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jak2000how to know wich program listen on a specified port, sample: mysql listen on port 3306 how to know?02:26
patdk-lapjak2000, cause you ask your program02:36
adun153Quick question, when should I choose PostgreSQL over MySQL and vice versa?03:07
sarnoldadun153: some applications are written so that they can only support mysql03:22
sarnoldadun153: but since postgresql had ACID transactions about a dozen years before mysql, I've always had a soft spot in my heart for postgresql03:23
sarnoldadun153: and now that mysql is run by oracle .. well ..03:24
adun153well.. that, too.03:25
sarnoldjak2000: netstat -anp might be your friend03:25
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fredizrbasak: Good morning there. About kimchi, I had mails after the technical interlock, yesterday, saying that we were missing things on kimchi. I thought that you did the upload after I provided the last packaging on mentors (s/ln/cp change). Isn't that the case ?06:06
CelphishAnyone awake?07:03
CelphishI'm trying to download a pdf through sftp from an ubuntu 12.04-server, but it keeps saying:07:04
Celphishopen for read: no such file or directory07:04
sarnoldare there any funny characters in the filename? i seem to recall that sftp had a problem with one or another character07:04
Celphishsarnold: well, yea, åäö07:05
sarnold(which is funny, I thought sftp was supposed to handle that better than scp. bah.)07:05
Celphishsarnold: that worked, can't believe I missed that! thanks!07:06
sarnoldCelphish: try doing something like sftp 'user@host:/path/to/f\å\ä\öilename' ....07:06
sarnoldCelphish: hah, what worked? :)07:06
Celphishsarnold: I just replaced å and ä with a, and ?u with u, ö with o and it worked :D07:07
sarnoldi'm surprised that worked :)07:07
lordievaderGood morning.07:24
rbasakfrediz: hi!07:37
rbasakfrediz: no, I had no idea you had uploaded an update. I had pinged you on here a couple of times but never saw an answer.07:37
fredizrbasak: well it was just about the "ln" blocker issue07:38
fredizare we in phase on that ? :)07:38
rbasakYeah, that was the only thing I wanted fixed before upload07:38
rbasakThat's fixed now on mentors?07:38
fredizmmm then that should be good; I was sure to have it done then07:39
fredizyou're making me doubt :) .. let's check07:39
rbasakIt's just that mentors doesn't really provide an opportunity to tell apart when things have been fixed in a new upload because they'll have the same version number and no changelog entry.07:39
fredizyou're right07:40
fredizUploaded: 2015-08-20 12:0507:40
fredizthat should be my change07:41
rbasakI see now. Thanks! Sorry, I just hadn't realised that you had uploaded a new version.07:42
maswanHere's a question, one of our VMs is unreachable over IPv6 from our other VMs on one of its addresses, but reachable from the world (or the HW hosting them). Anyone with clues about that?07:42
rbasakfrediz: thank you for syncing up there, and sorry for the confusion. It's over to me now - I'm no longer blocked.07:43
fredizrbasak: wait, that seems to be wrong what's in there07:43
sarnoldmaswan: is it perhaps a link-local address or something else that's not supposed to be routable? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IPv6_address#IPv6_address_classes07:44
rbasakfrediz: yeah - looking at it, that should be in debian/rules now, or a dh_install file, rather than the postinst.07:45
fredizrbasak: right, I'll ping you once it's re-uploaded07:47
rbasakfrediz: OK. Thanks!07:47
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maswansarnold: Nope, publically routable and it is reachable over the internet08:06
maswanand it is only one of the two v6 addresses it has that is unreachable, both on the same network (just different last octet)08:07
maswanah, I fixed it by randomly "ip addr del; ip addr add" for the same IP...08:20
sarnoldeww :)08:23
maswanLooking at nagios history it stopped working spontaneously at 4 in the morning, 3.5 days after the last reboot..08:34
gartralhey all, I have a very old production server that I *MUST* upgrade, is there any way to list the installed packages and have apt reinstall the system and force though the old packages as newer varients?09:13
sarnoldwhat's wrong with do-release-upgrade?09:14
gartralsarnold: Ubuntu 14.0409:15
maswanyou can play with dpkg --get-selections etc, but do-release-upgrade is much more likely to work since some packages change names, etc.09:15
maswangartral: the old versions are available with a different apt source, so you can get the last released version there and then do-release-upgrade09:16
gartralmaswan: ubuntu 14.0409:16
gartralmaswan: how?09:16
sarnoldso, "very old" means "16 months"?09:16
gartraler, sorry,, oh crud.. i misread, 10.0409:17
maswangartral: http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/09:17
gartralIE... "OLD"09:17
sarnoldthat's more like it. hehe. :)09:17
maswanyeah, but still only out of support for a year or so. :)09:17
sarnolddo-release-upgrade still ought to take you from 10.04 to 12.04 though09:17
sarnoldhere i was afraid this was going to be something like a red hat linux 7.2 or something :)09:18
maswanbut if you don't have that installed, you might need to get old-releases apt sources09:18
maswanespecially if it wasn't updated for the last couple of years of running [brr]09:18
gartralmaswan sarnold many many MANY packages are out of date in 12.04 and never updated clean...09:18
gartralmaswan: this is a super-stable platform, ot hasen't been powered down since august 201209:19
maswangartral: I've upgraded a dozen or so servers 10.04->12.04->14.04 fairly recently (just before 10.04 got removed)09:21
gartralthe company who owns it doesn't want it down for more that 15 minutes09:21
maswanhm. that'll be problematic.09:21
gartralplease excuse my typos, it's 5:20 AM for me09:21
sarnoldthen definitely image it, and do the updates in a VM first09:21
gartralsarnold: I can't...09:22
gartralsarnold: there's some kind of undocumented security module and custom kernel to match on it, all attempts at imaging the machine results in corrupted data09:23
sarnoldgartral: can you walk away from this? this sounds like you're guaranteed to fail.09:24
gartralthese people are, fpr whatever reason, extremely paranoid09:24
maswanYeah, given those constraints, I'd build a new server, and then move services over.09:25
gartralsarnold: not really... i could, but i don't know what they'll do...09:25
sarnoldthat's a far more predictable outcome..09:25
maswan(as a side note, paranoia that prevents you from being up to date with security updates is rather misdirected paranoia :/ )09:25
gartralmaswan: impossible, they went through the trouble of having a custom BMC built into a motherboard that handles security09:26
sarnoldman are they going to be pissed when it blows capacitors09:27
maswangartral: Ok. Will the custom kernel work with a newer base OS though?09:27
maswangartral: Or are you looking at replacing that when you upgrade?09:27
gartralsarnold: all the caps are socketed... it's like alien tech09:28
sarnoldgartral: ooh.09:28
maswanAnyway, do-release-upgrade and let it take the time it takes then. Just flag that 150 minutes is more likely than 15.09:28
sarnoldgartral: well, alright, maybe they aren't as insane as I thought..09:28
gartralmaswan: it looks like as long as the hardware doesn't change it'll be happy09:28
sarnoldunless their storage has bonkers iops, 150 minutes is way more likely than 15 :)09:29
maswan(and that if things go wrong, it could easily take 4 times that time)09:29
gartralsarnold: there's a few packages that are marked 8.10 that really don't want to be upgraded09:30
gartralthe really weird thing is I know what's running.. it's nothing that should·n't09:31
gartralthe really weird thing is I know what's running.. it's nothing that shouldn't be possible to upgrade09:32
gartraland they're not holding a gun to me or anything like that, they're just... beligerent09:33
maswanhm. old held packages might be tricky, unless you can release them09:33
maswanpart of it is to bring all the base libs etc up to more modern and supported versions09:34
gartralmaswan: np I can't, because there's packages that are so old they don't have modern equivelents09:34
gartralsorry for my errors, i'm very tired09:34
maswansounds like you might also be helped by sleeping on it09:35
gartralmaswan: I've been working for a week... I've made progress, bur this is my last day09:36
maswanbut for packages that are gone that don't have a modern equivalent but is software that is still needed. hm. the reasonable thing to do is to repackage it yourself, or compile it locally, etc. old packages are likely to break too when you upgrade under their feet.09:36
gartralmaswan: some of them are old google-code repo packages that can't be updated...09:37
maswangartral: ick.09:37
gartralthe whole thing's a mess09:37
gartralwell they've paid me for my time, i have a great new comp because of it... i'm going to tell them it's a loss09:38
fredizrbasak: I've reuploaded kimchi on mentors. I tested also to install because the change to debian/rules implied a few others.09:38
rbasakfrediz: OK, thanks! I'll take a look.09:39
fredizthank you09:39
maswanyeah, I mean, it could possibly be done but I'd say that first you need to go in and take all these old packages and repackage them (possibly from installed files on the server), and then do some test runs etc, but it seems like we're talking about month or two, not a week09:39
maswangartral: As in, start by cleaning up the mess, one bit at a time, then once it is clean enough...09:39
maswangartral: Or, build a new from scratch and move services over. Even for an alien server, it might be cheaper than that manpower.09:40
sarnold.. and with a machine this touchy I think I'd want to do the moral equivalent of do-release-upgrade entirely by hand.09:40
maswansarnold: Yeah, but then you need to dig in and see the corner cases that do-release-upgrade script solves that aren't just plain package upgrades.09:41
sarnoldmaswan: yeah. it wouldn't be a quick thing..09:42
gartralyea, they weren't too happy, but the consensus is basocially "Good show, but we're letting you go, take the computer we gave you and clear out, you have an hour09:43
gartrali'll talk to you all later09:43
sarnoldtake care gartral09:43
gartrali have my own server which needs help09:44
sarnoldand hopefully a bed that's still warm? :)09:44
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TheEternalAbyssthis may be a slightly stupid question but...on a default installation of ubuntu15 server and apache.. without having a domain name configured on the VPS where all this is installed... should typing in http://ipaddess/   get me to where my html files should be? or am I missing something here12:21
TheEternalAbyssoh wait I think I see he problem12:23
TheEternalAbyssthe* problem..12:23
Daphkodo anybody know why i can not ping from an vserver to an ip (Server) where the vserver belong to ?12:35
VoyageThese are my devices I was able to sort out. I hope that identification is enough. Now I have NO idea how to set 2 groups of multiseat. http://pastie.org/10381571   I followed https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MultiseatX#Single_xorg.conf but its over my head. Any clues?13:45
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ssmoCoffeejoin /#juju15:47
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dv310p3rneed help mounting a 3tb usb drive, getting the following error: ntfs-3g: Failed to access volume '/dev/sdb1': No such file or directory16:12
dv310p3rubuntu 14.0516:12
dv310p3rsorry 14.0416:12
dv310p3r/dev/sdc1               1  4294967295  4294967292   ee  GPT16:12
dv310p3routput of fdisk -l16:13
tewarddv310p3r: well, you're putting /dev/sdb1 in, but it's clearly /dev/sdc116:35
teward(I assume that's you from about 20 minutes ago)16:35
dv310p3rsorry, it happens for sdc116:37
dv310p3rntfs-3g: Failed to access volume '/dev/sdc1': No such file or directory16:38
tewardpastebin the full `fdisk -l` ?16:38
dv310p3rsudo mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sdc1 /media/external16:38
tarpmandv310p3r: first, please note the part in the output where it says fdisk can't read GPT and you have to use e.g. parted. second, regardless of what fdisk says, does /dev/sdc1 actually exist in your filesystem16:42
tewardrun `sudo parted /dev/sdc print` and pastebin it.  Use paste.ubuntu.com.16:42
tewardand also what tarpman says :)16:42
* teward failed ot see 'gpt' there :)16:42
tarpmanteward: oops, sorry for jumping over you :)16:42
tewardtarpman: no problem16:42
tewardi'm on laggy internet right now16:42
tewardfighting the fifty other students in the area tryin to hog my net16:43
tewardwhen i need it16:43
tewardstill, pastebin the output of `sudo parted /dev/sdc print`  :)16:43
tewardgod this mini wireless keyboard is awesome because now i can carry it around with my laptop xD16:43
tewardAND not have to worry about the laptop touchpad >:)16:44
teward(brb, tarpman can take over xD)(16:44
* tarpman 16:44
dv310p3r_2tarpman, yes it does exist16:47
dv310p3r_2teward, Error: /dev/sdc: unrecognised disk label16:48
dv310p3r_2results of sudo parted /dev/sdec16:48
dv310p3r_2results of sudo parted /dev/sdc16:48
tewarddv310p3r_2: `ls /dev/ | grep sd`16:49
echo1Hi, I'm facing an issue with wifi connections by using nmcli on my ubuntu server 14.04 32bit: "nmcli -p dev wifi" I don't receive nothing back. I have checked first if my wifi interface is up: "ip link show" the response is "wlan0 <BROADCAST, MULTICAST, UP, LOWER_UP> mq state UP". To be sure I launch "ip link set wlan0 up" again and after I ensure NetworkMan is enabled by running: "nmcli nm enable". My scanning with16:52
echo1 "nmcli -p dev wifi list" gives me nothing back as I told, but "id dev wlan0 scan" prompts me back the signals around me. How can I connect to wifi with nmcli?  I have tried to plug in second wifi inteface in that case I receive response from wifi, isn't it weired?16:52
dv310p3r_2Just as a note. I pulled this drive out of a ubuntu server, it was connected via SATA internally, now it's connected via USB 3.0 dock to the new ubuntu server16:53
tarpmandv310p3r_2: we're talking about the 3TB disk (sdc), right? parted says there are no partitions, /dev/says there are no partitions. maybe the filesystem covers the entire device?16:55
tarpmandv310p3r_2: how were you mounting it on the old server? the corresponding fstab line would be helpful16:56
Norbinwhy would i get this error while trying to ifdown a network adapter? http://i.imgur.com/dSSqdIH.png16:56
Norbinit's clearly configured and is working...16:56
tarpmanNorbin: most likely it was configured by something other than ifup16:57
tarpmanNorbin: network-manager, ifconfig, etc16:57
Norbinye ifconfig :O16:57
Norbinso i can't if down/up this network card this way?16:57
tarpmanNorbin: take it down with the same tool you brought it up with, is all16:57
Norbingot it, thanks16:58
Norbin(had no clue this how it works.. xD)16:59
dv310p3r_3tarpman, ok one sec16:59
tarpmandv310p3r_3: you are incrementing :o16:59
dv310p3r_3I don't know why17:00
dv310p3r_3fstab line from old server mounting that drive17:02
tarpmandv310p3r_3: something is not adding up. i don't know why the new server would not detect partitions where the old one did17:06
dv310p3r_3I know17:07
dv310p3r_3it's killing me.17:07
dv310p3r_3Could it be the USB dock somehow?17:07
dv310p3r_3the connection was SATA before I pulled it17:07
tarpmana usb dock _should_ not interfere that way, but i can't prove anything17:07
dv310p3r_3tarpman, you've given me some good info and help, It's much appreciated17:08
dv310p3r_3my search continues17:08
tarpmandv310p3r_3: just out of interest. can you unplug the usb, plug it in again, and pastebin the related new lines from dmesg17:09
tarpmanthe fdisk output you pasted looks sane enough17:09
tarpman(give it a few seconds to settle after plugging in before running dmesg)17:09
Daphkoi have installed ubuntu server on hyperv, when i try to ping my root server where hyperv is installed, i dont receive any answer17:12
Daphkohave anybody an idea why ?17:13
zach2825hi, i have a post fix queuing questions..17:16
RoyKDaphko: I gues the hyper-v folks might know. last time I was using hyper-v, some three years back, only redhat was supported and ubuntu had major issues with networking intermittently dropped17:17
DaphkoRoyK: the problem is that i can ping google oder other server17:18
Daphkoi only can not ping the host where hyperv is installed17:18
echo1 I have solved my problem: 1. Uncomment everything in /etc/network/interfaces under interface lo, in other words uncomment wlan and eth configuration. 2. Reboot. 3. Run: nmcli dev wifi con SSID_name password SSID_password iface wlan017:18
RoyKDaphko: ask the hyper-v folks17:18
RoyKDaphko: they may have put up heavy firewalling on it17:18
RoyKwhich may indeed make sense17:18
RoyKour ESXi hosts are locked into an RFC1918 network not available from anywhere but a small network only accessible by select personnel17:19
Daphkodo they have an channel ?17:19
RoyKDaphko: why do you want to ping the host?17:20
Daphkoi have an application vhost on hyper-v, and on the root server where hyperv is installed, there is git installed. From everywhere else i can pull my project but not from the vhosts17:21
Daphkoso i tried so ping my host and see that this is not working17:21
RoyKDaphko: don't do that17:22
Daphkoso i cant not use git over http17:22
RoyKDaphko: create a tiny vm for git instead17:22
RoyKDaphko: don't use hosts for anything but hosts17:22
zach2825does anyone know how to check which domain is queuing emails in postfix? one of the word press instances i host is spamming emails but there are to many to shut down and wait till it stops.17:22
RoyKDaphko: you'll probably need some disk space and 256MB memory for git to work17:22
RoyKDaphko: in a separate vm17:23
RoyKDaphko: always use separation - that's why you have virtialisation17:23
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Daphkoi know but i use stash as an application17:26
Daphkoon my host17:26
Daphkofor managing repositories17:26
RoyKjust listen, ok? separate host and guest, use the host as a host only17:27
JaguarDownHi all newbie here. My home server uses namecheap freeDNS/dynamic dns service. Apparently ddclient 3.8.1 has a problem updating multiple domains/subdomains so I am just using the python script at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DynamicDNS#Namecheap_.26_Python17:39
JaguarDownHowever I have a subdomain "irc" I want to update as well, I imagine that would be easy but I have no python knowledge.17:39
jellywhat do you mean by subdomain, JaguarDown ?17:40
JaguarDownin otherwords I have an A record that points irc.<mysite>.com to my IP17:41
JaguarDown(for the sole purpose of aesthetics when connecting to my irc daemon)17:41
JaguarDownddclient could do this easily simply by specifying "irc" next to "@" on the last line of the config file. I want to do the same with this python script but I don't know how. I tried searching to no avail.17:42
RoyKJaguarDown: it would have to be supported on the dyndns serverside too17:44
JaguarDownTrue...the ubuntu documentation specifically states the script works with Namecheap17:44
JaguarDownI could only assume you can update the subdomains with it.17:45
JaguarDownNamecheap has no docs on python.17:45
jellyJaguarDown: ok, so "<mysite>.com" is your domain, and "irc.<mysite>.com" is the A record you wanted updated via Namecheap dynamic dns API?17:45
jelly"irc.<mysite>.com" isn't a "subdomain", it's just a hostname (fully qualified)17:45
JaguarDownok my mistake17:46
JaguarDownI suppose if it were set up as a CNAME it would be considered a subdomain?17:46
jellyyou can easily use the API to update irc.<mysite>.com A record just like you update somethingelse.<mysite>.com17:47
JaguarDownOk that makes sense.17:47
jellyit would be a subdomain if there were host records under it.17:47
JaguarDownI just added a line in the python script to do that and it works! Thanks, Jelly.17:50
jellyJaguarDown: ah, good17:53
jellynamecheap's API is basically just a http request -- you can do it with a browser or wget https://www.namecheap.com/support/knowledgebase/article.aspx/29/11/how-do-i-use-the-browser-to-dynamically-update-hosts-ip17:54
jellyso you basically just fill in https://dynamicdns.park-your-domain.com/update?host=[host_name]&domain=[domain.com]&password=[domain_password]&ip=[your_ip]17:55
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Norbinmost likely a silly question but can you use ssh keys from a windows machine connecting to an open ssh ubuntu server?18:14
Norbinso i am connecting via my windows-putty client to an ubuntu-ssh server, with the use of a key instead of password18:15
Norbinis that even possible?18:15
tarpmanNorbin: yes.18:15
JaguarDownyes I do it.18:15
tarpmanNorbin: the putty key tool has an Import menu item somewhere that will import your openssh private key and convert it to putty format18:15
JaguarDownjelly: Thanks again. I bookmarked that link.18:15
tarpmanNorbin: and then you point putty at that converted key under SSH → Auth (IIRC)18:16
Norbini saw that now tarpman, only missing how i go about transferring the public key to the windows host so i can import it. official man says by using "ssh-copy-id username@remotehost18:19
tarpmanNorbin: I think you're confused. you want your *private* key on the machine you run putty on, and your *public* key on the machine you ssh _to_18:20
Norbinoh. correct18:20
tarpmanNorbin: ssh-copy-id copies your public key, not useful here. (also it uses scp, so probably not useful with windows)18:21
tarpmanNorbin: how you go about transferring → left as an exercise to the reader. i suggest a usb stick18:21
tarpmanNorbin: just don't email it to yourself, or send it over plain http, or something like that. those are very quick ways to have it intercepted...18:22
Norbintarpman thanks very much, i will see how i get the key over and then try to import it via putty or so, see if it let's me ssh over without being promted for a password18:25
tarpmanNorbin: i'm an idiot. you're already using putty -- pscp/psftp would be a quick and secure way to copy it18:27
tarpmanor, heck, cat + copy-and-paste from putty...18:27
jrwrenyou are using a password protected private key, right?18:28
Norbinexactly what i am reading now tarpman :P http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/106480/how-to-copy-files-from-one-machine-to-another-using-ssh18:28
jrwrenpagent is very nice.18:28
NorbinYes, user/password key18:28
jrwrenso the private key is encrypted with that password. email it to yourself all you want :)18:29
Norbinyep it's AES 128 CBC encrypted18:29
jrwrenI tend to run samba so I \\SERVER\user in windows and read the ssh priv key via cifs18:29
RoyKI setup a system a year back or so to only allow ssh from known users with known keys with correct passwords18:31
RoyKadding google authenticator on top would make it rather more messy :D18:31
tewardRoyK: there's a 2FA method/system from Duo Security - cloud based, but they give a pam module that can tie into the logins and require 2FA via their app or texted codes or a phone call with the codes18:33
tewardi use it on my servers' SSH interfaces18:33
tewardbut i also enforce SSH keys, so... :P18:33
tewardgets pricey if more than 5-10 users though18:33
RoyKteward: you need 12FA!18:33
tewardRoyK: I need bio-identification 2FA :P18:34
tarpmansomething you have, something you know, something you are, something you forgot, something you ate, ...18:34
tewardtarpman: something you DIDN'T eat18:34
RoyKsomething you wish you ate, something you wish you never ate.....18:34
tewardyour home, your previous home, your parents' home... :P18:35
RoyKyou previous parents18:35
tewardyour in-laws18:35
RoyKyour future in-laws18:35
tewardyour significant other.18:35
* teward yawns18:36
tewardbut i digress18:36
tarpmanwhat have I started. further discussion to twitter.com/must_contain please :P18:36
acmehandleanyone running docker on 14.04 with a 2.6.32 kernel?19:22
sarnoldI'm terrified to ask how that particular combination happened..19:24
acmehandleI'm terrified that youre terrified19:25
acmehandleI thought I was running 14.0419:25
acmehandleI dont know if my vps has been lying to me or what19:26
sarnold2.6.32 sounds vaguely like an openvz kernel19:26
acmehandle/etc/issue says 14.04.3 lts19:26
acmehandleYes, it is a vps they say theyre running openvz19:26
acmehandleI guess thats the story then19:26
acmehandleSo what happens to me know.  If I upgrad kernel do I run the risk of hosing my system19:27
sarnoldacmehandle: the openvz guys have been working on getting docker to run inside an openvz container, but I think they did it by having a daemon to proxy a bunch of services in the 'host' ...19:27
sarnoldacmehandle: I don't think you have any ability to upgrade your kernel. you're just a container, not a VM.19:28
acmehandleO.  So does thatt mean no docker for me.19:28
sarnoldacmehandle: see if you've got a /proc/vz/veinfo file .. that looks like it might be reliable way to tell19:29
acmehandleI have it19:30
acmehandlesays a whole bunch of numbrs and machine ip19:30
sarnoldyup. no docker on that system. :)19:31
Norbinso regarding the ssh key from before (i've set up samba etc till now :S), i take the private key into the windows host, load it up using puttygen and saving it in a .ppk format, then i keep getting server refused key for some reason19:40
tewardso, with postfix, if the hostname of the server postfix is on is i.am.a.teapot.tld and all my different domains' MX records point to i.am.a.teapot.tld, do I need an SSL certificate for i.am.a.teapot.tld or do I need an SSL certificate for i.am.overlord.tld (which is where the @domain.tld says on the email address)?19:40
Norbinother than generating the key (ssh-keygen -t rsa), giving it a name and a user/password... anything else needs to be done?19:40
sarnoldNorbin: verify permissions on the authorized_keys file, the containing directory, the home directory, etc.. sshd is very picky and will refuse to use an authorized_keys file that allows group or world write, etc..19:41
tarpmanNorbin: what sarnold said, also /var/log/auth.log on the server may contain more details19:42
acmehandlesarnold, whats the worst that would happen if I ran apt-get install linux-image-extra-3.x-generic for example?19:47
sarnoldacmehandle: you'd probably waste some of your disk quota19:47
acmehandlewont make a difference then?19:56
sarnoldacmehandle: right; the kernel you're actually using is stored on the host's filesystem; you share it with all the other users of your vps19:57
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larsiwhen connecting to a mssql database with freetds it successfully connects21:05
larsibut I am not able to run anything21:05
larsiit just starts counting up from 121:05
larsianyone know why?21:05
larsithe 4 is from when I pressed enter, 85 is where it's at when copied21:07
larsioh, got an error message now21:08
bdxDoes anyone here know how to add custom cloud-config to maas provisioning....i.e. curtin_userdata preseeed or custom preseed??21:11
bdxbeen trying to figure it out for a while now.....It would be nice to get some advice from the pros....21:12
bdxcore, dev: Does anyone here know how to add custom cloud-config to maas provisioning....i.e. curtin_userdata preseeed or custom preseed??21:24
sarnoldbdx: you may wish to try also in #maas22:18
bdxsarnold: Totally...I'v posted there too. Might hit up the ml soon. Thanks22:19
sarnoldbdx: it's a bit late on a friday, mail list seem slike a good bet, someone might get to it on monday before you're around...22:23
bdxsarnold: totally. will do. thanks man.22:34
sarnoldgoo dluck :)22:35
acmehandleTrying to install mysql-server-5.6.  I get this error: dpkg: error processing package mysql-server-5.6 (--configure):23:43
acmehandleany ideas?23:43
sarnoldpastebin the whole error?23:43

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