ahoneybunRiddell: we need to test Kubuntu Settings and put it out before the freeze :)02:55
valorieahoneybun: perhaps ask on -devel ?03:05
ahoneybunperhaps I often forget about that03:05
valorieit's the official way we communicate03:09
ahoneybunemail sent03:10
ahoneybunthanks valorie03:10
* ahoneybun likes IRc03:11
valoriewell me too03:12
valorieTelegram is joining it as my two favorite ways to communicate03:13
valorieif only we had a Telegram <> IRC bot03:13
valorieor at least Telegram > IRC03:13
ahoneybunI just hate getting endless amounts of messages03:13
valoriebut gmail gives me almost endless storage03:13
valorieand I like being able to just search my email03:14
valorieI do delete some junk of course03:14
ahoneybunI have folders up the butt 03:14
ahoneybunand subfolders03:14
ahoneybuneven more since akademy XD03:14
valorieme too03:14
valorieyou need not read every thread03:14
ahoneybunI try to keep a min of 15 or so in the inbox03:15
ahoneybunthings that are the most important03:15
valorieI probably sub to 40+ lists03:15
valoriegenealogy, linuxchix, k/ubuntu, KDE03:15
valoriemaybe more03:15
valorie2190 in my inbox now03:16
ahoneybunI have 18 in my main inbox03:16
valorieI would feel lonely and unloved03:17
ahoneybunI'm loved XD03:17
valorieI used to have over 10K but I started being stern about my filters03:17
* ahoneybun needs to start working on these slides....03:19
ahoneybunI'll wait for ovidiu-florin maybe he wants to help lol03:19
ahoneybunRick_Timmis: you alive?03:20
valoriehe might be alive, but unlikely to be awake03:21
ahoneybunalmost 5/6:30am03:24
ahoneybunwhere he is03:24
valoriedo you get up that early on Sat. morning?03:26
valorieI Do Not03:26
valorieunless Absolutely Necessary03:27
ahoneybunanyway the ping is there03:28
valoriequestion for you on the ML03:40
ahoneybunI saw it thanks03:45
ahoneybunhitting telegram too lol03:49
valoriemy sneaky way to copy the command from one computer to the other03:50
valorieoooo, I have a dropbox icon in wily!03:52
valorievery nice03:52
valorieI want to upgrade this computer sooooo much03:54
valoriebut it's nice to have one of each too03:54
valoriea luxury03:55
* mamarley just built a new computer with dual 4K displays. :)03:56
valorievery nice03:56
valorieI only use laptops03:56
valorieif possible03:56
mamarleyI didn't have any plan to build a desktop, but then https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa happened and Canonical gave me a GTX970.03:57
mamarleySo I figured I would build an awesome PC to go along with it.03:57
valorieahoneybun: after adding the ppa, updating and upgrading, my wily install doesn't find discover install04:01
valoriethe package manager reports it is not installed04:01
ahoneybunmuon discover?04:02
ahoneybunmmm 04:04
* ahoneybun adds04:04
ahoneybunapt says noting about removing in on my system04:05
valoriesee telegram04:05
=== palasso_ is now known as palasso
BluesKajHiyas all12:47
lordievaderGood afternoon.13:36
clivejocould someone fix the spell of wily on http://kci.pangea.pub/ ?18:00
yofelshadeslayer: ^18:02
clivejohi yofel18:03
clivejohows things?18:03
yofelit's too hot :P18:03
yofelotherwise good ;)18:03
clivejosend some my way18:03
* clivejo checks the weather station18:04
clivejo15C at the moment18:04
clivejo17C high, 12C low18:04
clivejo0.3mm of rain18:05
yofel28°C right now, 24 low, 34 high and 0mm rain18:06
clivejosplit the difference18:07
clivejo22C would be nice18:07
clivejoI must get that humidity sensor replaced 18:09
clivejoIs there an app for writing DVD's which works in Kubuntu15.04+18:37
lordievaderDoesn't k3b do that?18:38
clivejodoesnt seem to work 18:39
BluesKajk3b hasn't worked for me since 13.1018:41
BluesKajwodim to the rescue18:42
* lordievader rarely burns/rips things18:44
clivejowonder what debian use for burning19:04
BluesKajclivejo:  depends on the desktop, kde uses k3b, dunno about the other Des19:08
BluesKajwas running debian jessie for a while, but k3b didn't work there either..it could be my cdrom is to blame 19:09
clivejoI thought that19:12
clivejobut it works under windows19:12
TJ_on_WilyI've been testing Wily; there doesn't seem to be way via Muon to add the predefined repositories, as there is with the Software-Sources application in, for example, Lubuntu/Gnome/etc.19:13
clivejoBluesKaj: what error message is k3b giving you?19:48
BluesKajclivejo:  the burn phase just errors out , there's no message19:49
BluesKajclivejo:  I haven't bothered to debug since wodim works really well in the terminal19:50
BluesKajclivejo:  K3b tested my patience once too often, so I can't be bothered when it errors out 19:54
clivejook fair enough, just wanted to compare notes19:54
BluesKajlike i said, it could be my cdrom is problematic for K3b19:54
clivejoThe error code seems to be lack of power19:55
clivejo[ WRITE@LBA=2a0h failed with SK=3h/POWER CALIBRATION AREA ERROR]19:55
clivejok3b can use wodim20:00
clivejolets try that20:00
clivejonow that seems to be working!20:03
soeehow it can be that okular is going to be removed but some elated package updated: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12225095/ ?20:06
clivejodisc burned successfully!20:08
valoriesoee: that's seems a bit peculiar20:08
yofelsoee: run that with -o debug::pkgproblemresovler=120:08
soeefull-upgrade with it ?20:10
clivejomust be a problem with growisofs20:11
yofelsoee: whatever you did there20:11
soeeyofel: i just tried apt full-upgrade20:11
soeebut using this option with it does nothinf20:11
yofelstrange, try apt-get20:12
soeeals nothing20:13
yofelstrange, then it shouldn't be removing stuff o.O20:16
soeethis is wat regular updates do :/20:17
clivejolot of queer stuff going on in wily :/20:17
soeeyup, first time i see so many problems since very long time20:24
soeeyofel: this is the problem related to okular21:22
soeeokular : Depends: libokularcore6 (= 4:15.04.2-0ubuntu3) but 4:15.08.0-0ubuntu1 is to be installed21:22

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