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* diddledan yells "fifteen dot tens", smirks and sniggers.02:22
diddledanoh myy02:23
daftykinswhat on earth are you up to diddledan :P02:25
diddledandaftykins, winkelwagen02:25
shaunohe's been at the buck's fizz again02:25
penguin42oh, don't worry about him, it's just his wily02:26
daftykinsooh dear02:26
shaunoI wonder how many wily release parties will have restraining orders against him02:28
daftykinsgiven he wouldn't even go to Soton i sense they won't have to bother!02:29
diddledanwell isn't the whole point about releasing your wilys?02:29
shaunolol, meow!02:29
m0nkey_a-ha .. finally got my policy based routing working again. now I can watch the BBC again :)04:03
daftykinslike conditional VPN usage? what handles that?04:05
m0nkey_so if a client wants to connect to the BBC, and I have that subnet in my policy group, it will send traffic over the UK vpn connection04:06
m0nkey_otherwise it'll go out the wan as normal04:06
daftykinsnice, so how does it work? :D04:06
m0nkey_it means modifying the routing table if the rule is matched04:07
daftykinsgonna be needing to achieve a similar thing for someones Spain place :)04:08
daftykinsi think a mate said pfsense is good for it though04:08
m0nkey_well, the client says to the router, I want to connect to the BBC, the router then look up in it's table if it the subnet is known, if it is, the router modifies the routing table and sends it outbound NAT via the VPN interface.04:08
daftykinsthough that may've been on a per device basis04:08
m0nkey_yeah, pfsense can do it04:09
diddledancan't you do that with static routing entries?04:09
daftykinswouldn't that involve knowing the IPs of the services or some such?04:09
m0nkey_that's what i was doing before, now i'm using EdgeOS, which is a variant of Vyatta04:09
m0nkey_diddledan, i've still got to know the subnet of the target host04:09
m0nkey_to determine if i want traffic to flow over the VPN interface04:10
diddledansurely a static route table is going to be faster, though, no?04:10
m0nkey_i just so happen to have collected most of the subnets in use by the BBC :)04:10
m0nkey_diddledan, i could do a static route, but it's proven to be unreliable and if the VPN connection is down traffic is dropped04:11
m0nkey_with policy based, if the VPN is down the traffic flows over the WAN as normal04:11
daftykinsmight any of this be why we've seen you hopping a lot? :)04:11
diddledanyeah, bouncy m0nkey_04:11
m0nkey_daftykins, heh.. because i've been messing with my router config04:11
* m0nkey_ loves his Ubiquiti EdgeRouter04:12
m0nkey_diddledan, you still running that routerboard?04:18
mapppshi all04:29
m0nkey_k im out04:33
m0nkey_g'night all04:33
mapppsout pff04:40
mapppsi just got back;)04:40
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brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:04
brobostigonmorning diddledan09:21
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marxjohnsonI've got myself in a bit of a pickle. I had to move my boot and root partitions to a different drive for reasons I wont go into.  I've moved them and installed grub on the new drive, all booting no problem.  However, now when I boot, it says I have no network devices12:46
marxjohnsonNothing in network manager, nothing in ifconfig except for loopback12:46
marxjohnsonI have a wireless card in the laptop and a USB ethernet device12:47
marxjohnsoncan anyone suggest how I might get one or both of them working again?12:48
marxjohnsonaha, sorted12:54
marxjohnsonsomehow /lib/modules had gone missing when I was running boot-rescue I think12:55
marxjohnsoncopied it across from the old root partition and sorted.12:55
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Azelphurhey folks, what's the best way to edit a pdf?17:32
m0nkey_Acrobat Professional18:03
penguin42Azelphur: Try throwing it at a recent libreoffice; it now has a better than 50% chance of loading the pdf in a vaguely editable way18:47
DJonesI always thought the only way to edit a pdf was toprint it and use tippex before rescanning it :)18:50
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