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ngomesrecently my printer broke and i disconnected it. now i want to stop cups with systemctl disable cups.service , it apllies the given command but when i reboot the service is always on. already tried chmod 000 cups.conf and related cups services but it always loads when computer boots ... any help ?10:57
brainwashngomes: mask it instead -> systemctl mask cups.service11:00
ngomeshmmm ok , let me try11:00
brainwashthis way you disable the unit completely11:01
brainwashrun "systemctl unmask cups.service" to revert the change11:02
ngomes● cups-browsed.service                                                                                       masked active running   cups-browsed.service11:05
ngomes● cups.service                                                                                               masked active running   cups.service11:05
ngomesbut it says active running ...?!11:05
ngomesand port 631 still active , so i guess something is running11:06
ngomesgonna reboot to see what happens11:07
ngomesbrainwash, ok reboot worked . thanks11:10
janjhello guys11:16
janji recently have a problem when i disconnect my external diyplay. when i do the theme changes to the xfce default. standard is the xubuntu one of course. my version is 14.1011:18
janji change the diyplay settings using the minimal settings window to the internal only and then disconnect. why is that?11:19
knomethis is fixed in 15.0411:21
janjoh ok than i wait until i change my whole system to the coming LTS release11:23
janjthanks! I really like xubuntu for its nice look and feel ;) the mini iso thing is a cool idea i think!11:24
knomeplease note that you can't update to 16.04 directly from 14.1011:25
knomeyou have to go through 15.04 and 15.1011:26
janjno problem. i am a friend of clean installs when i upgrade to a very new version :)11:27
janj /whois knome11:38
knomei am who i am11:38
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Guest15342Hello can you help me?11:59
noviceJcan you help me please12:01
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience12:02
noviceJcan you help me with the xfce panel? how can I place it below the screen?12:03
flocculantnoviceJ: not sure I understand what you mean12:05
noviceJis there any ways to place the panel at the bottom?12:06
flocculantyea - right click panel - panel preferences - unlock panel then grab it at end and move it12:07
unpcharHello, I've installed matlab.. when I start the pc I have to do "cd /usr/local/MATLAB/MATLAB_Production_Server/R2013a/toolbox/distcomp/bin" and "sudo sh mdce start"13:05
unpcharHow do I enable that command to start when computer starts13:05
flocculantunpchar: try http://askubuntu.com/questions/9853/how-can-i-make-rc-local-run-on-startup13:30
flocculantshouldn't need sudo though13:30
subscioushello. Will ubuntu-desktop start from lightdm?14:16
subsciousknome: thank you.14:21
subsciousknome: is ubuntu-desktop 14.04 a unityy variant?14:38
xanguathe "default" ubuntu desktop uses unity, yes14:40
subsciousxangua: thank you as well.14:46
subsciousgood bye.14:55
xubuntu42wI am taking an online class that requires a "quicktime" plug in and the most updated version of JAVA to access required video content for the class.  I am not computer savvy at all.  Normally I would have my roommate help me but he is in the hospital.  I believe I have installed the Ubuntu version of "quicktime", however, the content still does not play with a response indicated that I need to install a plug in.  Please help!  I 19:09
holsteinxubuntu42w: is there no lab at the school? that provides what you need?19:10
holsteinxubuntu42w: you can try simply installing the "ubuntu-restricted-extras" package, which, may allow those sites to support your os..19:11
holsteini would read all of this, and see if it applies19:11
holsteinxubuntu42w: i found that, when folks have this issue, i can typically hack at something for about 6 minutes and make it work.. but, leaving someone who is "not compupter savvy at all" with something that just works, reliably.. that can be tricky19:12
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nightwalkerkgSorry for asking, but is there a way to install KDE 5.4 on Xubuntu 14.04 ?22:42
knomenightwalkerkg, you should ask #kubuntu22:42
nightwalkerkgOh, ok.22:42
nightwalkerkgThanks for the info knome.22:43
knomeno problem22:43
xanguaYou can install KDE yes, but why do you want to install something that just got out a week ago?22:43
xanguaNot even a week ago, I'm not sure22:43
nightwalkerkgIt dosen't have to be 5.4, i am ok with 5.322:43
nightwalkerkgOr what is the latest stable.22:44
xanguaThat depends the Ubuntu release you're using22:44
nightwalkerkgIt's Xubuntu 14.04.22:44
knomethe people at #kubuntu really know this stuff better and can advise about caveats etc22:44
nightwalkerkgYeah, asked there. Waiting for a response.22:44
knometechnically, you can install whatever you want wherever you want if you are willing to work for it, but whether it is sensible or not is different22:45
nightwalkerkgI wanted to give xfce a chance, but it's just not my thing. :P22:45
xanguaWhat's wrong with Xfce?22:46
nightwalkerkgBut since i have about 40GB of repo stuff, and i am to lazy to do a backup and install kubuntu, i want to install it here.22:46
knome(that discussion sounds like it would fit better in #xubuntu-offtopic)22:46
nightwalkerkgxangua: Nothing, it's great for what is intended to, i just like to have much more freedom moding and customizing my DE.22:46
nightwalkerkgYeah, sorry, switching to #kubuntu22:47
xanguaProbably KDE wins in that, yes22:47
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