pleia2ahoneybun: context? :)01:35
Unit193That's no fun.01:36
pleia2sent off to summary writers04:09
ahoneybunjust got the email04:09
pleia2and I'm in an airport again, will pitch in as I can this weekend, but much busy04:09
ahoneybunhopefully I'll have sometime04:09
pleia2hope so, thanks :)04:10
ahoneybunno news for OTA 6?04:10
pleia2have a link?04:11
pleia2you're welcome to add it if you have news :)04:11
ahoneybunrelease notes?04:12
ahoneybunif not I guess I need to make a blog post04:12
pleia2were they posted to a mailing list?04:12
pleia2ah, found it04:12
pleia2alright, added04:14
pleia2and the reason we miss things like that is that we're humans who don't hover over every mailing list ;) please feel free to let us know when we miss things04:16
ahoneybunI know :)04:16
ahoneybunand thats why there are more then just one of us04:16
pleia2ok, putting away my laptop to go to the gate04:17
* ahoneybun tweeted pleia204:21
Unit193Tweet tweet04:22
nhandlerDo we still encourage people to CC (or forward) ubuntu-news-team@ when they have announcements and other news they want us to be aware of?16:42
PaulW2Unhandler: yes, definitely. especially loco news well *before* an event happens19:31
PaulW2Upleia2 and I pick up quite a lot between us but contributions from outside the team are most welcome19:34
PaulW2UAll summaries done - I'll look for some more links tomorrow20:53

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