melodieI am install Wily as of yesterday in virtualbox, on a new vdi file. The installer was unable to provide the "continue" button until I added a table partition from within Gparted10:48
phillwmelodie: never came across that issue... which version of wily were you using?11:07
melodiethe one whose link you gave me a pair of days ago11:07
phillwI'll go and install VBox :: coughs ::11:08
melodieI am trying to narrow your double icons bug but atm I haven't found where the issue lies11:08
phillwI'm jjust installing VBox and will then try it. The issue has not been reported by anyone, so I am a bit puzzled.11:09
melodieyes, it's astonishing11:09
melodieor maybe it's a unique bug that popped out from nowhere, who knows?11:10
phillwi don't think we're ALL using KVM, but it is a possibility.11:10
phillware you using 32 or 64 bit install?11:12
melodiephillw I found where the bug is for the 'â' applet I think11:17
melodiethis is the fcitx program well unfortunately, the bug seems to be in the program itself11:18
melodieso the program needs debugging11:18
phillwgrabbing  lubuntu-15.10-beta1-desktop-i386.iso from http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/releases/15.10/beta-1/11:19
melodienot sure yet about what I just said11:21
melodieI have one more test in mind11:21
melodiewhen starting fcitx from console it complains there are more xim daemons started, suggesting from ibus11:30
melodiefor nm-applet I don't know yet11:30
melodiephillw this double-icons bug could be the top visible clue to a larger issue11:42
phillwbbs ... reboot needed.11:53
phillwback :)11:59
melodiewhatever I do, fcitx is started magically12:03
phillwps -ef | fcitx12:06
phillwThe program 'fcitx' is currently not installed. You can install it by typing:12:06
phillwsudo apt-get install fcitx-bin12:06
melodiethis is your â applet12:07
melodierather try:12:08
melodieps ax | grep fcitx12:08
phillwon my production machine, I do not have the  â applet at all, but do have 2 nm-applets and 2 skype applets12:09
melodiephillw there are double of mostly everything in there12:09
phillwps ax | grep fcitx12:09
phillw 2921 pts/0    S+     0:00 grep --color=auto fcitx12:09
melodiejust install htop, start it in console and12:10
melodieyes yes12:10
phillwahh.. I'll add a -12:10
melodieif it's your production machine12:10
melodieyou may not have it, it seems like it's a new one in Lubuntu Wily12:10
phillwI am running wily....12:10
melodienot a -12:10
phillwhave been since a1 came out12:10
melodiewhat's a1?12:10
phillwalpha 112:11
phillwi always switch once alpha1 is out :)12:11
melodieI don't know that (and it's not much my problem, just if you want to install Lubuntu Wily in vbox, the one of today is ok)12:11
melodiesee, the thing is, when you install htop, you start it in console:12:12
melodiethen you can see the processes, you can line by threads and much more12:12
phillwphillw@piglet:~$ apt-cache policy fcitx12:12
phillw  Installed: (none)12:12
phillw  Candidate: 1:4.2.9-112:12
phillw  Version table:12:12
phillw     1:4.2.9-1 012:12
phillw        500 http://gb.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ wily/main amd64 Packages12:12
melodiephillw I don't care12:12
melodieare you listening?12:12
phillwi have htop12:12
melodiestart it and observe the threads. Here everything is started twice, in vbox/lubuntu12:13
melodiethat should not be12:13
melodieso either it's Wily the problem, or it's Lubuntu12:13
melodiesome are even started 4 times12:13
phillwhow to start ?12:14
melodietype htop in console12:14
phillwi know that bit :D12:14
melodieso what do you need to know?12:14
phillwhow to start fcitx12:15
melodiethere isn't anything special to do, but you can try from console12:15
melodieor console in gdb12:15
melodieas you wish12:15
melodieor restart the session and it will be there12:15
phillwphillw@piglet:~$ fcitx12:16
phillwThe program 'fcitx' is currently not installed. You can install it by typing:12:16
phillwsudo apt-get install fcitx-bin12:16
melodieor from the menus12:16
melodieyes you told me already that it's not installed. I thought you are having Vbox and the Lubuntu Wily as of today or so12:16
melodieif you test in Virtualbox you can see it installed by default12:17
phillwi have wily running on my production machine, which is also pulling in proposed for wily... it's bang upto date :)12:17
melodieyou don't have to rely on your own production machine to see what happens or not12:17
melodieI don't care that it's up to date, it should be a brand new install in vbox12:17
melodieotherwise you are experimenting on a machine that you are the only one to have12:18
melodieyour own setup12:18
phillwdon't need vbox for that... i have it on virt-manager12:18
melodieI am reinstalling again in a brand new vbox machine anyway now12:18
phillwokies... 2 X nm-applet12:19
melodiein htop, you might observe that mostly everything else is also started double12:20
melodiewhich is basically very wrong12:20
phillwloads of instances!!!12:20
phillwyes, but still double applets on my production machine  with it not running.12:20
melodiethere is no "but"12:21
melodieif everything runs double, it's no wonder applets come double too, that's it.12:21
melodieto check if that comes from Lubuntu or from Wily there are two ways:12:21
melodieis it the same in other editions of Ubuntu for the actual stage of Wily?12:22
phillwIt is NOT running on my production machine, we have established that... I have double applets on my production machine.12:22
melodiewill it be the same for Bento if I upgrade a Vivid to Wily?12:22
melodieI have established nothing, but you may send a screenshot of your htop window to some place on the web12:22
melodiestarted as simple user preferably12:23
phillwand on my other VM of wily 32 bit.. i have 1 a-applet and 1 n  applet....12:23
melodieok, now I am starting the new install, if the installer get stuck I'll tell you at what stage, and will do a screenshot12:23
melodiewhat is different apart from that, between the 2 VM's?12:24
phillwnothing... same ISO and same VM... one was full disk, the 2nd is a side by side (guided install). It can also vary between reboots.12:25
melodiein htop you can see what initial process it has started from12:25
melodiewith the "F5 sorted" key12:26
melodieI'll brb12:27
melodieand I need another Wily *buntu to test and check the double processes12:27
phillwwhat am i looking for in htop12:27
phillwI'll burn a 32bit DVD and grab my other laptop to do a hard-metal install on.12:28
melodieyou don't need to do a hard metal install and you need to hit/click to F5 to sort the processes by thread, then you check what is the parent process of any program whose icon is double on your panel12:34
phillwi want to rule out virtualisation.12:34
phillwnm-applet has 2 entries under nm-applet12:36
melodieI don't understand "rule out virtualisation" ?12:37
phillwas I can get two different outcomes of duplicate applets (or not) under virtualisation, I think it wise to do a bare metal install.12:38
melodieok when hiding userland threads in htop, it's much better!12:40
melodiedo hide userland thread, you need to deactivate F10 in LXTerminal, then you can type F2 and in Display options you select "hide userland threads"12:41
melodiein Bento the processes are started with /sbin/init and not by "/sbin/init splash ---"12:43
ubot93Launchpad bug 1457886 in init-system-helpers (Ubuntu) "Init program start with unknown arg splash " [Undecided,Expired]12:43
melodieI just found this12:43
phillwis splash a part of the move to systemd ?12:44
melodiephillw I am now heading to the #ubuntu-bugs chan because this is as far as my know how goes12:44
melodieno it's not12:44
melodieat #ubuntu-bugs they might be able to help me debug further12:44
phillwokay, i wish you well and thank you for taking time to investigate this bug12:45
melodieoh and phillw have you seen my "openbox" wiki page?12:46
melodieif not, see here? http://wiki.linuxvillage.org/doku.php?id=fr:configuration:gestionnaire_de_fenetres12:47
phillwhe he ... liveCD of wily32 bit has 1 of each icon!!! this just emphasises the bug as being hit and miss...12:47
phillwlooks very nice.... well done!12:48
melodieI don't like using wikis to publish docs thought, it takes too long to shape it. I'll try with Wordpress (I started)12:49
melodieI have tons of texts to publish, I need to have an efficient tool12:49
phillwI'm not familiar with WP, but it does seem to give nice layouts.... As you know I defer to Rafael on such matters :)12:51
melodiephillw when you will have finished the install, please check if the system reboots normally once the tray is opened and you will have hit "Enter"12:51
phillwoh, you want it installing ?12:52
melodieI have asked advice to #wordpress for a theme fitting the purpose, and I got a good advice12:52
phillwI just cancelled it... let me restart it!12:52
melodieisn't it what you sayd you are doing? :D12:52
melodieok ok12:52
melodieindeed, now I see 2 nm-applets but no "â"12:53
phillwyou said you were heading off... nvm.. take a few minuntes12:53
melodiethis distro is fun! :D12:53
melodieno I'm not heading off, I keep my head on my shoulders.12:53
phillwthis bug is 100% hair pulling out material... now reboot your VM and it may chenge12:53
melodieno I won't12:53
melodieI'll investigate with debug tools12:54
melodiethen I will send the results to the devs so they have something they can use with their own scope of knowledge12:54
melodieinstalling guest additions12:54
phillwI suspect that there is a chase issue... the devs use virt-mananger (KVM) I know that from when I was in contact with them.12:55
melodiewhat is "chase"?12:57
phillwa chase condition is when two or more processes are both trying to start at the same time, one will win, but it can vary as to which one does.12:58
phillwor, that is one example... from my distant memory, which is not perfect... but you understand what i mean that it can cause different outcome each time.13:00
melodieok a matter of priority then13:01
phillwarghhhh... i hate ubiquity!"!"!!!!!!13:01
phillwand this time, with live CD boot  ihave 2 x a applet and 2 x nm applet...13:02
melodiethe fcitx comes with an autostart script which is located under /usr/bin and has a "sleep 2" in it13:02
melodiein the official Ubuntu edition?13:02
melodiejust guessing as you talk about Ubiquity?13:02
melodieI confuse13:02
phillwsame DVD i just booted from before where i had one of each...13:03
melodiewhat do you hate about Ubiquity?13:03
phillwno, i pressed the wrong button ubiquity and aborted the installation..... I'm used to server / alternate installer..13:03
melodietake your time, no rush13:05
phillwinstalling okay this time :)13:05
phillwyou just caught me in time.. i waas about to wipe the dvd and put centos v7 onto it!13:06
melodieI named the former vm sneezy and the present one grumpy (atchoum et grincheux)13:08
phillwwhen it works, you can make one called happy (content)13:09
melodieMenu : Preferences > Default applications for LXSession >13:11
melodieand let's go to the "Automatic startup" tab.13:12
melodieI tried that in the preceeding install and will have a look again there now13:12
phillwi call mine by what they are.... lubuntu wily 32bit = lwily-32, xubuntu wily 64bit = xwily-6413:12
phillwbare metal install is at grub stage, so not very long13:12
melodieI see PolicyKitAuthentication Agent is not "on"13:13
melodieand ck-list-sessions lists no session at all13:13
phillwi recall issues with that....13:13
melodiewhat I can say for now, is that there is "something" in Lubuntu, which prevents the normal behavior of openbox : which has this openbox-autostart file, that triggers openbox-xdg-autostart to be used, if python-xdg is installed.13:16
melodieso the actual behavior of Lubuntu is not the normal one.13:16
phillwbare metal install now booted... 2 x nm applets.. no a applet13:16
melodieif you get gilir to come here to explain what he did to prevent that normal behavior, we might have a talk about that.13:16
phillwyuo would be better to email him, he rarely appears on IRC13:17
melodieand this is a detail but will be critical when openbox is the 3.6 version13:17
melodiewill he answer?13:17
phillwhe replies to emails, yes... mention the bug number which also has the mailing list discussion linked to it so he is fully up to date. Add in your own findings as well!13:18
phillwI've just realised why my stomach is complaining..... I have not yet had breakfast :/13:20
melodieremind me the bug number please?13:31
ubot93Launchpad bug 1488660 in lxpanel (Ubuntu) "Intermittent bug with additional applets appearing" [High,Confirmed]13:35
phillwplease cc the lubuntu qa list as well :)13:36
melodieI wrote in French13:39
phillwha ha.. okay :)13:39
melodiewait for me to receive an answer from him, and I'll keep you informed, especially if that helps solving it13:39
phillwplease update the bug to let people know you have done some work and have contacted Julien (in French)13:40
melodienot useful as I haven't found clues yet13:40
melodieI only know what it is not, but I think Julien has done a tweak in the system that prevents the normal openbox-autostart behavior, and for more tests I need to know what if any and then remove it13:41
melodieso you can go have breakfast now, you worked well! :D13:43
melodiefor myself, a coffee and a nap will be welcome13:43
phillwenjoy your coffee and nap :)13:48
ianorlinhttp://meetings-archive.debian.net/pub/debian-meetings/2015/debconf15/Dpkg_The_Interface.webm does this crash mplayer for other people on wily21:49
ianorlinhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mplayer2/+bug/1490200 is a bug I opened about it21:50
ubot93Launchpad bug 1490200 in mplayer2 (Ubuntu) "mplayer crashes playing webm files from debconf 2015" [Undecided,New]21:50
phillwianorlin: phillw@piglet:~$ mplayer /home/phillw/Desktop/Dpkg*22:50
phillwMPlayer2 2.0-728-g2c378c7-4build1 (C) 2000-2012 MPlayer Team22:50
phillwCannot open file '/home/phillw/.mplayer/input.conf': No such file or directory22:50
phillwFailed to open /home/phillw/.mplayer/input.conf.22:50
phillwCannot open file '/etc/mplayer/input.conf': No such file or directory22:50
phillwFailed to open /etc/mplayer/input.conf.22:50
phillwPlaying /home/phillw/Desktop/Dpkg_The_Interface.webm.22:51
phillwMPlayer interrupted by signal 11 in module: demux_open22:51
phillw- MPlayer crashed by bad usage of CPU/FPU/RAM.22:51
phillwbtw, it plays fine with vlc.22:51
ianorlinphillw: I know it plays in vlc23:56

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