birankimI'm looking for the SMS messaging app source code.08:03
birankimCould you please let me know the link to download the source code?08:04
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mcphailpopey: I have been having another look at the Godot games engine. It looks possible to port this to Ubuntu phones, with a bit of hard work. I'm going to get my teeth into it: would be great to have a decent game engine for the phone11:56
popeymcphail: great, i looked at that a while back but not recently and not in depth12:24
popeyI've got this week off work so would like to do some fun hacking mcphail12:25
CarlosMazierihow do I run a click package from a terminal?13:41
popeyhey CarlosMazieri13:48
popeyCarlosMazieri: ubuntu-app-launch13:48
popeyCarlosMazieri: I had a chat with some of the guys in the office, and they came up with a better solution for bundling samba libs in file manager13:49
popeyCarlosMazieri: basically we add a script which is called during build, which goes to the archive, gets the debs and unpacks them, I'm working on it.13:49
popeymakes more sense than putting the libraries in bzr13:50
CarlosMazieripopey: I could make click package it was so hard, I had to install packages using dpkg -i --force-all14:08
DanC__I'm trying this Ubuntu IDE... does it support ES6 modules?14:10
mcphailpopey: any help would be gratefully received! I've got a branch open at https://github.com/mcphail/godot/tree/try_mir and am trying my hand at blogging my progress at https://adoptingubuntu.wordpress.com/2015/08/29/bringing-the-godot-engine-to-ubuntu-touch-for-your-gaming-delight/ . Would be good to have you onboard.15:11
mcphailpopey: I can build for x11 on ARM, so hope it should be possible to twaek things for Mir15:12
mcphailpopey: there's also a (messy but) working port for Raspberry Pi, which proves EGL/GLES is enough15:14
maggotshave problems with HTML5 app, the theme wont load for some reason, it works fine on the desktop but not on the phone18:10
maggotsanyone know what could be wrong here?18:11
maggotsi'm trying the default html5 layout havent changed anything18:14
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rpadovaniahoneybun, o/22:18
ahoneybunrpadovani: been busy lol22:18
rpadovaniahoneybun, me too, I spent some days in French :-)22:19
* ahoneybun is in boring America22:19
rpadovaniit isn't boring at all :D22:20
ahoneybunif you have been here your whole life perhaps so22:21
ahoneybunyour CCCamp piece22:21
rpadovanidid you have some time to read it?22:22
ahoneybunooppps sorry got busy with something22:52
ahoneybunrpadovani: I need you to read some notes on it rpadovani22:52
ahoneybundid Canonical pay the fees for Ubuntu Community Fund?22:52
rpadovaniahoneybun, actually no, they're community donations, nice catch22:53
ahoneybunso thank the great Ubuntu community :)22:53
rpadovaniright :-) Something else?22:55
ahoneybunbut trust me, if you want to improve yourself, find a good hacker.22:58
ahoneybunShe will not be good only with computers, but hacking is a style of life.22:58
ahoneybunI had very good moment22:58
rpadovaniahoneybun, like I had fun meeting people and talking and learning23:01
ahoneybunI think it looks good23:03
rpadovanigreat, thanks you so much!23:03
ahoneybunof coures23:05
rpadovaniahoneybun, here we are, thanks :-) http://rpadovani.com/cccamp2015/23:18
ahoneybunrpadovani: https://twitter.com/planetubuntu/status/63777207042887270423:44

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