another_nameknome: I'm having another issue where I connect a screen and it mis-identifies the available resolution of the screen and when I select the reduced resolution the screen never shows up.00:28
another_namei should also note this is a different display that I was using before00:32
jjfrv8bluesabre, ochosi, I noticed that on an install of the 32-bit beta, the LO icons are set to Human. 64-bit install is set to Elementary and both 32 and 64 Live versions are Elementary.00:44
jjfrv8Also - and this might not be under our control - when you launch the LO meta app from the Office menu, it has Draw, Impress and Base buttons, but they of course do nothing.00:46
bluesabrejjfrv8: that's interesting (the icons)01:12
bluesabreas for the meta app, not sure we can do anything there but see if it's been previously reported01:13
bluesabreUnit193: you about?02:14
bluesabreknome, ochosi, slickymaster, Unit193: does this look good for release notes?  Sorry if I happened to duplicate effort, but I had a chance to crank it out, so... https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WilyWerewolf/ReleaseNotes/Beta2/Xubuntu02:26
Unit193bluesabre: Hi.02:34
bluesabreUnit193: heyooooo02:34
drcbluesabre: saw xfce4-sensors-plugin 1.2.6  in New Major application versions...still need to install thru synaptic rather than USC?02:50
bluesabredrc: dunno, it should be installable via USC, but I haven't tried personally02:51
bluesabreI'd also expect that major applications list to be trimmed a bit02:51
drcIt hasn't for the past 2 or 4 cycles :(02:51
bluesabresince most plugins are not particularly major (or really even noteworthy)02:51
bluesabrewell thats no fun02:51
drcThe funy thing is, looking in USC on the LiveUSB finds it, but not on install :)02:52
bluesabreI can see it in vivid02:52
drcIt's an old bug :(02:53
drcyeah, iirc correctly, once you install from universe (?), it works fine...let me find the bug02:54
drcI've asked about this almost every cycle for a while, so everyone's probably tired of reading about it.02:59
Unit193bluesabre: Did you need something?02:59
drcbug 78205702:59
ubottubug 782057 in software-center (Ubuntu) "Sofware center fails to automatically enable universe repository" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/78205702:59
bluesabreUnit193: was just wondering if work was already started on release notes and I had just missed it02:59
Unit193drc: FWIW, we don't touch/manage/control USC.  You can try to annoy -desktop people.03:00
bluesabreyou're generally more away of ongoing work :)03:00
Unit193bluesabre: Aha, I'm not a release team.03:00
bluesabreI'll assume not then03:00
bluesabreochosi: release notes linked above, feel free to make any changes03:00
drcUnit193: You have to be kidding.  A High/Confirmed/Unassigned bug from 2011 that hasn't been fixed yet?  Fat chance :)03:02
bluesabreoh, named it the wrong number03:02
drcTime to quit.  Getting riled (again)03:02
bluesabrethere we go, linked on here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WilyWerewolf/Beta103:05
bluesabreochosi, knome, slickymaster: release notes here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WilyWerewolf/Beta1/Xubuntu -- feel free to make any changes as needed03:07
bluesabreoff to bed, night all03:07
flexiondotorgJust wanted to check how the Beta 1 testing is going.08:01
bluesabreslow and steady... maybe?08:23
bluesabreI haven't had a chance to check it out yet, and a few of us have been in and out08:23
bluesabreit looks like we've got 8/10 mandatory tests done08:26
bluesabreI'll pull down my xp to do auto-resize08:27
bluesabre*xp vm08:27
newform8|SM-G386anyone know what the default password for su is in xubuntu? Google searching couldn't find it for me and many say Ubuntu doesn't give root 08:32
ubottuWe do not support setting a root password. You're free to do it on your own machine, but please don't offer instructions on how to set a root password or ask for help with setting it. See !root and !wfm for more information.08:36
ubottusudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !pkexec (for older releases: !gksu and !kdesudo). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo08:36
newform8|SM-G386ah got it, yeah I guess I don't need it. thanks for the sudo command info, I've been using that. I just thought it was strange that they Ubuntu wouldn't give one and wondered if xubuntu was different about that.. 08:40
newform8|SM-G386I won't ask or mention again 08:40
newform8|SM-G386thanks 08:40
ochosibluesabre: those look good to me! and thanks for working on that, i likely wouldn't have found the time12:41
ochosibluesabre: we could mention that the gimp was dropped in favor of LO12:43
knomewait, what?12:49
knomedoes that really make sense?12:49
knomeLO isn't a replacement for GIMP12:49
knomei wouldn't say so really12:53
ochosii wouldn't formulate it verbatim like that12:54
ochosibut to some extent, gimp was dropped because of LO12:54
knomegimp was dropped because the team democratically decided we don't want to ship it any more12:54
knomei wouldn't say so either12:54
knomei would have voted for dropping gimp even if LO wasn't going to be included12:54
knomeultimately, making sure there is no room for interpretation like that is the cleanest and best approach IMO12:55
ochosisure sure12:55
ochosiright now we don't even mention gimp, so no worries12:55
knomewhether the ISO size was a motivation to vote this or that, it shouldn't be specifically mentioned12:55
knomefor interested parties: http://open.knome.fi/2015/08/26/compact-style-jquery-api-documentation/12:56
ochosislickymasterWork: sorry, won't be able to make the next meeting, 1st day on new job...13:15
* knome slaps ochosi 13:17
ochosiyeah i know... lame!13:17
knomeoh, your job is to develop lame, the mp3 encoder? :P13:18
ochosiknome: oh wow, that one was lame even by your standards! :)13:22
* knome playbacks an out-of-tempo-and-slow rimshot13:23
knomeof course, the audio file is encoded by lame13:23
slickymasterWorknp ochosi, I'm sure you'll keep up with the bbacklog, afterwards13:35
knomebig brother acklog13:41
knomeok, something that might be of more interest to people here: http://open.knome.fi/2015/08/26/series-minor-improvements-ubuntu-websites/13:47
newform8|debianwhy is it so hard to choose between debian+xfce and xubuntu  14:07
ochosino idea, feels like an obvious choice14:08
ochosiespecially when asking here14:08
knomenewform8|debian, i don't know, but if you want to chat generally, we do have #xubuntu-offtopic for that purpose14:08
newform8|debianhehe i'll keep my first world problems to myself. thanks for the room recommendation though, i didn't know it was a place14:09
another_nameochosi: if i14:09
another_nameochosi: How can I get the debugging info for xfpm-manager?14:09
ochosianother_name: run "xfce4-power-manager -q && xfce4-power-manager --debug"14:12
ochosiit highly depends on what you want to debug whether the output will be helpful14:12
another_nameokay, I'm trying to see why closing the lid with a second monitor attached switches the display to primary on the second monitor.14:16
drcNo daily for 26 Aug, by design?15:32
drcI see Ubuntu has a daily but kubuntu does not, so yeah, I'm guessing "by design".15:47
azzenovic hi I am a long time xubuntu user and I am really fascinated by the xfce tweaks . I was wondering if i can package the xubuntu desktop for debian . I will remove the xubuntu brand of course 18:06
knomeazzenovic, hello here as well18:07
knomeazzenovic, which modifications are you talking exactly?18:08
knomefor example, the greybird theme is available for debian already18:08
azzenovicI know but mugshot is not in the xfce control center, the same for the theme configuration . the indicator plugin is kinda messy on debian + the lightdm config is a bit different18:10
knomeboth mugshot and gtk-theme-config are available for debian18:11
knomewhether they show up in the settings manager is up to their respective desktop files18:11
knomeyou should talk with the debian xfce maintainers about that, if they agree they should be included, then with the respective debian package maintainer about tweaking the packages18:12
knomeaiui, there are differences in the indicator plugin in debian and ubuntu that are not related to theming or xubuntu config18:13
knomeeither bluesabre or ochosi can tell you more about that, but i'm not sure if the debian side is willing to land certain changes from ubuntu18:14
knomeabout lightdm config - what differences are you actually referring to?18:14
azzenovicI don't think debian policy approves coz debian ships always with the default DE config that's why I am more interested to create a debian spin with the xubuntu look and feel 18:15
knomepersonally, i think that's a waste of time and effort - why not point users towards xubuntu?18:16
knomeor alternatively, point users to certain configuration options they can change to make their debian look more like xubuntu18:17
knomefinally, it isn't a simple task - the xubuntu team has put a lot of effort to make everything look and work seamlessly and integrated18:17
azzenovicthe thing is I don't like where ubuntu is heading.. snappy etc otherwise I am really fond of xubuntu and I have been using it for more than years and I am from my xubuntu desktop now 18:19
knomesnappy doesn't affect xubuntu at all18:19
azzenovicI think it will shortly coz ubuntu is considering to include ubuntu 16.04 and since xubunu is based on it I think it will be affected right ?18:20
knomeno, there will be .deb packaging in the future as well18:21
azzenovicdoes that mean no snappy for xubuntu even if ubuntu includes it on the desktop ?18:22
azzenovicoh great problem solved then :D I am a happy xubuntu user thx knome 18:24
knomeno problem.18:24
knomeif you have similar doubts in the future, or see somebody else having such, please come (or point them) here so we can clear things out18:25
azzenovicsure I wanna get involved with the xubuntu community since I have a bit of free time starting this year18:27
knomegreat, and thanks for the interest18:27
knomethis is the perfect channel for that18:27
knomesubscribing the development mailing list at https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/xubuntu-devel is a good idea as well18:27
azzenovicthx :) I wanna run daily builds of xubuntu since I want to dicover the latest features and help with testing and filling bugs 18:29
knomegreat! are you familiar with our testing trackers yet18:29
azzenovicnot really but I am flexible (I am a software developer) 18:30
knomeyou can read the basics (and more) at http://xubuntu.org/contribute/qa/18:31
knomeflocculant (the irc nick, not around right now) is our QA lead18:32
knomeand others are able to answer questions too18:32
azzenovicsure I will contact them as soon as i finish the full documentation 18:33
ochosiknome: btw, i don't think i will have time to finalise the greybird-a11y workitem. in case you wanna pick it up, i can tell you what's left to ship it19:54
ochosior at least i can tell you what i had in mind19:54
knomeprobably not realistic for me neither19:55
knomethat said,19:55
knomeplease document it in a whiteboard, or somewhere where it's arhived19:55
ochosialright, will do19:56
knome(it can be a pad too and i can comment today)19:56
knomethis is obviously a PoC, but it WORKS19:57
knomewell, look at my work items20:01
knomeand figure out...20:01
knomeand feel free to suggest a better name20:01
knomealso, suggestions on the output formatting welcome20:02
ochosiso wait, a timeline?20:02
* ochosi is distracted by the tv20:02
* knome slaps ochosi20:02
knomeyeah, kind of20:03
knomeor, you could call it that20:03
knomeso let's do that then.20:03
knomeso... ideas about the formatting?20:07
ochosigrouping by date maybe20:09
ochosionly mention each date once i mean20:09
knomei was thinking potentially week/month20:09
knomebut week is bleh20:09
ochosithat's fine too20:09
knomebecause it's not obvious from the dates20:09
ochosijust atm it's all on the same day :)20:09
knomeof course.20:10
knomewell, not really20:10
knomemy work items are today, others are yesterday20:10
knome(for testing purposes)20:10
knomei'll likely add an "Earlier" category20:10
knomebasically for this cycle20:10
ochosiyup makes sense20:11
knomei guess we don't need a table?20:13
knomejust some kind of list20:13
ochosilist should be fine20:20
knomeochosi, hooray20:42
knomelookie lookie20:43
knomethat wasn't so hard20:43
knomeonly one WEEEIRDO mysql query20:43
knomeor do you use the "INSERT INTO ... ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE ... key = CASE WHEN ... THEN ... ELSE ... END" syntax often?20:44
knomenow there's one last thing to do20:45
knomesome db hacking :F20:45
knomegreat, that went smoothly as expected20:46
knomecurrently showing items per day, let's evaluate that later20:49
ochosiyeah that sounds like my usual query :>20:53
knomei knew i should have asked you for tips on building that!20:53
knomethough it's cool that doing that avoided me from a lot of php code20:53
knomedo we want to link to the blueprint in the timeline?20:54
knomeeg. "Work item description in w-specification finished by Somebody"20:54
knome(refresh now to see how i'm showing the assignee now, would be sameish)20:55
ochosii'd say so20:56
knomei'll add that20:56
ochosialso, it's okayish to link to LP on the assignee, but i actually preferred that per-assignee page you had before20:56
ochosicould bury the LP profile link there20:57
knomeyeah, i've been thinking all this link stuff20:57
ochosidunno i just don't like the LP profile pages20:57
ochosinot very inviting to look at20:57
knomethe reason why the names are links to begin with is that it brings some required pace to the page (being different color and all)20:57
knomei don't expect them to be super useful...20:58
knomeand i don't know if it's a good idea to link to the assignee page either20:58
knomethat isn't a logical target20:58
ochosiwhy not?20:58
knome"this was done by pasi"20:58
ochosiit's within the dev site, showing the contextual info for that assignee20:58
knomethen clicking pasi leads you to things he didn't do yet20:58
knomealso pages like http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-w/u/knome.html are waste of time :P20:59
knomemaybe i'm weird, but i don't mind the LP pages20:59
knomesure, it could be a bit less cluttered, but if the description is good, then it's all okay21:00
knomeit's a lot of interesting things to look at21:00
knome(yes, i said i might be weird)21:00
lderan(indeed you might be)21:00
knomemaybe you hate them so much because your description is so shitty!21:00
* knome hides21:00
knomewe do use LP for dealing with work items anyway21:02
ochosinah, it's just a lot of things that are hard to grasp at first sight21:02
knomeit would be weird if we tried to avoid linking there otherwise21:02
ochositiny logos for team membership list etc etc21:02
knomebut it does really give you the contact information for the person21:02
ochosiand yeah as you said, terribly cluttered21:02
ochosiyes, but in a very cluttered way21:03
knomenot as bad as myspace21:03
knomei win21:03
lderanvery few sites are myspace level bad21:03
knomeochosi, note that when logged in, your own profile page on LP is VERY cluttered with all the edit links21:07
knomeit's much better when you look at somebody elses page21:07
ochosii only see lots of tiny font and tiny ugly icons21:09
knometiny delicious icons21:10
ochosiyou mean "yuck"21:10
knomeheeey, don't put words in my mouth21:10
knomeor much else either, please.21:10
* Unit193 puts some rum there.21:10
knomethat's yummy21:11
* lderan adds a scone21:11
lderannow, before i get destracted by knomes disdain for scones. Any of the items that are unassigned on the tracker I can start looking into?21:11
knomelderan, any of them please :)21:12
lderandistracted*, would help if I could spell correctly21:12
knomeochosi, did you look at the WIP wallpaper on a laptop monitor yet?21:12
ochosiknome: nope, i think you gotta reshare it with me21:13
Unit193lderan: Or any marked for me. :P21:13
knomenow this is cluttered http://tracker.xubuntu.org/#tab-timeline21:19
lderandoesn't look bad to me21:21
knomelderan, you sure you have the latest version? :)21:21
knomeit's slightly better when the spec info is last21:23
knomeand when it's slightly more opaque21:23
ochosilderan: in terms of open workitems...21:28
ochosijust check the WIP ones and see which ones look like a match21:29
lderansure :)21:29
ochosilooking into the parole bug would be good, not sure if you wanna take that on though21:30
lderanshall take a look21:34
=== blaze is now known as Guest72851
ochosilderan: feel free to come up with your own workitem though if you can't find a fit ;) (note that we're past FF though)21:48
knomeone FF-independent thing would be to hack a better xml-rpc method for me :P21:49
lderan(awww then an xubuntu powered deathstar is out of the queestion) 21:49
knomelderan, maybe for 16.0421:49
lderanoo xml-rpc21:50
knomei can tell you more if the word "drupal" doesn't bring (too much) puke to your mouth21:50
lderanhave played with drupal before21:52
knomeok, so basically:21:52
lderanas long as it is now magento then im good to go21:52
knomethese are the methods for the xml-rpc interface21:52
knomethe actual functions to pull data from the database are at http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-qa-website-devel/ubuntu-qa-website/drupal7-rewrite/files/head:/modules/qatracker/xmlrpc/21:52
knomethese are all kind of handy21:53
knomebut ultimately, to be able to pull out the data we want from the tracker is a lot of requests21:53
knomea query like "give me all the active builds for the product X in series Y" would be useful, for example21:54
lderancan see how that would be handy21:55
knomecurrently it's several queries21:55
knomeso... yeah, hacking something like that would be great21:55
lderanwill have a look at that as well :)21:55
knomeif you are willing to hack on the interface, let's try to sit down with flocculant some day21:56
knometo actually figure out what he wants to see in the status tracker21:56
knomethat should help us lay out the exact methods we'd like to have21:56
knometbh, it doesn't look too hard21:56
knomeeg. take http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-qa-website-devel/ubuntu-qa-website/drupal7-rewrite/view/head:/modules/qatracker/xmlrpc/qatracker.xmlrpc.testcases.php21:57
knomeit's settings a bunch of db query parameters21:57
knomethen getting the results from the db, and putting them in an array and return them21:57
knomecopy-paste level stuff21:57
knomesame with linking that stuff to a new method21:58
knomeoh yeah, and one more thing21:58
knomecurrently you can only give the statuses as integers21:59
knomeit would be nice to be able to give them in text21:59
lderanshould be fairly simple to allow that22:00
knomethat's where the arrays for the links are22:00
lderanthank you kindly22:00
bluesabreI agree with !magento22:02
knomebluesabre, wut?22:02
azzenovichello I was wondering how can access the xubuntu qa bug tracker 23:11
knomesounds like you are mixing two things23:17
knomedo you want the bug tracker or the tracker for QA reports?23:17

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