daftykinsyay ablest is back03:14
daftykinsTJ-: yay ablest is back03:14
* TJ- runs 03:15
Bashing-omI am getting out while the getting is good . Good night !03:19
TJ-It looks like we may have a subtle but extremely serious LVM regression; PV metadata created in 14.04 isn't being recognised in 15.10, but not sure if it is chroot related as yet03:26
daftykinsah har03:27
TJ-It is so subtle I'm sure I'm just tired and missing something obvious, but can't see anything!03:27
TJ-$ sudo losetup -a03:28
TJ-/dev/loop0: [fc17]:2613 (/var/lib/schroot/metadata-test-2.bin)03:28
TJ-/dev/loop1: [fc17]:2612 (/var/lib/schroot/metadata-test.bin)03:28
TJ-/dev/loop2: [fc17]:1056349 (/var/lib/schroot/metadata-test-3.bin)03:28
TJ-They are available in the 15.10 chroot too. loop0/1 are created in 14.04, loop2 in 15.1003:29
TJ-In 14.04, file -s , blkid, *and* pvs all recognise every loop as a PV03:29
TJ-In 15.10 loop0/1/2 file -s and  blkid recognise the PV metadata, but for loop0/1 'pvs' doesn't see any03:30
TJ-loop0/1 were 'pvcreate'-ed in 14.04, loop2 in 15.1003:31
TJ-usually if there is going to be a difference you'd expect the more recent tools to see all of them, and the older tools to only see older metadata03:32
TJ-weird. pvck (PV check) recognises them03:47
TJ-2 hours later... finally worked it out! On 15.10 lvm installs/starts a service, and this is apparently interfering in some way. Solution: "service lvm2-lvmetad stop"05:24
daftykinsweird that something would get in the way by design05:25
TJ-There's a redhat mailing list post about the same issue... apparently the devs acknowledge it's a bug because some special udev rules aren't implemented.05:28
TJ-probably not helped in a chroot where no init/udevd is active, but then the lvmetad shouldn't be started05:29
lotuspsychjegood morning to all05:34
lotuspsychjehi daftykins05:34
lotuspsychjeall ok here?05:35
daftykinsah yeah, usual noob users for the weekend :)05:35
lotuspsychjeand hi to you TJ-05:35
lotuspsychjeis that time again :p05:36
TJ-I hate it when I lose 24 hours! Just discovered it is Saturday05:36
daftykins -!- hypermist [~lick.my@ballsacks.neosstore.com]05:36
lotuspsychjewelcome to the digital labyrinth TJ-05:37
TJ-I swear this stuff is really a vortex05:37
lotuspsychjeneo was right all the way!05:37
* daftykins follows the white rabbit05:37
lotuspsychjeTJ-: yous sure you didnt take both pills lol05:38
TJ-Hmmm, I think its the naps... got up just after midnight and thought I'd do an hour with this lvm/crypt/15.10 chroot installer... and got stuck for 2 hours with the weird missing PV issue... and its dawn!05:39
daftykinsso help those birds if they try and sing, that's all i'm saying05:39
lotuspsychjeTJ-: hows wily so far?05:40
TJ-I have no idea, I don't use it :)05:40
daftykinslotuspsychje: bit personal05:40
lotuspsychjeok now you lost me05:40
daftykinsget used to the jokes people, we're going to have soooo many of them.05:41
TJ-I'm working on some low-level installer code the needs the 15.10 lvm2 packages, so using a minimal chroot05:41
daftykinswhich is very close to 'willy'05:41
ubot5It is spelt !wiLy :)05:41
TJ-If you've got a wily werewolf close to your willy ... well wear a box!05:41
TJ-I've got 2 huskies... it's almost the same :D05:42
lotuspsychjei was wondering..can a wolf be made a pet too?05:42
lotuspsychjeim always dreaming of walking down the street with more dangerous species05:43
lotuspsychjetigers, wolves, aligators05:43
TJ-any animal can be Pet material if you bring it up from a youngster05:44
lotuspsychjei dont think a croc will listen to his master :p05:45
TJ-These 2 just made me laugh... every time I get the milk jug out and pour they hear it, come running to the kitchen, and stand there with their tongues going in and out just as if they are sucking on their mother's milk teat.05:45
lotuspsychjeancient dinosaur behaviour05:45
lotuspsychjehuskies are a beauty, those different eyes05:45
TJ-yes their blue eyes are amazingly striking05:46
TJ-Pepper ran off whilst out walking yesterday... was eventually picked up and returned after bringing traffic to a stop on a nearby A road by a kindly driver05:46
lotuspsychjethose dogs have real curious and bit wild behaviour right05:47
lotuspsychjeand need long, long walks05:47
TJ-Yes, and Pepper has tunnel vision and gets ultra-focused straight ahead and once she goes it is hard to break her focus.05:49
TJ-We also have a collie that rounds them up but he sometimes can't force Pepper to turn even when he runs into her and knocks her off her feet :)05:50
daftykinsyou shouldn't direct all the great unwashed here, lotuspsychje ;)05:53
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lordievaderGood afternoon.13:36
OerHeksblub ..17:23
TJ_on_WilyWily is a mess!18:38
TJ_on_WilyBluez 5.3 has no support for Pin Codes (so no Keyboard pairing possible) or Headset profile, Bluez 4.x on 14.04 was fine. Another example of bored devs reinventing the wheel but not providing the previous level of functionality.18:42
Bashing-omTJ_on_Wily: systemd ?18:42
TJ_on_WilyI'm without my password storage right now, hence can't identify with NickServ18:42
TJ_on_Wilysystemd is no problem, as long as I remember to use systemctl and journalctl :)18:43
TJ_on_WilyBeen working through bugs since midnight trying to get a stable Wily install equivalent to the Trusty installation. We're past feature-freeze; I foresee a lot of unhappy users when Wily is released.18:44
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TJ_on_WilySeems like gb.archive.ubuntu.com has lost all its mirrors. It just delivers some Javascript, breaking the package manager19:04
OerHeksso .. do not install Werewolf without Winternet for updates?19:21
TJ_on_WilyI'm about to try a reboot to enable the Nvidia drivers.19:24

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