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Kalimeroany suggestions for a network analysing tool which records the traffic, shows me the connected hosts and warns me if something is odd?02:32
Kalimeroprefer web-based solutions02:32
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Kalim3r0any suggestions for a web-based network monitoring tool? (good if it records traffic, connected host and maybe some warnings and errors if something is wrong)09:59
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Kalimeroany suggestions for a web-based network monitoring tool? (good if it records traffic, connected host and maybe some warnings and errors if something is wrong)11:34
Kalimerobut not too overwhelmed by functions and information11:34
Norbinwhat about nagios? doesn't it track network too ?11:39
bekksbetter use checkmk or incinga instead.11:40
KalimeroNorbin: nagios seems good for overall monitoring but hard to configure at first11:44
Kalimerobekks: i'll check them thanks11:45
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acmehandleI'm trying to troubleshoot a connection refused error with nginx and php.  what would be a way to go about that?12:20
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lordievaderGood afternoon.13:36
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Norbincan maas be used to deploy over vms ?15:12
Norbinor physical only15:12
RoyKNorbin: there are other ways to work with vms :P15:19
RoyKI guess you could hammer a nail in with a screwdriver, but it's not really optimal15:20
pmatulisNorbin: anything that can use PXE15:20
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Norbinif i tell the primary dns server to also-notify to the secondary on changes, will the secondary update the serial count automatically ?16:24
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prudentmavany of you use server pilot?  if you decide you don't want to use it anymore, do you just delete the serverpilot user and leave everything else as it?17:07
bekksNever heard of it. What is it for?17:09
prudentmavfor people that dpm17:09
prudentmavdon't want a full blown control panel... makes it easy and quick to deploy wordpress or php aps17:09
bekksOne command to do so: sudo apt-get ...17:10
prudentmavwhat do you mean?17:10
Norbinwhen a secondary dns server pulls a zone from the primary, where does he store them? can't see it under bind as usual, yet syslog says it's imported successfully17:11
tewardNorbin: probably in the location the slave is told to store it, or in the bind9 cache folder, but note that it's not necessarily stored in plain text (my 'slaved' zones're in binary form on the slaves...)17:25
tewardany postfix pros here?17:36
pmatulisteward: just ask and see if someone can help17:44
tewardlag prevented me from saying 'nevermind'17:45
Norbinteward oh ok, so i am not expecting a "db.my.domainname" files17:50
Norbinas on the main17:50
admin-g_hello guys i was wondering how to change the desktop entery path of webstorm18:49
AEL-HDoes anyone think it would be possible to run Steam on ubuntu server and run games (not game servers) on the ubuntu server and stream the audio and video to another device?19:23
lordievaderAEL-H: Render the stuff on the server you mean? Perhaps with a powerfull graphics card...19:25
AEL-Hlordievader : My old computer I used to use to play games, it has a decent graphics card. I recently made a partition on the main harddrive and this is what I am running as Ubuntu server19:34
lordievaderI suppose if steam can run headless you might get it to work.19:35
tewardSteam needs the GUI, AEL-H19:42
tewardit needs the deps of the graphics libraries to even render itself, I don't think it has a headless mode19:42
lordievaderCould that be some X dummy like thing?19:42
tewardit's possible it could run headless based solely on deps, but I wouldn't chance that to apply to games as well, lordievader19:44
lordievaderHmm, yeah. I guess it is more trouble than it is worth.19:45
AEL-HI read about an emulator that tricks steam -- some guy tried to do it before19:47
AEL-HThe reason I bring this up is because all the hype following the Steam Link :)19:48
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GlorfindelI'm having problems connecting to a WEP wifi network21:27
Glorfindeland I have no idea what is wrong21:27
GlorfindelI've been trying this http://serverfault.com/questions/142225/connect-to-wep-wireless-network-by-command-line-on-ubuntu21:28
Glorfindelbut it doesn't connect to the network21:28
GlorfindelI have also tried this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/294257/connect-to-wifi-network-through-ubuntu-terminal21:28
Glorfindelit was connecting before, but now it doesn't21:29
GlorfindelI am using the exact commands as worked before as well21:29
Glorfindelwhile the internet was connected, I did install nmcli, so if there is an easy to remember command to connect with that which works, that would be great too21:31
* genii makes more coffee and slides Glorfindel a mug21:36
GlorfindelI'm going to monkey around with this later21:41
wolflarsonI think virt-manager is crashing my server21:47
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wolflarsonany hints as to what log I should be looking at for this?22:30

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