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FritigernSuddenly, Kubuntu has decided to prohibit the execution of shell scripts from the desktop, even if it is a linked one. The message is "The file desktop:/<script_name> is an executable program. For safety it will not be started". I have used that script for a long time and i want to keep using it from the desktop. How can I restore the old behaviour?02:24
valorieFritigern: I was getting that for awhile too02:42
valoriehave you upgraded to plasma 5?02:42
FritigernI have been using P5 for a couplew of months now. But i recently added the packports PPA.02:43
Fritigern*backports (stupid typos)02:45
Fritigernvalorie: How did you fix this issue? If at all.02:47
valorieFritigern: I think I removed it and readded it02:48
valoriethe xdg-data-dir path is now different02:49
valorierather than ~/.kde/* it is now ~/.config and ~/.local02:49
valoriesomehow or other I fixed it, and that must have been it02:50
FritigernI'm afraid that I already knew about ~/.config, though I have yet to explore ~/.local, though I don;t know what I could/should look for02:51
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Guest77126Hi, i am haveing problems downloading and installing updates on Kubuntu 15.04. http://hastebin.com/yahepemaku.avrasm12:04
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BluesKajHiyas all12:47
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lordievaderGood afternoon.13:36
admin-ghello is anybody online??13:39
lordievaderadmin-g: See /names13:39
admin-glordievader i am having some problems with kubuntu desktop enviorment on ubuntu 15.04 when i start my computer it goes right into kubuntu and i get a blackscreen and the mouse13:40
lordievaderadmin-g: Does alt+f2 get your krunner?13:41
admin-glordievader i can get there but no commands work it doesnt even ask me to sign in13:42
lordievaderadmin-g: Is that blackscreen after you login or before?13:44
admin-glordievader before13:44
lordievaderadmin-g: Hmm, interesting. What graphics card and driver do you use?13:45
admin-glordievader its intel HD and the drivers are the ones from the open source when you install ubuntu13:46
lordievaderIntel and a black screen? Wow. Try nomodeset perhaps that fixes things.13:47
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter13:47
misternoany news on when will 14.10 come out13:48
admin-gshould i put that in the terminal??13:48
admin-gmisterno ubuntu 14.10??13:48
misternosorry 15.1013:48
lordievader29-15:49 < ubottu> A schedule of wily werewolf (15.10) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ReleaseSchedule13:49
* lordievader is back in a bit13:49
admin-gmisterno ohh haha i was like wuut umm its 22 of oktober i think13:50
admin-gmisterno not 100% tho so dont hate me lol13:50
misternowhat about plasma 5.4 backport13:50
misternowill that come sooner13:51
admin-gmisterno bro all the flavors come at the same time as ubuntu 15.10 does right now ubuntu and all the flavors or at alpha or something13:53
misternoi see13:53
admin-gmisterno sorry they are in beta and its the 22nd of october that they will release13:55
excalibrHi. how do you change panel opacity in 15.04?14:01
excalibrI dont see the option in panel settings14:02
admin-gexcalibr did you try to google it?14:03
SouL__Guys, where are the wallpapers saved? I don't remember where I placed my actual wallpaper, and I would like to know if there is some directory in Plasma pointing to the wallpaper or something.14:05
soeeexcalibr: i thnk you can't.14:05
soeeSouL__: custom wallpaper ?14:05
SouL__Yes soee14:10
soeeso it is where you had it14:10
soeetry to hover wallpaper thumb and see its name, than search for this file14:11
BluesKajor create a wallpaper folder in ~/ and copy some of your fav pics over then choose yjr "open folder ' option in desktop settings14:13
lordievadermisterno: It might be that 5.4 will never be backported to Vivid.14:13
SouL__soee: I don't have the HDD where I placed the wallpaper, so i think is stored somewhere else too14:14
misternolordievader i see, most likely will come with 15.1014:14
lordievadermisterno: That is what I think. Wily will get it first anyways and it is still at 5.4 beta (last time I checked). So I think, just my thoughts, 5.4 will go to Wily only since it is a lot of work to backport it to Vidid. And since the support window for Vivid is rather short it ain't really worth it.14:16
alvinI just came in here to look for those backports. I'm fed up with 5.3's bugs.14:26
BluesKajWily's a mess on my pc, so i'm giving up on it for a while14:38
lordievaderBluesKaj: A mess how?14:39
BluesKajunusable , ..freezes and crashes14:39
BluesKajand i don't like it anyway ...plasma 5 isn't for me14:40
BluesKajI'm very disappointed in the direction KDE /Kubuntu is going14:41
BluesKajsticking with 14.04 for now14:43
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r3dksHi, I just upgraded to 15.10 beta via 'do-release-upgrade', but I'm not sure I see KDE Applications 15.08 apps. Dolphin, for example, still seems to be the 4.x version. Do I need to upgrade the kde packages separately?15:37
r3dks(I'm sorry if this is not the right channel for unreleased/beta discussions)15:37
soee15.08 aren't yet in archive15:41
soeesome parts amybe15:41
r3dkssoee: Oh, ok. I saw https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WilyWerewolf/Beta1/Kubuntu#KDE_Applications_15.08 and thought they were in15:42
soeenot yet, kopete is a bit hard to package in this release15:43
soeeand it holds back apps15:43
r3dkssoee: ok, will check back later. Thanks!15:45
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ejayLast update for wily is just great. Bravo. Braaavoo.16:19
ejayIt's like - plasma is fucked up, let's make it even more broken.16:20
soeeit works fine for me :)16:21
soeeyou did upgrade from Vivid ?16:22
ejayI mean, I know it's alpha but damn, plasma was fine till last update. Why, they destroyed it again.16:22
lordievaderejay: Please watch your language.16:22
ejaylordievader: fucked up is a perfect desctription of what is goin on now with plasma.16:24
ejaysuch mess16:24
lordievaderejay: Again, watch your language. This is a family friendly channel.16:24
soeeejay: hey, you have stable Unity you can use :)16:25
ejayunity is trying to invent circle. useless.16:26
soeeatm. there is a lot happening in Kubuntu packaging that may cause troubles thats why development versions aren't recomended for daily use16:27
soeealse there was this gcc transition in ubuntu16:28
ejay"stable" is as usable as alpha so yeah16:28
soeeejay: anyway you did fresh install ?16:28
ejaysoee: fresh install - what for?16:30
soeeejay: i'm just asking if you are trying some fresh install or if you did upgrade. Anyway as ia said, atm. a lot is happening with packages and not all will work as expected. For example today updates want to remove kubuntu-dekstop, okular etc. :)16:34
soeei suggest to stay with on Vivid or LTS and if you decide to use Wily please be ready to have something broken16:35
soeeyou/we can't expect all will work all the time on developement version. tbh. it is impossible :)16:36
ejayim on wily because it is working better then 15.04. everything were fine till last update when plasmashell decided to go full retard.16:37
soeeplease define retard ?16:39
soeedid you tried upgrade to 5.4 ?16:39
nishikino-makiKDE5.4.... i think it's will be added wayland support?16:40
soeethere is no KDE 5.4, it is Plasma 5.416:41
ejaysoee: i'm in a process of looking for cause of high as hell plasmashell hunger for cpu, removing cache files did not help.16:43
soeeejay: on what Plasma version ?16:43
ejaysoee: 5.3.95?16:43
soeeoh ok, maybe you want to try 5.4 final if you are not afraid something might break :)16:44
ejayyeah, its 5.3.95. up to date wily alpha 116:44
ejaysoee: is it in backports?16:46
soeeejay: no, backports for Wily are empty as there is not higher version to backport anything from16:46
soeePlasma 5.4 is in staging ppa16:46
ejaysoee: mkay, thanks16:48
ejaysoee: is it ppa:kubuntu-ppa/staging-plasma ?16:52
soeeejay: yes16:53
ejaysoee: thanks16:53
soeeejay: but one package probably wont upgrade, it is plasma-nm beaus eit requires one package that is currently in proposed ppa, so you either enable proposed ppa (than might break your system) or download this package and install manualy16:54
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ejaysoee: hahahahaha16:57
soeei'm not sure what is funny here16:58
ejayI was like "i will spend 30 mins with Rosseta Stone" and now I need to fix that mess.17:00
ejayit is funny IMHO17:01
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ejayOk, lets assume that I want to help to make plasma better. I want to file a bug report but have no clue where to look for clues what broke plasmashell. Symptons: plasmashell is eating 25% of cpu. Clearing cache is not a solution.17:18
ejayIt started just after booting my laptop. Everything was fine till today.17:19
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admin-g_hello guys i was wondering how to change the path of webstorm when i try to start it the computer gives me a alert window saying "could not launch <path to webstorm.sh>" i went to that path toonly to be reminded that i moved my webstorm to another path18:34
Fritigernadmin-g_: As a workaround, you could set a symlink at the the old webstorm location. I should allow webstorm to work again until you find a more permanent solution.19:20
admin-g_Fritigern what do you mean with a syslink19:31
admin-g_Fritigern nvm i think i got what you meant what i did was i took the Webstorm folder it tried to open and placed it where it thought it was and it is working with no problems now19:35
KNROWill 15.10 ship with Plasma 5.4 ?19:56
rebornhow it stable for kubuntu 15.04?20:14
soeewhat ? :)20:17
rebornHow it stable for kubuntu 15.04? is good or waiting for next the new verison?20:17
soeewell it should be stable, but keep in mind it uses Plasma 520:18
rebornYes, i am aware of that.20:18
soeeand using backports ppa is recommended to get 5.3.220:18
ejayreborn: 15.04 is not stable and ready for daily use20:19
reborni see.20:19
soeeejay: maybe for you. it worked perfect for me since very first betas :)20:20
ejaysoee: lucky you20:21
soeei'v been using it on 3 machines before jump to Wily on all of them20:21
soeeejay: i think it is impossible to make system fully work on 100% machines, so i think we can call 15.04 stable but each shoudl test it20:23
rebornsoee, what's your spec computer?20:25
akasicyoull find flash issues, power management issues, power off issues, not able to unninstall some themes and then juts push to bash...20:26
soeereborn: they are various, my parents have some Core2duo + nvidia, i'm working now on Dell laptop (i7, nvidia, 8GB ram), at work i have intel cpu + nvidia20:27
akasicfew plasma widgets20:28
soeeakasic: power off issue shoudl be fixed with 5.3.220:28
ejaysoee: plasma in 15.04 is just broken. with wily stability is far better. that was a such stupid idea to jump into plasma with 15.04.20:28
soeelso what flash issues ?20:28
akasicuncompability when installing other window managers, the wm selector may turn black20:28
akasicare the developers going to make something with the plasmoids? any way to make them for 520:31
rebornI see. i am fan of AMD.20:32
akasicnah, is flash specific probably20:32
rebornand i am not interest in games.20:32
akasicone than visualizing videos, its open the audio over the finished one, in the same window, instead of going to the next page, on utube20:32
soeeakasic: what plasmoids/widgets ?20:33
akasicas u see, my computer may differ from yours20:33
akasicfor example, the moons of jupiter or the solar-system20:33
soeeakasic: this is not related to Kubuntu but Plasma :) you should ask on #plasma if there are any plans to port them to Plasma 520:34
akasicok hnx20:35
rebornso how about new feature for 5.4?20:38
akasici must recognize that in the last 4 weeks, it increased its stability and strange issues had decreased a lot20:38
akasicalso, in the last updates, my battery was behaving very strange (not broken) and sometimes charge, and ohers not, my solution was to open the pc, and extract the built-in battery20:39
akasicafter that, the pc became very smooth and fast20:40
rebornwhich is link for latest update?20:43
akasicfor an image or what20:50
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reborni am now installed kubuntu 15.04, which link for backport to update?21:45
strayPuppyHey guys, is there anyway to restart the desktop after is crashed?  my icons, menu bars and backgrounds are gone, but my apps are still running?21:49
strayPuppyoops forget, it just came back on.21:50
strayPuppystill would like to know what is the command, cause it has happened before.21:50
bpromptstrayPuppy:   http://askubuntu.com/questions/213680/how-to-restart-kwin-when-it-is-hung21:51
strayPuppybprompt: wow, thanks!21:51
strayPuppythat's exactly what I needed    Cheers!21:54
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