aeden__danyone tried elementary OS yet? Curious to what the local team thinks19:23
bwmakerI didn't care much for it. I'd rather stick with Gnome or Cinnamon.19:30
aeden__dI didn't like it much either. It seems everyone wants to emulate osx19:33
bwmakerYeah, I'd prefer OSX over Elementary.19:36
aeden__ddo you use ubuntu primarily or do you run another os?19:38
bwmakerDepends on what day it is. :) I've used Arch, Debian, Mint, Ubuntu and Fedora for at least several days over the past few years. Currently using Mint 17.2 on my laptop and home desktop.19:45
bwmakerPreviously had Ubuntu Mate on my desktop and Ubuntu Gnome on my laptop.19:46
bwmakerI had Fedora 21 on my laptop for a while as it had the right mix of stability, up-to-date kernel and newer packages. It seemed to work best. Mint seems to be a close 2nd to that.19:46
aeden__dthat's cool. I used to use ubuntu as my primary os then I stopped once unity came around, or, I never updated. I've got mac but I only use it to host linux distros I want to try out. go figure19:54
aeden__dI really like mint, too. But the more I use Ubuntu 14.04 I'm feeling the loyalty calling me back in.19:55
bwmakerUnity isn't bad. I think they cleaned up a lot of the right stuff. But I feel like Gnome 3 has the elements that I like about OSX and Unity but I'm still able to customize it and navigate quite easily.20:02
bwmakeraeden__d: What are you using now? OSX still?20:03
aeden__dyeah, I bought a mac about a year ago. But I rarely use "it". I use Ubuntu 14.04 in virtual box as my primary20:04
bwmakerInteresting. I did that for a bit. Then work gave me an XPS 13 Sputnik, so I don't bug my wife to use her MacBook anymore. :)20:10
aeden__dHa! Don't get me wrong, there are things I really appreciate about OSX, but for some reason I can't pull away from Ubuntu.20:13
aeden__dbwmaker, what part of Tn are you from?20:17
aeden__dI'm down in Tullahoma20:20
bwmakerI haven't been down there in a long time. I grew up in Warren/Grundy Co.20:23
bwmakerI escaped, but I didn't make it far. :)20:23
aeden__dGrundy County?? haha, ok, I'll hold back on any jokes :)20:25
aeden__dI actually work with a few people from Grundy County, one of them is a mechanical engineer from Tn Tech20:26
bwmakerNo, fire away! :) I'm "from the valley" so I'm more McMinnville-oriented than anything. Not sure that's much better, though.20:27
aeden__dinteresting that a mechanical engineer came out of Grundy?? haha20:28
bwmakerYeah, a little. They're not really known for their promotion of education. There's a few smart ones there, but not a lot.20:28
bwmakerMostly good, well intentioned people, though.20:28
aeden__dOne thing I've learned over the years. just because someone talks slow doesn't mean they think slow20:29
bwmakerIt's very true. I've had friends who were really bright and could be really inventive problem solvers.20:29
bwmakerThey just didn't like school.20:30
bwmakerOr at least didn't like school the way it was made available to them.20:30
aeden__dThat happens a lot. I work in a mechanical/aerospace field and there are a lot of craftsman that are extremely bright, they just dont have a piece of paper saying so20:31
bwmakerDown at AEDC?20:32
aeden__dwhere do you work at?20:33
bwmakerSoutherners get a bad rap sometimes. But AEDC, Huntsville, Oak Ridge... we've got some really smart people in small, Southern towns. I know some came from other areas, but lot's of smart people with a drawl.20:34
bwmakerI work for Emma. http://myemma.com20:35
aeden__dI agree20:35
bwmakerI'm back21:05
bwmakeraeden__d: Are you an engineer?21:05
cyberangerMore people from ADEC, sweet21:30

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