it hibernates.00:22
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hellohellohello_I need help00:22
hellohellohello_I can't install anything or update anything00:22
linuxnewbie22TJ-: But when I press the power button, it finishes what it's doing, however it's a blank screen and then the login manager for lubuntu appears.00:23
TJ-linuxnewbie22: if it genuinely goes into hibernation that would be a software command00:23
TJ-linuxnewbie22: if it isn't an uncontrolled crash/power-off, then "/var/log/kern.log" will contain information on what happened00:24
linuxnewbie22TJ-: Thanks, I'll go see what it says.00:24
hellohellohello_how can I update my list of repos?00:25
TJ-linuxnewbie22: if you use these commands you can share it" "sudo apt-get install pastebinit"   and then "sudo pastebinit /var/log/kern.log"00:25
linuxnewbie22TJ-: Okay, I'll share it.00:26
linuxnewbie22TJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12196073/00:28
linuxnewbie22TJ-: A couple lines down it mentions the BIOS00:28
Bashing-omhellohellohello_: Share with us the outputs of terminal commands ' sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get upgrade ' in the pastebin.00:30
TJ-linuxnewbie22: OK, I see from that kern.log that on average there's an uncommanded crash after approx 32 seconds. There is no commanded hibernate/suspend at all.00:32
hellohellohello_Bashing-om: how do I pastebin that00:33
TJ-linuxnewbie22: Experience tells me there's a hardware problem. Further, I'd strongly suspect a power starvation issue. I'd go so far as to be 80% certain the cause is Electrolytic capacitors either in the ATX power supply, or on the Mortherboard, are failing due to leakage and cannot hold charge. When sudden demands are placed on them they fail, and the power supply shuts down.00:34
linuxnewbie22TJ-: My Dad mentioned that to me. I bet you're right about that.00:35
Bashing-omhellohellohello_: 'sudo apt-get install pasteninit ; sudo apt-get update | pastebinit ; sudo apt-get upgrade | pastbinit ' . The result is a URL in your terminal. Pass that link back here in the channel .00:35
linuxnewbie22TJ-: He suspected their could be a problem like that.00:35
TJ-linuxnewbie22: if you're confident with a soldering iron, or know someone who is, have all the Electrolytic capacitors examined for bulging tops and/or leakage around their base, and replace if required. Usually costs a few pennies per capacitor00:35
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TJ-linuxnewbie22: the key thing if you replace capacitors is to get good quality replacements (often advertised as 'made in Japan'), and make sure as well as having the same electrical rating they are the same physical diameter and have same pin pitch so their legs fit the PCB vias (holes).00:37
hellohellohellosorry, X crashed00:37
hellohellohelloBashing-om: what did you say00:37
linuxnewbie22TJ-: Thank you, I'll write everything you've said about the capacitors so I don't forget.00:38
Bashing-omhellohellohello:  'sudo apt-get install pasteninit ; sudo apt-get update | pastebinit ; sudo apt-get upgrade | pastbinit ' . The result is a URL in your00:38
Bashing-om                    terminal. Pass that link back here in the channel .00:38
TJ-linuxnewbie22: Good luck with it... it's a very satisfying repair to do :)00:38
hellohellohelloBashing-om: I can't install anything I said00:39
hellohellohelloapt-get doesn't work00:39
hellohellohelloI can't connect00:39
Bashing-omhellohellohello: Does the internet connection work on the subject machine ' ping -c3 ubuntu.com' ?00:40
linuxnewbie22TJ-: Haha, I tried to copy and paste what you said and then pidgin and my word processor crashed when I clicked save. Could you please send me the last few things you said about soldering?00:42
linuxnewbie22TJ-: nevermind, I logged it to disk00:43
mdbrim_any one around want to help me setup my ubuntu server with ipv6?  comcast just gave me an ipv6 address and i can't for the life of me get my server to be seen by the outside world!00:43
Hpamancurious does anybody know if there is functions for traversal of the swap partition/files on the swap is this another type of filesystem or is it simple ext file system that any ext file system read/writer can traverse00:45
linuxnewbie22Tj-: Thank you for your help!00:45
TJ-Hpaman: swap is simply pages of RAM stored on disk00:50
Hpamannever mind stupid question man pages of swapon , swapoff, and mkswap cleared this up for me it can be a volume partition, whole drive , or just a file zeroed out with dd to hold the data00:51
Hpamanso any file system that is already part of linux or formated by linux to host the page/swap file is good enough... and swapoff disables this feature weather through the command line program or thru swap functions in c00:53
Hpamancurious what your guys thought on turning swapoff for all swap devices for your running os's obviously page allocator can only uses main memory for storage of process but how much is this an issue... how often is your physical memory going to by closes to full?00:55
Bashing-omHpaman: Generally, IF you have 8 Gigs of ram or more ( and do not hibernate ) AND no heavy duty number crunching, one can do without swap .00:58
p0pr0ck5getting rid of swap ties the kernels hands a bit when it comes to allocating memory for page cache- its certainly doable, but if youre running in a disk IO-intensive environment, you do lose the ability to swap out low-priority pages for more page cache00:59
Hpamanya i even have this dvd live os's that i am runing with no swap and free and vmstat give me that i still have about 40ish %01:00
Hpamanwhich is still significant and i am running testdisk and other intensive process so 8 gig's must go along way01:01
p0pr0ck5to clarify, i dont quite mean IO-intensive applications, but rather accessing many different files, as the kernel will put these into page cache as it sees fit/has room. obvs. context is important01:03
guest101please help, i can't play hd videos on youtube01:13
guest101please help, i can't play hd videos on youtube01:14
bazhangpatience guest10101:15
hellohellohelloI can't use apt-get01:15
hellohellohelloErr http://extras.ubuntu.com raring/main Sources   404  Not Found [IP: 80]01:16
guest101bazhang: youtube is going too slow in hd01:16
hellohellohellodo I need to update my sources.list file?ç01:16
radiel892hellohellohello, i usually do that with "sudo apt-get update" then try again01:18
guest101please help, i can't play hd videos on youtube01:18
hellohellohelloradiel892: doesn't work01:20
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radiel892hellohellohello, by that you mean the update runs through but your installation fails again?01:22
hellohellohelloradiel892: no, I get errors01:22
guest101youtube can't play in hd, please help01:25
guest101getting grey hair here01:25
scott__111guest, we need more information01:25
scott__111specs, browser etc01:26
squintyhellohellohello,   http://extras.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/   it would appear that there is no raring avaiable at the http site you posted.01:26
guest101scott__111: alright scott, i am using lubuntu 15.04 and i like it, yet i didn't seem to get those video accelerators working01:26
scott__111cpu, memory, gpu01:27
hellohellohellosquinty: then what should I do?01:27
ubottuUbuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) was the 18th release of Ubuntu. Support ended on January 27, 2014. See !eol, !upgrade and http://ubottu.com/y/raring01:27
tgm4883that's super old01:27
hellohellohellotgm4883: I can't update because I can't use apt-get dist-upgrade ;|01:27
guest101scott__111: is there a bot who could help, i don't know by mind01:27
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades01:27
tgm4883hellohellohello: ready that ^01:28
ash_mwhat is $_ mean?01:29
ash_mlast used argument?01:29
guest101youtube can't play in hd, please help01:30
bazhangguest101, you never gave all the reuired info01:30
guest101oh well, i dont know how01:31
bazhangguest101, simply repeating the same line without any details will get zero results01:31
scott__111what graphics card do you have?01:31
guest101i know that, wait a sec01:31
bazhangguest101, all the info, in a single line01:31
guest101Mobile Intel® 915GM/GMS, 910GML Express Chipset01:32
hellohellohellowhat's a good distro for a netbook?01:32
hellohellohelloubuntu is kind of laggy01:32
bazhangguest101, try downloading it and play in mplayer01:32
bazhanghellohellohello, lubuntu01:33
lucyfurniceI want to do something artistic with salvaged computers running minimal distrobutions of linux, I was thinking RAM could be like money so I could simulate an economy with a few computers performing tasks of exchange across a small ring network.01:33
lucyfurniceAnyone have any good ideas for a hard drive?01:33
bazhanglucyfurnice, offtopic here01:34
bazhangtry ##hardware01:34
lucyfurniceThanks 3>01:34
guest101bazhang: downloading a movie... cant find something shorter in hdž01:37
guest101bazhang: downloading a movie... cant find something shorter in hd*01:37
fwolf_and wtf smuxi is automatically adding #ubuntu as auto-connect channel .. tsk01:38
guest101this is 10 years old laptop, yet it can run hd (720p) videos on windows xp... so if i can make it work in lubuntu, it would be awesome01:40
guest101i spent like "100 days total time played" exploring linux :)01:45
guest101united against unity01:47
bazhangstay on topic please guest10101:48
guest101bazhang: alright, tested 720p movie in gnome mplayer01:49
guest101sound is speeding up, videos is running fine01:49
guest101[03:32] <bazhang> guest101, try downloading it and play in mplayer01:52
guest101sound is speeding up, video is running fine01:52
guest101youtube hd not working01:52
guest101lubuntu 15.0401:52
bazhangguest101, I am surprised such old hw can get that at all01:53
OerHeksyoutube calls 720p HD01:53
guest101bazhang: you should see pepermint os, lubuntu spinoff, i felt like i just bought a new pc01:54
arooni-mobilehi folks.  ubuntu 14.04LTS here.  i recently installed some programs like gnome-shell and now the 'theme' in windows like xchat and open/save dialogs seems like its from the 90's.  how can i get back my more modern theme that came preinstalled with ubuntu 14.04?  photo of what i'm talking about here: http://imgur.com/DyaZoFN01:55
cfhowlettarooni-mobile, go into your settings / appearance01:55
arooni-mobilecfhowlett, there01:55
bazhangguest101, you should look the peppermint support channels for that01:55
cfhowlettarooni-mobile, play around.  you'll find it.01:55
bazhang!alis | guest10101:56
ubottuguest101: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*01:56
guest101im currently on lubuntu01:56
guest101pure lubuntu01:56
arooni-mobilecfhowlett, i dont see what i'm supposed to find here01:56
OerHeksguest101, ubuntu forks are useless topics here01:56
bazhangguest101, perhaps that the best lubuntu can do esp with that very old video card01:56
delaineguest101 do you have flash installed ?01:56
guest101well, you could try to help, it doesnt seem hard but i am newbish even for easy things01:57
delaineguest101 better off joining lubuntu01:57
delaineit's just different packages are in ubuntu and lubuntu01:57
guest101delaine: yes, got flash01:58
delaineit's common to be reffered to local chat distro for support01:58
ViperChiefDepends on what's going on. A lot of the packages are the same.01:58
delaineit's not that we cant help it's not the chat for lubuntu01:58
OerHeksdelaine, not true01:59
OerHeksno chat for that other funny distro he mentioned02:00
delaineOerHeks: it's what happened to me once02:00
guest101<someoneoutofsupport> guest101: you would think that, and, if all the entities involved, want to promise you support for linux, as they have for windows XP, you can have that playback.. but, since they dont, it actually may not be realistic02:04
guest101Gates loves him.02:05
bazhangguest101, no need whatsoever to paste that here, keep the chit chat to #ubuntu-offtopic as here is support and support only02:09
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rohan241hello all02:21
rohan241are there any extra drivers that need to be installed for GTS 450 in elementary os02:21
xanguaask elementary02:22
arooni-mobilewhats the best clipboard manager for ubuntu?02:24
notaeonarooni-mobile: no best, whatever you like the most02:24
arooni-mobileusually theres a generally accepted "favorite"  that may not be the best02:25
arooni-mobilethats what im looking for02:25
cfhowlettarooni-mobile, look in the software center.  "favorite" is the default.02:25
xanguaarooni-mobile: if you use unity make sure it supports in dicator, I use giodon02:27
xanguaqclipboard looks good too02:27
oaulakhhow to mount img file in or extract img file in ubuntu?02:37
Jordan_Uoaulakh: There are many possible things that an "img" file could be. Where did you get this file? How was it created? What does it contain?02:39
oaulakhi know nothing all i know i need its internal file02:40
Jordan_Uoaulakh: You must know more than you have said. Who gave you this file? What do you need its "internal file" for?02:41
cfhowlettoaulakh, no detailz >>> no helpz02:41
WireGhostjoin #html02:41
oaulakhi need its internal files for root my android02:41
oaulakhand when i fdisk -l file.img its shows img doesn't contain valid partition table02:42
Jordan_Uoaulakh: And where did you get this file from? Are there directions your're following? If so, please post a link to them.02:42
Jordan_Uoaulakh: You will also probably want help from #android-root at some point.02:43
oaulakhno there's no tutorial or someting02:43
bazhangwhere was the img dl'd from oaulakh02:43
oaulakhi did but all get nothing02:43
Jordan_Uoaulakh: This is the last time I will ask before quiting you for 10 minutes. Where did you get this file from?02:43
oaulakhi get this from xda developers simple02:43
Wugyou're not supposed to extract it02:44
oaulakh#android-root said push that file.img in android with heimdall flash --recovery file.img02:44
oaulakhbut  heimdall showing error in ubuntu :(02:45
Jordan_Uoaulakh: Great. So do that. Don't try to "mount" it.02:45
Wugmaybe it's corrupt, try redownloading02:45
oaulakhso they saying ubuntu have problems and i have to extract img file for using it with heimdall-frontend02:45
xanguaoaulakh: did you install heimdall from ubuntu repositories¿ what ubuntu release? what device? what is your end goal?02:45
oaulakhi did but everytime same02:45
oaulakhyes i install heimdall from ubuntu02:46
Jordan_Uoaulakh: Please join #android-root and re-state your problem there. I try to help you with the Ubuntu side of things there, but this seems very much more a question of how to root an android phone than of how to use Ubuntu.02:46
lotuspsychje!info heimdall-flash-frontend02:49
ubottuheimdall-flash-frontend (source: heimdall-flash): tool for flashing firmware on Samsung Galaxy S devices - Qt GUI. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.4.0-2 (vivid), package size 63 kB, installed size 237 kB02:49
oaulakhbut let me show you whats error from heimdall. they said its something wrong with ubuntu libusbx http://pastebin.com/ugpjsS9j02:50
oaulakhlotuspsychje, http://pastebin.com/ugpjsS9j02:50
lotuspsychjeoaulakh: tell us your device first like xangua asked please02:51
lotuspsychjeoaulakh: did you unlock your device to developer mode?02:52
oaulakhlike ub debuging right02:52
oaulakhyes i did it02:52
oaulakhand my phone is in dowload mode02:52
_Roccan someone help me with terminal commands02:52
somsip_Roc: which ones?02:52
_Rocjust to check my network, connected devices etc..02:53
Wugoaulakh: are you running the flasher as root02:53
lotuspsychjeoaulakh: try this maybe: https://github.com/Benjamin-Dobell/Heimdall/issues/10702:53
cfhowlettoaulakh, all, *ALL* of the android questions are best addressed in android channels.02:54
oaulakhWug, yes02:54
Wug_Roc: lspci to list devices and ifconfig to list network configuration02:54
oaulakhcfhowlett, i did but they i have problem on ubuntu side http://pastebin.com/ugpjsS9j02:54
Wugoaulakh: that log file is basically useless to us02:56
Wugthe only useful bit is the errno value, which is "connection timed out (110)"02:56
_Rocthank you, any idea why ssh would'nt be working for me?02:56
oaulakhshould i print pit file?02:56
oaulakhwhat about libusbx?02:56
Wugand that doesnt give me any idea what might be wrong, unless you had like... unplugged the device while flashing or something02:57
lotuspsychjeoaulakh: whats your heimdall version?02:57
Wug_Roc: are you behind a firewall that blocks it?02:57
Wugcorporate networks often block ssh02:57
Wugschools, libraries02:57
oaulakhlotuspsychje, v1.4.002:57
_Rocno sir, none of those02:58
somsip_Roc: define 'not working'. TRy ssh -vvv to get verbose output that might tell you what is not working02:58
Wugare you trying to ssh in or out02:58
lotuspsychjeoaulakh: from what i read on forums, must be a heimdall bug that has been fixxed in 1.4.1 maybe try?02:58
Jordan_Uoaulakh: You are not giving a useful description of the "problem with Ubuntu". Please either quote from your discussion on #android-root directly, ask in #android-root again so that I can see what the "Ubuntu problem" is, or both.02:59
oaulakhbut i install heimdall from ubuntu 20 hours before and u saying 1.4.1 ?02:59
_Rocno matter the ssh command i use, it only gives me the same ssh usage explanation output02:59
somsip_Roc: which is what? Use a pastebin please02:59
Wugthat would imply you're entering an invalid command02:59
lotuspsychjeoaulakh: i never used it myself, but ive read some issues with version 1.4.003:00
Wugwhat command are you using03:00
oaulakhJordan_U, its libusbx03:00
Jordan_Uoaulakh: That is not an answer. Please do exactly as I have requested.03:00
Jordan_Uoaulakh: If you need to paste a large portion of the discussion from #android-root, please use http://pastebin.ubuntu.com .03:01
_Rocfairly new to IRC so my bad - http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/12196730/03:04
somsip_Roc: use ssh -vvv user@machine03:06
somsip_Roc: same as what you were trying previously to connect, but with -vvv in there as well03:07
arooni-mobilei recently followed http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/128220/how-do-i-set-my-dns-on-ubuntu-14-04 in order to get google DNS set up (att dns is awful).  ive restarted and would like to test DNS resolution.  can anyone tell me how i can do this?  doing nm-tool shows google DNS but when i dig a domain i've not been to i see resolution is handled only by
xanguaarooni-mobile: clic on your network icon and edit conections03:08
arooni-mobilexangua, my dns settings arent listed there03:09
Wugarooni-mobile: if you run "nslookup" at the command line with no arguments it should use the system's default dns server03:09
Wugalternatively, you could use tcpdump to capture udp packets on port 53, and just examine where they're going.03:10
arooni-mobileWug, i think its only usuing
arooni-mobileso does that mean its not using googles dns?03:11
_Rocsomsip thank you for your time, Wug you as well03:12
Jordan_Uarooni-mobile: That it is "using" means only that Ubuntu is configured to be running its own DNS server locally, which then simply forwards requests to another DNS server (probably google's).03:12
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arooni-mobileJordan_U, how do i know *where* ubuntu is sending those dns resolutions?03:14
xangua (22:09:26) arooni-mobile: xangua, my dns settings arent listed there . yes they are http://imgur.com/TjjeQgg03:16
arooni-mobilei mean they are, but google dns isnt listed03:16
xanguathen just put google's ¿03:17
xanguawhy would they be listed¿03:17
xanguathe solution I give you is actually in the question you posted arooni-mobile , and under it it's the one marked as "best answer"03:17
xangua"I found out that you can change the nameservers that dnsmasq uses by adding the following lines to /etc/dnsmasq.conf:"03:18
arooni-mobileits really confusing to know whether the dns is actually being resolved by google dns03:18
arooni-mobileas everything i tried when i tried that solution resolved to
arooni-mobileand i was confused at how ubuntu's dns caching server was sending requets in the event it couldnt resolve an entry locally03:19
plytroI jump networks a lot and dnsmasq was screwing me up03:19
plytroi just disabled it03:20
arooni-mobilewhats the benefits/drawbacks to dnsmasq?03:21
plytroits a caching dns server in front of your configured servers03:21
plytro"faster" domain name resoltuion for more frequently visited sites?03:21
arooni-mobileis it any faster than google03:22
arooni-mobileim getting an average of < 50ms from google's dns03:22
plytroits instant03:23
plytroits on your machine03:23
plytroso yeah its faster03:23
plytrofor known domains03:23
plytronew domains still go out to google03:23
arooni-mobilehow can i test to see if its being used?03:24
arooni-mobile the important thing for me was getting off at&t's dns resolution03:24
plytroyou're resolving from
Jordan_Uarooni-mobile: Cached requests should be 1 ms or less most of the time. Dig will tell you how long a request took. Try "dig zombo.com" twice. The first time it should show about 50ms, the second it should show 1ms.03:24
plytroyou're using it03:24
plytromy problem was jumping between public and private networks and having stuff cached when I needed the external vs internal name resolution03:25
plytroit was holding on too long03:25
arooni-mobileJordan_U, well i tried putting google's dns servers in /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/head ... and running sudo resolvconf -u ... and now i dont think im routing anything to the local caching server03:25
arooni-mobileboth times ns lookup was 50ms03:26
Jordan_Uarooni-mobile: If you add DNS servers to resolv.conf then they will be used directly, not through the bind9 caching server.03:26
arooni-mobileso maybe i should go back to using the second solution listed; adding a prepend to etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf03:26
arooni-mobileits just hard to know when you're getting a response from localhost if its even using the google servers03:27
Jordan_Uarooni-mobile: tcpdump / wireshark is a solution to that problem, though clearly there must be a more straightforward way of verifying this (that I don't know).03:29
GAM002anybody tried Oracle Vm virtual box on ubuntu 14.04? if yes how good does it perform?and got any better suggetions?03:36
dm14995dseems to work great for me03:37
dm14995dactually, i find ubuntu works best in virtualbox, compared to other distros03:37
GAM002dm14995d: You use it?03:37
dm14995dI use it almost everyday03:37
GAM002on ubuntu?03:37
cfhowlettGAM002, please don't ask "has anybody >>>" questions.  waste of time and doesn't address your issue.  VB is free to install and test, so WHY are you asking.  See for yourself!!03:37
thedanyesGAM002: I use it.  Works great.03:38
dm14995dmind you i do have a beefy pc03:38
GAM002cfhowlett:sorry its cause My internet is limited03:38
GAM002thedanyes: ok thanks03:38
GAM002dm14995d: Thank you03:38
cfhowlettGAM002, :003:39
GAM002cfhowlett: That is the Truth03:39
Jordan_UGAM002: It depends on your needs. VirtualBox is nice for being a Free software that is easy to configure, but the guest additions for linux are of poor enough quality that they officially taint the kernel as they are considered upstream to be "feces". For my purposes qemu-kvm is a much better fit, but I mostly create and fire up tiny VMs with no GUI via the terminal.03:40
=== hugegree_ is now known as hugegreenbug
dm14995dwell said Jordan_U03:40
xanguaarooni-mobile: maybe you should try the answer selected as "best answer" not the second with more votes03:40
GAM002one more qustion i got 64 bit pc so which is going to work better? the 32 bit version of Virtual Box or 64 ? cause on windows 64bit softwares lack some features03:41
arooni-mobilewell that puts the google dns in resolv.conf for sure;  but then it seems *every* request goes to google even if you just visited the site a second ago03:41
GAM002idk how or why03:41
xanguaGAM002: 64bit OS03:41
GAM002xangua: Not the OS i ment the Virtual Box Software03:42
GAM002xangua: I already Have 64  Bit OS03:42
Lenclwhat are some unique apps ubuntu comes with04:00
Gamerhello I need some help04:00
daftykinsask away with detail on one line04:00
cfhowlettLencl, for a list of ubuntu packages, look in the software center.04:00
GamerI have ubuntu 12.04 server no gui how can I set vlc to stream on web interface04:01
cfhowlettGamer, go to vlc support.  almost certain there's a tutorial on this one04:02
Lenclpart #ubuntu04:02
MarconMsomeone got to install chamander theme from new concept ubuntu04:02
=== solid is now known as Guest17968
cfhowlettMarconM, concept.  CONCEPT!04:02
Gameris there vlc support room here ?04:02
cfhowlett!alis | Gamer04:03
ubottuGamer: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*04:03
MarconMcfhowlett: ?04:03
cfhowlettMarconM, it's not from ubuntu.  it's a concept, i.e. someone's idea of "cool".  and ... it's not even released!04:04
Gameri did not get it04:04
GamerI am not good with irc04:04
cfhowlettgambl0re, vlc has forums, mail list and irc support.04:05
MarconMcfhowlett: Ok i understand... my question is anyone got to install. just it =D04:05
Gamerthanks I found it04:06
Gamergood day everyone04:06
xanguaMarconM: install what? 16.04 isn't even out....until 201604:06
MarconMxangua: intall the theme04:06
xanguathere is No theme, as you were explained already04:07
cfhowlettMarconM, you know those pictures of cool flying cars?  same idea.  cool pic.  not reality.  maybe someday.04:08
MarconMcfhowlett: ok04:08
U^1I want to record some screen-cast. withouse?t and A/V out of sync. What should I u04:09
daftykinswhat is "withouse?t" ?04:11
U^1daftykins, it is what happenss when you type with your tablet.04:12
daftykinsright, and a correct original sentence would be?04:12
U^1daftykins, I use recordmydesktop right now and video passes like 10second with speed then some sound.04:14
U^1that is the result04:14
daftykins'simplescreenrecorder' is something people have had success with before04:17
austinprogI'm having problems with adding a printer on ubuntu.04:18
daftykinsaustinprog: details?04:19
austinprogdaftykins, I have a brother printer, and no static ip04:22
daftykinswhy would you say no static IP?04:22
daftykinsif it's a network printer, configure it with one :)04:23
austinprogbecause the IP changes?04:23
daftykinsstatic IP allocation is the key to successful network printer use04:23
=== voronwe is now known as Guest1479
kmysthow do you load a module multiple times? i.e. bonding module so one can have more than one bonding interface04:30
kmystseems modprobe is now kmod which doesn't honor -o04:31
GAM002!software suggestions04:32
daftykinsthat is not a bot command :)04:33
GAM002daftykins: :) just tried to see if it works04:33
daftykinsplease don't04:33
GAM002daftykins: ok could that mess up the Bot?04:33
daftykinsno we just don't want to see the spam.04:34
lotuspsychjeGAM002: we have been through this yesterday, dont repeat the same over and over here04:34
cfhowlettGAM002, this ^^^04:35
freqhavent you ever heard of debian04:35
GAM002lotuspsychje: ok i forgot -_- its just i am completely new here04:35
GAM002lotuspsychje: Sorry :(04:35
cfhowlett!debian | freq04:35
ubottufreq: Ubuntu and Debian are closely related. Ubuntu builds on the foundations of Debian architecture and infrastructure, with a different community and release process. See https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/installation-guide/i386/what-is-debian.html - Remember, !repositories meant for Debian should NOT be used on Ubuntu!04:35
=== zach is now known as K3yboardninja
=== PanV is now known as ThatEmbarassedGu
frankgigeurHi !! i wish to change the hdd space in rutorrent!!04:47
frankgigeuri change $topdirectory in config.php and en restart apache 2 but nothing change04:47
cfhowlettfrankgigeur, look in rutorrent help menu04:47
ThatEmbarassedGuHello, I cannot install fglxr on my PC, due to Login Loop, and inabillity to do CTRL + Alt + F104:49
ThatEmbarassedGuBut with Gallium drivers, I cannot launch steam but I can launch my pc04:50
Nova_hi all04:59
Nova_anyone here?04:59
daftykinsthere are if you ask a question04:59
Nova_ok awesome Ive got a question04:59
Nova_im not sure if people here can help but im struggling with an HTML/CSS problem05:00
daftykinsthis is a channel for Ubuntu OS support05:00
daftykinsthat has absolutely NOTHING to do with this channel :)05:00
Nova_so you guys wouldnt be able to help?05:00
cfhowlettNova_, ubuntu support only.05:01
Nova_ok so ill leave05:01
daftykinsbye bye05:01
daftykinstry #html or #cc05:01
daftykins* #css05:01
Nova_did I get banned?05:01
Nova_"Cannot send to channel: #html"05:02
cfhowlett!register | Nova_,05:02
ubottuNova_,: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode05:02
daftykinsyou need to register first05:02
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DJJeffThe latest stable version of FileZilla Client is 3.13.105:05
DJJeffThe latest repo version of FileZilla Client is 3.7.3-105:05
daftykinsDJJeff: what's your question?05:06
DJJeffthey have 3.12 but probley not for trusty LTS05:06
DJJeffI want FileZilla 3.12 why am I still on 3.705:06
daftykinswhich ubuntu are you on?05:07
DJJefftrusty LTS05:07
daftykins!info filezilla trusty05:07
ubottufilezilla (source: filezilla): Full-featured graphical FTP/FTPS/SFTP client. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.7.3-1ubuntu1 (trusty), package size 1250 kB, installed size 3102 kB05:07
daftykinsyep sure enough. repos don't always have the latest software, find a PPA if you want newer.05:07
daftykinsbut they are not supported here, so your milage may vary :)05:07
DJJeffyou think there is a PPA for this05:07
DJJeffI throw my head back laughing hard05:07
daftykinsi haven't got the slightest clue if there is, but your research will answer that05:07
daftykinsi think you stole my line :)05:08
DJJeffwhy would 3.12 be in the archives but not avail for trusty05:08
DJJeff3.7.3 is like 2 years old05:09
DJJeffits older than trusty itself05:09
daftykins!info filezilla05:09
ubottufilezilla (source: filezilla): Full-featured graphical FTP/FTPS/SFTP client. In component universe, is optional. Version (vivid), package size 1540 kB, installed size 5282 kB05:09
daftykinshmm vivid has 3.905:09
daftykinsperhaps 3.12 is proposed.05:09
DJJeff[ ]filezilla_3.12.0.2-1ubuntu2_amd64.deb16-Aug-2015 11:18 1.4M05:10
DJJeff[ ]filezilla_3.12.0.2-1ubuntu2_i386.deb16-Aug-2015 11:19 1.5M05:10
daftykinsthat language is not necessary here.05:10
daftykinsyes, so you can paste.05:10
DJJefflooks like 3.12 to me05:10
B0g4r7_Can you guys help me fixed my hosed GUI? (Ubuntu Desktop 14.04, Radeon card).05:10
DJJeffyou said 3.905:10
DJJeffwell your stupid bot said 3.905:10
daftykinsDJJeff: yeah see the bots results? that's what vivid can get. your link means nothing.05:10
daftykinsDJJeff: drop the poor attitude please.05:11
DJJeffmy links are whats in the damn archives05:11
DJJeffwho cares what a stupid bot says05:11
DJJeffI am a human being thanks05:11
daftykinsnot from where i'm standing.05:11
B0g4r7_Things were working fine until I ran the "Additional drivers" thing and switched from the open source driver to "fglrx".  I tried that for a while, didn't like it, and switched back.  Now the system won't boot into GUI mode.05:11
B0g4r7_It boots into text mode, but that is unresponsive.  I can however ssh into the system and do things.05:11
DJJeffshould I just wget the 3.12 .deb and install it with # dpkg -i05:12
daftykinsyou're free to risk it, but i wouldn't recommend it.05:12
DJJeffor will that break things and cause dependency issues05:12
daftykinsB0g4r7_: ensure fglrx is gone with "sudo apt-get purge fglrx* "05:12
DJJeffusing 2 year old software cant be any better05:12
DJJeffthe next LTS 16.04 is not for a while still05:13
DJJeffhaving 16.04 come out the same time as windows 10 woulda been funny05:14
daftykinscut the chatter.05:14
DJJeffI have not really used MS Windows since Windows 805:14
B0g4r7_daftykins, 'k.  I guess I'll have to reboot to see if that helped.  Doing so now.05:14
B0g4r7_My /var/log/Xorg.0.log is here: http://pastebin.com/18TeKgm905:15
daftykinspost reboot or before?05:15
B0g4r7_Before reboot.05:15
daftykinsmmm that one looks slightly borked05:17
daftykinsensure you don't have a xorg.conf05:17
B0g4r7_daftykins, oh wow, purging fglrx appears to have actually fixed it.05:17
B0g4r7_Hah.  I was not expecting it to be that sample.05:17
DJJeffI could just imagine the jokes about 15.04.... come play with my Wily05:17
B0g4r7_Hey, thanks a lot!05:17
daftykinsDJJeff: grow up and drop it. chat in #ubuntu-offtopic05:18
daftykinsno problemo05:18
B0g4r7_I tell ya, I've had about enough of trying to make AMD graphics work nicely.  I'm about ready to go and buy me some Nvidia.05:19
daftykinsdid you try fglrx-updates ?05:19
DJJeffNvidia is worse05:19
daftykinsno, AMD is worse.05:19
DJJeffI have Nvidia GTX 66005:19
B0g4r7_daftykins, I did not.  I understood it was essentially the same thing as fglrx.05:19
DJJefftruing to get 3D Accel with Ubuntu Trusty and Virtualbox05:19
DJJeffis a pain in the !@#05:19
daftykinsbear in mind Canonical has created an official PPA with newer drivers for all setups now, so it should be better to use than what you may have as standard05:20
daftykinsDJJeff: that's a virtualbox problem, nothing to do with nvidia drivers working05:20
daftykinsthus your comment is moot.05:20
cfhowlettB0g4r7_, of the 3 top gpu companies, amd is probably the least linux friendly.  fwiw: nvidia prime works perfect on my dell m3800 with quad k110005:20
B0g4r7_From what I read, Nvidia as a company is bad for open source, but their hardware tends to work better [than AMD] with linux.05:20
DJJeffI do give Nvidia props for that05:20
cfhowlettB0g4r7_, they may be "bad" for opensource (debatable), but they do provide OEM linux drivers.  +1!05:21
DJJeffbetter hardware crappy software05:21
DJJefffrom both Nvidia and AMD05:21
B0g4r7_I also hear that Intel "on-board" graphics work great, but they're not really in the same class as a discrete GPU.05:21
DJJeffwell ATI had the worst software until AMD took over05:22
cfhowlettB0g4r7_, on-board typically = laptop.  you should expect different performance metrics.05:22
DJJeffwhats a good GPU benchmark tool for ubuntu05:23
DJJeffglxgears is too silly for me05:23
B0g4r7_I mean like "Intel HD Graphics 4000" or whatever is built into the newer I5, I7, and whatnot chips.05:23
cfhowlettDJJeff, lots of them listed in ubuntu software center.05:23
DJJeffwhich one is the best05:23
DJJeffor is that just preference05:23
cfhowlettDJJeff, the one you use.  it's subjective.05:24
DJJeffon Windows I use Valley Benchmark I think I got it to run in linux back in 13.04 Raring05:24
DJJeffnever tried it with my new GTX 660 on 14.04 Trusty05:25
=== shuduo_afk is now known as shuduo
cfhowlett!cn | liuxinyuan06:02
ubottuliuxinyuan: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw06:02
atlas1729anyone else running ubuntu on a shitty rig that can hardly handle much of the gui?06:03
cfhowlett!language | atlas1729,06:04
ubottuatlas1729,: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList06:04
baizonatlas1729: well not anymore, switched my netbook to xubuntu06:04
hydeatlas1729: I run lubuntu on a 6 year old laptop with single core celeron processor. does that count?06:04
hydeI wouldn't dream of trying Unity desktop on it though.06:05
atlas1729ah. i think that does. just converted a 2006 mac mini over and im pretty sure i need to not run unity on it haha06:05
atlas1729app transitions alone cripples it06:05
hydeI'd try first if xubuntu or ubuntu mate (xubuntu-desktop or ubuntu-mate-desktop packages) work well enough, then fall back to lubuntu06:06
saigood morning06:07
=== cyphase is now known as Guest2274
lotuspsychjesai: welcome, what can we do for you?06:07
hydeatlas1729:  apt get install xxx-desktop. try it out. if not ok, apt-get autoremove --purge xxx-desktop  shoudl allow pretty clean way to try them out without leaving a lot of crud06:07
saihello lotuspsychje sir06:08
atlas1729much appreciated! ill check it out - hopefully it can alleviate those issues. i'd love for this old thing to work as an intro to linux for me06:09
lyallsudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-mozilla-daily/firefox-aurora06:12
cfhowlettlyall, you might try that in a  terminal ...06:13
krocosHi, is any method to change application name to icon on the panel where the tray placed on the left?06:20
oemgrüßt euch06:22
lotuspsychje!de | oem06:22
ubottuoem: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!06:22
lotuspsychje!test | anden06:22
ubottuanden: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use /join #test )06:22
NekoTheCatUhmmm I just mistakenly ran sudo make install before make06:23
NekoTheCatHow har did I fck up?06:23
lotuspsychjekrocos: maybe this can help: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UnityLaunchersAndDesktopFiles06:23
lotuspsychje!make | NekoTheCat06:24
ubottuNekoTheCat: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)06:24
LibertyWeNeedwhat is the Free Software Image Host so I can attach images to show someone something on IRC?06:25
Bashing-om!paste LibertyWeNeed06:26
Bashing-om!paste | LibertyWeNeed06:26
ubottuLibertyWeNeed: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.06:26
LibertyWeNeedubottu, do you know of any GPL equivalents?06:27
ubottuLibertyWeNeed: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:27
NekoTheCatSo... someone intelligent pls halp? ;_;06:28
locksmith2i put my pants on06:28
saihi om06:31
krocoslotuspsychje, it is not exactly that I want. I want to set icon permanently, not for the one app. Like this http://storage9.static.itmages.com/i/15/0826/h_1440570711_8412775_66a2b8f2b8.png06:31
atlas1729ahh xcfe is much better06:32
gustav1234xHi. Can you help me with Ubuntu OpenStack?06:32
lotuspsychjekrocos: thats for mac, not ubuntu06:36
lotuspsychjegustav1234x: try the #openstack channel perhaps06:36
=== andrewm87 is now known as andrewm
gustav1234xYeah, they’re asleep.06:37
lotuspsychjegustav1234x: 900 users:p you might wanna ask and idle06:37
krocoslotuspsychje, that is but is it possible to get done something similar in the unity?06:38
lotuspsychjekrocos: you can try to set a mac theme on unity with conky perhaps06:39
lotuspsychje!info conky | krocos06:39
ubottukrocos: conky (source: conky): highly configurable system monitor (transitional package). In component universe, is optional. Version 1.9.0-6build1 (vivid), package size 3 kB, installed size 43 kB06:39
gustav1234xlotuspsychje: It’s really a problem with MAAS.06:39
minimeckrocos: For the panel icon... http://www.pendrivelinux.com/changing-the-ubuntu-start-menu-panel-icon/06:39
lotuspsychjegustav1234x: and we have a #maas channel also :p06:40
gustav1234xlotuspsychje: LOL. Okay. :P06:40
kostashi everyone06:41
saihello  kostas06:42
kostasa warm good morning from Greece06:42
gustav1234xkostas: <306:43
=== andrewm87 is now known as andrewm
=== andrewm is now known as andrewm87
stubCan anyone tell me if python2 has been dropped from the default install of wily? I'm most interested in server and cloud if that makes a difference.06:51
=== iman is now known as Guest28144
goddardwhy does ufw block USB ports?06:53
lotuspsychje!info python206:53
ubottuPackage python2 does not exist in vivid06:53
lotuspsychje!info python | stub06:55
ubottustub: python (source: python-defaults): interactive high-level object-oriented language (default version). In component main, is optional. Version 2.7.9-1 (vivid), package size 133 kB, installed size 680 kB06:55
lotuspsychjestub: join #ubuntu+1 for wily questions06:55
stuboptional, ta.06:55
theblindghoulie3sry to post here, no one is responding in ##Linux. I am trying to dual boot my mac with Linux Mint and keep getting the error upon trying to load the OS no bios dp data06:57
pagioshi guys, anyone using a chromebook?06:58
lotuspsychje!mint | theblindghoulie306:58
ubottutheblindghoulie3: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org06:58
theblindghoulie3thank you06:59
lotuspsychjepagios: best is to ask your specific question in the channel, so others can read06:59
kostaspagios: yep, but whiped the drive and installed xubuntu06:59
minimecpagios: I may be able to help. acer c720p chromebook06:59
pagiosok great, i have a toshiba chromebook2, installed crouton and running ubuntu 14.04 inside all is great, until i reached a point where my android is not recognized when i plug it via the usb port07:00
pagiosi also dont have kvm features as the cpu is compatible but not enabled in BIOS07:00
NekoTheCatHow can I install a binary so I can just run the command instead of navigatins all the way to it?07:01
minimecpagios: Ok. So I wiped ChromeOS and use a clean fedora22 installation on it. So I cannot help you with USB related things with Crouton. The ChromeOS kernel should be able to handle USB. Can you plug a USB webcam or so?07:02
pagiosminimec: so mainly you wiped the whole chromeos ?!07:03
FlannelNekoTheCat: Put it somewhere on your PATH (echo $PATH).  If you want it installed for everyone that uses your computer, you'd put it in /usr/local/bin/, if you want it installed just for you, you'd put it in ~/bin/07:03
lotuspsychjepagios: you could try to install the android tools for ubuntu07:04
pagioslotuspsychje: i did07:04
minimecpagios: exactly... And also set legacy_boot as default. So it simply boots into grub2...07:04
pagiosminimec: any tutorials?07:04
lotuspsychjepagios: can you try a tail -f /var/log/syslog and plugin your android07:04
pagiosand is there a wa to get back chromeOS afterwards?07:04
pagiosif something messy happens, i dont want to be locked in07:05
minimecpagios: Well I don't know if that is also possible with your Toshiba crhomebook2... Let's see...07:05
lotuspsychjepagios: did you unlock your android device to developer mode?07:05
pagioslotuspsychje: sure, it works fine on my other laptop07:06
minimecpagios: MIght be tricky with the Toshiba Chromebook. "Toshiba CB2 does not have Seabios..." from here http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/answers/id-2400256/install-ubuntu-toshiba-chromebook-crouton.html07:07
minimecpagios: Answer from "Valence"07:07
pagiosso i dont have any choice07:09
pagiosbut i dont see why my android is not recognized by ubuntu in crouton07:10
minimecpagios: Yeah. Looks like Crouton is the way to go.07:12
minimecpagios: MAybe a problem with MTP. Android connects as MTP device. This is sometimes tricky with Linux.07:13
lotuspsychjedesiderio1: welcome, what can we do for you?07:24
inkscaper25576yo de granada07:26
lotuspsychje!es | inkscaper2557607:26
ubottuinkscaper25576: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.07:26
inkscaper25576alguno con conocimientos de wordpress07:26
bazhangtry #wordpress inkscaper2557607:27
=== inkscaper25576 is now known as spain
mikhael_k33hlUbuntu no longer boots up. Tried to run a live Ubuntu via usb and running Boot repair but an error occurred: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12197625/07:33
Mattiasmikhael_k33hl: Do you boot from the correct ssd? Go into the BIOS and try setting the correct one in bootup sequence07:36
lotuspsychje!recovery | mikhael_k33hl try this maybe07:37
ubottumikhael_k33hl try this maybe: If your system fails to boot normally, it may be useful to boot it into recovery mode. For instructions, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode07:37
mikhael_k33hlMattias: during bootup pressed F12 and tried booting up from all available options07:37
mikhael_k33hllotuspsychje: I'll give that a try07:37
lotuspsychjemikhael_k33hl: when did this all start to happen?07:38
mikhael_k33hlJust turned off my computer yesterday, when I turned it back on today, this is what happened.07:38
lotuspsychjemikhael_k33hl: after an update perhaps?07:38
Mattiasan update shouldn't remove grub -.-07:39
MattiasOr can it?07:39
lotuspsychjeMattias: sometimes updates have influence on boot, not specially grub07:40
mikhael_k33hllotuspsychje: Recovery doesn't work, it'll only display the word GRUB on a black screen with the letter C then when I press anything, it says "Reboot and Select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key.07:40
MattiasSure, a new linux kernel, but grub should still show the last kernel as an option in case the new one doesn't work. But yeah, maybe it was a new grub update I don't know about.07:41
ikoniaubuntu will always keep at least N -1 kernel in the grub menu07:42
overdrivehi, is there any way to enable back again the setup prompt/ncurses to set ubuntu/system user password at boot time?07:44
overdriveubuntu has root account disabled with no password, and I was wondering if there is any way, not only to set the user password on the first boot, but later on, in an already installed and configured system07:44
tamltnmarcogood morning07:44
ikoniaoverdrive: what is the problem you are trying to solve07:45
minimecoverdrive: 'sudo -i', then 'passwd' wil give you the possibility to set a root password after installation.07:46
Mattiasmikhael_k33hl: And reading that output, there is no real error apart from that it can't find grub on the second ssd and it can't use the second ssd since it is busy. But it does find grub on the first ssd and everything is fine there. Basically it means grub is ok. The second thing to fix is a working linux kernel. Which should be there as an option. If you see nothing under grub, something must have happened07:46
Mattiasto the grub config file. Use a recovery system you can put on the USB and fix all that.07:46
Mattiasoverdrive: highly recommended not to set a root password. it's a security risk. and you don't need it since the user can become root whenever it wants using the user password, if the user has admin rights with sudo07:48
Mattiasoverdrive: so to remove a password from a user, root as an example, you can use "sudo passwd -l root".07:49
Mattiassimilarly, you can set a new password skipping the -l part07:50
mikhael_k33hlMattias: How do I fix it? I'm currently running a live usb Ubuntu mate, hehehe07:50
Mattiasmikhael_k33hl: Well, grub seems to work. So.. try to reinstall all kernels for a start, here is a nice answer: http://askubuntu.com/questions/28099/how-to-restore-a-system-after-accidentally-removing-all-kernels07:51
MattiasAssuming you do see grub when booting up07:51
GAM002!ubuntu tweak08:01
ubottuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com08:01
GAM002how to install ubuntu tweak?08:02
ubottuTo just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.08:02
shoaibwhen i start tor from terminal i get this error08:03
mikhael_k33hlMattias: tried that, still doesn't work . . .08:03
Mattiasmikhael_k33hl: Ok, What do you see when grub launches now? Still no entries?08:03
shoaibany help please?08:03
lotuspsychje!msgthebot | GAM00208:04
ubottuGAM002: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".08:04
mikhael_k33hlMattias: can't even get to grub, black screen saying  ""Reboot and Select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key."08:04
MattiasAh, ok, that's your BIOS not seeing grub then. Usually it's the wrong disk selected in bootup.08:05
MattiasIf it's not, then something is wrong with that recovery tool, because it could see it :)08:05
Mattiasshoaib: Looks like Tor is already running. Or something else is already using port 905008:06
shoaibi killed tor and started again, it did something called bootstrapping but same error08:06
shoaibhow can i find out what is using port 9050 and stop it from using it?08:07
lotuspsychje!tor | shoaib08:07
ubottushoaib: Tor is a program to route connections through several servers for anonymity. It is in Ubuntu's repositories, but the Tor Project recommends using their Tor packages due to past issues with Ubuntu's. For setup info, see option (2) of https://www.torproject.org/docs/debian.html.en | To use Tor on freenode, see !tor-sasl08:07
Mattiasshoaib: what does this give you?: ss -aln | grep 905008:07
Mattiasshoaib: hint: that should return nothing for it to work.08:07
shoaibtcp    LISTEN     0      128                    *:*08:08
Mattiasshoaib: That tells you something is already running using that port.08:09
Mattiasshoaib: have you tried: sudo service tor restart08:09
shoaibno, shall i do it now?08:09
Mattiassee what happens, not sure if it has a service script though (I don't use tor)08:09
MattiasI prefer using a vpn08:10
shoaibJob for tor.service failed. See "systemctl status tor.service" and "journalctl -xe" for details.08:10
shoaibcan i find out what is using 9050?08:10
Mattiasnetstat -tulpn | grep :905008:11
mikhael_k33hlMattias: oh man, this is a mess. . .08:11
shoaibtcp        0      0*               LISTEN      11456/tor08:12
Mattiasmikhael_k33hl: Yeah, I've had issues with bootup before on my current computer. Took a while to figure out. Just try everything you can find and hope for the best. The current message you get just means it can't find grub or another bootloader on the selected disk for bootup08:12
Mattiasshoaib: see, tor already running08:13
=== remco_ is now known as Guest73224
shoaibbut its not even opening08:13
shoaibi cant open it08:13
shoaibnot from terminal not from the shortcut08:13
overdriveikonia / minimec / Mattias : sorry I was away from keyboard. Really I have a user (not root) with some default password set, and then I configure the system (with some configuration manager). And then, the idea, is in the next boot, set the password for this "new user" (not root) in interactive way for the first user that boots the system, in order to change the "default password" I set initially.08:14
drethyI have a folder with subfolders and files. I made a copy of the folder and changed some of the files in the folder. Is there an easy way to remove all the unchanged files from my copy, so I'm left with only the changed/new/different files in comparison to the original folder?08:14
=== Eggs is now known as Guest51694
Dro__i'm wondering why skype in ubuntu keep clearing chat even the option "keep forever" is selected08:17
PudgePacketHi, I'm about to Install Ubuntu instead of windows, I have a Primary small SSD for the OS and a large HDD for secondary storage. Is it possible to install Ubuntu and leave the HDD untouched with all my files intact?08:19
lotuspsychjePudgePacket: yes possible08:19
lotuspsychjePudgePacket: you will use the second drive as ntfs data?08:19
PudgePacketlotuspsychje: Yes. Is that not recommeded?08:20
eclectichedgehogPudgePacket, thats fine08:20
lotuspsychjePudgePacket: sure thats fine mate, just make a backup before you install and make sure you dont choose the data hd as install drive ok08:21
PudgePacketSo any drives that are not the install drive will be left untouched?08:21
lotuspsychjePudgePacket: how big is your ssd?08:21
lotuspsychjePudgePacket: correct08:21
PudgePacket256 GB08:21
lotuspsychjePudgePacket: wich brand please?08:22
Mattiasoverdrive: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/rhel-debian-force-users-to-change-passwords/08:22
PudgePacketCorsair Force LS SSD SCSI Disk Device08:23
mikhael_k33hlMattias: not sure what happened, but tried this: http://howtoubuntu.org/how-to-repair-restore-reinstall-grub-2-with-a-ubuntu-live-cd08:24
MattiasPudgePacket: I'd highly recommend going with a native linux filesystem. ntfs might cause you some corrupt files under linux, but I haven't used it for years. Not sure how permissions would work on ntfs either.08:24
lotuspsychjePudgePacket: ok make sure there all new firmwares are up to date on your ssd08:24
mikhael_k33hlMattias: It's workign now, perhaps grub needed an update? I''m not sure though08:24
Mattiasmikhael_k33hl: something must have happened to grub. well, now you have a fresh kernel and a fresh grub ;)08:24
lotuspsychjeMattias: it will ask admin pass to mount ntfs08:25
Mattiaslotuspsychje: I'd try to get a new hdd which can fit all the files, format it to ext4, then move over all files there. After that reformat the other hdd to ext4 :P08:25
MattiasI don't trust ntfs under linux08:26
lotuspsychjeMattias: yes of course its more reccomended, but in his case a big windows drive with lot of data08:26
MattiasThen again, I have an awful lots of hdd's in my case. each OS has their own storage drives :) each OS also has their own ssd drives08:26
GAM002How to clean Janito with ubuntu tweak?08:29
PudgePacketlotuspsychje: I'm using the corsair ssd tool box from corsair to update the firmware and it said update failed... This is going to be interesting :)08:29
satellite_how can i disable chromium youtube lag?08:31
satellite_it had to do with chaching i think08:31
PudgePacketlotuspsychje: Is there a problem with using a slightly out of date firmware for SSD? It's only 2 minor versions behind.08:33
PudgePacketI'll try a reboot...08:34
satellite_chromium youtube lag, please help08:35
Furai"ACPI PCC probe failed error" - I choose you #ubuntu, solutions please.08:37
eclectichedgehogsatellite_, more info like cpu, memory08:37
TJ-Furai: Don't worry about it; it's a stray debug message the kernel dev forgot to silence. It's since been patched out08:38
satellite_eclectichedgehog,  Intel Pentium® M Processor 760, 1024MB DDR2 SDRAM08:39
eclectichedgehogsatellite_, if youre viewing 720 or 1080 clips on youtube then that system might struggle08:41
satellite_720p can work. it's something about settings. when buffer is done, it works perfect08:42
eclectichedgehogthen it could be a slow or faulty internet connection maybe08:43
Bigsistahi all. we're running a quick install of ubunru server 14.04.3... now apt-get update fails, although routes and dns are correct. is that a known issue atm?08:43
eclectichedgehogBigsista, fails, how?08:43
BigsistaFailed to fetch http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/trusty-security/multiverse/binary-amd64/Packages  Unable to connect to security.ubuntu.com:http: [IP: 80]08:43
satellite_eclectichedgehog, connection is relatively fast, i am talking about lag that is there even if there is alot of buffering surplus08:44
Mattiassatellite_: installed the latest gfx drivers?08:45
FuraiTJ-, does it affect in any way boot time? Could adding acpi=off to grub config make it faster?08:46
TJ-Furai: no, it makes zero difference to boot times08:47
Furaiok, thanks08:47
TJ-Furai: It's simply reporting that the ACPI sub-system doesn't have Power Clocking Control08:47
satellite_Mattias, no, drivers are fine08:47
MattiasAnd don't trust the buffer bar, sometimes it might show more than it has actually buffered. You might not have enough of a buffer. And depending on video, even on a 100Mbit line it might not buffer fast enough. Because youtube might actually be slow :P08:47
FuraiToday it seems as well that upstart had some problems starting. Dunno why, I was sure I was using systemd anyway.08:48
MattiasI've noticed certain videos are faster than others, not sure if it's because of different youtube servers08:48
FuraiMaybe I did something wrong.08:48
satellite_Mattias, there is enough on buffer, it's reliable08:50
MattiasBigsista: tried to ping security.ubuntu.com? Or even check if your dns has a record for it with: dig security.ubuntu.com a08:50
Mattiassatellite_: when it is fully loaded, does it lag anything?08:50
Bigsistadig works well08:50
satellite_on 100% no but on 75% yes even when i am on beginning, and i'd like to fix this08:51
Bigsistaalready disabled ipv6 w/ a new config in /etc/sysctl.d08:51
Mattiassatellite_: and doesn't happen in other browsers?08:52
=== pabed1 is now known as pabed
satellite_Mattias, it's slow in firefox and chromium seems to be fastest08:52
MattiasBigsista: It looks like the server just drops you. try forcing another ip from the dig list using /etc/hosts for security.ubuntu.com08:52
MattiasBigsista: for me it uses
Mattiassatellite_: does chromium use the html5 player? or is it the flash player?08:54
satellite_html5 players doesn't show half videos08:54
satellite_it's flash08:54
Mattiastry using the html5 player, it works exactly the same for me as the flash player does, but better.08:54
eclectichedgehogwell thats a problem in itself08:54
satellite_Mattias, i feel in my guts it have to do with chaching08:55
Mattiassatellite_: https://www.youtube.com/html508:55
MattiasJust try it ;)08:55
Mattiasflash is a security risk anyways08:55
eclectichedgehogMattias, doesn't youtube use html5 as default now anyway?08:55
Mattiaseclectichedgehog: sometimes it doesn't. not sure why, you notice it if you block flash.08:55
Mattiasa refresh usually switches back to html508:56
BigsistaMattias: nice one. thx08:56
satellite_Mattias, how to enable this?08:56
satellite_do i have to be logged in on youtube?08:57
eclectichedgehogsatellite_, remove flash would be a good move :)08:57
=== Whitesqu_ is now known as Whitesquall
Mattiassatellite_: apparently you can't "enable" it anymore, it just shows if the browser supports everything. It'll be used when possible...08:58
Mattiassatellite_: So as eclectichedgehog mentions, disable flash. Don't want it activated anyways ;)08:58
satellite_Mattias, it doesnt work08:59
satellite_chrome://plugins - disable adobe flash player, same thing09:00
Mattiassatellite_: tried refreshing? No player?09:00
satellite_got player but problem is the same09:00
MattiasI see, well, we fixed a security risk at least. ;)09:02
satellite_Mattias, perhaps you are just a beginner, willing to help09:02
Mattiassatellite_: there are no beginners or expert. Just people who has knowledge about different things.09:02
Bigsistawhat's the default desktop package to install for 14.04?09:03
MattiasBy that definition you would call an expert a beginner because he doesn't know one thing you know09:03
Bigsistawe have some unexpericence users who need a desktop on that server09:03
eclectichedgehogsatellite_, as I said before your macine with 1GB of DDR2  isnt the best for modern day playback of youtube anyway09:03
satellite_Mattias, solution is possible09:04
lotuspsychje!info ubuntu-desktop | Bigsista09:04
ubottuBigsista: ubuntu-desktop (source: ubuntu-meta): The Ubuntu desktop system. In component main, is optional. Version 1.334 (vivid), package size 3 kB, installed size 60 kB09:04
Mattiassatellite_: well, others have had the same issues, and it was because of flash.09:05
Mattiassatellite_: one possible fix was to disable all flash versions (yes, some had several installed) then enable the latest one. Each computer is different. Now knowing you have 1GB of DDR2 ram, I don't even understand how you can play 1080p videos :P09:05
Bigsistaok. thx.09:06
lotuspsychjeBigsista: you amight also ask in #ubuntu-server what are more reccomended ways to install what you need09:06
Bigsistalast question: is there a good php5.4 repo for 14.04 lts?09:06
satellite_Mattias, i'll try with chrome instead of chromium. might get extra settings there. i never mentioned 1080p, but 720p and it CAN work09:07
lotuspsychje!info php | Bigsista09:07
ubottuBigsista: Package php does not exist in vivid09:07
lotuspsychje!info php5 | Bigsista09:07
ubottuBigsista: php5 (source: php5): server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language (metapackage). In component main, is optional. Version 5.6.4+dfsg-4ubuntu6.2 (vivid), package size 1 kB, installed size 29 kB09:07
lotuspsychjeBigsista: its reccomended to use the versions for your ubuntu version, not untrusted ppa's09:08
eclectichedgehogsatellite_, remember that ubuntu has just eaten approx half your 1GB of memory and chromium/chrome is a heavyweight browser so that is asking for problems09:09
Mattiassatellite_: I couldn't even get it to work on a desktop with 8gb ram (because the graphics card wasn't good enough). Which graphics card do you have?09:09
satellite_Mattias, something very old but able for hd09:11
Mattiassatellite_: I'm sure a real video player could play it, but this is through a browser. It might barely be able to play it when it is fully buffered, but while buffering it is too much09:12
eclectichedgehoga quick test here on youtube shows chrome is using 500MB+ playing a youtube vid09:14
rawiriI applied recent software updates (updated my kernel to 3.19) and when I rebooted I get this message: "ACPI PCC Probe Failed, starting version 219" then the system just hangs and doesn't proceed...09:21
rawiriAny ideas?09:21
rawiriWhen I set my driver back to Nouvea, I can boot back in normally again.09:21
lotuspsychjerawiri: ubuntu version and grafix card chipset please?09:22
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rawirilotuspsycheje: Thanks, just a sec...09:26
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rawiri01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GK104 [GeForce GTX 760] (rev a1)09:28
=== xdphctv1p618_ is now known as xdphctv1p618
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rawiriubuntu 15.0409:29
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lotuspsychjerawiri: do you know if thats an optimus card?09:29
rawiriOh, I'm not sure... do you know how I can find that out?09:30
=== g_byers is now known as Guest44528
lotuspsychjerawiri: just checked, its not optimus09:31
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lotuspsychjerawiri: keep in mind that LTS might perform better09:31
lotuspsychjerawiri: we have many users on 15.04 with black screens09:32
mcphaillotuspsychje: no reason to have a black screen on 15.04 with that card09:33
rawirimcphail: I got in with your suggestion yesterday but then it did the same thing again after I rebooted....09:33
=== Guest34432 is now known as shroud
mcphailrawiri: you were running the binary nvidia driver? Which one, and from which source?09:34
lotuspsychjemcphail: i just mention reality mate, alot of users get this after updates09:35
mcphaillotuspsychje: the plural of anecdote is not data09:36
rawirilotuspsychje: I was using 346.59, just selecting the driver through the "Software & Updates" settings...09:38
rawiriSeems to be fine across to other PC's I use...09:38
mcphailrawiri: can you boot the newest kernel by adding "nomodeset" to the boot parameters?09:39
rawirimcphail: I'll give that a go09:42
rawirimcphail: That worked. Will that persist? Or Will things go back to normal when I try to boot in normally next time?09:51
CelphishElo everyone!09:51
CelphishGot a simple question for you:09:51
lotuspsychjeCelphish: welcome, what can we do for you09:51
mcphailrawiri: you can make it persist, but it is suboptimal. Best to make it boot with the proper drivers09:51
mcphailrawiri: from your newly booted machine, run "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install --reinstall nvidia-346"09:52
CelphishIf I have a server, which happends to have 2 unmounted 1tb-disks on it, and it's also running a very important company for our business, will anything be interrupted if I add the 2 drives to fstab and type "mount -a"? will it dismount the original drive or just add the new?09:52
lotuspsychjeCelphish: try #ubuntu-server mate09:53
Celphishlotuspsychje: aah, ok, thanks :) I'll stay here too, since I'm now running Ubuntu 14.04 on my work-laptop :D09:53
mcphailrawiri: let me know if there are any errors09:53
overdrivethanks Mattias, it looks exactly what i was looking for. Is there any way to force some strong policy passwords when I am asking for those? I cannot see any option in chage command for that. But maybe I should change some config files in etc09:53
rawirimcphail: Thanks, I will. Gonna give that a go now.09:54
satellite_Mattias, i solved 720p in chromium without lag09:56
satellite_sudo apt-get remove adobe-flashplugin && sudo apt-get remove flashplugin-installer09:57
satellite_sudo apt-get remove chromium-browser && sudo apt-get remove pepperflashplugin-nonfree09:58
satellite_sudo apt-get install chromium-browser && sudo apt-get install pepperflashplugin-nonfree09:58
satellite_that's it, works like a charm, i knew it's possible :)09:59
mcphailrawiri: I'm going to be in meetings for a couple of hours but you can ping me later and I can try to help10:03
rawirimcphail: Ok. Thanks for your help so far.10:04
user190does anyone know how can you format a usb stick to its full original size from ubuntu10:11
lotuspsychje!info gparted | user19010:11
ubottuuser190: gparted (source: gparted): GNOME partition editor. In component main, is optional. Version 0.19.0-2 (vivid), package size 528 kB, installed size 1868 kB10:11
nmeeHi, is there a "best practice" way of making sure services are running? (`service start xxx`). I read up on supervisor, but it seems it's more focused on stand-alone scripts/programs etc.10:19
user190anyone played league of legends on ubuntu with wine10:20
weeshatdid I?10:22
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muelliwhat's the Ubuntu way of getting https://code.launchpad.net/~daniele-athome/pygpgme/pygpgme/+merge/173333 integrated?10:27
mistralolmuelli: contact the maintaner for the package you want patched i assume?10:28
muellimistralol: good suggestion. Been there done that. What's next?10:32
=== Kaneki is now known as Yukkino
mistralolwait for response?10:32
=== seb_ is now known as sebalix
=== sebalix is now known as 7F1AAF8YB
muellimistralol: good suggestion. How long do you think is appropriate?  What about, say, half a year.  What then?10:33
mistralolmuelli: not sure then. Could raise a bug I guess but i assume you have done that already10:34
abdellahi look woman to mariedd10:34
muellimistralol: check.10:34
mistralolmuelli: there is probably a way to flag the package as abandoned by maintainer10:34
mistralolthen become the maintainer ;)10:34
muellifair enough.  mistralol: do you more about that flagging process?10:35
mistralolmuelli: dunno whats the package?10:36
TJ-muelli: first thing is to ensure your patch and merge request are for the development version, currently 15.10. Once that is accepted and released, request an SRU for previous releases if appropriate (usually only bug-fixes)10:38
mistralolmuelli: also an active report helps too :D10:39
TJ-muelli: it looks as if the lp:pygpgme branch is no longer active; the python-gpgme debian/Changelog shows a new upstream release was packaged in 201410:42
mistralolTJ-: just wondering how do you go about getting a package into ubuntu?10:43
backdoorxmistralol: ppa10:44
pagioshi guys10:44
pagiosi am pluggin my phone via usb calbe into my laptop (ubuntu) lsusb does not show any difference10:44
mistralolbackdoorx: where would you go from there? You get somebody to approave it?10:45
pagiosany idea?10:45
pagiosoutput is same as when not pluggin anything10:45
TJ-mistralol: package it, and propose it via a use-case in a bug report, plus an email to ubuntu-devel@ is a good start10:45
rory-I've got some logs in the form: 2015-03-05 21:31:59  Rory    Foo10:47
rory-But I can't grep for "Rory     "10:48
rory-What do10:48
=== rory- is now known as rory
TJ-rory: what are you trying to match ?10:48
dw1grep "Rory\ \ \ \"10:49
inthey guys, I'm in need of some help10:49
dw1or just the quotes10:49
rorydw1: Yeah I tried that too10:50
roryTJ-: It's my IRC logs. The example I gave is me saying "Foo". I want to grep for only lines I've said, not lines with contain my nick10:50
roryTJ-: Hence "Rory     " not just "Rory"10:50
dw1maybe it's not a space but a tab10:50
roryWhen I select it click and drag, it seems to be spaces10:50
roryI actually copied and pasted into my grep command10:51
intI've got a Ubuntu installation on a USB drive, which works fine on a number of my computers. The problem is with my laptop, which has a broken wireless card. Something about it forces my laptop to become unresponsive and freeze within minutes of turning on10:51
TJ-rory: "egrep '^[-0-9: ]* Rory'  "10:51
EriC^^rory: grep 'Rory     ' if you want to grep for the spaces10:51
intThis problem also sorta happens with my Windows 7 installation, but disabling the device fixes it10:51
roryNo dice10:52
roryEriC^^: Single quotes? 'll try now10:52
intI don't know how to do it on Ubuntu10:52
nonicknamehello friends10:52
roryNope, the only results are this conversation, me quoting it above10:52
EriC^^rory: are you sure? it works here..10:53
nonicknameEriC^^:  who works here ?10:53
rory100% sure. This is default weechat log format10:53
bishopsHi guys, any ideas why google integration (such as viewing calendar in the top panel under the date) works sporadically in Ubuntu 14.04?10:54
rorynonickname: nobody "works" here10:54
EriC^^nonickname: the command works10:54
TJ-rory: see http://paste.ubuntu.com/12198559/10:54
roryyeah TJ-10:55
nonicknamerory:  its awesome  command10:55
TJ-rory: if those spaces are actually tabs (0x09) then use: " egrep '^[-0-9: ]*[[:space:]]*Rory'  "10:55
roryIt works for where I've typed "Rory    " in this channel. But those are the only results10:55
roryTJ-: I'll try that10:55
roryTJ-: Thanks, that's it. Guess they were tabs10:56
habbasiHello. My PC boots into a black screen once I select Install Xubuntu. Monitor goes into power save mode,10:56
TJ-rory: Pro Tip. when in doubt "hexdump -C /path/to/file | less" and look at the character codes :)10:56
habbasiKeyboard is responsive, caps lock turns on and off.10:57
TJ-habbasi: does the PC have multiple monitor outputs?10:57
habbasiTJ-: There's a few, yes.10:57
jjavah0lici can't deselect using touchpad what can i do to resolve this?10:57
habbasiTJ-: I'll try the ones I can.10:58
TJ-habbasi: sometimes, althought rarely, the wrong monitor output can be selected. The other issue is that the monitor cannot support the resolution being requested by the OS due to the monitor not providing the correct resolution information via EDID10:58
habbasiTJ-: I was thinking resolution too. Is there a way to force it?11:00
habbasiTJ-: (To a specific resolution)11:00
TJ-habbasi: usually if the EDID is invalid the driver will only ask for VESA standard resolutions and timings, which all monitors must support11:00
pan-dhello people new to bit coin11:01
nonicknamehow i ignore join and quit msg in to this channel?11:01
TJ-habbasi: does the Installer you're using have a "Try Ubuntu" option? If so, use that first11:01
cfhowlett!quietirc | nonickname11:02
ubottunonickname: To ignore joins/parts/quits in your favorite IRC client, see http://wiki.xkcd.com/irc/Hide_join_part_messages11:02
habbasiTJ-: Tried all options, even the disk checking one.11:02
TJ-habbasi: OK, use the Try Ubuntu option but before starting it press F6 to edit the advanced options and on the kernel command-line that is shown add "nomodeset" and then boot it11:03
TJ-habbasi: I think it is F6... it does say at the bottom of the boot screen... lower-right corner11:03
bqhow do i check a software version before I run 'apt-get install <software>'?11:06
cfhowlettbq, apt-get show software11:06
EriC^^bq: apt-cache policy <package>11:06
nonicknameblah --version11:06
habbasiTJ-: No dice. Should I switch the mobo to iGPU and then check?11:07
TJ-habbasi: Ahhh... Optimus? Yes, that is probably going to help :D11:07
habbasiTJ-: (There is no advanced options key)11:07
pan-dbitcoin prob11:07
habbasiTJ-: No. It's a desktop.11:07
pan-dhow do i do transactons , carry out bitcoin shit11:07
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bqcfhowlett: show is an invalid operation11:08
cfhowlettpan-d, no profanity.11:09
cfhowlettbq, apt show packagename11:09
TJ-habbasi: is the system UEFI?11:09
pan-dsorry cfhowlet11:10
pan-dbut pls can someone hlep me out11:10
TJ-habbasi: if so it'll only show a GRUB boot menu. The Legacy/ISO9660/El-Torito boot shows those options11:10
cfhowlettpan-d, this is ubuntu support and bitcoin ... ain't ubuntu.  pretty sure there's a wiki or a reddit explaining things, but it's off-topic here11:11
TJ-pan-d: this channel is for Ubuntu support only. You'll need to ask in bitcoin-specific channels for that kind of help11:11
intis reposting my question discouraged here?11:12
intI don't think anyone read it11:12
bqEriC^^: that is even simpler11:12
cfhowlettint, every 10 minutes or so is reasonable interval. ask11:12
intI'm trying to disable a device on a certain computer11:13
TJ-int: I'd think the best thing to do would be remove the faulty device11:13
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intI think it's soldered onto the motherboard or something11:13
intI wish it were that easy11:13
TJ-int: however, to stop Linux from using the device you can 'blacklist' its driver11:13
inthow would I find it?11:13
TJ-int: usually WiFi devices in laptops are connected via mini-PCIe slots11:13
ImOk-365what device?11:13
nonicknamepan-d: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=ubuntu+create+bitcoin+transaction11:13
TJ-int: "lspci -nnk" will list the devices and the driver in use11:14
intlmOk-365: AR9285 wireless network adapter11:14
TJ-int: once you know the driver name, it can be added to a text file in "/etc/modprobe.d/" with a line of the form "blacklist <module-name>"11:15
intTJ-  that's where the problem appears. Ubuntu completely crashes within a minute or two of powering on11:15
intI wouldn't be able to do it quickly enough11:15
TJ-int: Is the system booting from GRUB?11:15
intnot familiar with that11:15
habbasiTJ-: Will legacy install as UEFI?11:16
nonicknameubuntu is free but how to force my boss for donate ?11:16
TJ-int: in which case, hold down shift as the PC is starting until you get the grub boot menu showing, then press 'C' for the command-line, and type "insmod lspci" and then "lspci"11:16
TJ-habbasi: No. Installation is in the same mode as the installer booted11:16
intalright. give me a moment11:16
habbasiTJ-: Difficult to explain, but I have a complex multi-boot setup, and I need UEFI.11:17
nonicknameany way ?11:17
TJ-int: you may want to have a camera handy to take a photo of the results of 'lspci' to show us, to help ID the device11:17
habbasinonickname: Tell him the Ubuntu devs are doing great work.11:17
cfhowlettnonickname, forcing your boss - or anyone - to do anything exceeds the range of support offered by this channel11:17
ImOk-365int, are you sure about this soldered device?11:17
habbasinonickname: And they deserve to be rewarded.11:17
intlmok-365, sorta kinda11:18
ImOk-365sounds unusual, take another look? i think you could just remove it11:18
intthat's what I read when I googled around for the problem11:18
ImOk-365or unplug at least11:18
TJ-habbasi: OK, so when the installer starts you get a GRUB boot menu, yes? In which case highlight the Install entry, press 'e' to edit it, navigate to the line beginning "linux ..." and at then end of the line, but before any double-hyphens (--) add the word "nomodeset" then press either F10 or Ctrl+X to boot with that11:18
TJ-int: what is the make/model of the PC?11:19
intTJ-: ASUS N53J11:19
intlmok-365: I'm too scared to open it up man11:19
intI could mess something up beyond repair11:20
bithondie potato!11:20
nonicknamei try to personal support, buying wearables etc, haven't any distro on turkey.11:20
r1k1_grub dosent kill your laptop bios may if setup wrong11:20
habbasiTJ-: Same. Wait, let me try something,11:21
ZangoAnybody online inhere?11:21
ZangoHey Wonderworld!11:22
cfhowlettZango, just ask your ubuntu question11:22
TJ-int: it is plugged in on a connector. see Step 24 of http://www.insidemylaptop.com/disassemble-asus-n53s-laptop-fix-dc-power-jack/11:22
ZangoWhich Ubuntu question? o.O11:22
ZangoI thought it is chatroom and not Ubuntu support?11:22
cfhowlettZango, this is ubuntu support.11:22
cfhowlett!topic | Zango11:22
ubottuZango: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic11:22
TJ-!ot | Zango11:23
ubottuZango: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!11:23
nonicknamemy boss haven't any idea about of "ubuntu", he use 3110 phone !11:23
intTJ-: looks pretty risky.....11:24
intI could bite the bullet and try it tomorrow11:24
TJ-int: looks straight-forward to me :) But I can take them apart blindfold by now :p11:24
ImOk-365int, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1fV1hSxmuc&t=12m20s11:25
habbasiTJ-: No luck. :/11:25
TJ-int: in the meantime, if you use the GRUB boot lspci trick we can ID the device and help you blacklist it11:25
TJ-habbasi: what make/model of PC is that?11:25
intokay, photo coming up11:25
intinteresting video lmOk-365, I'll keep it around11:26
ImOk-365but....i may have missed, why driver updates aren't solving anything?11:26
ImOk-365yeah, that part i linked to is the removal of the wireless card11:26
habbasiTJ-: Important components are a GA-Z97X-Gaming GT mobo and a GTX 970.11:27
hateballhabbasi: I may have missed some information, but you need a later driver than what is in 15.04 to support GTX97011:28
TJ-int: I'm going to guess, from the linux source code, the device ID is 168c:002b11:28
Mattiasoverdrive: never used chage myself so I don't really know.11:29
habbasihateball: Hmm. Is there a way to at least get it to install?11:29
intyep, that's on the list, labeled "Network controller"11:29
intanyway, here's the pic11:29
TJ-habbasi: If the nouveau driver doesn't support that device, then it ought to be possible to use the VESA driver11:30
hateballhabbasi: as I said I havent seen all the info. is the main problem you cant boot the install media at all?11:30
ImOk-365so if testdisk shows my ubuntu partition as "NTFS"  ....that's pretty much hopeless, isn't it?11:30
hateballhabbasi: you should as TJ- says, be able to use VESA driver, then add this PPA https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa and install the latest nvidia drivers11:30
TJ-hateball: From the installer? not possible!11:31
ImOk-365i installed another distro and grubbed everything all up i guess,11:31
habbasihateball: I can't see anything when I hit try xubuntu11:31
habbasiImOk-365: I've had success with TestDisk with worse.11:31
TJ-hateball: habbasi's problem is the UEFI-based boot of the installer is failing11:31
hateballTJ-: No, but he should be able to install and then do that from a tty or just running VESA on the installed version11:31
ImOk-365but how can i ....NTFS --> ext4     without losing all the info on that partition?11:32
habbasihateball: But how do I get the installer to show?11:32
ImOk-365how did it even happen, lol11:32
hateballhabbasi, TJ- so not even the splash to choose kernel options etc?11:32
TJ-habbasi: You say you have other distros on there? how about using one of those, create a virtual machine guest, point it at the hard disk, and attach the installer ISO as a CDROM, and install it that way?11:32
TJ-hateball: we've tried nomodeset so far11:32
hateballTJ-: so that much shows at least?11:33
habbasiTJ-: Not on the USB, no. On the PC, yes.11:33
TJ-hateball: Yes, the monitor is doing DPMS sleep when the X server starts from the sound of it11:33
hateballdid you try blacklisting nouveau as kernel option ?11:33
TJ-habbasi: that is what I mean... boot the PC with a working distro, create a VM there, and install using it11:33
habbasihateball: How would one do that?11:34
hateballTJ-, habbasi you add "nouveau.blacklist=yes" at the boot line11:34
TJ-habbasi: the VM will use a basic virtual GPU so you won't hit the problem... then you can do an install of the required drivers aftewards11:34
TJ-habbasi: try hateball's suggestion11:34
habbasihateball: gfxpayload=keep11:35
TJ-int: Are you still alive?11:35
habbasihateball: Do I remov that?11:35
intTJ-: yeah, I posted the pic earlier11:35
intforgot to put your name in the message11:35
hateballhabbasi: you should be able to press F6 to edit the boot parameters, then just type as you normally do, using backspace etc11:35
inthere it is again:11:35
TJ-int: Yes, it confirmed what I had deduced. Do you know how to boot your PC in Recovery mode?11:35
intnot really!11:36
hateballhabbasi: remove "quiet splash" as well11:36
TJ-hateball: it is a UEFI boot... uses GRUB .. no function keys, needs direct GRUB menuentry edit11:36
hateballTJ-: Ah right, my bad11:36
hateballthen it's... I dont remember the keys11:36
hateballbut they show on the interface do they not?11:36
habbasihateball: If that goes before ---, no dice.11:37
hateballctrl+something to edit, something other to boot11:37
intTJ-: found it in the grub menu, under "Advanced options for Ubuntu"11:37
brumHi. I have question relating to a bash script on ubuntu. Script is called by a .bashrc when a guest user loggs on and it calls another one from within. It works fine (calling the second script) when launched from a terminal but not when started by a .bashrc11:37
TJ-int: In the same way you just got to the GRUB boot menu, hold down the Shift key at boot until you see the menu... then Choose "Advanced sub-menu". There you'll see several entries, some of which will be named "Recovery ..."... choose the first of those and you'll end up at a text console, and should see a coloured text menu with several options.11:37
TJ-int: You need to choose "root shell" and that should get you to a console command line prompt.11:38
hateballhabbasi: I dont have a UEFI boot handy and I dont remember, but TJ- perhaps can guide you how to edit the boot options11:38
TJ-int: I'm hping we can fend off the PC freezing long enough by doing it that way, to give you time to add the blacklist entry11:38
elcrcpwoah! irc still alive :D11:39
habbasihateball: I can edit.11:39
TJ-hateball: UEFI uses regular GRUB boot menu, so highlight entry, press 'E', navigate to line beginning "linux ..." etc11:39
habbasihateball: It says the keys right there.11:39
TJ-int: tell me when/if you get to the command line prompt11:40
hateballhabbasi: so put "nouveau.blacklist=yes" without "" at the end of the line that TJ- said ^ and then boot11:40
intTJ-: OK, dropped to root shell prompt11:40
habbasihateball: It says the keys right there. Already did, no dice.11:41
habbasiCould it be a USB3 issue?11:41
hateballhabbasi: and what happens? just goes black at once or is it when X loads?11:41
habbasihateball: Soon as I select the entry to boot, with or without edits, the monitor turns black and goes to power save after a second or so.11:42
hateballhabbasi: oh ;f11:42
habbasihateball: Aftter maybe one message that disappears too fast.11:43
TJ-int: Type "mount -o remount,rw /"11:43
intTJ-: done. nothing happened11:44
pan-dhey people11:44
pan-dhow do i get free bitcoins for a start11:44
brumwhois brum11:44
habbasiHello, pan-d.11:44
intto the mines with you, pan-d11:44
TJ-int: that's always a sign of success.. *nix tools only tell you if something goe wrong11:44
habbasipan-d: Short answer: mining. But you lose more on power.11:44
habbasipan-d: Than you gain in BTC.11:44
SeerKan`Hi guys11:44
intTJ-: Ah, okay11:44
TJ-int: type "ls /etc/modprobe.d/" so you get an idea of the files there11:44
SeerKan`Any gluster expert around, have a question I can't seem to find an answer too anywhere..11:45
TJ-int: now you're going to create the blacklist file: "echo "blacklist ath9k" > /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-ath9k.conf"11:45
TJ-int: now do "ls /etc/modprobe.d/" again, you should see you file there now11:45
SeerKan`If I mount a gluster volume from server1 with server2 as backup with the fuse mount, I understand that once server1 is down it will use server2 automatically. But what happens when server1 is back ? will it start automatically use server1 even if it doesn't have the latest data or keep using server2 until it goes down and then go back to server1 ?11:46
TJ-int: and check its contents with "cat /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-ath9k.conf"11:46
TJ-int: type "sync" to ensure the disk is updated11:46
TJ-SeerKan`: That might be a question for #ubuntu-server11:47
SeerKan`ok thanks TJ-, I will try11:47
brumHi. I have question relating to a bash script on ubuntu. Script is called by a .bashrc when a guest user loggs on and it calls another one from within. It works fine (calling the second script) when launched from a terminal but not when started by a .bashrc11:48
intTJ: it returned "blacklist-ath9k". I guess it worked11:48
intoops, I meant TJ-11:48
TJ-int: ahhh... error... that should be "blacklist ath9k" (a space separater)11:48
intTJ-: oh, there isn't a space. my phone just autocorrected it to that for some reason.11:49
TJ-int: if that shows a hyphen separator, redo the command:11:49
intphones are the worst11:49
TJ-int: Ahhh, DestructivePrediction :)11:49
intTJ-: you know it11:49
TJ-int: OK ... you've fixed it (if the WiFi is the problem), you can type "exit" and the choose "resume boot" or whatever the top entry is11:49
TJ-int: or you can do a complete reboot11:50
intTJ-: I'll do a clean reboot for the sake of it11:50
U^1I am trying to record my screen with recordmyscreen. the audio doesn't sync with video. why?11:52
intTJ-: hell yeah, wireless doesn't appear in my Network list11:53
intTJ-: I think it should be solved now11:53
intTJ-: thanks so much, I really appreciate it!11:54
TJ-int: if you're going to open the laptop up you might consider simply buying an identical model adapter and replacing the existing one, so you have internal workign Wifi again11:54
intTJ-: I'll definitely consider it. I've been itching to learn how to mess with hardware for months now but never really bothered. This is a good excuse to, I guess.11:55
TJ-int: see http://www.ebay.com.au/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=N53s+wifi&_sacat=011:56
intTJ-: oh, they're a lot cheaper than I thought they'd be11:57
TJ-int: exactly. Just try to be sure you get one with the same Atheros AR9285 chipset, some will be Intel or Ralink or whatever11:58
TJ-int: although the chipset won't stop it working, the different cards might have different functions, or lack some you expect, such as dual-band, or 802.11n11:59
intTJ-: Alright, noted. When I do replace it, I'd only have to delete hat blacklist-ath9k.conf file to reverse the block, right?12:00
TJ-int: correct12:00
intTJ-: Nice.12:00
TJ-int: that Intel card top of the listing looks good; I just checked its specs12:00
TJ-int: search for "Intel 112BNHMW" and that will bring up many more options for a compatible card12:02
BluesKajhiyas all12:04
intTJ-: Yeah, I might get one of those. the other listing you posted were all international items with pretty expensive postage prices12:04
TJ-int: yeah... I was trying to find you model-specific details to get an idea of compatible devices first, then widen the search based on what was discovered12:05
habbasiTJ-, hateball: Installing with iGFX for now. Thanks for all the help, mates.12:05
intTJ-: Ah, alright12:05
TJ-int any mini-PCI Express half-length card should do of course12:06
hateballhabbasi: good luck. you should be able to add the nvidia PPA as I mentioned tho, and go from there12:07
intTJ-: I'd imagine so, the chip itself is a pretty generic wireless card from what I know.12:07
TJ-int: yes, the limiter is the size of the space in the laptop and the screw posts mena it has to be half-length12:08
habbasihateball: Care to link me?12:08
hateballhabbasi: https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa12:09
habbasihateball: (This backscrolls and I lose it.12:09
habbasihateball: Thanks mate.12:09
BluesKajlooking for a method to delete ramdisk that a family member thought could benefit the speed of this older pc, however I don't see any benefit. I'd like to remove it if poossibel.12:10
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mentazoomLast 3 times like 6 months ago and before that when I installed Catalyst for AMD drivers my ubuntu crashed all the time12:34
mentazoomIs it worth to try it now?12:34
mentazoomI want to play games and catalyst runs them faster12:34
lucyfurnicedid you try the experimental drivers?12:35
lucyfurnicedid you install from the website or use jockey?12:35
mentazoomlucyfurnice: Do you mean beta catalyst?12:35
mentazoomcould be12:35
baizonmentazoom: well, i run them on my open source drivers, and everything works fine :)12:35
mentazoomI want to run CS GO, it doesn't run well with open source drivers12:35
mentazoomI can try again first with open source now, but does the stable catalyst crash Ubuntu for others too?12:36
lucyfurniceit works fine for me with HD 7900 series Mobile12:38
lucyfurniceWhen my laptop is fixed today by dell i will check it out, the opensource and the proprietary ones12:38
mentazoomI have 5850, maybe too old?12:38
lucyfurniceit shouldnt be =/12:38
lucyfurnicelol, on a side note, the video card in this pc has 128mb ram and it is running well with nvidia proprietary drivers12:39
lucyfurniceI suppose that is different since the maker is different.12:39
mentazoomYou have nvidia, they have better drivers don't they?12:39
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lucyfurniceI'm not really sure about that for linux. I remember hearing about that a couple years ago for linux. Nvidia seemed to be the preferred thing for linux. Both of them seem fine to me =/12:40
mentazoomIs there a way to change main monitor with dual monitors? The game is starting on wrong screen...12:40
BotchlaB"Nvidia seemed to be the preferred thing for linux."12:40
lucyfurniceBotchlaB: ^ true/false?12:41
TJ-mentazoom: set the Primary12:41
BotchlaBSOmewhat off-topic, but just look up the video with Linus Torvalds, of all people, flipping Nvidia off in public and telling them "FU".12:41
BotchlaBAnd decide for yourself if it's 'the preferred thing for Linux'.12:41
mentazoomTJ-: I can't find anything which says primary at Display settings12:42
lucyfurniceI love him.12:42
lucyfurniceHe helped me create a system of identity disassociation in which there is three layers around the individual12:42
mentazoomTJ-: Oh I had to set launcher where to which monitor I want as primary12:43
bazhanglucyfurnice, BotchlaB take the chit chat elsewhere please12:43
lucyfurnicenot personally help, but with his kernel structure, or os structure.12:43
lucyfurnicego ahead and sercice some more nubs12:43
bazhangthats uncalled for and unwelcome lucyfurnice12:44
mentazoomyea the FPS is horrible with open source drivers12:44
mentazoomI'm afraid of catalyst, last time I had to reinstall12:45
mentazoomShould I try 'automatically detect and install your drivers' at AMD site?12:48
ioriamentazoom, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/AMD12:49
mentazoomioria: When I do the 'manual check' on drivers, the site doesn't respond..12:52
ubottubb_: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».12:52
ioriamentazoom, have you filled all the fields ?12:52
mentazoomThe form just resets when I click 'display results'12:52
ioriamentazoom, laptop, hd5850 , ubuntu 64 bit ?12:53
OerHeksDon't use the drivers from the AMD site, use the build-in restricted driver tool12:54
mentazoomioria: Desktop and correct12:54
ioriamentazoom, http://support.amd.com/en-us/download/desktop?os=Ubuntu%20x86%206412:54
mentazoomioria: I just download the latest from there?12:55
ioriamentazoom, but if you can use the ones delivered by your distro12:55
mentazoomioria: Which one?12:55
OerHeksyeah, don't point to amd site, so we can fix the error later :-(12:55
OerHeksmentazoom, Don't use the drivers from the AMD site, use the build-in restricted driver tool12:56
ioriamentazoom, first you should read the page linked and understand  the risks of doing that12:56
mentazoomOerHeks: How can I do that12:56
mentazoomioria: I don't find HD 5850 for desktop at supported products on that page12:57
OerHeksmentazoom, type driver in dash/search and the icon should pop up12:57
mentazoomCould I just do System Setting -> updates -> drivers and choose fglrx from there?12:58
OerHeksYes, that is the one12:58
OerHeks(you would get updates too)12:58
mentazoomOerHeks: fglrx or fglrx-updates12:58
ioriamentazoom, the safest way is with Additional Driver12:58
mentazoomioria: Hmm, but that list doesn't say HD 5850 for desktop is supported on that page?12:59
OerHeksfglrx is stable, updates can give a newer driver.12:59
vinsashley madison hack list13:00
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mentazoom So I'm getting two opinions, AMD site and the inbuilt in Ubuntu, what should I do, I don't want Ubuntu to crash all the time again13:00
mentazoomI'm newb so it's hard to fix stuff for me13:00
Pinkamena_Dhow to correctly update mesa driver?13:00
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ioriamentazoom, the safest way is with Additional Driver13:01
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ioriamentazoom, the ubuntu help page i linked worth a read, believe me13:01
mentazoomioria: Can I download form that site even if it doesn't say that 5xxx series are supported for desktop?13:01
ioriamentazoom, the HD 5 is supported13:02
mentazoomioria: So I can just follow the 3.1 step?13:02
ioriamentazoom, no, read all the page, and then think about it and decide13:03
mentazoomioria: The if I choose fglrx from Ubuntu, they can crash OS?13:03
ioriamentazoom, why ?13:04
OerHeksthere is only one way to find out :-D13:04
mentazoomioria: Just wondering if you it's unstable because you said that it's safest with Catalyst13:05
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ioriamentazoom, no,  i said the safest way is with Additional Driver13:05
mentazoomok ty will try that then13:06
walachi, my wired network stopped to work after an update yesterday, I cannot even ping my router. I setup eth0 interface and routing table by hand but it didn't work. dmesg shows no problem. Anyone experiencing this same problem?13:12
OerHekswalac, wired, that is strange, tried to reset your router ?13:13
walacOerHeks: yep, I have a Windows installation in another partition, and it works fine13:13
TJ-walac: probably the ethernet interface has changed its name13:14
FlamesHi can anyone help me with a ubuntu installation problem13:15
EriC^^Flames: what's the problem?13:15
walacTJ-: let me check13:15
FlamesBasically I installed Ubuntu on virtualbox and just finished the installation. It asked me to reboot and I did and then asked for password13:16
FlamesWhen I enter the password it just shows a purple screen and goes back to the login screen13:16
walacTJ-: nope, it is still the same13:16
TJ-walac: what kind of upgrade was it? did it include a kernel upgrade?13:17
TJ-walac: also are you able to pastebin the result of "lspci -nnk" ?13:17
walacTJ-: I didn't check, I did it through automatic update13:17
EriC^^Flames: ok, did you checksum the .iso?13:18
TJ-Flames: EriC^^ sounds like a Unity/no GPU 3D acceleration issue13:19
walacTJ-: https://pastebin.mozilla.org/884394213:19
TJ-walac: so the Ethernet device is "00:19.0 Ethernet controller [0200]: Intel Corporation Ethernet Connection I217-LM [8086:153a] (rev 04)" ?13:20
walacTJ-: yep13:20
TJ-walac: can you "pastebinit /var/log/dmesg" ?13:20
EriC^^Flames: are you using virtualbox?13:20
EriC^^TJ-: yeah, but i usually don't choose any non-default options13:21
TJ-EriC^^: does VB provide GPU acceleration by default, or does it need support in the guest?13:21
EriC^^Flames: try going to settings > display and set the memory to 128M and maybe enable 3D if it doesn't work13:21
EriC^^TJ-: there are some drivers you can install later, but usually i just install with the default settings and it works13:23
FlamesThanks, i'll try and let you know13:23
EriC^^it has "enable 3d acceleration and 2d video acceleration but both aren't enabled by default, i do increase the video memory to 128M though13:24
EriC^^Flames: ok13:24
walacTJ-: cat /var/log/dmesg shows "(Nothing has been logged yet.). Here is the output of the dmesg command: https://pastebin.mozilla.org/884394413:24
akikvirtualbox 4.3 had some custom opengl implementation. it did work only with some combination of virtualbox and ubuntu13:27
TJ-walac: ahhh, the joys of systemd journald!13:27
habbasiFellas, I'm back. Can't get screen to show with Ubuntu. Can get into Ubuntu from Recovery > Resume. GTX 970 and GA-Z97X-Gaming GT.13:28
* walac looks at journald logs, but understands nothing13:29
onicromanyone setup sr-iov and kvm before?13:29
Flamesno luck Eric13:29
habbasi(Black screen, monitor goes into power save)13:29
habbasiAlready installed nvidia-255 from the PPA.13:30
habbasiAlso, Get message starting version 219.13:30
habbasiJust before black screen.13:30
TJ-walac: well the e1000e with eth0 seems to have started OK according to that. what does "ip link show dev eth0" report?13:31
EriC^^Flames: try right ctrl+f1, login13:32
walacTJ-: https://pastebin.mozilla.org/884394513:33
TJ-walac: what happens if you try "sudo ip link set dev eth0 up"13:34
VoronichIm new user on linux.13:34
VoronichIts amazing13:35
walacTJ-: it works, I can even add a IPV4 address to it13:35
pan-dhow do i bypass my ISP13:37
pan-dbypass ISP portal how do i do it13:38
TJ-walac: has that solved the issue, or is there something more required?13:38
FlamesI'm getting login incorrect13:39
compdocpan-d, get a new one13:39
pan-dlol compdoc13:39
walacTJ-: it doesn't work, if I setup routing table and try to ping my router, it doesn't work13:39
TJ-walac: if not, pastebin "sudo ethtool eth0"13:39
pan-dwalac whats the issue13:39
TJ-pan-d: you can't bypass your ISP13:40
pan-dTJ heard about dns tunneling but the technics too complicated with linux13:40
TJ-pan-d: what do you mean by portal then?13:40
pan-dyeah TJ i mean portal13:41
TJ-pan-d: you mean you want to use HTTP without going through an authorisation stage?13:41
pan-dyeah, you right TJ13:41
dxt_Hi there, I want to ask some java questions, which channel could I join?13:41
FlamesActually it says welcome to ubuntu now but how do I boot up?13:41
walacTJ-: https://pastebin.mozilla.org/884394913:42
TJ-pan-d: that's not something we will help with here, since presumably it is against the Terms of Service of the ISP13:42
TJ-walac: the link is up... are you sure the switch/router it is connected to isn't blocking it? Is there any VLAN involved?13:43
pan-dthanks TJ i get it13:43
pan-dso what's walac's prob13:43
walacTJ-: yes, I am. No vlan involved13:43
TJ-walac: "sudo tcpdump -vvni eth0" might give you a clue if there are any IP packets on the link13:43
TJ-walac: you may see STP adverts and other packets, which would confirm the link is alive and working13:44
TJ-walac: I'd also be trying a known-good ethernet cable on the basis the current one might be damaged13:45
walacTJ-: yes, I see13:45
habbasiXubuntu screen going to power save after spinning boot screen and message "Starting version 219".13:45
walacTJ-: I don't think it is hardware problem, everything works in my windows partition13:45
TJ-walac: if the Tx cores are damaged you might see incoming packets but be unable to get transmitted packets to the switch13:45
TJ-walac: Hmmm... well, put something on the other end of the cable and use tcpdump there to see if it is receiving packets13:46
EriC^^Flames: try cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | nc termbin.com 999913:46
EriC^^paste the link here13:46
TJ-walac: another issue could be some kind of power-save mode the interface has been put into, but as you've got a link up and can see packets I doubt that13:48
mcphailhabbasi: version 219 of what?13:48
TJ-walac: you haven't got some local firewall rules blocking everything have you?13:48
habbasimcphail: Doesn't say.13:48
TJ-habbasi: that's just systemd/udevd version left on console13:49
habbasimcphail: That's the entire message. I can get in by Advanced Options > Recovery > Resume13:49
walacTJ-: thank you very much for all the help, I'll keep investigating here13:50
mcphailhabbasi: graphics driver problem?13:50
habbasimcphail: I thought so too. So Iwent in, installed nvidia-355 and still no dice.13:51
habbasimcphail: nomodset and nouveau.disable=yes have no effect.13:51
mcphailhabbasi: nomodset or nomodeset?13:51
KuroloxHello, is there any way to get working a piece of hardware in linux that only have windows drivers?13:52
habbasimcphail: ... I've been spelling it wrong this whole time? :/13:52
habbasimcphail: Let me try and report back.13:52
mcphailhabbasi: it stops kernel mode setting13:53
EriC^^Flames: try without the mouse maybe13:54
underwearbazhang 是个傻逼13:54
underwearbazhang 是个傻逼13:54
EriC^^Flames: remove the mouse and type sudo service lightdm restart13:54
underwearbazhang 是个傻逼13:54
KuroloxSo there's no way?13:56
mcphailKurolox: if you are _sure_ there are no linux drivers for the hardware, it probably will not work. But remember linux has drivers for most hardware already built-in13:57
mcphailKurolox: so perhaps you should be a bit more specific about your problem, rather than asking hypotheticals13:58
Kalimerois anyone familiar with darkstat?13:58
Kuroloxmcphail the hardware is connected, there's nothing for it in the additional drivers window and all the drivers for that specific hardware in the web page are only for windows13:58
OerHeksKurolox, so what hardware exactly?13:59
leeyaais it possible to limit unattended-upgrade to 64 bit packages only ?13:59
KuroloxAverTV H727 HD13:59
mcphailKurolox: and you are sure it doesn't work by default? Have you tried a piece of software like vlc to see if it can read the card?14:00
KuroloxI tried, there's no signal at all14:00
mcphailKurolox: and is there any mention of the card in the logs (type "dmesg") after it is plugged in?14:01
TJ-Kurolox: check "/var/log/dmesg" - it may require firmware loading14:01
KuroloxIn var/log/dmesg nothing has been logged yet14:02
pagiosanyone using a chromebook tohsiba 2?14:02
habbasimcphail: Worked!14:03
OerHeksKurolox, indeed, a quick search learns there is no solution (yet) http://doc.ubuntu-fr.org/tnt & http://www.linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/AVerMedia14:03
mcphailhabbasi: nice one14:04
* habbasi hugs mcphail and TJ-14:04
TJ-Kurolox: ok, use "dmesg | less" and you can page through it. press / to start searching for text, G to goto end of file, gg to go to top of file, q to quit14:04
TJ-habbasi: so it was a typo from the earliest point then? a missing 'e' ?14:04
habbasiTJ-: Yep. :/14:04
TJ-well %$%^^&&!14:04
=== Tsunami1 is now known as Guest3967
habbasiI'll hang around and help sometimes. :D14:05
KuroloxOerHeks, should I be able to workarround it with a virtual machine running windows? Since is an internal card I don't really know if the VM will detect it14:06
OerHeksKurolox, if the host is windows, maybe14:06
KuroloxI'm gonna try that and see what happens. I don't really need to make this working, but that would be awesome14:07
=== Guest61674 is now known as dazm
mcphailKurolox: I don't think you are going to find a non-ugly way to make that card work14:09
mcphailKurolox: I have an avermedia tv stick which is supported on linux, but the signal quality is awful. I will be avoiding their products in the future14:11
TJ-signal quality usually is a function of a poor antenna14:11
mcphailTJ-: plugged straight in to high quality antenna14:12
mcphailTJ-: works under windows14:12
TJ-mcphail: sounds like a firmware issue, unless the driver isn't fully supported14:13
mcphailTJ-: yes. I hacked ont his for ages before giving up. But suppose we are straying offtopic ;)14:13
pagiosanyone using a chromebook?14:15
somsippagios: you looking for a different answer from the one you got earlier about ubuntu on your chromebook?14:15
TJ-mcphail: not really; could be an Ubuntu kernel/packaging issue :) I saw some issues with a WinTV 3-head card some time ago but eventually upstreamed the fixes for those, but not seen any issues where software caused poor signal. That suggests the signal isn't being amplified sufficiently. Are you able to extract an SNR report from the device?14:16
pagiosdead searching for an answer14:16
=== Shrooms` is now known as Shrooms
ioriawatch -n 1 cat /proc/net/wireless14:17
somsippagios: [07:07] <minimec> pagios: MIght be tricky with the Toshiba Chromebook. "Toshiba CB2 does not have Seabios..." from here http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/answers/id-2400256/install-ubuntu-toshiba-chromebook-crouton.html14:17
pagiossomsip: my problem is having my android phone being detected on ubntun crouton14:17
mcphailTJ-: I have lost interest in it entirely as my TV needs are met by online services these days. If you live in the UK I'd be happy to send it to you if you want to hack with it.14:17
TJ-mcphail: ahhh... I use my devices for SDR based signals analysis14:18
mcphailTJ-: sounds fun :)14:19
NorbinI have a new computer with an i5 skylake, ddr4 ram and an AMD radeon 390... i'd LOVE to run ubuntu on it (Currently on Win 10), been wanting to make the change for years now... How  compatible will be it with my hardware? I'd like to also be able to run games (Steam for linux) etc etc... I heard bad things about radeon GPUs & linux support, Please advise14:24
R13oseHow do I sign a docx document on ubuntu?14:27
minimecpagios: Just to rule out the MTP problem I mentioned before. Does ChromeOS recognize the phone? Because ChromeOS added support for MTP now. http://www.omgchrome.com/android-file-transfer-mrp-chrome-os/14:28
pagiosminimec: thanks for your concern, i tried that the phone does not show14:29
U-bantu hello , i am having  a installation problem . ubuntu-15.04-desktop-i386 , i am new to UBUNTU i tried downloading power iso and installing using it . UBUNTU did not install . I removed teh power iso software an now i do not know how to install the os on my windows? can i get any help here?14:31
minimecpagios: So verify, that... 1.) ChromeOS is up to date; 2.) enable 'file transfer' only on the phone, no dev mode or what so ever. As long as CHromeOS doesn't see the phone, Chrubuntu cannot either, using the same kernel...14:31
mcphailNorbin: most of the games which are available for linux will run on an AMD GPU. That's not to say it won't be without pain14:32
mcphailNorbin: to be honest, most of the games which are available for linux will run on my low-end AMD APU using open source drivers. There aren't many graphically demanding linux games14:33
Norbinmcphail any idea what's the story about amd drivers for linux being really poor for the new cards?14:34
mcphailNorbin: the proprietary drivers are awful for any card, but do have the best compatibility and performance. Not sure how well your card is supported by the open source drivers.14:35
mcphailNorbin: but you'd probably need a cutting-edge kernel for your CPU anyway14:35
mcphailNorbin: if your card is supported well by open source drivers, the experience is very good14:36
minimecpagios: As a workaround: Install AirDroid on the phone and do your file transfer over WiFi... ;)14:36
pagiosminimec: the weird thing is lsusb doesnt show the phone14:36
pagiosnothing is changed when i plug or unplug14:36
pagiossame lusb output14:37
pagiosthe cable is fine since when i use it and plug in another laptop it works14:37
mcphailNorbin: the only graphically-intensive game I have in my library is Shadows of Mordor, and I hink you still need an nVidia card to play that14:38
NorbinWhy? drivers wise ?14:38
pagiosminimec: i am on latest stable release 44.0.240314:38
mcphailNorbin: yes, drivers14:38
U-bantuhello , i am having  a installation problem . ubuntu-15.04-desktop-i386 , i am new to UBUNTU i tried downloading power iso and installing using it . UBUNTU did not install . I removed teh power iso software an now i do not know how to install the os on my windows? can i get any help here?14:38
honkmotorHello! When I hit the function keys (F1-F12) not the function is invoked (for example F5 does not reaload in Firefox) but the "special function" of my laptop. Any idea why it is that way? I tried hitting/toggling the Fn key but that does not have any effect.14:38
Norbinmcphail i see, so the drivers on the amd site are considered the open source ones ?14:39
mcphailNorbin: no. The open source ones are built in to your linux distro by default14:39
mcphailNorbin: they are updated by using a newer kernel and mesa stack14:39
muellihonkmotor: I have the same with my X240. But I made it somehow so that the Fn key is illuminated. Now I get proper F-keys.14:40
NorbinAnd "fglrx", that's some 3rd party drivers ?14:40
mcphailNorbin: that is the AMD proprietary driver14:40
Norbini see...14:40
pagiosminimec: i only see in dmesg: xhci_hcd setting latency timer to 6414:40
pagioseverytime i plug the phone via usb14:40
mcphailNorbin: best to install from the Ubuntu repos rather than the AMD site, though14:41
honkmotormuelli: looks like its turned on its head on my machine. holding Fn makes the F-keys work normally.14:41
mcphailNorbin: if you google for "Ubuntu binarydriverhowto" you'll find a page on AMD14:41
=== dreamon__ is now known as dreamon
Norbini think i will install ubuntu on a secondary SSD that i have and i don't use, see how things goes, and then decide whether or not i am ok with the overall performance of the whole system14:42
auronandace!ati | Norbin14:42
ubottuNorbin: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto14:42
Kalimerois it possible to change the displayed traffic of darkstat from bytes to kbytes /mbytes?14:42
mcphailNorbin: good idea. You may struggle getting it to run, as your CPU may not be supported by the current Ubuntu kernel (which is a bit old)14:43
ki7rwi don't know if this is OT but i'll ask anyway - is it really necessary to use vpn when making SSL (https) connections? or does SSL connections bypass the vpn?14:43
OerHeksKalimero, man darkstat # should give you a clue14:43
minimecpagios: there is a reddit thread, where they also mention that mtp is not working on Crouton. (search for 'mtp') -> https://www.reddit.com/r/chromeos/comments/1w1vvb/how_well_does_your_android_device_work_with_your/14:44
mcphailki7rw: depends whether you want to show your real IP address, I suppose14:44
U-bantuhello , i am having  a installation problem . ubuntu-15.04-desktop-i386 , i am new to UBUNTU i tried downloading power iso and installing using it . UBUNTU did not install . I removed teh power iso software an now i do not know how to install the os on my windows? can i get any help here?14:44
Norbini see, thanks... i will t ry it now14:45
KalimeroOerHeks, i looked at it already but first there is no option and second it concerns only the terminal output. I want to change the traffic values of the web-based monitor14:45
Norbinthanks auronandace for hte link, reading it now14:45
honkmotormuelli: found it! there is a function key for switching the mode :) curious if that will survive a reboot. alternatively, maybe there is a bios setting for that.14:45
muellihonkmotor: mind sharing your make and model and how you've "solved" your problem?  for the archives...14:46
honkmotormuelli: its the dell xps 13. i just hold Fn and then hit ESC14:46
BluesKajU-bantu:  are you using a VM to install ubuntu?14:46
honkmotormuelli: on the ESC key, there is a little "Fn" symbol with a lock.. Thats how I guessed it.14:46
honkmotormuelli: the xps 13 is a completely amazing machine. only thing that behaves a bit strange is the touchpad. looks like "palm detection" is needed but somehow does not work.14:47
Norbincan u guys please confirm the instructions posted here are "safe" for installing ubuntu on a secondary HDD? wouldnt want to screw up my main ssd/window install: http://askubuntu.com/questions/312782/how-to-install-ubuntu-on-separate-hard-drive-in-a-dual-boot14:48
OerHeksKalimero, well, i don't see that option either14:48
Norbinit's a completely different physical ssd, not partition or anything.14:49
OerHeksNorbin, depends where you place grub2, it should be on the main drive that boots14:49
BluesKajU-bantu:  what is power iso? a burning app?14:50
Medax /msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER Medax eexsdvvjhawk14:50
OerHeksMedax, change your password :-)14:50
U-bantuBluesKaj: i think it is some thing like that14:50
BluesKajU-bantu:  do you know what a virtual machine or VM is ?14:51
honkmotorNorbin: if you choose the correct hd/partition, the windows partition will not be changed.14:51
U-bantuBluesKaj: no14:52
honkmotorNorbin: the only thing that could get fucked up then is the boot sector. but in my experience it always worked without problems. and a messeda up boot sector can usually easily be repaired if it is messed up.14:53
=== RCL_ is now known as Epic|rcl
BluesKajHobbyboy:  no need for the 'f' word14:54
BluesKajoops he left14:54
Norbinso My setup right now is this: Disk 0 = Windows (spliited into 3 partitions, 450MB recovery, 100mb EFI, 232GB Boot/primary, "C") - Disk1 120GB SSD which is an empty NTFS (Where I want ubuntu installed), and another Disk2+Disk3 which are storage NTFS HDDs...14:54
vertago1Hey I was testing 15.10 on one of my systems and ran into a potential issue with dm-raid and systemd's fsck at boot. Any tips on how to get at any log information which would help me out?14:55
U-bantuBluesKaj: i have the downloaded iso file14:55
OerHeksvertago1, support in #ubuntu+1 until release14:55
degorenkohello here! Is here anyone around, who can help me? I want to fix this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sahara/+bug/1452698 I found this instruction: http://packaging.ubuntu.com/html/fixing-a-bug.html is it correct?14:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1452698 in sahara (Ubuntu) "Issue in sahara-common.postinst.in: sahara-db-manage is executet on fresh install (even without a db-connection)" [High,Confirmed]14:55
=== Spec_ is now known as Spec
vertago1OerHeks, thanks14:56
jjavaholicwhat is tap to click?14:58
auronandacejjavaholic: sounds like you are referring to using a touchpad, where you tap on it and it is registered as a left click on a mouse14:59
auronandaceas opposed to using the buttons15:00
pagiosminimec: it works fine on my old note315:01
pagiosnote4 doesnt work15:01
pagiosso it is a phone issue i think15:01
U-bantui am having  a installation problem . ubuntu-15.04-desktop-i386 , i am new to UBUNTU i tried downloading power iso and installing using it . UBUNTU did not install . I removed teh power iso software an now i do not know how to install the os on my windows? can i get any help here?15:02
minimecpagios: I see. So that crouton 'thing' is rather good...15:05
Norbinam i better off with 15.04 for a new skylake rig ?15:05
mkanyicyU-bantu: you should write the ubuntu iso to the DVD and use that to boot ubuntu and try it out without installing it first15:06
auronandaceU-bantu: you burn the iso to a disk then boot from it, you don't install it from inside windows15:06
mkanyicyU-bantu: then you can continue installing it using the DVD if you wish to do so15:06
mkanyicyU-bantu: but you need to shutdown windows and start the computer and boot from disk (you might need to press F2 or F8 or F12 or Del) depending on your machine and choose boot from disk on Bios settings15:07
U-bantuauronandace: mkanyicy: thanks for the response but i get that  there is a way to install in from inside windows  do you know any thing about it?15:09
auronandaceU-bantu: you could install it in a vm. virtualbox is a good place to start15:10
U-bantudo i need to download virtual box?15:11
auronandaceU-bantu: indeed15:11
Norbinyeah.. or vmware player15:11
Norbinboth free15:11
Norbini find vmplayer much better15:11
Norbinalways getting random errors on virtual box o015:11
compdocU-bantu, just install the package15:11
auronandaceU-bantu: vitualbox is free and open source, vmplayer is free but closed source, the choice is yours15:11
U-bantuauronandace:Norbin:compdoc: thank you all i will  try15:13
EriC^^U-bantu: don't use wubi15:13
EriC^^in case it comes up while you're searching or so15:13
TJ-Grrr; after all this time found a really annoying bug in libvirt/virt-manager! Connecting a Host USB device has the user select by the device's position on the bus, but then it tries to start guest using the device's Vendor:Product ID - so if there are more than 1 device it fails the entire VM15:14
zetherooHowdy ... where does upstart store it's error logs?15:14
NokajiHi, installed external HDD, reformatted with gparted to Ext3 - problem I can't get r/w permissions, can't get 'chown' to work for me either15:15
auronandace!upstart | zetheroo perhaps your answer is here15:15
ubottuzetheroo perhaps your answer is here: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/15:15
TJ-zetheroo: "/var/log/upstart/" surprisingly :)15:15
Nokajizetheroo: If hey are huge (GBs), the will show up on disk usage15:15
EriC^^Nokaji: how are you mounting it?15:16
EriC^^also why ext3, why not ext4?15:16
zetheroook, I saw the log in /var/logs/ ... but it was empty ...15:16
=== ubuntu-mate is now known as ubuntu-noob
NokajiEriC^^: Tried variously through disks, gparted and right click, not tried terminal15:16
zetherooclosed and reopened it now and there is something in there :)15:16
TJ-zetheroo: Is the system using upstart, or systemd?15:17
Nokajitried re-connecting cable too15:17
EriC^^Nokaji: try typing lsblk | nc termbin.com 999915:17
ubuntu-noobhello i put ubuntu mate in a 8gb usb whit unebootin15:18
NokajiEriC^^:  http://termbin.com/aqtc15:18
ubuntu-noobi thik i was instaling it but it dinot remenber my configuration15:18
ubuntu-noobhow do i install it15:18
NokajiEriC^^: It's the line with - sdc1    8:33   0 232.9G  0 part /media/tris/V 250GB BU15:19
EriC^^Nokaji: ok, if you type touch "/media/tris/V 250GB BU/something"15:21
EriC^^what do you get?15:21
=== pabed1 is now known as pabed
NokajiEriC^^: I typed the whole thing [touch "/media/tris/V 250GB BU/something"] - I get 'permission denied15:23
EriC^^type ls -ld "/media/tris/V 250GB BU"15:23
EriC^^Nokaji: and id15:23
NokajiEriC^^:  uid=1000(tris) gid=1000(tris) groups=1000(tris),4(adm),24(cdrom),27(sudo),30(dip),46(plugdev),108(lpadmin),124(sambashare),126(kismet)15:24
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=== gamekathu_ is now known as gamekathu
daniel72-72Hi! Can someone help me. I'm trying to create a live flash drive using !usb but when I use it I get the msg Failed to load COM32 file gfxboot.c32  Am i doing something wrong or is it the software? Thanks!15:26
EriC^^daniel72-72: how are you creating the live usb?15:27
Nokajidaniel72-72: UNetbootin is one tool you could try15:29
daniel72-72Using Startup Disk Creator15:29
EriC^^daniel72-72: try using dd, and if you have a different usb try it15:30
EriC^^most likely it's a bad usb15:30
EriC^^daniel72-72: did you checksum the .iso?15:31
EriC^^daniel72-72: i think it's a problem with startup disk creator, dd should work15:32
minimecdaniel72-72: I guess I can help you. When you get the message, hit the 'TAB' key. You have to add some memory information for the kernel to boot. Add 'mem=2048M'.15:32
EriC^^daniel72-72: also there's a workaround https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/usb-creator/+bug/136082315:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1325801 in usb-creator (Ubuntu Trusty) "duplicate for #1360823 failed to boot from USB disk with error: gfxboot.c32: not a COM32R Image boot:" [Critical,In progress]15:32
NokajiEriC^^: Oh, I have a Lost+Found folder on the drive (the only thing there) plus possibly 3.8GB being used, mysteriously15:34
T-virushi people i'm using www.intodns.com but my mail always gets in-addr.arpa ->  not-assigned15:34
T-virushow can i get the mail server sign on XXX.in-addr.arpa15:35
dabdabhi guys, i was trying to make build and install avconv in ubuntu 14.04 found in here http://askubuntu.com/questions/544533/how-to-install-avconv-with-libfdk-aac-on-ubuntu-14-0415:35
dabdabbut unfortunately i cant make it function the way it should be15:36
dabdabi follow all the instruction there, but no luck15:36
dabdabplease help15:37
EriC^^Nokaji: did you type ls -ld ..... ?15:37
dabdabnot yet15:37
dabdabwhats that for?15:37
EriC^^Nokaji: the 3.8G might be the 5% or so that is reserved in case the fs gets full15:38
Nokajioh, sorry, missed the ls-ld bit ... gimee a moment ...15:38
dabdaboh sorry EriC^^15:38
NokajiEriC^^:      drwxr-xr-x 3 root root 4096 Aug 26 13:12 /media/tris/V 250GB BU15:40
U-bantuwhat is wubi.exe?15:40
EriC^^U-bantu: something evil15:40
U-bantuoh oo-)15:40
EriC^^Nokaji: ok, type sudo umount /dev/sdc115:41
teward!wubi | U-bantu15:41
ubottuU-bantu: Wubi was a way to install Ubuntu from within Windows, but it is no longer supported in recent versions of Ubuntu and was never well maintained even for Ubuntu 12.04. Do not use Wubi. See !install for other options for installing Ubuntu.15:41
NokajiEriC^^: okay, is the next bit remount via terminal/sudo?15:42
EriC^^Nokaji: no, open the file manager and click on the partition to mount it15:42
U-bantuubottu: Ok15:42
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)15:42
daniel72-72Thanks for the help guys!! I aways get an answer arround here!15:42
Nokajiok - nautilus?15:42
qdiihey, how would you guys check what package installed a given file on the computer15:43
EriC^^qdii: dpkg -S <file>15:43
NokajiEriC^^: Okay , so far I can't paste anything to the drive15:44
EriC^^Nokaji: hmm, type ls -ld /media... again15:44
qdiiEriC^^: thanks !15:44
EriC^^Nokaji: it should mount as your user15:45
EriC^^qdii: np15:45
NokajiEric; thought you might ask that but i didn't want to screw everything up by trying     drwxr-xr-x 3 root root 4096 Aug 26 13:12 /media/tris/V 250GB BU15:45
Nokajilooks the same15:45
EriC^^Nokaji: ok, type sudo umount /dev/sdc1 again15:45
EriC^^is the dir still there? type ls -ld again15:46
NokajiEriC^^: Still visible in nuatilus but unmounted ... tryng next step ...15:46
EriC^^it should have disappeared15:47
NokajiEriC^^:     drwxr-xr-x 26 root root 4096 Aug 24 03:5515:47
EriC^^ill brb 1 sec15:47
TJ-Nokaji: EriC^^: how about "sudo rmdir  /media/tris/V 250GB\ BU" then "udisksctl mount --block-device /dev/sdc1" -- manual control of the user auto-mounting?15:48
ActionParsnipNokaji: what file system is the device using?15:49
TJ-Nokaji: EriC^^: typo (grrr @ spaces) "sudo rmdir  /media/tris/V\ 250GB\ BU"15:49
=== rideh is now known as rideh^
ActionParsnipNokaji: that makes things a LOT easier15:50
NokajiEriC^^:     rmdir: failed to remove ‘/media/tris/V 250GB BU’: No such file or directory15:50
Nokajitrying next line .....15:50
NokajiMounted /dev/sdc1 at /media/tris/V 250GB BU.15:51
EriC^^Nokaji: i'm back15:51
EriC^^unmount it15:51
EriC^^sudo umount /dev/sdc115:51
TJ-Nokaji: the first command (rmdir) may have failed if the name of the directory wasn't exactly correct. With those spaces it is hard to tell on IRC where the name starts and ends15:51
TJ-EriC^^: we just mounted it with udisks15:52
EriC^^yes try the command with rmdir15:52
EriC^^yeah i know15:52
EriC^^i meant after the sudo umount command15:52
TJ-Nokaji Don't try rmdir right now!15:52
U-bantuwhat is the wubi.exe size?15:52
EriC^^U-bantu: forget wubi.exe15:52
TJ-Nokaji: what does "mount | grep sdc1" report?15:52
EriC^^it's an illusion15:52
Nokajihmh ...15:53
EriC^^U-bantu: why don't you dual boot?15:53
NokajiTJ-: Doesn't report anythring15:53
EriC^^you could install ubuntu to a usb if you want even15:53
U-bantuyeah but how do i do that?15:53
Nokajishall I try the rm thng now15:54
TJ-Nokaji: OK, so you must have just done a umount ?15:54
ActionParsnipU-bantu: wubi is dead. It hasn't been deveoped for over 5 YEARS15:54
U-bantuEriC^^: can you explain?15:54
NokajiTJ-: currenlty it is not mounted, yeah15:54
auronandace!usb | U-bantu15:54
ubottuU-bantu: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent15:54
TJ-Nokaji: OK. first check the *exact* name of the mountpoint directory, if it still exists: "ls -l /media/tris/"15:55
EriC^^U-bantu: get 2 usb's one for the live usb, and the other to install ubuntu to, and in the installer choose Something else at the bottom when it asks how to install and install it to the usb15:55
TJ-Nokaji: then if it does exist do "sudo rmdir /media/tris/<name-here>"15:55
TJ-Nokaji: then check the directory has gone: "ls -l /media/tris/"15:56
EriC^^Nokaji: use quotes, sudo rmdir "/media/tris/....."15:56
TJ-yeah that ^^^^15:56
U-bantuauronandace:ubottu: EriC^^:  Ok15:56
TJ-EriC^^: what is the actual problem here anyhow? :D15:56
TJ-EriC^^: It mounted correctly15:56
EriC^^TJ-: i think he used disks to mount a fresh partition and he can't create, checked the mountpoint in /media it's owned by root and persistent15:57
NokajiTJ-: not showing up wit ls -l ... proly as unmountedf15:57
EriC^^so i guess disks created the mountpoint as owned by root or something15:57
TJ-EriC^^: for ext* that is expected behaviour. The mountpoint adopts the ownership of the root directory of the file-system, which after creation will be root:root15:58
ActionParsnipU-bantu: if you want to test the OS you can use virtualbox15:58
EriC^^TJ-: ah really?15:58
EriC^^i thought it would get the permissions of the mountpoint and the subdirs just persist15:59
TJ-EriC^^: Only permission-less file-systems such as FAT mount with user ownership since they don't have any ownership info of their own15:59
NokajiTJ-: oops, did rmdir anyway without noticing the clause - it wasn't there to begin with15:59
kasperHi, how do i run a .py script in my downloads folder?15:59
TJ-Nokaji: that's OK - can't rmdir what isn't there15:59
kasperWhen finished go to your Downloaded items and run the application using the following command:15:59
kasperpython SecureW2_JoinNow.py15:59
TJ-Nokaji: I think you may have been chasing a red herring15:59
EriC^^TJ-: it doesn't make much sense though, if you have a dir owned already by a user, and you mount under it, the perms of that dir would change?15:59
kaspergot these instructtions to get acces to my univeristy wifi network...but no idea how i can run it16:00
EriC^^and when you unmount the fs, the dir changes back?16:00
NokajiTJ-: I read somewhere to avoid this perhaps i should have configured the drive whilst logged on under sudo, to retain ownership - maybe not16:00
EriC^^Nokaji: i guess you have to do sudo chown tris: "/media/tris/V 250GB BU"16:02
NokajiEriC^^: External drives are treated differently, from what I've scoured on the net16:02
Nokajitrying it ..16:02
EriC^^did you mount it again?16:03
EriC^^mount it from nautilus first16:03
NokajiI see a change!16:04
Nokajinew folder/doc options!!16:04
Nokajino idea what you id EriC^^ but we have major progress here!16:04
Nokaji& TJ- ofc, thanks to both16:05
Nokajilemme see if I can paste something16:05
kasperTJ-, can you help me with this? have to run a python script16:05
EriC^^Nokaji: great, np16:06
NokajiEriC^^: -&- TJ-:   Amazing stuff! - it works just fine!16:06
TomyWorki'm backing up my old machine to a new one. both kubuntu trusty. there are probably things i manually installed. is there a way to efficiently list everything outside /home, /tmp and a couple of others that doesnt belong to a package and tar everything up?16:06
NokajiEriC^^:  / TJ-: Hopefully it will remain fixed, perhaps you could explain what we did here so i can read up on it, i tried chown before with no joy16:07
TomyWorkideally, modified files would show up as well :)16:07
magicoverflowSo i recently installed cryptsetup on a server which triggered a initramfs , which then gave a mdadm error YOUR SYSTEM IS NOW UNBOOTABLE!16:07
NokajiThat was real dedication to the cause chaps, i much appreciate your help on this one16:07
ActionParsnipTomyWork: how much space does everything outside of /home make up?16:07
=== pabed1 is now known as pabed
TomyWorkActionParsnip less than i have available on the new machine :)16:08
EriC^^Nokaji: as TJ- said the fs has a root dir, like "/" and that dir is set to root as the owner16:08
ActionParsnipTomyWork: but do you have that amount of space on a USB drive etc?16:08
TomyWorkno, but there's sshfs16:08
TomyWorkor nfs if i want to hurt myself :)16:09
EriC^^Nokaji: so whenever you mount it, it'll be owned by root even if your user mounts it, it should always work now though as you chown'd the dir16:09
ActionParsnipTomyWork: you could tar everything except /home and /var/log    then if you need anything from the old system you can extract it from the archive16:10
Nokajiokay EriC^^: I'll save the log for this one and go through it again at my leisure - I see roughly what you are saying, though - many thanks indeed16:10
EriC^^Nokaji: no problem16:11
TomyWorkActionParsnip i know myself, i would probably have that around for a year or so :)16:12
kaspergot it working lol16:15
TJ-kasper: how's it going with the PC now?16:15
kasperTJ-, it's good...can you send me the command again i had to execute yesterday? i PM'd it to myself but shutdown the mac16:17
kasperhaven't done it cause got stuck updating win7 untill 3 am16:17
U-bantui an virtual box and i get the error FATAL: NO BOOTABLE MEDIUM FOUND SYSTEM HALTED. what do i do?16:17
TJ-kasper: I can't remember what it was ... what did it do?!16:18
kasperit undid something we installed16:18
U-bantu*I am in16:18
ActionParsnipU-bantu: did you mount the ISO in virtualbox?16:18
kaspera module?16:18
kadirohello, cloning a partition to other one is a worst idea, lubuntu have big serious problem16:18
U-bantu ActionParsnip: How do i od that?16:18
ActionParsnipU-bantu: you need to tell Virtualbox to use the IS you downloaded16:18
kaspernot sure how crucial it is TJ-16:18
U-bantuActionParsnip:Ok will see16:19
ActionParsnipU-bantu: wait...you just expected to run virtualbox and it magically know what you wanted to do? Think about it......16:19
ActionParsnipU-bantu: you just built a system with n o OS on it and powered it up16:19
ActionParsnipU-bantu: you need the CD to install the OS16:19
cfhowlett!vbox | U-bantu, this is the moment where reading the literature, which is abundant, would aid you greatly.16:20
ubottuU-bantu, this is the moment where reading the literature, which is abundant, would aid you greatly.: Virtualbox is a virtualizer for x86 and amd64 architectures. It's available in the package "virtualbox" in the !repositories, and you can download the Virtualbox Extension Pack for additional, non-Free functionality at http://virtualbox.org . Additional details can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox16:20
TJ-kasper: oh, was it to remove the hp-wmi module? "sudo dkms remove hp-wmi/1.01 -all"16:20
ActionParsnipU-bantu: but virtualbox can work with the ISO file you downloaded16:20
kasperTJ-, yes thanks!16:20
kasperTJ-, Error!  Unknown option: -all16:21
TJ-kasper: drop te -all16:21
U-bantuubottu: thank you16:21
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)16:21
TJ-kasper: I think I meant "-k all" actually :D16:21
Midoshi27yaaaay! Just dual booted Ubuntu on my windows laptop last night. Finally have a machine that can play games and get work done ;)16:21
U-bantuActionParsnip: how do i take it to iso fle?16:22
sushi__Hello all,i need help for installing gerix on Linux mint. can someone tell me wich cahnnel i have to join for help? thx16:22
daftykinsMidoshi27: psst, it already could ;) but good job.16:22
ActionParsnipU-bantu: in the setings of the VM, under storage16:22
daftykins!mint | sushi__16:22
ubottusushi__: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org16:22
cfhowlett!mint |sushi__,16:22
ubottusushi__,: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org16:22
kasperTJ-, Error! There is no instance of hp-wmi 1.0116:22
kasperfor kernel all (i686) located in the DKMS tree.16:22
Midoshi27daftykins: I was gonna wait to install Windows 10 then decided... fuck Windows 1016:22
TJ-kasper: hmmm, you must have uninstalled it already16:22
daftykinsMidoshi27: inappropriate language for here - also chat in #ubuntu-offtopic not here thanks. support only.16:22
cfhowlettMidoshi27, no profanity.  no need.  follow the guidelines.16:22
kasperOK...pretty sure that's what needed to be done16:23
TJ-kasper: "sudo dkms status"16:23
kasperTJ-, working on this thing today in class was an absolute dream16:23
kasperbattery life of 4,5 hours in ubuntu...about 2,5 in win716:23
kadiroafter cloning lubuntu from old disk ( bad sectors "physical" ), not work when puting my password the loging returned back, i created a new user and another problem no partition from the two other disk can be mounted ( unknown partition ), i trying to install xfce DE on lubuntu to see if that correct something but same think, i trying to reinstall it and another big problem, lirc, automation and other program just gone, the home folder is always here but th16:23
kadiroe interested program gone16:23
TJ-kasper: you get more reward when you know the pain you had to go through, to get it there :)16:23
daftykinskasper: shows windows wasn't set up properly ;)16:24
kasperdaftykins, imho it shows windows sucks...plus in windows there is 1.2GB of RAM in use the whole time16:25
ActionParsnipkadiro: a different DE wont fix disk access16:25
kaspereven if i dont do anything at all16:25
kasperTJ-, hp-wmi, 1.01, 3.19.0-26-generic, i686: installed16:25
daftykinskasper: nah - disagree :) but ah well, off topic here16:25
ActionParsnipkadiro: check RAM using Memtest86 from Grub16:25
kasperdid it16:25
kasperpassed every test16:25
ActionParsnipkadiro: may want to test your disk using fsck from Ubuntu liveCD16:25
TJ-kasper: it lied to us! Try "sudo dkms remove hp-wmi/1.01 -k 3.19.0-26-generic"16:25
kadiroActionParsnip: no ram is ok i'm now from another disto and all fine16:25
kadirowhy all interested program just gone16:26
NorbinSo I successfully installed Ubuntu into my secondary SSD, once it boots into ubuntu the login screen will not stop flickering rapidly, can't see anything on the screen really... 15.04, skylake i5, radeon 39016:26
kasperdaftykins, you could be right...it was installed in the shop16:26
ActionParsnipkasper: i'd check the file system from liveCD16:26
TJ-kasper: if that fails add the arch Try "sudo dkms remove hp-wmi/1.01 -k 3.19.0-26-generic/i686"16:26
kasperdaftykins, but i am not sure if i will f*ck things up if i do a clean win7 install with ubuntu on dual boot...to keep things on topic16:26
ActionParsnipNorbin: could try the intel driver installer16:26
daftykinskasper: even masked language is not acceptable here.16:27
Norbinintel driver? with amd card ?16:27
Norbini am not connected to the onboard card16:27
kadiroActionParsnip: how to get all my programs installed before to work again?16:27
kadiroit seem not installed16:27
kasperTJ-, that worked!16:27
Norbinmaybe i should install gpu drivers from recovery? if that's even possible ?16:27
ActionParsnipkasper: if the file system is broken I wouldn't touch it16:27
TJ-kasper: when I need legal advice I'll seek you out :P16:28
ActionParsnipNorbin: Yes, hence why I said "could try the intel driver installer"16:28
kasperTJ-, funny thing is...on a 5GHZ network now and the wireless light is flashing orange and blue like crazy16:28
TJ-kasper: at least it is doing something :)16:28
kasperTJ-, absolutely...covering international law next semester16:28
ActionParsnipNorbin: OmgUbuntu has a nic guide16:28
kadiroI need to reinstall all of them??16:28
kasperTJ-, what's your country of residence?16:28
ActionParsnipkadiro: if the fsck fixes the disk then no...16:28
TJ-kasper: England16:29
kasperah that's common law...covering that in october16:29
kadiroActionParsnip: the system said that my programs are not installed16:29
kasperso all good as long as you stay out of jail till after the december exams TJ-  :D16:29
kasperafter that i can help you out :D16:30
kadiroafter booting from live lubuntu and reinstalling the system this problem happen16:30
TJ-kasper: I had a police helicopter following me and the Huskies around the farm this afternoon - I think someone may have escaped from the nearby prison :)16:30
cfhowlett!ot | TJ-,16:30
ubottuTJ-,: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:30
TJ-Normal service will resume shortly16:31
kasperTJ-, as long as you don't give them shelter and lie to the cops about it you should be fine16:31
kadiroI think linux system have no reinstall16:32
mavensaysGuys should i switch to KDE from unity what are your pro's and con's and do you suggest any other DE (cinnamon maybe)?16:32
kasperso TJ- any experience with ubuntu and win7 dual boots? can i do a fresh iso reinstall of win7 without messing things up in ubuntu?16:32
kadiroi followed some web site and said it will do but not16:32
kasperor is this off topic? sorry16:32
cfhowlettmavensays, install them, test them, and decide for yourself.16:32
kadiromavensays: Unity take more RAM than gnome3, gnome2, and finally kde, so kde is best for you16:33
mavensays@cfhowlett true, i am a big fan of gnome 2 who switched to unity with gnome 2 fallback & i have used KDE before was not very happy with it but off late friends are recommending KDE 5+16:34
cfhowlettmavensays,  unless your friends are using YOUR machine, you might find it more informative to just --- test them for yourself.  free and easy to do.16:34
TJ-kasper: on BIOS/Legacy installs, GRUB's bootstrap code in the MBR will be replaced by Windows, so the best thing to do is save it first with "sudo dd if=/dev/sda bs=512 count=1 of=/home/$USER/mbr.bin" then you can boot from a live ISO later, mount the file-system, and write that file back with "sudo dd if=/<montpoint>/home/<username>/mbr.bin of=/dev/sdX" where X is the drive letter16:34
cfhowlett!flavors | mavensays16:35
ubottumavensays: !Ubuntu-GNOME, !Kubuntu, !Xubuntu and !Lubuntu are simply flavors of Ubuntu that come with GNOME, KDE, Xfce, and LXDE (respectively) installed as default, instead of Unity. Other specialized flavors of Ubuntu include !Edubuntu, Ubuntu !Studio, and !Mythbuntu.16:35
kasperTJ-, thanks!16:35
RustyShacklefordso I'm having an issue with my digital ocean node16:39
RustyShacklefordit has been quite a while since I updated16:39
daftykinsRustyShackleford: they have great support then, since you pay them...16:40
daftykinsi would speak with them first.16:40
RustyShacklefordwhen I run "sudo aptitude update", I get some rather wierd output16:41
RustyShacklefordyeah I guess I'll see what kind of support they have16:41
daftykinswell "sudo apt update" would make more sense16:41
daftykinsand you can't really say that without a pastebin :)16:41
RustyShacklefordyeah I'm working on it haha16:41
daftykinsbut yes, consult the people you pay before you ask volunteers for their time.16:41
RustyShacklefordI prefer aptitude, but I could try apt-get and see if that makes a difference16:41
RustyShackleford Failed to fetch http://mirrors.digitalocean.com/ubuntu/dists/utopic-backports/universe/source/Sources: 404  Not Fo16:42
RustyShacklefordund [IP: 80]16:42
daftykinsutopic, good lord16:42
daftykinsyeah your release is dead.16:42
ubottuUbuntu 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn) was the 21st release of Ubuntu.  Support ended on July 23rd, 2015. See !eol, !upgrade and http://ubottu.com/y/utopic16:42
daftykinsyou shouldn't be using that :)16:42
RustyShacklefordso... is that the reason for a 404 error?16:42
daftykinsthey've likely taken down those sections since utopic is dead, yes16:43
daftykinswhich would likely be in their help...16:43
RustyShacklefordand can I upgrade to a newer version of ubuntu without having my current install up to date?16:43
daftykinsnot ideal16:44
daftykinsbackup + create a new droplet then migrate the data16:44
daftykinseasiest way16:44
RustyShacklefordi'd really rather not spin up a new instance... but I suppose you're right16:44
RustyShacklefordbetter start backing up my config files16:45
p0pr0ck5shouldnt have ignored LTS then ;)16:45
daftykinsRustyShackleford: you should be on 14.0416:45
RustyShacklefordshould I install 14.04 instead of 15.04?16:45
daftykinsi just said16:46
RustyShacklefordthe plan was to keep it up to date haha. Its funny how that didn't happen16:46
tewardRustyShackleford: 14.04 is the LTS.  I would advise NOT upgrading until the next LTS comes out16:46
Matt_tenianyone here manage to pull 100 hour work week?16:59
cfhowlettMatt_teni, this is ubuntu support.  please stay on topic16:59
=== pabed1 is now known as pabed
championofcyrodihello.  Question.  I have a clone of the amd64 archive.ubuntu.com, but of course my client needs some i386 packages.  I'm cloning w/ a tool called cobbler, which uses debmirror under the hood..17:06
championofcyrodithe question i have is,17:06
championofcyrodishould i replicate the i386 repo in the *same* path as my current amd64 repo url?17:06
championofcyrodior can i specify a seperate repo for i386 in /etc/apt/sources.list17:07
TJ-championofcyrodi: you can do either17:07
championofcyrodiTJ- which would you do?17:07
championofcyrodii'm okay w/ dumping it all in 117:07
championofcyrodisince its all 'trusty'17:08
TJ-championofcyrodi: if you want to limit a deb: entry to a list of architectures simply use the form  "deb [arch=i386,amd64] http..."17:08
championofcyrodii think i might like the modular approach to having my 32 bit repo separate17:08
TJ-championofcyrodi: you could have 2 deb: lines, one for amd64 and the other for i386, if you wished17:08
championofcyrodigotcha. that is what i was looking for...17:08
championofcyrodithe deb [arch] optional flag17:09
drethyAny suggestions for an alarm clock for ubuntu?17:09
championofcyrodimaybe i should have done 'man sources.list' or something17:09
Hamiltonian__Hi, how can I kill all of the processes that show up after the following command: ps aux | grep libreoffice17:09
daftykinskillall libreoffice ?17:09
championofcyrodiTJ- thanks again17:10
Hamiltonian__daftykins: did not know that there was a killall command, looking it up17:10
Hamiltonian__daftykins: I get: libreoffice: no process found17:12
Hamiltonian__daftykins: but if I run ps aux | grep libreoffice, it shows 6 processes17:12
EriC^^Hamiltonian__: try pkill libreoffice17:12
daftykinsit has to match the actual binaries, so if it's the beginning or end you might add a *17:12
Hamiltonian__Eric^^ that did not run into an error, but did not kill the processes17:15
Hamiltonian__When I run ps aux | grep libreoffice, this is what I see: http://i.imgur.com/ZJFhPgS.png17:15
TomyWorkHamiltonian__ be careful with killall17:15
TomyWorkon solaris it really kills all17:15
EriC^^Hamiltonian__: you could try pkill /usr/lib/libreoffice17:16
TomyWorkand pkill is usually the better choice anyway17:16
Hamiltonian__TomyWork, haha looks like I got lucky, everything's still running ;)17:16
beakyhow do i do middle-click paste in ubuntu17:16
beakyon a device with a trackpad17:16
beakybut no mouse17:16
TomyWorkHamiltonian__ lucky... or not on a solaris17:16
EriC^^beaky: shift+insert17:16
TomyWorkEriC^^ that's not the same17:17
beakyEriC^^ wow thanks17:17
Ultra4Hi all17:17
Hamiltonian__EriC^^, I would like general method that can take the output of ps aux | grep XXX and kill all of those processes, is it possible?17:17
Kasper-irssiwow this is seriously old skool17:17
TomyWorkbeaky look up "3 button emulation" or something on google17:17
beakywow after 4 years of using ubuntu i just learned how to paste17:17
beakywithout middle clck17:17
TomyWorkctrl-v in most applications17:17
Ultra4Have been 10.04.3 LTS support ended? Can't undestand this at full https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases17:17
EriC^^Hamiltonian__: you could kill them from htop i think17:18
TomyWorkterminals require shift-ins (or ctrl-shift-v on some terminals)17:18
cfhowlettUltra4, yes it's done17:18
Ultra4cfhowlett: thanks17:18
tewardUltra4: all 10.04 versions are EOl now17:18
TJ-If the processes are stuck, you'll need kill -KILL not the default kill -TERM17:18
tewardUltra4: if the version you look at is under the "End of life" category, it's got no more support17:18
Ultra4teward: ty17:18
TomyWorkyou say "kill=$(pgrep libreoffice)" and then you can say "kill -KILL $kill"17:19
beakyheh overkill17:19
daftykinsHamiltonian__: ah so the actual program is oosplash.17:20
daftykinsHamiltonian__: killall oosplash17:20
EriC^^TomyWork: yes it is, shift+insert is like pressing the middle mouse to paste, no?17:20
EriC^^what do you mean nope?17:20
EriC^^highlight something, press shift+insert, eh voila17:21
TomyWorkmiddle mouse pastes the primary selection, shift+ins pastes the clipboard17:21
EriC^^no, shift+ctrl+v pastes the clipboard, shift+insert pastes the selection, as does middle mouse button17:21
EriC^^try it ;)17:21
Hamiltonian__daftykins, killing oosplash did it, thanks man!17:22
TomyWorki told Konsole to copy to both :D17:22
TomyWorkEriC^^ the only application i have that does that is xterm17:23
TomyWorkeverything else behaves like i said17:23
EriC^^you've modded it that way i guess17:24
TomyWorkKDE behaviour i guess17:24
TomyWorkand i'm glad it's that way17:24
TomyWorki use ctrl-v and shift-ins interchangably17:24
TomyWorkwhatever is closest17:24
championofcyrodiin vi it's just p/P17:25
TomyWorkthat's a 3rd clipboard :)17:25
championofcyrodithe thing i like about vi, is that it tells you to basically go home when your brain is tired, by frustrating the hell out of you.17:26
championofcyrodiunless you work at home, then you go make a sandwich i guess17:27
TomyWorki use mcedit whenever i'm forced to use a console. kate otherwise17:32
TomyWorkvi... only with git17:33
PiciWhat /7017:33
neyder_hi there17:33
AndriusBartulisI have a question: one of my monitors is a really low end iiyama monitor and looks horrible when not callibrated. On windows I used to use the built in calibration tool which used to work (no hardware needed just "by eye" calibration). However I can't seem to figure out how to do this on a gnu system. Any ideas? I tried installing dipscalGUI but it required calibration hardware which I do not have. Any thoughts?17:33
TomyWork404 Not Found17:34
TomyWorkAndriusBartulis a gnu system is basically just the console, i think you mean X, right? :)17:34
TomyWorkyour desktop environment probably has some kind of tool to help you17:35
TomyWorkwhich one do you use? gnome? kde? xfce?17:35
AndriusBartulisTomyWork, depends how you look at it, but yeah. Unity has Device Color Profiles tool but it only allows me to load profiles, as the calibrate button is grayed out (because I guess it needs hardware again, but I want software only calibration)17:36
neyder_how can I use geometry on a program that doesnt support '-geometry HxW+v+h' parameter?17:36
shambatnoticed my server went into read only mode, so I rebooted, and now fsck finds errors. However, its asking me to "Press F to attempt to fix the errors", this does nothing (in fact none of the options do anything). I tried booting into recovery mode, but there it just hangs after a bunch of system messages. How can I run fsck properly?17:36
EriC^^!info devilspie | neyder_ or maybe ccsm17:37
ubottuneyder_ or maybe ccsm: devilspie (source: devilspie): find windows and perform actions on them. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.23-2 (vivid), package size 42 kB, installed size 322 kB17:37
AndriusBartulisTomyWork, for now Unity. But that should not matter, should it?17:37
daniel72-72Hi guys. Is there anyway to reset my router password. Not the wi-fi, the internal password so I can change its configurations17:38
daftykinsdaniel72-72: that is not even vaguely an ubuntu issue, try ##networking17:39
mcphailAndriusBartulis: just buy a calibrator. You get get a second-hand spyder2 for a couple of pounds/dollars from ebay as there are no drivers for modern Windows. Works a treat17:39
daniel72-72I'm asking because I know how to on windows nor on ubuntu17:39
daftykinsdaniel72-72: that doesn't make any sense. routers are accessed via web admins - that is platform agnostic17:40
neyder_EriC^^, reading ty17:40
daftykins(or telnet which also is)17:40
Picidaniel72-72: refer to your router's documentation17:43
AndriusBartulismcphail, ok I guess that's the only option then. Wanted something quick for the next week while the calibrator arrives (color balance is horrible)17:44
mcphailAndriusBartulis: spyder + dispcalgui is what I use17:44
AndriusBartulisWhich spider?17:44
AndriusBartulis1 or 2? or 317:44
mcphailAndriusBartulis: 2, iirc17:44
AndriusBartulismcphail, ok thanks17:44
mcphailAndriusBartulis: as far as I know, the others work as well17:45
mcphailAndriusBartulis: The spyder 2 needs the windows install disk so you can extract the firmware, but that process is simple17:45
AndriusBartulisDoes anyone know why ubuntu might have this weird password thing when on a fresh install the password will either work for login OR for sudo authentication, but not both, for example, when I just installed it, I set a password to something, then it didn't work with sudo or software centre, then I changed it with pkexec passwd and then it started working for sudo tasks but stopped working for login tasks. Any17:47
daftykinsAndriusBartulis: "set a password to something" = ?17:48
daftykinsi think you're performing non-standard reconfigurations and trashing the install.17:49
AndriusBartulisdaftykins, no, I literally installed ubuntu, and chose a password in the install wizard. Then, without doing anything else at all, it started doing that17:50
AndriusBartulisIts a completely fresh install. Tried reinstalling it twice.17:50
AndriusBartulisSomething to do with my disk image maybe? some hardware?17:50
AndriusBartulisMaybe ubuntu updates?17:50
AndriusBartulisIts weird17:50
daftykinsright but what's this "set a password to something" = ?17:51
daftykinsoh as in that was the installer step, ok17:51
daftykinsvery obscure language :P17:51
daftykinstry installing without updates maybe17:52
AndriusBartulishmm ok17:52
AndriusBartulisI did have the Install updates automatically checked, so maybe that messed something up.17:52
daftykinsis this 15.04 ?17:53
AndriusBartulisOk I know what you gonna say... use LTS :D17:53
daftykinsnope just curious where the quirk lies17:53
daftykinsmaybe you have newer hardware so LTS isn't quite so appropriate, so i wouldn't just say that17:53
AndriusBartulishmm... maybe it uses one key map before loggin in and another one after?17:54
AndriusBartulisdaftykins, its a lenovo thinkpad t410 so not that new17:54
daftykinsthat's possible depending on what region you're in17:55
oaulakhhow to install libusbx17:56
lotuspsychjeoaulakh: you still not fix your heimdall issue?17:56
AndriusBartulisHmm, just checked, both use same key mapping17:57
ioriaAndriusBartulis, are you using Mate   Gnome3  ?17:57
AndriusBartulisioria, Just default Unity fresh install17:57
lotuspsychjeoaulakh: did you try the newest version?17:57
AndriusBartulisI installed it on 3 pcs today and only this one has the problem, maybe some new update that just came out a few h ago or something...17:58
oaulakhyup it says somethin libdev0 required but those are confusing when i apt-get install libusb017:58
lotuspsychjeoaulakh: i mean the heimdall 4.1 version17:58
oaulakhyup there is no heimdall 4.117:59
ioriaAndriusBartulis, check /var/log/auth.log17:59
=== lotuspsychje_ is now known as lotuspsychje
AndriusBartulisioria, ok I will just try a different version of ubuntu or maybe mint and see what happens then18:06
Darael...why are XATTR_SIZE_MAX and XATTR_LIST_MAX defined at the VFS layer?!  It's not like they don't vary by filesystem anyway...18:12
Darael!hi | Voyage18:15
DaraelCould've sworn... oh well18:15
daftykinsyeah don't.18:15
DaraelFair enough.  It's been... a while.18:16
VoyageI changed my laptop and bough a PC, now the hardware is different but my same HDD having kubuntu is working fine. Today I noticed that video / grphics in some applications like forefox and xchat is causing problems. Do I need to change things? install some software or do anything?18:16
yabbesive got one issue, im running the latest ubuntu and i cannot shut down my system by clicking the shut down button.. it just doesnt work.. i always have to type sudo init 0 is this a known issue ?18:16
daftykinsVoyage: what hardware and what driver currently in use?18:17
Voyagedaftykins,  dont know about drivers but hardware is G3258 processor and z97 board18:17
Voyagedaftykins,  old one was dell d630 laptop.18:17
daftykinsso you're intel the intel on-die graphics?18:18
lotuspsychjeyabbes: sudo halt works?18:18
daftykinswow my brain and keyboard are not connected18:18
Voyagedaftykins,  gues so. dont knwo how to confirm18:18
yabbescan i safely try this now lotuspsychje ?:P18:18
daftykinsVoyage: "lspci | pastebinit"18:18
lotuspsychjeyabbes: it will shutdown right away18:18
yabbesit should shut down my system right18:18
daftykinsVoyage: also "pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log"18:18
yabbeslet me try it18:18
yabbesand thank you18:19
=== pabed1 is now known as pabed
daftykinsVoyage: that's an index link ;)18:20
yabbesi think sudo halt worked but it didnt completely shut down my pc it is still hibernating or something but i cant wake it up :s18:21
lotuspsychjeyabbes: try sudo shutdown -now or -p18:21
yabbesthe power light is stil on18:21
Voyagedaftykins,  new one http://pastebin.ca/313022518:21
daftykinsVoyage: yep looks like an intel only, so keeping up to date is the only thing you can really do.18:21
Rileyhey guys i need help updating my intel hd drivers on ubuntu 15.0418:21
yabbeslotuspsychje: i dont think i can open a terminal right now18:21
Voyagedaftykins,  ya but do I need to install any software?18:21
ioriayabbes, using Cairo ?18:21
yabbesmy ubuntu is all stock18:21
Rileyim not sure witch ppa to use sense the intel driver installer dosnt work anymore18:21
yabbesthats why im a bit confused18:22
yabbesnever had this issue or anything like that18:22
daftykinsVoyage: nope and don't follow any guides that speak of installing intel drivers, it's all a lie and will ruin your system18:22
yabbescant shut down my pc by using the menu item18:22
lotuspsychjeyabbes: maybe try a tail -f /var/log/syslog and shutdown after18:22
lotuspsychjeyabbes: see what the logs spit out as error18:22
yabbesthanks will try that18:22
Voyagedaftykins,  ok.18:22
daftykinsRiley: nope you don't, it doesn't work that way. never use the installer either18:22
yabbeswhen my pc is functional again18:22
Voyagedaftykins,  how to dist upgrade? and why do I still get graphic errors?18:23
lotuspsychjeyabbes: wich ubuntu version was this18:23
Rileyhow are you supposed to update it then18:23
yabbes15.04 ? the latest18:23
Rileymy driver dosnt show all my reslolutions18:23
yabbesfresh install18:23
lotuspsychjeyabbes: did you have shutdown issues on 14.04?18:23
daftykinsRiley: how is your display connected?18:23
yabbesnever, lotuspsychje18:23
Rileyjust my laptop18:24
daftykinsVoyage: "sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade"18:24
Rileybut it dosnt show 720p to run games18:24
Voyagedaftykins,  full-upgrade is not dist upgrade18:24
lotuspsychjeyabbes: investigate your logs, might show something usefull18:24
Rileyi found this ppa https://launchpad.net/~oibaf/+archive/ubuntu/graphics-drivers18:24
Rileybut not sure witch packages i need18:25
daftykinsVoyage: don't ask how to do it if you feel you know better then :)18:25
VoyageI dont know.18:25
yabbesthanks lotuspsychje18:25
VoyageI just recall memories of that what I said18:25
daftykinsVoyage: sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade - also a command18:25
yabbestail -f /var/log/syslog i will try this18:25
EriC^^Voyage: full-upgrade is like dist-upgrade, just using apt instead of apt-get18:25
SchrodingersScatwhy would you use apt instead of apt-get?18:26
daftykinsprogress bar as default18:26
daftykinsuse what you want18:26
TomyWorkuhm wtf is the "apt" tool? i thought that was just the lib in the background18:28
ki7rwi was trying to use usb 3.0 with windows guests but both XP and Win10 complains about missing drivers - i'm assuming that my linux host isn't loading drivers for usb 3.0?? - Ubuntu 14.04 64 bit host - yes, my laptop has usb 3.0 ports18:28
ki7rwvirtualbox 5.x18:29
daftykinsi didn't think vbox did USB 3 passthrough yet.18:29
daftykinswhat do their channel peeps say?18:29
ki7rwi haven't asked there since it's usually lack of drivers on the host18:29
yabbeslotuspsychje: sudo shutdown -h now results in succesful shut down right from the terminal18:29
lotuspsychjeyabbes: ok try the GUI shutdown on tail -f now18:30
lotuspsychjeyabbes: might give you errors that block the normal shutdown?18:30
yabbesim sorry what does tail -f do exactly ?18:30
yabbestail -f /var/log/syslog i type this ?18:30
hddquestWorth it to spend 18$ on 1TB more for my HDD (Seagate Barracuda)?18:30
lotuspsychjeyabbes: yes18:30
yabbesand then i try the gui shutdown18:30
lotuspsychjeyabbes: will show realtime syslog errors18:30
yabbesah nice18:31
daftykinski7rw: well it would make sense to just quickly ask if it's even supported18:31
hddquestI ask cause I'm indecisive whether It'll be worth it in the future18:31
dry_cyclehey yall18:32
yabbeslet me paste you this18:32
lotuspsychje!paste | yabbes18:32
ubottuyabbes: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:32
yabbes_lotuspsychje, http://paste.ubuntu.com/12201192/18:32
yabbesand ty18:33
yabbesseems like this systemd process doesnt quite do its job? :s18:33
yabbesother than that ive got other network stuff in my syslog18:34
lotuspsychjeyabbes: sorry havent used systemd before, you might wanna ask in channel with that paste18:35
yabbesand on a second click on the gui shutdown ive got no further notice in my syslog about this process at all18:35
_Roccan anyone help with the name of a  linux distro just cli no desktop?18:35
yabbesin what channel, lotuspsychje ?18:35
ioriayabbes, you should have an upstart option in grub ...18:35
yabbesioria: what would that do?18:35
hddquestBuying a Seagate Barracuda but can't decide on 1TB or 2TB (18$ difference), whats you guys thought about it? worth?18:36
lotuspsychjeyabbes: here :p18:36
lotuspsychjehddquest: ask in ##hardware18:36
ioriayabbes, if the problem is systemd ...18:36
hddquestok will do, ty18:36
yabbeswell i dont know, i dont know about upstart never heard about it18:36
WorrenI have som problems whit booting to Windows after i removed Ubuntu, can anyone help me plz?18:36
ioriayabbes, upstart is the precedent model ...18:37
yabbes_my systemd paste, somehow my ubuntu won't shut down, is this a systemd problem? http://paste.ubuntu.com/12201192/18:37
yabbes_of systemd, ioria ?18:37
ioriayabbes, yep18:37
yabbes_thank you18:37
yabbes_but what should i do or try :s18:37
yabbes_i mean i can shut down my pc now by running shutdown -h now from console at least18:38
ioriayabbes, if ubu is the only os , press shift18:38
yabbes_when booting?18:38
Bashing-om!minimal | _Roc18:38
ubottu_Roc: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD18:38
ioriayabbes, yes18:38
ioriayabbes, explore the options18:38
yabbes_the boot options18:38
ioriayabbes, yep18:38
yabbes_ive got a dual boot sadly at the moment on this system18:39
yabbes_but i will try18:39
yabbes_thanks ioria18:39
ioriayabbes,  so you see grub screen  ...18:39
ioriayabbes,  there18:39
yabbesstill here just rebooting ;)18:40
=== cyphase_ is now known as cyphase
_Rocthank you18:40
daftykinsWorren: not really - just use windows boot media to restore the bootloader. ##windows for more18:40
hddquest@lotuspsychje ##hardware requires registration, i'd just want a quick summary18:41
yabbesioria: i see the upstart option! so you suggest i try booting this and see if the problem persists?18:41
ioriayabbes,  yes...18:41
lotuspsychjehddquest: your in ubuntu support here mate18:41
Worrendaftykins: I made a windows 10 boot usb, but everytime i try to boot and repair windows boot it says it can't.18:42
hddquestyeah I know.. any other # where I can ask? maybe one without a reg function18:42
daftykinsWorren: sorry, not on topic for this channel.18:42
yabbesseems like it is not a systemd related issue, i cant gui shutdown my system on upstart either18:42
yabbesioria: lotuspsychje18:42
muscahi, is ntfsundelete still part of the ubuntu live-dvd?  How can i check this before downloading?18:43
ioriayabbes,  sudo shutdown -P 118:43
WorrenDaftykins: Ok, thanks tho. Do you know if i can boot up windows from grub?18:43
daftykinsWorren: i can't help you with that18:43
EriC^^musca: releases.ubuntu.com > check the .manifest18:43
yabbesworking ioria18:44
muscawill do, thx18:44
yabbesdifferent from sudo shutdown -h now ?18:44
EriC^^musca: np18:44
ioriayabbes,  yes ... it says to poweroff after shutdown18:44
ioriayabbes,  you can try with acpi=force18:45
yabbeswhat command?18:45
yabbesi would just like my gui item to work :/18:46
yabbesi can shut down now by using the terminal but its a weird problem18:46
yabbesmaybe i should revert to ubuntu 14.04 :(18:46
EriC^^yabbes: try this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Fixing_reboot.2Fshutdown_freezes18:47
ioriayabbes,  edit the kernel line with that , after quite splash18:47
=== iman is now known as Guest73418
yabbeswow thank you EriC^^18:47
ioriayabbes,  yes,,, something like that18:48
EriC^^yabbes: try acpi=force too as ioria said18:48
yabbesim sorry for being a noob but where do i add that line i havent yet read the link18:48
fwolfoh, the grub issue .. wasnt that fixed in the latest update?18:48
ioriayabbes,  http://askubuntu.com/questions/201107/my-computer-wont-shutdown18:48
yabbesthank you18:48
lickalottgents, does anyone know how to limit the usable strike space on an Elantech touchpad?  here's what I've played with so far and it is still overly sensitive (i.e. jumpes around when my palm touches the top left or top right corners of the pad)   xinput --watch-props "ETPS/2 Elantech Touchpad"18:49
lickalottxinput --set-prop "ETPS/2 Elantech Touchpad" "Synaptics Finger" 5 16 21618:49
lickalottxinput --set-prop "ETPS/2 Elantech Touchpad" "Synaptics Noise Cancellation" 20 20   synclient -l PalmDetect=118:49
yabbes_thank you for this ioria and everyone18:50
yabbes_for the help18:50
=== the_ant1 is now known as the_ant
ioriayabbes,  np, just wanted your issue fixed, if we can18:51
yabbes_do you think i can add both reboot=bios and acpi=force to the line ?18:53
yabbes_then it should work when i reboot? (i updated my grub)18:53
ioriayabbes,  mmm... no18:53
yabbes_oh sorry18:53
yabbes_so i should try one first18:53
yabbes_then the other18:53
ioriayabbes, better18:53
sokollI am getting a permission denied message when trying to cp a file from my home directory, to a directory owned by www-data and a group that I am a member of. any ideas?18:56
arooni-mobileis hardware acceleration possible in google-chrome?  i have lenovo t420 with intel graphics 3000.  ubuntu 14.04 lts.18:59
daftykinssokoll: did you close and re-open since joining the group?19:00
sokolldaftykins: close and reopen what?19:00
SCHAAP137arooni-mobile, http://www.webupd8.org/2014/01/enable-hardware-acceleration-in-chrome.html19:00
daftykinsthe same terminal you're logged into trying to perform that copy19:00
daftykinsoften you must log out and back in before group changes apply19:00
sokolldaftykins: ah, no, but I'm sudo'd as the user that's having the issue19:00
arooni-mobileSCHAAP137, followed that and its still showing gpu isnt being used19:00
sokolldaftykins: that's not the issue19:00
daftykinssudo? o019:00
daftykinsthe permissions angle isn't relevant if you're doing that19:01
sokolldaftykins: I am an admin, I have a user who is unable to copy a file from his home directory, to a team directory.19:01
daftykinssokoll: a bit of output in a pastebin would be handy19:01
beakyhow do people deploy ubuntu in production19:01
fwolfarooni-mobile: works on my t520 .. so there's no reason why it shouldnt work on your t420 ;)19:01
sokolldaftykins: cp: cannot create regular file {filename}: permission denied19:01
Saulo(away) not here.19:01
fwolfmaybe try SRWare Iron as an alternative, though19:01
daftykinssokoll: that's not helpful, "ls -al" of the destination, groups of the user etc etc. would be19:02
arooni-mobilefwolf, what am i doing wrong?19:02
sokolldaftykins: k, apologies, one sec19:02
fwolfarooni-mobile: what ubuntu install with what version of chrome?19:03
sokolldaftykins: destination permissions: drwxr-xr-x   3 www-data {groupname} 4.0K Aug  3 20:04 public_html19:03
arooni-mobilefwolf, Google Chrome 44.0.2403.157 ; ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64 bit19:03
sokolluser is in {groupname}19:03
daftykinssokoll: i mentioned a pastebin such as http://paste.ubuntu.com to avoid unreadability in channel19:04
daftykinssokoll: ah can already see your group doesn't have write perms then.19:04
SCHAAP137arooni-mobile, you could try adding this to the Chrome startup command: --disable-gpu-sandbox19:04
SCHAAP137it might forcibly enable some of the missing GPU acceleration settings19:04
sokolldaftykins: so it needs drwxrwxr-x?19:05
SCHAAP137but, on the other hand, Chrome might become unstable because of it19:05
daftykinssokoll: sudo chmod -R g+w /path/to/public_html (assuming you're ok with the whole path recursively being set)19:05
sokolldaftykins: that's fine :)19:05
arooni-mobileSCHAAP137, Software only. Hardware acceleration disabled19:05
SCHAAP137hmm, unfortunate19:06
yabbessorry to report back, guys.. im the one with the reboot grub issue (no shutdown via gui) ive tried adding all three acpi=force then reboot=bios and then reboot=pci in my /etc/default/grub but no positive result :/19:06
EriC^^yabbes: did you update-grub after adding them?19:07
muelliyabbes: hm. you need to regenerate your grub, I guess.19:07
yabbessometimes my syslog doesnt even give me any info when i try rebooting19:07
yabbesi did update-grub after each line edit19:07
yabbesthen reboot . try. and another time19:07
ioriayabbes, in this line GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT ?19:07
GTFr0general question about network interfaces:  in systems with multiple NICs, how does ubuntu determine which NIC is eth0?19:07
GTFr0(this maybe more of a kernel question than specific to Ubuntu)19:08
SCHAAP137GTFr0, just a guess, but maybe the MAC address?19:08
sokolldaftykins: that fixed it! thanks so much19:08
daftykinssokoll: np :)19:08
GTFr0I have a batch of HP Proliant DL380 Gen9 servers, and I am PXE booting Ubuntu core.  Every boot, it switches between the onboard GbE and the onboard 10GbE NICs19:08
daftykinsGTFr0: yeah #linux might be better. it's probably down to PCI bus order19:09
yabbesGRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash reboot=bios19:09
shdefhsdfh>install gentoo19:10
GTFr0daftykins: thanks, I'll give that a try19:11
fwolfarooni-mobile: already dug into the thinkwikis? the German suggests there might be a throttling issue with later BIOS versions, which also decreases the "power of the integrated GPU"19:11
fwolfmy t520 is from an early batch, so it might still be using an older BIOS version19:12
ioriayabbes, try in    GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX "acpi=force"19:13
yabbesi did, but i will again :P19:13
arooni-mobilefwolf, interesting ; i did upgrade my bios to latest version as i recently installed a new ssd and wanted it to work out of the box.  what a gip a decrease in gpu power for upgrading the bios :\19:13
yabbesi will trail -f my syslog again but sometimes really there is no reaction at all when i click on shutdown19:13
ioriayabbes, try in    GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX " not in GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT19:13
yabbesthanks ioria19:13
yabbesGRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash acpi=force"19:14
yabbeslike this ?19:14
ioriayabbes, no19:14
shdefhsdfh>install gentoo19:14
ioriayabbes, remove the first19:14
shdefhsdfh>install gentoo19:15
yabbeslet me reboot and see =)19:15
ioriayabbes, remove the first  acpi=force, i mean not quite spalsh19:15
DJonesshdefhsdfh: As this is Ubuntu support, no, please stop spamming19:15
yabbesi did that19:15
shdefhsdfh>install gentoo19:15
Gallomimia is there a way to get some details about the ram chips installed in my system, thru CLI or any?19:17
GTFr0Gallomimia: lshw19:17
yabbesstill no success ^^ I'm going to try the others reboot=bios in the non default line of grub19:18
EriC^^yabbes: same thing19:18
EriC^^yabbes: are you using unity?19:19
yabbesyouve got the same problem?19:19
yabbesyes, EriC^^19:19
yabbeswb ioria19:19
EriC^^yabbes: no, it won't make a difference in which default line19:19
yabbesoh, i see, EriC^^19:19
ioria2_yabbes, not working ?19:19
yabbessadly no :(19:19
ioria2_yabbes, reverse the all, then19:20
EriC^^yabbes: what happens when you shutdown anyways?19:20
GallomimiaGTFr0: thats a lot of hardware :) still haven't found it and i hit my scrollback limit :P19:20
yabbesi just cant gui shutdown EriC^^ i cannot click on the thing in the upper right. nothing happens. no syslog event either19:20
* EriC^^ googles19:21
ioria2_yabbes, what machine is that ?19:21
yabbesdesktop pc, i519:21
yabbesamd graphics19:22
EriC^^maybe this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=186129719:22
ioria2_yabbes, fresh install or do-release-upgrade ?19:22
yabbesfresh install 15.04 ioria2_19:22
ioria2_yabbes, amd issue maybe19:22
ioria2_yabbes, what driver are you using ?19:22
yabbesproprietary ones19:22
yabbesbecause steam wouldnt work otherwise19:22
ioria2_yabbes, yeah19:23
Gallomimiawhere did you get the drivers yabbes?19:23
daftykinsyabbes: please try and respond on reduced lines without using enter as punctuation, please19:23
yabbesjust switched the drivers in the menu of unity settings Gallomimia19:23
EriC^^yabbes: try this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1861297&page=2&p=11348871#post1134887119:23
GTFr0Gallomimia: lshw | less19:24
yabbeswill do, daftykins19:24
GallomimiaGTFr0: i just grepped it thanks for the info. didn't quite tell me all i wanted to know19:24
yabbesbut i've got the shutdown option, EriC^^. it's just that it doesn't seem to work..19:24
GTFr0Gallomimia: out of curiosity, what info were you looking for?19:25
EriC^^yabbes: try it though, it might reset it19:25
ioria2_yabbes, good luck19:26
GallomimiaGTFr0: i want to know if its CL9 or CL10. i think it's 9. also i realized i need to overclock my northbridge to get the ram to go 1866 instead of the 1600 it's locked at now. so it helped. i'm trying to buy an upgrade19:26
Gallomimiahm. why not try it now. i'm due for a reboot...19:27
noobsterHi all... I was wondering if there was a way to use Ubuntu 15.04 that boots into UEFI bios to chain boot an acer recovery partition? I have one in a boot loop because a client decided it was a good idea to install win10 without me. I need to get into the win8 factory default partition and run that tool. I have tried many recovery live CD like Hiren's but they will not boot in UEFI bios mode....19:27
noobster...Thanks in advanced for any help!19:27
OerHeksnoobster, the only way is to obtain the win8 dvd legally, it can be done with a free download, so you might be able to use the restore option.19:29
lickalottgents, does anyone know how to limit the usable strike space on an Elantech touchpad?  here's what I've played with so far and it is still overly sensitive (i.e. jumpes around when my palm touches the top left or top right corners of the pad)   xinput --watch-props "ETPS/2 Elantech Touchpad"19:29
OerHeksnoobster, ask in ##windows for the url, i don't know exactly, depends on the version and language.19:29
lickalottxinput --set-prop "ETPS/2 Elantech Touchpad" "Synaptics Finger" 5 16 21619:29
lickalottxinput --set-prop "ETPS/2 Elantech Touchpad" "Synaptics Noise Cancellation" 20 20   synclient -l PalmDetect=119:30
wileeenoobster, acer will sell you an iso cheap most likely, or MS if you have a key, IE prrof legeal.19:30
noobsterOerHeks: if I get the technet download then I have to get all the drivers too. I see the recovery partition I just want to boot to it19:30
reisionoobster: so you have a recovery partition, but can't boot it?19:30
noobsterusually its alt + f1019:31
noobsterbut thats not working19:31
OerHeksnoobster, err... so you will get a new recovery partition, fresh windows, there is no difference i guess.19:31
daftykinsnoobster: hmm should have burnt a set of discs for the customer19:31
noobsterYea or high five his face19:31
=== yuriks_ is now known as yuriks
reisionoobster: you can tell grub to boot from any partition or image of a partition you like19:32
noobsterreisio: talk to me19:32
daftykinsi think he is19:32
EriC^^noobster: you can always extract the image from the recovery partition, using diskpart and dism from a windows command prompt19:32
OerHeksmaybe that recovery is win10 now :-D19:32
reisionoobster: just tell grub to boot it19:33
noobsterOerHeks: Noooooooo!!!!!!  lol19:33
reisiothat would be far too "nice" of Microsoft19:34
noobsterreisio: ok can you give url for tutorial? Google is not happy with my work choice I guess19:34
keikatohi guys19:35
noobsterI press c now I am at prompt19:35
EriC^^noobster: type ls -l19:35
keikatoi have a problem19:35
wileeekeikato, Try to spell it out in one post.19:35
keikato15 years i worked with windows and now i try ubuntu -_-19:35
noobster"Secure Boot forbids loading module from (hd0)/boot/grub/x86-64-efi/ls.mod"19:36
daftykinskeikato: can you ask the question then?19:36
EriC^^noobster: enter the bios and disable secureboot19:36
reisionoobster: is grub controlling booting right now?19:36
keikatoi havw a problem? my sound card (asus xonar ds) does not work heare19:37
daftykinskeikato: can you be more specific than 'does not work' ?19:38
noobsterSecure boot is enabled and no way to disable... its greyed out. Its also not even available in legacy boot, not sure if that's what I need to do but Win will not even try to boot in legacy19:38
noobsterreisio: yes in UEFI boot mode on a Ubuntu 15.04 USB thumb drive19:39
EriC^^noobster: boot your os (ubuntu) and create a custom entry for the recovery partition19:39
daftykinsnoobster: apparently with acers you often must set a supervisor pass to enable settings19:39
keikatoi see her in settings, she is enabled, but there is no sound19:39
EriC^^try what daftykins said first19:39
GTFr0ok, rather stupid question:  any idea why I would be getting an IPv6 address for an interface even though I've disabled IPv6?19:40
GallomimiaGTFr0: my trip thru the bios was much more informative! if only i could find the package my ram came in :P19:40
reisionoobster: if you can get to the grub screen during bootup, you can point it at anything19:40
noobsterdaftykins: that worked, now I get a list of partitions... I guess I should start going through them to see if one will allow to recovery19:42
daftykinsnoobster: it'd be the largest i'm sure :) (besides the C: of course)19:43
EriC^^noobster: type ls -l , it should be a ntfs partition at the end most likely19:43
daftykinsnoobster: just a thought though, you said this user upgraded to 10 - you know you can reverse the process if they haven't already deleted the backup?19:43
EriC^^( it's about 16gb here )19:43
akiknoobster: so now it's happened that on your mobo secureboot can not be disabled?19:43
daftykinsakik: no it was acer trickery19:43
=== h82or8_ is now known as h82or8
daftykinsbad EFI implementations that require passwords before some parameters can be changed19:44
SanemonIS anyone on currently familiar with Samba+CUPS print servers. The documentation I found online is old and refers to cups pre apple buyout. I am trying to set it up for point and click install, however the 32 bit drivers don't seem to work.19:44
KotoRezdoes anyone know how to install the latest JDK on ubuntu?19:45
daftykinsSanemon: '32-bit drivers' of what?19:45
daftykinsApple developed CUPS afaik :P19:45
daftykinsKotoRez: there are roughly one million guides online of how to get oracle JDK, or open JDK19:45
GTFr0how do you actually disable IPv6 in Ubuntu?19:46
tgm4883daftykins: incorrect. Closer to 2 million19:46
SanemonFor post script, I pulled them from a 32 bit windows 7 machine, placed them in the cups driver folders and then got them setup in samba19:46
tgm4883you can't forget about the youtube videos19:46
daftykinstgm4883: ^519:46
tgm4883daftykins: ^519:46
daftykinsGTFr0: dunno, i gave up around 9.04 i believe19:46
=== _Mr_Yuk__ is now known as _Mr_Yuk_
noobsterok so if I want to try to boot say hda1,gpt2 what would that command look like?19:47
SanemonAlso "Easy Software Products" originally developed cups19:47
GTFr0I'm NATing my wifi connection to the LAN, and wifi keeps picking up IPv6 address from my provider... and it completely borks NAT19:48
daftykinsSanemon: i'm not sure on pulling windows ps files, why not go to the manufacturer direct? no Linux support?19:48
daftykinsGTFr0: ##networking19:48
GTFr0daftykins: the networking isn't the problem... it's that Ubuntu is picking up an IPv6 address for wifi even though I've disabled IPv619:48
EriC^^noobster: you try to chainload (hda1,gpt2)/EFI/Boot/bootx64.efi i think19:49
akikGTFr0: you can use echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv6/conf/all/disable_ipv619:49
daftykinsdoesn't hurt to have a more task orientated channel to enquire in19:49
akikGTFr0: net.ipv6.conf.all.disable_ipv6 = 1 in /etc/sysctl.conf19:49
GTFr0it works fine when there is no IPv6 address19:49
GTFr0akik:  that's already done19:49
GTFr0as well as default, lo and wlan019:49
tgm4883GTFr0: did you disable ipv6 in network manager?19:50
tgm4883or is this a server?19:50
akikGTFr0: that sysctl mod didn't work for you?19:50
GTFr0tgm4883: no, it's a desktop19:50
smoalne_i was wondering if anyone could help me with monitor mode on my wifi card19:50
GTFr0so, networkmanager doesn't follow the sysctl stuff?19:50
daftykinssmoalne_: nope sorry, as that's more a pen testing angle that's best handled elsewhere.19:50
smoalne_thanks anyway19:51
EriC^^noobster: try to see what's in the partition first, ls (hda1,gpt2)/19:51
akikGTFr0: i have a tunnelbroker.net ipv6 tunnel and at the moment i input 1 to disable_ipv6 all ipv6 configuration gets erased from runtime19:51
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fernandoBoa tarde,19:58
=== fernando is now known as Guest18948
ZeklandiaIs it possible to get the Ubuntu Touch UI on desktop?20:00
NikeshI'm seeing a lot of CPU load when running `sudo htop` with only a few terminal windows open. To me it looks X related, like compiz or lightdm. How can I investigate if my CPU is taking the load of my grahics card, such as if my drivers aren't up to take? This is a pretty stock install of Ubuntu 14.04, only a few days ago did I install it20:01
EriC^^Nikesh: lspci -k | grep -A2 VGA should say which driver you're using20:03
akikNikesh: you might get some indication from powertop20:04
Nikeshakik: OK I'll install that and see20:04
NikeshEriC^^: Ah thanks!20:06
ZeklandiaIs it possible to use the Ubuntu Touch UI on a computer?20:06
ZeklandiaI have a convertible and would like to do so20:06
Nikeshakik: What might I look for?20:06
reisioZeklandia: well, it's not possible to without a computer20:07
ZeklandiaNo, I dont want to flash it on a phone20:07
ZeklandiaI want to use it on my win10 tablet pc20:07
akikNikesh: it can give you suggestions if it notices some process taking too much time doing something20:08
akikselect the tunables tab20:09
reisioZeklandia: computers are computers20:09
ZeklandiaMy computer is a tablet20:12
ZeklandiaUnity sucks on it20:12
ZeklandiaI want the touch interface20:12
RevertToTypecan someone guide me through an actual working way to get ubuntu server to reliably and automatically connect to a wpa-personal hidden network via wireless? I have tried nearly 20 different online tutorials and have only had moderate or temporary success20:17
=== drkjstr_ is now known as drkjstr
RevertToTypewap2-personal rather20:18
reisioRevertToType: just the right wpa_supplicant configuration is all20:20
RevertToTypehonestly it seems pretty ready and working from what i can tell20:20
RevertToTypeand don't i need some stuff in/around my network/interfaces file as well?20:21
noobsterOk so I think I have found that (hd1,gpt1) has the recovery image because it has OEM, Factory, Recovery, etc in it. It doesn't however have a EFI folder. and when I run chainloader (hd1)+1 the error I get is "invalid EFI file path" but I think I am super close20:22
=== Dhs92 is now known as Yukkii
maxtechi cant download any file20:27
seanhubHey, anyone able to help me get Catalyst Control Centre?20:27
maxtecherror sonic.exe20:27
maxtecherror 317520:28
maxtechwhat is it20:28
noobsterwhen booting in legacy mode, how do I get to the "c" grub cli?20:38
noobsterit boots stright into the installer with boot options but I want to chainload (hd1,gpt1)20:39
ZlugluHello, I’ve got an issue with chage, does your chage manpage states anything about the -d 0 behavior?20:39
NikeshOn Ubuntu 14.04 can I force a downgrade from Firefox 40 to Firefox 39?20:41
akiknoobster: try esc20:41
jxfHow would I see what the default .bash_profile is for an Ubuntu user?20:42
Bashing-omnoobster: Can you now boot to the grub boot menu ? Then it is but a matter of any ubuntu kernel as the selection, and press the 'c' key for the 'grub > prompt' .20:42
noobsterwell I got that when booting UEFI but now that I am in legacy i no longer get that... it goes straight to language select20:44
noobsterjxf: open terminal, type "cd" then nano .bash_history20:47
Bashing-omnoobster: (???) That " language select " sounds like you are booting the liveDVD and not to the ionstall .20:47
noobsterI cant believe I cant boot the recovery partition on this machine to factory reset.. pre UEFI I could do it easy now its like pulling teeth lol20:48
jxfnoobster: That's my current bash_history. Not sure how that's going to get me the *default* .bash_profile.20:48
RevertToTypeso i've gotten the wpa_supplicant.conf file to read happily when i through in wpa_supplicant -B -Dwext -i wlan0 wpa_supplicant.conf but how do i get this to auto-connect on boot?20:48
Ben64jxf: cat /etc/skel/.profile20:48
EriC^^jxf: ubuntu doesn't have a .bash_profile by default, it does have a .profile though20:49
jxf@Ben64: Ah, awesome, thanks! and <3 EriC^^20:49
EriC^^noobster: boot the live usb for a sec20:49
OerHeksnoobster, so you end up with obtaining the win8 dvd legally, it can be done with a free download, so you might be able to use the restore option. or replace the whole thing.20:50
akikRevertToType: you can put the wlan configuration data into /etc/network/interfaces20:51
RevertToTypeit seems there... it has a pre-up do i need to kill the eth0 auto-up and all that lines?20:51
RevertToTypeis it just putting preference to eth0 over my wlan0 devices or does it cycle?20:52
akikRevertToType: i've used pre-up in interfaces to bring up wifi nic20:52
akikRevertToType: i mean to run wpa_supplicant20:52
RevertToTypedoes /etc/network/interfaces just read the first interface though (well first after l0)?20:53
akikRevertToType: what do you mean with preference?20:53
EriC^^noobster: when you boot the live usb, let me know20:53
RevertToTypeor will it read all the way down20:53
akikRevertToType: it's all the way down :)20:53
RevertToTypehrm no reason why it shouldn't already be working then20:53
akikRevertToType: it's the auto stanza20:53
RevertToTypeI can just put autoup dhcp iface wlan0 and the next line being the wpa_supplicant command yes?20:53
akikRevertToType: it's auto wlan0 on one line20:54
akikRevertToType: then iface wlan0 inet dhcp on another20:55
sharkasdfi just built my first pc and now im trying to update my mobo firmware using 'dos'. Do i just unzip the contents and put it on a usb and reboot?20:55
RevertToType@ akik it's line 1: auto wlan0   line 2: iface wlan0 inet dhcp  line 3: pre-up wpa_supplicant -Bw -Dwext -i wlan0 -c/etc/wpa_supplicant.conf20:56
RevertToTypeand it's totally not connecting automatically20:56
daftykinssharkasdf: that's not ubuntu support, you only need to update if you're experiencing problems.20:56
akikRevertToType: RevertToType i dunno if you need the -D wext option, i had that20:56
daftykinssharkasdf: most boards update direct from flash drives these days20:56
noobsterBashing-om: yea not sure, while the bios is in UEFI mode with secure boot off I can get to that exact screen of kernal boot off of the live cd, press "c" and do ls -lah to see all the partitions, I see a NTFS part (hd1,gpt1) with files in it like Recovery, Factory, OEM, etc but no EFI/Boot/bootx64 files. So my thinking was that the recovery partition needs to have the bios set to Legacy Mode...20:57
noobster...to chainload (hd1,0)+1 but I can not see the kernel selections of grub in Legacy mode, it goes directly to language select.20:57
sharkasdfi am experiencing problems. im getting a cpu fan error,  apparently updating will fix that20:57
akikRevertToType: and also if you should disable networkmanager, don't know, maybe?20:57
daftykinssharkasdf: sure you didn't just plug the fan onto the wrong motherboard header? :)20:57
RevertToTypei mean maybe/maybe not if i put that in bash it connects, but it seems network/interfaces isn't doing anything20:57
RevertToTypelike it's def not firing up at least that :/20:57
EriC^^noobster: if it uses gpt it mostly is uefi20:57
noobsterEriC^^: ok I am at the live-cd desktop20:58
daftykinssharkasdf: ##hardware will be more appropriate for you20:58
EriC^^noobster: ok, type sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 999920:58
noobsterbut in Legacy mode20:58
sm_artneed some help here20:59
daftykinssm_art: ask away with detail on one line please21:00
sm_artyes, i have some problems with unity21:01
daftykinscan you type it out actually in full, phrased as a question?21:01
noobstergparted shows 6 partitions... sda1 = Recovery = 400 MB, sda2 ESP 300MB, sda3 MS Reserved 128MB, sda4 Acer 448GB (Windows), sda5 (no label) 26MB, sda6 Push Button Reset 1721:02
EriC^^ok, it's sda621:03
EriC^^type sudo mount /dev/sda6 /mnt21:03
noobsterall NTFS but sda2 is fat3221:03
aoteaHeyo, just did a clean install 14.04 64bit. Tried installing dropbox and couldn't access it at all. Neither through browser or desktop application.21:04
noobsterEriC^^: its booted21:04
noobsterEriC^^: booted into UEFI or Legacy??21:04
noobsterIts booted with Legacy right now21:05
daftykinsaotea: what did you do and what failed specifically?21:05
EriC^^noobster: ok, did you mount it?21:05
EriC^^noobster: doesn't matter21:05
EriC^^did you type sudo mount /dev/sda6 /mnt ?21:05
noobsterEriC^^: pm ?21:05
sm_artI was installed unity-tweak-tool, but, when I'm run the unity-tweak-tool, its appear a warning that "com.canonical.notify.osd, In order to work properly, unity Tweak Tool recommends you to install the necessary packages"21:06
aoteadaftykins: It just says it cannot connect to internet, all help files about it suggests I either got proxy settings wrong or my firewall that blocks it... though ufw is inactive and I haven't touched proxies21:06
sm_artany one can solve it?21:06
sm_artI was installed unity-tweak-tool, but, when I'm run the unity-tweak-tool, its appear a warning that "com.canonical.notify.osd, In order to work properly, unity Tweak Tool recommends you to install the necessary packages"21:06
daftykinsaotea: so all other online functionality is fine? where did you install from?21:07
EriC^^noobster: it's better on the channel main21:07
aoteadaftykins: yes I can browse around on firefox and don't get any issued apt-getting stuff. Got the .deb from Dropbox.com for 64bit21:07
sm_artI'm download from this site21:08
daftykinsaotea: yeah don't use that.21:08
sm_artsudo add-apt-repository ppa:tualatrix/ppa && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-tweak unity-tweak-tool21:08
EriC^^noobster: did you read daftykins 's suggestion about rolling back to win8 from win10?21:08
daftykinsaotea: try the one from the repos, works for me in xubuntu21:08
aoteaOh so I just run apt-get dropbox?21:08
daftykinsaotea: yep, you on 15.04 ?21:09
aoteadaftykins: 14.0421:09
daftykins!info dropbox trusty21:09
daftykinsaotea: even better then :)21:10
daftykinsaotea: you're going to need to purge the existing one first21:10
RevertToTypeso any ideas on how to autoconnect and pull down an ip?21:10
ubottuPackage dropbox does not exist in trusty21:10
RevertToTypenow it's connecting to the network just fine just need to pull an ip auto... currently at boot i have to dhclient wlan021:11
DalekSec!info nautilus-dropbox21:12
ubottunautilus-dropbox (source: nautilus-dropbox): Dropbox integration for Nautilus. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 2.10.0-1 (vivid), package size 85 kB, installed size 375 kB (Only available for amd64; i386)21:12
daftykinsDalekSec: that's the one, thanks21:13
noobsterok gave me an error about unclean dismount but I mounted -o ro and it is here in /mnt21:13
EriC^^noobster: ok, great, type ls -l /mnt21:13
noobsterI have not because I dont know if it is win8 or win1021:13
aoteahmm, yeah but I must've failed in purging the former dropbox because I get error saying it won't install the nautlius one due to broken package21:14
EriC^^noobster: also type find /mnt -iname "*.wim"21:14
sm_artI suggest you to use the "copy" cloud storage21:14
daftykinsnoobster: it's quite easy to tell if it's 8 or 10 :)21:15
sm_art12 GB free storage and integrated for linux21:15
daftykinsaotea: "dpkg -l | grep dropb" in a http://paste.ubuntu.com please21:16
noobsterok there is /mnt/Recovery/WindowsRE/winre.wim and /mnt/RecoveryImage/instal.wim21:16
EriC^^noobster: ok, type ls -lh /mnt/RecoveryImage/install.wim21:16
EriC^^is it around 13gb or so?21:16
EriC^^ok, that's your image21:17
EriC^^type ls -l /mnt, is there an EFI dir?21:17
noobsterwith all the drivers etc?21:17
aoteadaftykins: paste.ubuntu.com/12202192/21:18
EriC^^noobster: yeah it's the preinstalled image that is there when you first turn the pc on21:18
daftykinsaotea: "sudo apt-get purge dropbox" then retry "sudo apt-get install nautilus-dropbox"21:18
m8hallo :-)21:19
=== m8 is now known as Guest99901
iNshello there. feeling kinda ashamed in here since goin thru with simple pptp connection (dont ask why ppt, its for test/benches purposes for my MA thesis ;)) is something i didnt expect to have problem with, but yea, the simplest configuration and thats what i end up with in logs http://paste.ubuntu.com/12202197/21:19
noobsterok so I need to back that up and google restoring a wim file then correct?21:19
aoteadaftykins: Great works like a charm! thanks21:19
iNsso the question would be: has anyone managed to get it working lul?21:22
EriC^^noobster: no, well you're options is to try to use grub to boot the recovery21:22
EriC^^but it might not work if the partitions have been altered, so if you get a recovery usb that has a command prompt (you need dism) you can extract the image21:23
daftykinsiNs: what's the host for this PPTP?21:23
BerryHello, I was wondering if anyone could help with a small, yet very troublesome issue I've been having. See, for some reason, no matter which flash drive I put in to my 14.04 Ubuntu desktop (64 bit), I don't have permissions to read it.21:23
iNsdaftykins, what do you mean exactly?21:24
daftykinsBerry: look at "dmesg | tail" when plugging one in, and also "mount" output (throw both in a pastebin)21:24
daftykinsiNs: OS + server software configured for this21:24
EriC^^noobster: i was thinking if you could just extract it, as you can open the .wim in ubuntu if you open it with archive viewer but dism uses indexes (the image has 3-4 indexes like index1 is a less bloated install etc.) so i dont think it would be that easy to use ubuntu to extract the image21:24
iNsits 14.04 with default pptp daemon ;)21:24
iNsit is ubuntu channel after all isnt it :P21:24
daftykinsiNs: you'd be surprised, we get queries about peoples dishwashers on the fritz but they run ubuntu so it's ok.21:25
EriC^^noobster: try to see ls /mnt first, you need to chainload the EFI/Boot/bootx64.efi file i think, if that works you might be able to restore as usual using the recovery21:25
daftykinsiNs: #ubuntu-server might be more useful on the off chance21:26
iNsdaftykins, :D which is why im all dafuq in here. i dont even neeed masquerading for now and all, i just need to server-client connection going on21:26
iNsgood point daftykins21:26
pagios_any idea about this error? http://pastebin.com/McUwekUk21:26
Berrydaftykins: http://pastebin.com/f1Mjz0vR21:26
daftykinsiNs: looks like your peers aren't even communicating though21:26
gzcwnkhi I am trying to set specific dns servers on a ubuntu dhcp box and NetworkManager isnt playing ball, how can I disable/change networkmanager from the cli?21:27
daftykinsBerry: are you the first user that was created on this install? thus uid 1000?21:27
Berrydaftykins: Yes, I am the first and only user21:27
daftykinsBerry: ok - "ls -al /media/berry/801A-F501/" ?21:28
Berrydaftykins: ls: cannot access /media/berry/801A-F501/: Permission denied21:28
daftykinsheh weird21:28
gzcwnki tried editing interfaces but its being ignored21:28
daftykinsBerry: ls -al /media/21:28
akikgzcwnk: nmcli but you could take a look at using dns-nameservers in /etc/network/interfaces21:29
daftykinsgzcwnk: why not use NM to set the DNS?21:29
Berrydaftykins: berry@trouble:~$ ls -al /media/ total 12 drwxr-xr-x   3 root  root  4096 May  5 17:42 . drwxr-xr-x  25 root  root  4096 Aug 24 16:14 .. drw-rw-rw-+  3 berry berry 4096 Aug 26 17:16 berry21:29
gzcwnkakik tried its being ignored21:29
=== PlasmaSt- is now known as PlasmaStar
daftykinsBerry: pretty unreadable, can you pastebin it?21:29
akiklet's bring systemd's resolved into the picture21:30
gzcwnki have cli only its a blackbox no gui21:30
akikgzcwnk: you can also set the nameservers thru dhcp client config21:30
gzcwnkakik tried taht didnt work either21:30
akikgzcwnk: try harder21:31
gzcwnkalso resolvconf/ tail21:31
fishcookeri have keyauth on sshd config enabled21:31
gzcwnkwell if it doesnt work according to docs21:31
EriC^^noobster: looks like you can extract wim files in ubuntu http://sourceforge.net/projects/wimlib/21:31
tgm4883gzcwnk: this is ubuntu server? Can you pastebin your config?21:31
gzcwnkits a graylog ova21:32
EriC^^noobster: if you do extract it, you'll want to extract the ESP.wim to that fat32 partition you have right now too, that's what boots windows21:32
noobsterok I will look and mount all the partitions in o ro and let you know all the ones that have a efi/boot folder brb21:32
tgm4883gzcwnk: maybe  you should tell the graylog people to stop futzing with the underlying OS?21:32
EriC^^noobster: the EFI/Boot should be in the same recovery partition you have mounted right now21:33
gzcwnktgm well i think its more to do with networkmanager21:33
tgm4883gzcwnk: maybe  you should tell the graylog people to stop futzing with network manager?21:33
daftykinsBerry: did you pastebin it?21:34
gzcwnkif the setup isnt alterable its not graylog's issue I suspect21:34
Berrydaftykins: Yes, I pasted it to you. http://pastebin.com/V3ZFXwQz21:34
daftykinsBerry: ok and "ls -al /media/berry/" ?21:34
Berrydaftykins: http://pastebin.com/GnvAGA7V21:35
daftykinswow that's... interesting21:35
daftykinsBerry: and prefix sudo to the last command?21:36
tgm4883gzcwnk: so you're telling me that graylog released an OVA that uses ubuntu as it's base, the ubuntu documents that you've referenced don't work for you, and you DON'T think that is graylogs fault?21:36
noobstersda2 is the only partition with a EFI folder... also has BOOTSECT.BAK21:37
tgm4883gzcwnk: you're right, it's far more likely that ubuntu documentation is broken21:37
gzcwnktgm well there are sevral possibilities starting with me21:37
gzcwnkive used google and several sites21:37
Berrydaftykins: It should be noted that when I boot up, the computer tries to mount three things. I messed around with my second hard drive, trying to get ubuntu installed on it, but it wasn't met with success. http://pastebin.com/R0hdvSpA21:37
gzcwnkso its possible its graylog but then the Q is why21:38
tgm4883gzcwnk: have you tried #graylog21:38
backsupxgzcwnk: Google it21:38
tgm4883backsupx: don't. That isn't helpful21:38
gzcwnkmost channels in here are asleep at this time21:38
daftykinsBerry: did that include playing with /etc/fstab ?21:38
gzcwnkits dead21:38
tgm4883gzcwnk: their channel being dead makes this a Ubuntu issue how?21:38
Berrydaftykins: No, just messing around with the partitions on it21:38
Berrydaftykins: Through software, not through the console21:39
unkn-errorhello... I need some help changing the default user shell from bash to fish (when I open the terminal, I wish to start without needing to type "fish") |cshs -s is not working http://pastebin.com/vrmE9wE321:39
gzcwnktgm im looking at th OS and trying to see what I am doing wrong21:39
tgm4883gzcwnk: and my point is that graylog devs futzed enough with it that it should no longer be considered Ubuntu21:39
daftykinsBerry: well that one is going to require someone with more experience than me perhaps, you can see udisks is auto mounting the drive yet despite you owning it it requires sudo to even list the mountpoint - which is bad21:39
noobsterEriC^^: it is not... it is located in sda2 but the image is in sda621:40
gzcwnkoh i c21:40
noobstersda2 is also fat3221:40
noobstersda6 is NTFS21:40
EriC^^noobster: that's odd, i have an EFI dir in the recovery partition which i think is what it uses to boot the recovery process, i also have an ESP.wim which is the efi partition for the install21:40
tgm4883gzcwnk: however, at this point. It sounds like they've completely broken/disabled resolvconf, so you should be able to just put the lines directly in /etc/resolv.conf21:41
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br " sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.21:41
Berrydaftykins: I mean, I could just reinstall ubuntu if needed21:41
EriC^^noobster: maybe the ESP.wim is in the install.wim in yours, as it uses indexes, maybe it's like index1 is the ESP for instance21:41
gzcwnktgm that's what I was thinking until u told me they'd changed things21:42
daftykinsBerry: bit extreme. try "sudo chmod -R 755 /media/berry/"21:42
EriC^^noobster: try that wimlib package, if you can view the contents of install.wim you can just extract them to the big NTFS, and extract the ESP to the fat32 one and reboot21:42
Berrydaftykins: Wow, why didn't I even think to try that21:43
daftykinsBerry: any result though?21:44
gzcwnknm is overriding resolv.conf21:44
Berrydaftykins: It 100% worked21:44
gzcwnkso that didnt work21:44
Berrydaftykins: I feel like an idiot now ._.21:44
owen1i have a script file that starts with #!bin/sh when i run it i see: bash: ./foo: bin/sh: bad interpreter: No such file or directory21:44
owen1any ideas?21:44
daftykinsgzcwnk: still not Ubuntu- but resolvconf will fight resolv.conf edits.21:44
daftykinsgzcwnk: i personally purge it, reboot, then hardcode DNS on all my server VMs.21:44
gzcwnkdaftykins yes21:44
daftykinsyes what?21:45
EriC^^noobster: you could try setting the recovery partition with the boot flag, and try booting in legacy mode, it might boot it, but you'd install windows in legacy mode i think21:45
gzcwnkim sort of using this as a learning point21:45
daftykinsBerry: cool - to be honest i find it odd that lacking group perms stopped you handling it21:45
gzcwnknot blindly doing that21:45
daftykinsgzcwnk: well don't learn on unstable junk :)21:45
gzcwnki have not used debian/ubuntu much for years21:45
gzcwnkwell i didnt know it was unstable21:45
Berrydaftykins: Well, thank you a ton for helping!21:46
daftykinsBerry: np :)21:46
owen1nevermind. i was missing / in #!bin/sh21:48
coscHi all. Under VMWare, Ubuntu gets stuck with a blank screen after some inactivity. I thought the screensaver was the culprit, but I disabled it and the same thing is happening. Any ideas?21:48
daftykinspower save?21:48
coscdaftykins: I put every setting on "never" on the power save settings. No luck.21:50
daftykinscosc: ubuntu version and vmware product + version?21:50
coscVMWare Player 6.0.7. Linux ubuntu 3.16.0-45-generic #60~14.04.1-Ubuntu SMP21:51
daftykinsthat's a kernel not a version21:52
daftykinsah it was hiding at the end :D21:52
daftykinshrmm 3.16 comes from a deprecated distro now21:52
daftykinsrelease version, not distro21:52
daftykinscosc: we're also up to 14.04.3 so your install is out of date to my mind21:53
daftykinscosc: boot a 14.04.3 download and see how it fairs in the live session21:53
daftykinsbut you get what you pay for with vmware player ;)21:53
staples23it seems most proprietary products concern themselves more with making things as easy and fast as they can for their customers21:53
coscdaftykins: Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS21:53
staples23i think this sort of predicting what people want before they even want it thing, is   appealing to a lot of people, and why most probably dont use open source products as much, i mean when windows monitors the amount of time i spend in certain folders etc. to order them accordingly & also scans my offline txt/doc files to adjust my searches on bing, it makes a lot of my research faster and more productive21:53
staples23for example when im buying stuff on amazon or youtube whatever all the algorithms designed to reccomend me stuff21:54
staples23a lot of it ends up being helpful21:54
staples23and if its not i just dont click/buy or use it21:54
Leverquinhello. any suggestion for first linux? thinking about linux mint KDE. but all i see they switch from KDE4 to plasma and that looks little hm.... weird to me.21:54
coscdaftykins, I'll try that. I thought there may be a simpler solution :(21:55
iNsdaftykins, they do, realised its somehoew chap secrets problem http://paste.ubuntu.com/12202341/21:55
daftykinscosc: your paste said 14.04.121:55
iNsbut why on earth, i dont know21:55
k2everest_Leverquin, why u dont just go with Ubuntu?21:55
Leverquincuz everyone talk that unity is bad?>21:55
k2everest_Everyonw who?21:56
coscdaftykins, 14.0.3 LTS is what lsb_release shows21:56
daftykinscosc: ok, still an out of date install that's been upgraded over time i suspect21:57
Leverquinall i want is OS who is stable, can use few addons like notes on desktop.clock calendar. i just can't use this win 7 anymore. everytime i use skype webcam or dota2 i just got blue screen21:57
k2everest_DOnt have better or worse, have what work for your needs21:57
k2everest_Leverquin start with ubuntu, do u know why?21:58
Leverquinno? please tell me21:58
k2everest_Because everybody is using ubuntu, u can check this room is most fully in IRC, and u will get free and nice support for an opensource software, or u think that u will found easy help, now is the time to DIY21:59
soreauHi, is there a way to stop xscreensaver from running when a fullscreen window exists?21:59
Leverquinok. then shall i get Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS or Ubuntu 15.0422:00
drkjstrsoreau, check http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/96127/disable-xscreensaver-when-program-is-running22:01
tuchoIs anyone there?22:01
k2everest_I am using buntu 14.04 LTS22:01
tuchoCool, I'm using 15.0422:01
daftykinstucho: yes, ask away if you have a support question22:01
tuchoI have no support questions at the moment22:02
EriC^^Leverquin: i'd recommend 14.0422:02
tuchoI just came to see what's up22:02
soreaudrkjstr: thanks, is that installed by default on say 14.04?22:02
EriC^^i'm using it as well, it's stable and nice22:02
rorytyan: come chat in #ubuntu-offtopic :)22:02
tuchoI've just recently gotten into Linux22:02
k2everest_I dont recommend 15.04 because I never used it, but look like it is fine and stable22:02
tuchoIt's fine to me22:02
tuchoI've had no troubles, just installed it a few days ago22:02
roryyeah, "I don't recommend" doesn't mean "I recommend not using"22:03
tuchoI see22:03
roryjust means "I'm not able to personally recommend"22:03
drkjstrsoreau, I'm pretty sure it is not.  It might not be in the respository either.22:04
roryFWIW I use 15.04 (Ubuntu Mate) on my work laptop since April and it's been solid as a rock.22:04
Leverquinok ok so 14.04 . thanks. well i would like to try mint and ubutu too. but when i check on mint there is like KDE/cim,MATE just can't choose22:04
roryLeverquin: There's Kubuntu, Xubuntu, et al for Ubuntu too, so the choice is there for both Ubuntu and Mint22:04
Leverquinrory you want to say that ubuntu 14.04 is mate not unity?22:04
roryLeverquin: I mean to say I'm using a version of Ubuntu called "Ubuntu Mate", which uses Mate instead of Unity22:05
LeverquinJesus. now i will never choice linux cuz i can't choice witch one to take22:05
roryLeverquin: Might as well just pick one at random then. Probably default Ubuntu (unity)22:05
drkjstrLeverquin, Mate is a fork of the old Gnome2.22:06
roryLeverquin: Mostly because the community support is there for default Ubuntu, and some people in this channel won't help you if they figure out you're on K/X/L/buntu22:06
Leverquinjesus. and maria! so much k x l22:06
roryLeverquin: You can also install multiple desktop environments on the same system, and choose which one every login22:06
Leverquini actually tried lubuntu on old machina22:06
soreaudrkjstr: I wrote a script to do it with wmctrl but it seems like this would be in code.. somewhere by default. I think it's up to each app to disable/re-enable it if they care to but never mess with it because it's not just a single function call22:06
roryLeverquin: So it's not like you HAVE to tie yourself into using a particular one22:06
roryLeverquin: You can try them all out and then uninstall the ones you don't like.22:07
Leverquinlinux looks like nice guy.22:07
roryLeverquin: Yes. The kubuntu-desktop, xubuntu-desktop etc packages will grab all the packages needed22:07
roryLeverquin: IMO just install standard Ubuntu, familiarise yourself with it, and then install others if you get bored22:08
Leverquinok i will download ubunty 14.04 and keep it in folder with all mint versions :S till i remove this devil and clean all stuff from pc :@22:08
Leverquinbtw rory how to send private messages XD22:08
roryLeverquin: /msg person foo22:08
drkjstrsoreau, I agree, but I don't see it as an option in the manual.22:09
NikeshHow can I check if the iso of 15.04 I have is the latest?22:11
tgm4883!md5 | Nikesh22:11
ubottuNikesh: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows22:11
bekksNikesh: There is only one 15.04 iso.22:11
NikeshOh OK :D22:12
ArmadillosNikesh: Doesn't really matter.  Once you install the software, it will do a software update check, and you'll get the latest updates.22:12
NikeshWow, Ubuntu Phone in India!22:12
drkjstrNikesh, you'll just have to either check the install updates option during installation, or just do a "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade" after the installation.22:12
NikeshThat's so exciting22:12
Nikeshtgm4883 bekks Armadillos drkjstr Thank you all! :)22:13
noobsterEriC^^: I will try again after kid goes to bed. 15.04 doesnt have something correct on the live cd about libxml and there is not a repo with wimlib in it for 15.04. I am burning 14.04 that has a repo with dependance so it might be easier to do on that.22:16
noobsterThanks everyone for your help22:17
siloxidI installed ubuntu 15.04 from usb stick.  grub installation failed and I had to install lilo.  now it drops into busybox stating that it can't find /dev/sdb1 - which is true, lilo should have been set up pointing to /dev/sda1.  how do I reconfigure lilo?22:19
wileeesiloxid, install again correctly22:20
siloxidI never told lilo which device to point to - it will do the same thing again and that isn't an option22:21
wileeesiloxid, Install ubuntu again, lilo should auto see it, two boot app failures is not a good sign22:21
daftykinssiloxid: +1 to wileee - going off GRUB is a sign of other issues, LILO is not the answer22:22
ChangaHi, I cannot control my laptop's screen brightness from my keyboard shortcuts. the gui appears but the brightness doesnt change22:28
ChangaI'm using Acer Timeline-X I don't know what to try. I tried installing backlightx and creating 20-intel.conf file22:28
daftykinsChanga: tried any of the stuff that refers to adding kernel boot parameters like "acpibacklight=" ?22:29
ChangaI should, saw that somewhere22:29
Leverquinwhat is systemd?22:29
daftykinsChanga: have you also seen - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AspireTimeline/Fixes#Brightness_Control_.28fn.2B-Arrow.29 ?22:30
h0mersystem management daemon22:30
Leverquinwitch means what?22:30
daftykinsChanga: yeah speaks of acpi_backlight=vendor22:30
h0merjust a fancy way to manage processes, services, auto-start services etc...22:31
MrJonesis there some graphical partitioning tool that supports LUKS and resizing?22:33
MrJonesgparted doesn't seem to support LUKS, gnome disks doesn't seem to offer any option to resize22:33
daftykinsMrJones: fwiw i probably wouldn't trust it anyway, i'd backup + recreate22:34
Leverquini don't see why ubunty doesn't come with flash, java codescs vlc gimp like mint :(22:34
daftykinsLeverquin: good reasons22:34
MrJonesdaftykins: trust in what way? I'm on a live system right now, it's not like this is an infected windows machine or anything..22:34
MrJonesor the live ubuntu would store my encryption pw forever22:35
daftykinsMrJones: well i assume you care about your data.22:35
daftykinsi think you grabbed the wrong end of the stick there22:35
MrJones"how can I resize my partition?" - "i think you grabbed the wrong end of the stick here"22:35
MrJonesjesus it's 201522:35
MrJonesand yes I do have backups22:35
MrJonesnow is there a capable graphical tool or not/22:36
MrJonesI can go the command line way but I just rather wouldn't22:36
daftykinsthat is an extremely poor attitude.22:36
MrJonesI think fedora's anaconda actually supports all of this, but sadly I'm on an ubuntu live disk22:36
daftykinswell you're free to go make one.22:36
MrJoneswhat is your problem?22:36
MrJonesI just asked very regularly if there is such a tool22:36
MrJonesI'm not asking you to magically make one ..22:37
daftykinsright and i pointed out a friendly warning and you're flying off the handle22:37
MrJoneswarning to trust no graphical tools to ever resize something even if I have a full back?22:37
Didge-Heya folks, Does Ubuntu have a Mobile Devices based IRC channel?22:40
ubottuInformation about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch22:41
Didge-Niceone! cheers dude :D22:42
daftykinsnp :)22:42
Didge-That's a nice feature mate ;) Nice to meet you btw :D22:43
MrJonesgnome disks doesn't have a hidden resize button somewhere does it? so far I can only spot delete and recreate and such22:46
MrJonesit seems pretty capable otherwise but oddly enough doesn't seem to have a resize functionality..22:46
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darkfaderoh.. this is a cool program.. DoIt   (runs command on remote Windows PC)22:48
darkfadermakes my VM even more seamless22:49
xanguaMrJones: if you want to resize a partition use gparted in a live iso, backups are always important22:54
bpromptMrJones:   yeap, install gparted, just a few kbs, and use the slider to resize the partition :)22:56
daftykinsi wonder if you folks noted it was encrypted22:56
OerHeksoh LUKS .. i love the warnings https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ResizeEncryptedPartitions22:58
daftykins'here be dragons'22:59
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jjavaholichow would you diagnose touchpad issues?23:00
=== brainybrian1 is now known as brainybrian2
MrJonesdaftykins: fwiw, it appears blivet has just had lots of git commits activity to implement luks resizing as recent as june. doesn't really look like they're done tho.. and strangely gnome disks doesn't do resizing?23:04
MrJonesso I guess at this point no tool supports it23:04
MrJonesotherwise I'd give blivet-gui a try, but I guess I'm a year too early ;(23:04
daftykinsah you calmed down, cool.23:05
MrJonesdaftykins: more like, I googled a bit myself since nobody here had a good idea23:06
MrJonesI'm still not sure if gnome disks really has no resize or if I'm just missing it23:07
daftykinsi wouldn't even try to use that one23:07
MrJonesit seems to detect the luks things down to all details23:07
MrJoneseven allows me to change passphrase23:07
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=== brainybrian_ is now known as brainybrian1
seanhubHi guys, i have a USB problem, can anyone help?23:11
=== brainybrian1 is now known as brainybrian2
daftykinsseanhub: once you share some details yep23:11
AlternativElitehi all, I recently installed thightvncserver and all works well. but I would like to see the log files to see who logged in. search with google, but no luck23:12
daftykinsthight or tight?23:12
AlternativElitesorry, tight of course23:12
daftykinsAlternativElite: the config files may speak of a log file path, if not /var/log somewhere23:12
AlternativElitedaftykins, thanks, I'll have a look23:13
AlternativElitedaftykins, I found the .log file of vnc server. It turned out that there were many authentication failures from an IP from China. LOL;) seems I need to make a harder to crack password...23:24
daftykinsoops :)23:24
daftykinsAlternativElite: non-standard port numbers are always handy too, though not a true form of security - they can cut down on portscan based bots like those23:24
daftykinsso 5900 i think it is for VNC, maybe change to something in the tens of thousands23:25
AlternativElitedaftykins, I will do that. Definately tomorrow, here it's already 1:25 AM...but I will stop vnc-server until some changes are made.:)23:26
daftykinssounds good :)23:27
AlternativElitethanks for your support...will check more often #ubuntu channel...23:27
ablest1980anyonr have openvpn?23:27
AlternativElitegood nicht23:27
AlternativElite*good night23:27
daftykinsablest1980: yep23:28
ablest1980daftykins, do you know openvpn?23:29
ablest1980how do i run openvpn from terminal?23:29
daftykinsrun it? as in as a client, or...?23:29
ablest1980how do i do this23:30
ablest1980openvpn --config client.ovpn23:30
ablest1980client yes23:30
daftykinswell you need that client profile file to begin with23:30
daftykinshas a VPN provider supplied you with one?23:30
ablest1980i dont know23:30
daftykinsok so lets back up - why do you want a VPN connection? :)23:31
=== hxm is now known as Guest4518
daftykinsfrom what23:31
ablest1980my ip23:32
daftykinson what services?23:32
daftykinsablest1980: so essentially, you don't actually have a VPN server you want to connect to?23:34
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prometin a new 15.04 install, I guess, there is no longer a base xorg.conf file, but these instructions are broken out in the xorg.conf.d directory files. Where would I fiddle with a driver module change?23:37
daftykinspromet: as in you want to use a specific driver? which?23:37
prometNot quite sure, radeon prolly23:37
prometI'm trying to kickstart an old imac g323:37
ablest1980i have openvpn23:37
prometbut X won't start, blackscreen23:38
daftykinsablest1980: ok you installed it on your own machine - but you need something to connect to with it - so you need a service on the other end23:38
prometlooks like the system complains about fglrx23:38
daftykinspromet: oh dear Tux - ok that's a bit different :) can you boot with 'nomodeset' ?23:38
greenrideAnyone know which package provides libftd2xx.so.023:39
prometdaftykins, I will try that23:39
ablest1980i signed up for openvpn23:39
daftykinsablest1980: where?23:40
ablest1980openvpn is just a client?23:40
daftykinsit is a client and a server, but you need to set up a server yourself23:40
daftykinsor sign up to a service that provides one23:40
xubuntu666can I update a bootable usb with persistence?23:40
=== freq is now known as mnkyboi
xubuntu666It's not installed to usb drive, I used startup disk creator on desktop to put ubuntu on pendrive.23:42
ablest1980im in there # ty daftykins23:42
wileeexubuntu666, There are limitations, what is the end goal?23:43
xubuntu666I have a bunch of hardware to test, so I may have to install modules or whatnot, and I would like that to be with a fully updated system23:44
wileeexubuntu666, Bad environment than, use a virtual.23:44
xubuntu666virtual? that's not going to make it easy to test hardware. this computer doesn't have a hd23:45
daftykinsbuy one23:45
DanskmandHello :-) - I did a "apt-get install mysql-server" - it did a lot of things, but then this:23:45
daftykinsxubuntu666: when you say hardware, what items do you mean? graphics cards or pretty much anything?23:45
TJ-xubuntu666: I generally install the LTS + the updated Hardware Enablement kernels to the USB device, and boot each PC from that... you have all the tools and can keep it updated without jumping through hoops23:46
DanskmandSetting up mysql-server-5.5 (5.5.44-0ubuntu0.14.04.1) ...23:46
Danskmandstart: Job failed to start23:46
Danskmandinvoke-rc.d: initscript mysql, action "start" failed.23:46
Danskmanddpkg: error processing package mysql-server-5.5 (--configure):23:46
Danskmand subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 123:46
daftykins!paste | Danskmand23:46
ubottuDanskmand: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.23:46
xubuntu666i have sound cards, modems, a few old video cards, nic, raid card23:46
DanskmandSorrryyyy :-)23:46
daftykinsDanskmand: try "sudo dpkg-reconfigure mysql-server-5.5"23:46
xubuntu666TJ-, so an install is preferable?23:46
Danskmand...Is broken or not fully installed....23:47
TJ-xubuntu666: I find it so... you have all the benefits of package upgrades, can install additional packages with tooling, without needing to mess about with a persistent Live image23:48
daftykinsDanskmand: "dpkg -l | grep mysql" in a http://paste.ubuntu.com please23:48
xubuntu666If install would be the easy way, I really should find a hd so I don't kill the key. Thanks TJ-, wileee and daftykins23:48
TJ-xubuntu666: I install the 32-bit (i386) images but I also install both 32-bit and 64-bit kernels. That way it can boot on both i386 and amd64 architectures using the same userspace23:48
xubuntu666good idea23:49
TJ-xubuntu666: as long as you disable swap I've not found the USB flash dieing - I've had some of them many years23:49
DanskmandDaftykins: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12202906/23:49
xubuntu666no? I didn't go in depth, but I just read about many more writes on install compared to live23:50
daftykinsDanskmand: actually it looks potentially straightforward, try "sudo apt-get purge mysql* " (note the * ) then "sudo apt-get install mysql-server"23:50
gabmushello everyone, I have a little question: I made an app with python and gtk (using glade) and I wanted to package it for some distros. but then I tought: I run this app just by running the executable python file, that loads the .glade file real time. where am I supposed to put those files in my fs?23:50
Danskmanddaftykins: Purging:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/12202911/23:52
Danskmanddaftykins: Ok ? - install now ?23:53
daftykinsDanskmand: hmm i might actually add "sudo rm -r /etc/mysql" - assuming this is a clean install so you have nothing you need to keep23:54
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DanskmandWell, there is only a "debian.cnf" in there anyway...23:55
xubuntu666gabmus, put your files in /usr/share/projectname/23:55
daftykinsDanskmand: kill it regardless23:55
gabmusxubuntu666: wow, why didn't I think of that... thanks!23:55
xubuntu666gabmus, include a script that starts your program, possibly checking for previously running instances, or whatever. Link to it from /usr/bin23:56
DanskmandOkay...did it - more to delete before installing ?23:56
gabmusxubuntu666: thanks! you've been of great help23:56
xubuntu666gabmus, no prob.23:56
putolovhi, what to do when ubuntu is frozen ?23:57
Chickensalve putinhas23:57
xubuntu666putolov, how frozen is it? is your caps lock light flashing?23:58
xubuntu666putolov, can you toggle numlock?23:58
putolovxubuntu666, yes23:58
prometdaftykins, I tried the nomodeset, but no dice23:59
daftykinspromet: what happens at boot?23:59
xubuntu666putolov, if your caps lock light is flashing, you have a kernel panic. Probably faulty hardware or a loose connection. Use power button. If you were answering the second question, ignorre all that23:59

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