lindolwhat does 'Cross-grading from Ubuntu To Ubuntu GNOME' mean?05:09
lindolI think It is 'Changing from ubuntu to Ubuntu GNOME' is right?05:09
lindol'When User have put Ubuntu to the machine, How to change to Ubuntu GNOME'05:11
lindolis this meaning right?05:11
lindolhaha, I translated Installation page :)06:45
darkxstLinDol, yeh more or less that, its a pretty crappy term even in english!08:01
darkxstLinDol, just converting ubuntu to ubuntu-gnome, is much better english08:04
LinDoldarkxst, thank you for your explnation :)08:42
LinDolI translated it  on Installation page :)08:42
LinDoldarkxst, I am testing WW (daily build) on My VirtualBox.09:12
LinDolIf the some text slideshow has is incorrect,09:13
LinDolShould I report bug about this?09:13
darkxstLinDol, slide show will be updated in a few days, but I don't know if there has been a lang pack export yet09:13
LinDolfor example, Even If I am testing WW(15.10)09:13
LinDolThe text is 15.04. for example) Welcome to 15.0409:13
LinDoldarkxst, OK. I will not report it :)09:14
LinDoldarkxst, How could i find lang-pack for slide-show on Ubuntu GNOME WW?09:18
darkxstLinDol, everything goes into language-pack- and language-pack-gnome-09:20
darkxstI wouldnt expect there would be an export yet though for wily09:20
darkxst(the 15.04 should change to 15.10 with my upload this weekend though)09:21
LinDolIs this right?09:23
LinDolThe task of My launchPad is displaying this for WW. =)09:23
LinDoloh! I can not edit it.. ah.... OK. It is not exported =)09:26
LinDoldarkxst, Thank you for your explaination :)09:27
LinDolThank you09:27
darkxstLinDol, the export is manual process09:29
darkxstif your translations have been approved, they will get exported before release09:30
darkxstwe did not change any (or much) text in the slideshow this cycle, maybe a few small changes though09:30
LinDol= )09:31
darkxstbut definately will be an export in Oct09:32
LinDolOkay =)09:32
darkxstAfter the translation deadline which is like 1-2 weeks before release09:32
LinDolI undersood process =)09:33
LinDol*I understood process from you =)09:34
LinDoldarkxst, Thank you for your detail =)09:34
LinDolso I will make a dinner09:34
darkxstLinDol, I just had dinner!09:35
darkxstInoki, pastebin it or something09:37
darkxstI probably don't have ports setup for IRC file transfers09:37
darkxstlooks like I get to spend sat night uploading artwork,09:39
InokiOh man, take a break (whenever possible)! :)09:40
darkxstInoki, I've been in bed sick most of the week, so just being up is a plus09:42
InokiRest, health comes first.09:43
darkxstInoki, all I have done all week apart from rest and be sick, was the plymouth code09:45
darkxstInoki, and bought some chickens today09:49
InokiHope nothing from McDonalds. They got more probs recently for being brutal in this regard.09:50
darkxstInoki, no real chickens, that will lay eggs ;)09:51
InokiAnimal lover, nice! :D09:51
darkxstreal and alive ones!09:51
InokiYeah, home "grown" eggs, best deal.09:52
darkxstreal free range eggs are a rort in Aus09:54
darkxst$10-12 per dozen at the supermarket09:55
InokiDefinitely not more expensive that anything in Denmark where I currently live. Oh boy, prices here give me a headache... I have a former university colleague and good friend in Australia and she loves it there. :) Btw, there might be a spider spying on you from a corner! :D09:56
Inokiboy my typos today... >.>09:56
InokiNot enough sleep.09:56
darkxstspider's eat the flies they are good!09:57
InokiDon't you have big ones eating people? :D09:57
darkxstInoki, lol, no! but I reckon we have snakes here to could eat a child09:59
InokiI would definitely come over and experience AUS myself, despite the mmmmmmmmmmonnnnnnsterssssssss you have there :D Seeing my friend's coala bear and kangaroo pictures makes me jelly :3 Ain't nothing like a fever from a snake bite! :D Gotta go now, if smth leave a msg10:03
darkxstInoki, aussie snakes don't bite ;)10:19
darkxstunless you try and pick them up perhaps!10:22
darkxstInoki, if you ever make to Melbourne, come visit10:25
InokiWould love to and will let ya know! :)10:25
darkxstStill trying to get Ali to visit, and he has been in Sydney for a year almost10:26
darkxstbut I may end up visting him first at this rate10:26
InokiAm back darkxst.18:30

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