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arpad02I'm having an error message when starting xubuntu kind of 'unable to load kernel modules'09:31
knome"kind of" ?09:34
arpad02well I didn't quote the message, but I will do it09:36
arpad02though I pasted the output of systemctl --state=failed09:39
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azzenovichi I am a long time xubuntu user and I am really fascinated by the xfce tweaks . I was wondering if i can package the xubuntu desktop for debian :D17:54
mrkrampswhat kind of tweaks?!17:57
mrkrampsactually my xfce desktop looks pretty much the same on trusty and jessie17:57
knomeazzenovic, with the branding, no17:59
knomeazzenovic, you should join #xubuntu-devel if you want to discuss that seriously18:01
azzenovicfor instance the look of lightdm greeter the modified xfce control center etc I will remove the xubuntu brand of course . the thing is I tweaked my debian install xfce but it was tiring and I didn't get the same full user experience of xubuntu . I will check with xubuntu developers too thx knome18:04

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