Jordan_Uapb1963: Great, that means that you should get good performance from any of the Virtual Machine options.00:00
Aleeporok, i guess i'll create though. Which size is the recommended for 6gb ram?00:00
Ben646gb if you want to hibernate, maybe 4GB or so if you don't00:01
Aleeporsame size as the ram?00:01
Aleepori heard that was the double, not even 10?00:02
apb1963Jordan_U: so the theory goes... It appears to be saying that since /dev/kvm exists then acceleration can be used...  I'm not sure I agree with that assessment (devices are easily created), but I'll go back and see if I did in fact make a mistake.  Thank you00:03
apb1963daftykins: thank you as well00:04
Bashing-omAleepor: "double the ram" is old info from the days of a scarcity of ram . With your 6 Gigs, you can make swap much less .00:04
Jordan_Uapb1963: You're welcome. People don't just go around creating devices that happen to be named /dev/kvm, and random software doesn't either. Your CPU supports KVM acceleration, and that support is enabled in your boot firmware.00:05
daftykinsapb1963: ;)00:05
apb1963Jordan_U: it's probable I installed something that created the device... what I wonder is if the device was created without regard to actual abilities of the CPU.00:07
apb1963Jordan_U: if you look at the capabiilties of the CPU (i.e. the spec sheet) it doesn't have vt-d or vt-x... which is what makes me wonder.00:08
apb1963I MUST find where those crickets are hiding.00:10
apb1963Gotta be in my clothing somewhere or something.00:10
Jordan_Uapb1963: http://ark.intel.com/products/36503/Intel-Core2-Duo-Processor-E7500-3M-Cache-2_93-GHz-1066-MHz-FSB shows VT-X as being available (though dependant on the configuration of the rest of the hardware).00:11
apb1963Jordan_U: ? This feature may not be available on all computing systems. Please check with the system vendor to determine if your system delivers this feature, or reference the system specifications (motherboard, processor, chipset, power supply, HDD, graphics controller, memory, BIOS, drivers, virtual machine monitor-VMM, platform software, and/or operating system) for feature compatibility. Functionality, performance, and other benefits of this00:13
apb1963feature may vary depending on system configuration.00:13
daftykinsgood lord will you move on from that point and just get it working :)00:14
apb1963Jordan_U: It's a Dell Optiplex 760 for the record00:14
daftykinsvirt was possible years before VT came about00:14
OneM_Industriesapb1963: Try it. I am able to run VM's on CPUs that are not supposed to be able to run VMs, and with the VM option off.00:17
OneM_IndustriesOk, so I got my headphones connected, but now they are not showing up in sound settings.00:18
OneM_IndustriesI cannot see them in either pavucontrol or alsamixer.00:18
macskayhi guys where is alacartes system configuration stored?00:20
reisiodpkg -L alacarte00:22
OneM_IndustriesAnyone have an idea about these headphones?00:26
reisioyou pair them?00:27
OneM_IndustriesYep, but they are not showing up in the sound settings.00:27
TJ-OneM_Industries: which Ubuntu release?00:27
OneM_Industries14.04 LTS, not sure about the sub version.00:28
daftykinscat /etc/issue ;)00:30
TJ-OneM_Industries: That's all I wanted; what kind of headset is? As in, which BT profile? AS2SP, HCF, HSP ?00:30
OneM_IndustriesUm, hold on.00:30
TJ-OneM_Industries: A2DP is for stereo audio playback, HCF/HSP are for devices with microphones as used on phones00:31
OneM_IndustriesThis has a microphone.00:32
wydhryHi, can someone confirm that unity 3d can is able to run in ubuntu - with wine?00:32
daftykinswydhry: ask #winehq00:32
reisiowydhry: without Wine, I believe00:33
kris27mcI need help!00:33
jackowith dhcpd, is it possible to send different bootfiles based on the MAC address?00:33
TJ-OneM_Industries: If you're using a GUI, in the Bluetooth device connection list does it show any audio sinks?00:33
TJ-OneM_Industries: as in "Audio Sink" and "HEadset Service"00:33
OneM_IndustriesYep, it is set up as a headset service.00:34
TJ-OneM_Industries: Unfortunately, the underlying Bluez libraries and tools ripped out the headset support and it still hasn't been replaced for 15.1000:35
OneM_IndustriesSo, what are my options?00:35
kris27mcI'm trying to make a bootable USB of an Android x86 port. I have the ISO but uNetBootIn only tells me to mount /dev/sdb1 to a mountpoint. I've tried just using the "dd" command but I am not sure how to properly use it for this purpose.00:36
OneM_IndustriesIt refuses to set up as an audio sink.00:36
TJ-OneM_Industries: I was caught by this regression too; took me 1/2 a day of searching to find the explanation. I'm trying to find the links again now00:36
OneM_IndustriesThank you.00:37
TJ-OneM_Industries: It should still work with the A2DP profile (audio out sink) although you may need to use PulseAudio's pavucontrol in order to reroute audio to the headset.00:37
OneM_IndustriesI have tried that, it refuses to set up as an Audio out sink.00:38
kris27mcIs there a method of mounting my USB to a mountpoint like it said or...? I apologize for my inexperience but I'm just not sure what to do in this situation00:38
kris27mcI could also use instructions on using the "dd" command to take care of this00:39
daftykinskris27mc: what's this android setup provided in? ISO?00:39
kris27mcIt's an ISO00:39
daftykinssudo dd if=/path/to/file.iso of=/dev/sdX bs=2M00:39
daftykinsreplace sdX with the letter of the drive, *not* a partition though, so not sdX1... sdX.00:40
OneM_IndustriesTJ-: If I try to use A2DP, blueman says "Device added successfully, but failed to connect."00:40
TJ-OneM_Industries: that suggests the pairing may have failed. Delete the pairing and try again00:40
OneM_IndustriesBasically, it only works in the headset profile.00:40
OneM_IndustriesOk, working on it.00:41
TJ-OneM_Industries: if you can get HCF/HSP profile working you doing better than me!00:41
OneM_IndustriesYep, it is only working in the headset service profile.00:41
OneM_IndustriesBut still not showing up in audio settings.00:42
TJ-OneM_Industries: Ahhh! I got myself inverted! HCF/HSP *wiil* workin 14.40 Trusty (which has Bluez 4.1) but won't in 15.10/Wily (Bluez 5.x)00:43
OneM_IndustriesOoh....good thing I never got bluez 5 working then.00:43
TJ-OneM_Industries: A2DP should work though, unless the Pulseaudio module isn't correctly configured. Have you ever done any manual configuration of the pulseaudio modules, or installed something like Blueman that does it for you?00:44
OneM_IndustriesI have blueman, but I am not sure how to configure pulseaudio really.00:44
kris27mcdaftykins: Thank you so much!00:45
TJ-OneM_Industries: just to confirm what I said earlier. PA v5.x release notes says Bluez v5.x only supports A2DP  see http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/PulseAudio/Notes/5.0/00:45
OneM_IndustriesHm, I have Bluez 4.101, so that should not be an issue.00:46
TJ-OneM_Industries: In the background pulseaudio loads small specialised modules, for sources and sinks. So in theory all it needs is to ensure the module-bluetooth-sink (I think it is called) is loaded00:46
TJ-OneM_Industries: exactly - as I said, I got myself inverted... I did this research several months ago when considering whether to upgrade to bluez500:46
TJ-OneM_Industries: Try "pactl list | grep blue"00:47
TJ-OneM_Industries: see mine: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12219355/00:49
OneM_IndustriesHm, odd.00:50
TJ-OneM_Industries: I saw identical output to you until I connected the headset, then that additional info00:50
OneM_IndustriesOdd, if I try to initialize any of those modules, it outputs "Failure: Module initialization failed".00:51
TJ-OneM_Industries: So, you need to have the headset connect. Does the headset support multiple devices? If so, you may need to tell it to connect to the PC rather than its default connection (usually a 'phone)00:51
OneM_IndustriesIt does support multiple devices, but the odd thing is that I just got it, so it has never had the chance to connect to something else.00:52
TJ-OneM_Industries: My device supports 2 'phones and a PC, and when connecting something other than the default I have to hold down the connect button for 3 seconds, and then I can change the connection device using the volume -/+ control00:52
OneM_Industries...and now it will not connect at all.00:53
OneM_IndustriesFine, forget it. I am just going to use the audio in jack on these things.00:57
TJ-OneM_Industries: in the detail of the PA v5 release notes it also adds "GNOME made also a decision, possibly misinformed one, to drop support for BlueZ 4 in their last release, which means that upgrading to the current GNOME version (3.10) has one of two problems depending on the BlueZ version in the system: with BlueZ 4, the GNOME UI for managing Bluetooth won't work, and with BlueZ 5 the headset audio functionality will be crippled."00:57
guest81839is samba a necessary ubuntu package to have on your system?01:03
guest81839so im safe to purge it?01:03
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tv-guyI got a haupage dvr recorder and need some help getting it working... is this the right place?01:16
daftykinstv-guy: don't see how Ubuntu has anything to do :)01:21
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tv-guyi am looking for help with getting some hardware to work in ubuntu, is this not a support chat for ubuntu?01:23
tv-guylol at jhon _> tables rename01:24
aeden__dtv-guy, have you considered using mythbuntu instead?01:26
aeden__dtv-guy, #ubuntu-mythtv might be able to tell you more info about what hardware works best for dvr etc.01:28
tv-guyyep but I would like a vanilla browser & whatnot, anyway its the same hardware set right?01:28
daftykinslike a vanilla browser? what on earth do you mean?01:28
tgm4883tv-guy: what card?01:28
tv-guyI do not like the crazy ui stuff in mythnuntu01:29
* aeden__d likes his chocolate browser01:29
tv-guytgm: not sure, the box just says haupage colosus01:29
tv-guy<-- new to ubuntu hardware01:30
aeden__dtv-guy, you can just install myth tv instead of the full mythbuntu01:30
daftykinsit's just the same as Windows hardware ;)01:31
daftykinsonly less of it works!01:31
tgm4883tv-guy: pci card?01:31
tv-guytgm: yep01:31
tgm4883tv-guy: can  you pastebin the output of 'lspci'01:32
tv-guyunless there is a reason I am not going to install myth anything01:32
tgm4883tv-guy: what is your end goal?01:33
OerHeksvlc & xawtv is enough for non coded channels01:34
tv-guytgm: record video off my old games01:34
tgm4883well it's listed, so thats good01:37
tgm4883and http://www.kernellabs.com/blog/?page_id=2117 says it's supported though regular video4linux01:38
tgm4883tv-guy: can you pastebin the output of 'dmesg'01:39
tgm4883tv-guy: seems to be detected fine. Have you tried firing up a video program and seeing if it works?01:45
tv-guyxawtv says no video grabber device available btw01:45
BlitzerHoundsay Could someone help me get rid of ubuntu? I don't know if y'all help with that but I'd really appreciate either help with it or if you could direct me to someone that can help.01:46
tv-guytgm I am not sure what to use... nothing finds it01:46
Ben64BlitzerHound: and replace with...?01:46
BlitzerHoundWell, I'm just way too used to windows, so I think I'm gonna go ahead and switch it back if that's possible.01:47
tv-guytgm so... vlc asks for a ton of stuff i do not know01:47
Ben64BlitzerHound: is there an actual reason? something you're unable to do? you can just install windows and it will work01:47
BlitzerHoundI've been trying to do it on my own but it doesn't seem to be working because of some kind of error with the partition. Not sure what that is.01:47
tgm4883tv-guy: I'm not familiar with that device, and it's been a long time since I've used PCI tuners01:48
OerHeksBlitzerHound, put in your windows cd and boot & repair01:48
BlitzerHoundNo, no real reason honestly. Just a bunch of small things - a lot of the programs I'm used to take a lot of work to install and this computer has a lot of hardware issues, so learning a new system on top of all that is kinda difficult.01:48
tgm4883tv-guy: I wonder if it just shows up as a standard /dev/video# device01:48
tv-guytgm: suggestions???01:49
tgm4883tv-guy: anything come from 'ls /dev/video*'01:49
BlitzerHoundUm, see I tried and it keeps telling me there isn't room on the partition. I don't know what that is.01:49
tv-guytgm: not 0-9 anyway01:49
tgm4883BlitzerHound: how did you get Ubuntu installed?01:49
BlitzerHoundI installed it by downloading it and then running the thing from the USB01:50
tv-guytgm: no file found01:50
Ben64BlitzerHound: the thing = ?01:50
tgm4883tv-guy: hmm01:50
BlitzerHoundI don't know what it's called. I installed it from a program that I installed onto a flash drive.01:50
daftykinsBlitzerHound: too vague.01:51
Ben64way too vague01:51
tv-guytgm: I like the sound of that humm :-)01:51
daftykinsBlitzerHound: sounds like WUBI?01:52
BlitzerHoundI looked up ubuntu, it showed me the process of installing it via USB so I downloaded that, formatted the USB drive and installed the program onto the flash drive. It said I needed to reboot then run it from the boot menu, but there wasn't a button showing up so I had to take an extra measure to create an option on boot to install from the USB.01:52
BlitzerHoundYes, that thing.01:52
BlitzerHoundSorry, I'm not good at names.01:52
Ben64boot from usb is not wubi01:53
BlitzerHoundBut wait, no that's not it. I just looked at it. Sorry, that's not what I used.01:53
TJ-tv-guy: tgm4883 I didn't see a DVR reported in dmesg; which lines did you see it at?01:53
BlitzerHoundLet me see if I can find it.01:53
BlitzerHoundI think it's called pendrive linux?01:54
daftykinsuniversal USB installer01:54
daftykinsUUI or YUMI would've put the ISO onto the flash drive01:54
tgm4883TJ-: I think it's this     04:00.0 Multimedia controller: ViXS Systems, Inc. Device 300001:54
daftykinsBlitzerHound: none of this has anything to do with why you can't reinstall Windows.01:54
BlitzerHoundI know, I'm not sure why the question came up. I tried using gpart to free up space on the 'partition' and it won't let me because the min amount of space and maximum amount of space are the same and I can't resize it.01:55
Ben64do you have a dual boot system01:56
Ben64then install windows01:56
BlitzerHoundI tried. It keeps telling me that I need to free up space on the partition.01:56
daftykinsBlitzerHound: you don't free space, you wipe the drive...01:56
Ben64then join ##windows for help installing windows01:56
tgm4883BlitzerHound: you need to ask in windows irc channel01:57
BlitzerHoundOkay, sorry. I know I seem really stupid01:57
TJ-tgm4883: From lspci yes, but that's no evidence of a driver loaded. tv-guy can you "pastebinit <(sudo lspci -nnvvvk -s 04:00.0)"01:57
BlitzerHoundThanks for trying to help me anyway. I appreciate it.01:58
tv-guyblitzer: you are going to have to back up any data on the drive you want to keep and repartition without resizing, this will destroy the data on the drive01:58
BlitzerHoundI don't have anything on here I want to keep. I'm hoping to just completely wipe everything and start over.01:58
daftykinsBlitzerHound: so nuke the disk from the booted ubuntu live session, then boot your Windows media and install. there's nothing to it.01:59
BlitzerHoundBut what if I don't have the disk?02:00
BlitzerHoundI'm trying to install it from a USB like I did with ubuntu02:00
Ben64BlitzerHound: you need to be asking windows questions in ##windows02:00
daftykinsBlitzerHound: bye bye02:01
TJ-tv-guy: I don't see any sign of drivers for that device. You can check with this command: "egrep -i '(1745.*3000|0070:d180)' /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/*"02:01
TJ-tv-guy: in case you're not aware, a kernel driver recognises a PCI device it supports by the unique Vendor:Product ID (1745:3000 or sub-system 0070"d180) and there are no drivers claiming those IDs02:03
tv-guytj: ok so how do I get the driver? as I said I am new to hardware02:05
TJ-tv-guy: As I said, there isn't one02:05
SienteHello guys02:05
tv-guytj: so what do I do?02:06
TJ-tv-guy: You need to ask the manufacturer if they provide a proprietary or out-of-tree Linux driver02:06
Sientehow are you?02:06
daftykinsSiente: support questions only please, no chat here02:06
tv-guytj: I am told it should "just work"02:07
daftykinsour survey says no :)02:07
Sienteokay I have installed Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS on my machine I want to configure a web server I'll need apache, php, postgresql02:07
TJ-tv-guy: older Hauppage devices do have some support, and the manufacturer has a basic overview page for Linux at http://www.hauppauge.com/site/support/linux.html02:07
Kalimerohow can i make the chat show me all channels on freenode02:07
daftykinsSiente: cool, so install them02:08
bazhangKalimero, use alis to search02:08
Sienteshould I use the version which are in the package manager?02:08
tv-guytj: been through all that02:08
bazhang!alis | Kalimero02:08
ubottuKalimero: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*02:08
daftykinsSiente: yes02:08
TJ-tv-guy: Nothing "just works"! Everything needs a specialised driver. The more unique the hardware the more need for a unique driver02:08
Sientedaftykins, is there a way to install newer version ?02:08
Kalimerobazhang: thats it thanks02:08
daftykinsSiente: i wouldn't recommend it.02:08
Sienteor If I want newer version I need to use ubuntu 15.0402:08
Sienteor to compile them manually ?02:08
daftykinsor find a PPA02:09
Sientedaftykins, on Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS the version of git is 1.9.102:09
daftykinsi'd recommend staying on LTS for server aspects02:09
Sientedaftykins, where can I look for ppa?02:09
daftykinsyour favourite search engine02:09
Sientedaftykins, okay, but are there official ppas? and what ppa is standing for?02:09
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge02:09
Kalimerobazhang: ok now i am confused. how do i use it02:09
daftykinsyou need to ask yourself if you really need the latest version - more often than not you don't02:10
Sientedaftykins, well maybe only for git I need version 2.5.002:10
daftykinsgood for you :)02:10
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Sientedaftykins, okay btw how can search in the apt-get ? I mean what I am doing atm is for example typing sudo apt-get install postgr and pressing tab to show me the suggestions02:11
Kalimerodaftykins: for functionality i agree with you but for security reasons you should always have the latest one, shouldn't you02:11
daftykinssudo apt-get update && apt-cache search x02:12
daftykinsKalimero: the packages in the repos have fixes applied.02:12
Sientebut with apt-cache search x it's finding too many results02:12
daftykinsso be more specific02:12
SienteI mean I have tried apt-cache search postgresql02:12
daftykinsor pipe the output to less02:12
SienteI am wondering to use postgresql or mysql02:13
daftykinscan you phrase an actual question?02:13
daftykinswhat are you trying to achieve?02:14
Sienteto setup a web server and to work over projects02:14
SienteI can do simply sudo apt-get install php5 php5-mysql mysql apache202:14
daftykinsand standard LAMP won't cut it huh?02:14
daftykinsyeah so what are you asking?02:15
guest81389so setup ubuntu firewall should i use iptables or ufw?02:16
Sientedaftykins, you know for postgresql there's pgadmin do you know if there's something like that for mysql?02:16
daftykinsyou mean a web frontend so you can avoid learning to do things properly? :)02:17
daftykinsthere's phpmyadmin02:17
SienteI know about phpmyadmin02:17
daftykinsguest81389: ufw is a wrapper for iptables02:17
jackoanyone bootloader experts here?02:17
SienteI am just wondering if there's something like pgadmin02:17
daftykinsi don't know what that is02:18
guest81389so if i use ufw, iptables will have the same config?02:18
daftykinswhy don't you look these things up online?02:18
ubottuUbuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as gufw and ufw-kde also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo02:18
jackoI want to modify a bootloader file (bootx64.efi) but not sure where to begin02:18
Bashing-omjacko: Just ask your question .02:18
daftykins!xy | jacko02:19
ubottujacko: The XY problem is when you need to do X, and you think you can use Y to do X, so you ask about how to do Y, when what you really should do is state what your X problem is. There may be a Z solution that is even better than Y, but nobody can suggest it if X is never mentioned.02:19
Sientedaftykins, good idea first result http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-server-73/looking-for-gui-mysql-tool-like-pgadmin-606411/02:19
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jackotrying to do PXE boot on a GEN9 HP server, but since it no longer boots in legacy BIOS I can't use pxelinux.002:19
Kalimerohow do i use alis? i dont get it02:19
daftykinsSiente: i don't need to know :)02:19
jackoso I'm currently using bootx64.efi as the bootloader, but it's looking for boot.cfg in the "root" directory which I want to modfy02:19
ubottualis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*02:19
jackoany ideas?02:19
Kalimerodaftykins: thanks02:20
Sientedaftykins, okay btw maybe I am just going to install LAMP like this sudo apt-get install php5 php5-mysql mysql apache2 it's going to be okay right?02:20
ubottuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com02:20
TJ-jacko: UEFI EDK2 has generic PXE modules, but you'll need a UEFI module specific to the NIC and load it manually via the UEFI shell02:21
daftykinsSiente: quite honestly if you think you're going to be starting some web dev work on Ubuntu and you won't look up the basics of setting up a system, you're not going to have a fun time.02:21
ubottusudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !pkexec (for older releases: !gksu and !kdesudo). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo02:21
jackoTJ-: I want to automate this...02:22
Sientedaftykins, what do you mean with the basics of setting up a system? :D02:22
TJ-jacko: automate what? if the firmware doesn't come with built-in PXE support there's no way to automate it02:22
guest81389is iptables in all linux distros(even not ubuntu)?02:22
daftykinsSiente: you can't be serious.02:22
jackoTJ-: It does have built-in PXE support, it's booting up fine.... just that it's looking for "boot.cfg" in the root directory and I want to tell it to look somewhere else02:23
Sientedaftykins, I'll just have to configure the apache and so on after installing LAMP ?02:24
daftykinsthe L is Linux so technically you're installing AMP on L02:24
TJ-jacko: Oh, so alter the config of the PXE/TFPT server02:24
Sientedaftykins, yeah02:25
jackoTJ-: so it's the TFTP server that's controlling where it's looking for the boot.cfg?02:25
Sientedaftykins, I'll be able to configure my apache, mysql and so on02:25
daftykinsyes... yes you will02:25
guest81389if iptables is embedded in linux kernel does that mean that it is embedded into all linux distros(since they all use same kernel)?02:25
daftykinsguest81389: that's not an ubuntu support question, that's a ##linux question02:26
Sientedaftykins, seriously I didn't get it what you mean with  and you won't look up the basics of setting up a system, you're not going to have a fun time.02:27
TJ-jacko: with PXE the host calls the TFTP server defined by the BOOTP/DHCP server response, and the TFTP pxe configuration can be tailored to match on individual MACs if you really want, it is very flexible02:27
Sientedaftykins, what do I need to setup on Ubuntu?02:27
daftykinsSiente: essentially you're unsure of step #1 so i think you're going to struggle.02:27
=== guest81389 is now known as visitor9491
Sientenot exactly :)02:28
TJ-jacko: usually the kernel image and initrd are served over TFTP along with a kernel command-line from the PXE config... if doing a complete network boot the kernel command-line usually has a NFS root file-system specified02:28
jackoTJ-: trying to install ESXi... don't really know where to get the kernel image or initrd02:29
daftykinsso that's not ubuntu support, jacko02:29
jackodaftykins: right02:30
daftykinsand why aren't you just installing it from a flash drive and getting it done o002:30
jackodaftykins: because I have like 36 servers and I want to use kickstart02:31
Sientedaftykins, I've installed everything now :)02:31
daftykinsjacko: best find an appropriate channel then02:31
jackodaftykins: ok thanks02:31
Sientedaftykins, actually I know where are all configuration files located and so on02:32
TJ-jacko: VMWare document PXE boots02:33
daftykinsSiente: that's nice, you don't have to keep bugging me now02:33
Sientedaftykins, okay I have 1 fast question what's the best way to install LXDE on Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS properly ?02:34
daftykinsdon't put a GUI on a server02:34
Sientedaftykins, hmm it's going to be a dev environment I'll be coding on this machine02:35
Sientedaftykins, it's my PC at home02:35
KalimeroSiente: security-wise you shouldn't install a x-server / gui on a server ( i tried and ubuntu told me not to do)02:36
Sientebut it won't be a server where I'll be hosting anything it I'll be just developing on it02:36
tgm4883Siente: I would guess 'sudo apt-get install lxde'02:36
ubottuLXDE ( http://lxde.org/ ) is the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment used by !Lubuntu. To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop ». See http://lubuntu.net/ for more information, and join #lubuntu for support.02:36
tgm4883!info lxde02:36
ubottulxde (source: lxde-common): Meta-package for the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.5.0-4ubuntu4 (vivid), package size 2 kB, installed size 30 kB02:36
Sientewhat graphical environment are you using guys02:37
KalimeroSiente: I3 if it counts02:37
tgm4883Siente: on my desktop? Unity02:37
daftykinsSiente: precisely. no GUI :)02:37
KalimeroSiente: Also known as I3wm02:39
Sientedaftykins, but this machine won't be a server I'll just have a dev environment where I'll be coding02:39
daftykinsthat's nice02:39
KalimeroSiente: so why dont you install ubuntu normaly?02:40
SienteI have installed Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS Desktop normally02:40
tgm4883Siente: You would install lxde via 'sudo apt-get install lxde'02:40
Sientetgm4883, I have installed LXDE this way on Ubuntu 15.04 didn't look good02:41
Kalimerotgm4883: +102:41
Sientehaven't tried on ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS02:41
Sienteon 15.04 was buggy02:41
tgm4883Siente: well yea, that would be default lxde02:41
tgm4883Siente: is that not what you wanted to do?02:41
Sienteit's what I wanted to do02:42
Sientedon't you like LXDE guys?02:42
tgm4883Siente: "didn't look good" isn't a very good description02:43
Sientetgm4883, true, but I don't have it installed now to make a screen shot of it and to show it to you what I call buggy02:44
Sientebtw I'll need just ln -s /usr/share/phpmyadmin /home/siente/workspace/public right?02:45
daftykinsi think it's time you actually learnt for yourself rather than asking every single step of the way02:45
daftykinselse you won't know how to use this thing when you break it :)02:45
Sientehmm maybe I'll need to add alias for the phpmyadmin in the apache2.conf to be able to use it from anywhere :D02:46
Sienteokay I'll stop asking02:46
Sientephpmyadmin was saying that mcrypt is missing omg :D cd /etc/php5/apache2/conf.d && sudo ln -s ../../mods-available/mcrypt.ini 20-mcrypt.ini easy02:49
Sienteohh sorry for the spam have a great weekend02:49
guest813818so when setting up a firewall is iptables more powerful than ufw?02:50
=== Ivo is now known as Guest38676
plytroit depends on how you measure "powerful"02:54
Bashing-omGuest38676: You are not understanding. 'ufw' is a wrapper for iptables. IF one understands 'iptables' there is no need of 'ufw' .02:55
=== Guest38676 is now known as Ivoah
IvoahBashing-om: what?02:56
Bashing-omIvoah: " IPTABLES(8) >> iptables/ip6tables — administration tool for IPv4/IPv6 packet filtering and NAT " All you need .02:57
IvoahBashing-om: what are you talking about?02:58
plytroThe default firewall configuration tool for Ubuntu is ufw. Developed to ease iptables firewall configuration, ufw provides a user friendly way to create an IPv4 or IPv6 host-based firewall. By default UFW is disabled.03:00
ubottuUbuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as gufw and ufw-kde also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo03:00
plytroIvoah: he was talking to a guest who left, and tab completed to you03:01
guest81838so just quickly, iptables modifies ufw firewall rules or ufw modified iptables firewall rules?03:04
daftykinsthe latter03:04
daftykinswow you really don't follow do you :)03:04
Bashing-omIvoah: eah ^^ Sorry bout that . my opologies .03:05
guest81838this is rather confusing, 2 different packages to config 1 firewall03:05
IvoahBashing-om: no problem03:05
plytroufw makes it easier to configure iptables03:05
daftykinsno, ufw is the noob friendly one - iptables is the insanely complex low level one03:05
guest81838so essentially ufw just mods iptables03:05
plytroguest81838: and don't forget there are many other wrappers03:05
guest81838and essentially iptables is modified anyway regardless wether you use ufw or not right?03:06
fhrhchTgm4883 - did you install unity in ubuntu?03:06
plytroI see it more like, you can use cd, ls, cat, etc to get around your filesystem03:06
guest81838since its like the base of all packet filtering03:06
plytrobut you can browse around with a mouse in the window environment03:06
tgm4883fhrhch: yes03:07
plytroI think that is a more accurate comparison03:07
guest81838so essentially iptables is the base of all linux packet filtering and all the frontends(like ufw) just edit iptables?03:07
fhrhchTgm4883 - with wine? I cannt find unity linux version03:07
daftykinsguest81838: i think it's time you read up online now, you're going over and over the same thing.03:08
guest81838is that a yes?03:08
plytro!iptables | guest8183803:08
ubottuguest81838: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as gufw and ufw-kde also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo03:08
daftykinshow many ways do you want to phrase the same thing before you get it o003:08
plytro!ufw | guest8183803:08
plytronothing modifies the executable iptables03:09
tgm4883fhrhch: and here we have one of the many naming issues with software. I'm talking about the DE, not the game engine03:09
guest81838so its a yes?03:09
plytroyou question is not even accurately formed for a yes/no response03:09
daftykinsguest81838: go learn.03:09
guest81838not the executrable but the iptables configureation03:09
plytroread, play with them, learn03:10
plytroyes, ufw is used to configure iptables rules03:10
fhrhchTgm4883 - oic. Feel so fool03:11
guest81838so the kernel module is where the actual filtering occurs?03:11
guest81838not iptables03:11
daftykinslike we said go read.03:12
daftykinsthis is getting irritating and isn't really ubuntu support03:12
guest81838ok bye03:12
TJ-Does anyone here have LVM with Trusty 14.04 host, and a 15.10 Wily chroot ?03:15
Ben6415.10 talk goes to #ubuntu+1 until release03:15
daftykinsthat wasn't the question Ben64 - damn, dial it back a notch03:16
TJ-Ben64: No, this is a 14.04 based issue03:16
Ben64daftykins: you dial it back, i was just stating a fact03:16
=== Ubre is now known as ubre
=== user is now known as Guest52601
daftykinslol, you're ridiculous.03:22
allowdaftykins can you help me with a network question03:26
daftykinsyou have to ask it first03:26
allowbear with me, im "new"03:27
* daftykins waits03:27
* AldenIsZen grabs a snickers...03:27
allowim trying to see everything using my current home network03:28
allowphones laptops etc03:28
daftykinsdefine 'see'03:28
AldenIsZenWhen you say see everything, you mean full access to all disk storage, etc?03:28
alloweverything using my network?03:29
AldenIsZenYou just want to be able to share a few files, what?03:29
AldenIsZenanswer daftykins ... basically03:29
allowwell that was the second question, can i transfer files from win to linux -- vice versa?03:29
ubottuscp is a secure way of copying files across networks using !SSH. Usage: scp filename user@host:filename - WinSCP is a client for Windows, available at http://winscp.net/03:30
daftykinswhat do you hope to achieve by "seeing" phones?03:30
AldenIsZenLinux uses software called samba that is compatile with Windows network sharing. But ubottu is right that scp is more secure03:30
allowonly for the benefit to see who was jackin wifi03:31
HexTqallow you can see that in your routers log03:31
DalekSecrsync is even more fun.03:31
AldenIsZenlol define jackin03:31
AldenIsZenoh sorry nevermind03:31
daftykinsallow: better yet is to just secure the wifi.03:31
daftykinsbut most router web admins have a devices connected page, so this is pointless03:31
AldenIsZenallow, do you suspet someone is using it without your permission? Have you tried using wifi security?03:32
allowI more so just curious about who is doing what on my network, i am generous in sharing my service, just curious to see what people are doing03:34
Ben64thats something you'd still have to do on your router03:34
HexTqpro tip: dont be generous about sharing your wifi03:35
allowi know i know, it for the younger ones in the building tho03:36
HexTqgive them pw03:36
allowif i access this through the router, could i block certain devices if it was necessary?03:36
Ben64depends on your router03:36
HexTqyes most routers can even block mac adresses03:37
daftykinssharing a password with those you trust makes far more sense than letting everyone on03:37
daftykinsprevention is better than cure after all.03:37
allowthis is a feature of the higher end?03:37
=== root is now known as Guest80
Ben64really depends on your router03:37
allowdaftykins very well put03:37
jasonj8mac addresses are easily spoofed03:37
HexTqnot really i have a ~$25 router and it can block03:37
allowhow often should i change the password? you know how younger ones are with secrets03:38
daftykinsmonthly, quarterly... dunno03:38
Ben64allow: if you want to discuss networking , you should do so in ##networking03:38
HexTqi change weekly03:39
allowright thank you all03:39
=== jbasalone is now known as jbasalone-away
mojtabaThere is background noise in headphone when no sound is played. Does anybody know how to fix this issue? Ubuntu 14.04 LTS03:40
daftykinson a laptop? pretty common03:41
IRCJOEhello guys i will like to see the content of this command in less or cat  iptables -vnL --line-numbers03:41
mojtabadaftykins: yes03:41
jasonj8IRCJOE, blah blah blah | less03:42
IRCJOEohh thanks03:42
mojtabadaftykins: Do you any fix?03:43
daftykinswhen i used to have a particularly noisy laptop, i can its' audio via a little stereo system (amplifier) to take out the noise.03:43
talntidI am having this problem..... http://pastebin.com/Lk8YHGxq03:44
daftykinsi can? i piped its' audio *03:44
HexTqmy gf has a usb soundcard it eleminated the static noise03:44
talntidI am afraid to just remove kernels using the "rm" command, but... what options do I have?03:44
mojtabadaftykins: How should I do that?03:44
daftykinstalntid: old and unsupported, or not even ubuntu03:45
daftykinsmojtaba: what i stated was a complete sentence, it explains how to do it.03:45
daftykinsLaptop <-> amplifier/stereo <-> headphones03:45
mojtabadaftykins: sorry, could you please explain, I did not get it.03:46
talntiddaftykins, what? it's ubuntu. 10.0403:46
daftykinstalntid: yeah so EOL - can't help with it anymore.03:46
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades03:47
talntiddaftykins, I'm trying to update so I can upgrade to newer03:47
daftykinsmojtaba: i fail to see how more obvious i can get03:47
daftykinstalntid: meh, that old clean would make more sense.03:47
HexTqmojtaba  you phisically connect your laptop to a stereo/amplifier and connect the headphone to the stereo/amplifier03:47
mojtabadaftykins: (11:44:23 PM) daftykins: i can? i piped its' audio *       I do not know how to pipe its audio03:47
daftykinsby plugging in a cable...03:48
mojtabaHexTq: no I just plugged in my headphone to the laptop.03:48
daftykinsfor the love of tux.03:48
HexTqbut dafty told you to do that, not to pipe your audio03:48
daftykinspiping to my mind is what putting the audio cable between the laptop and amplifier is...03:48
mojtabaHexTq: daftykins: Oh, sorry. I taught you are talking about software part like and by piping you mean this: |   (my bad)03:49
WalkerdineI keep trying to run a .sh file but it keeps saying that I need my files to be in some crazy filepath03:50
daftykinsyou're welcome to play with CLI to get a laptop talking to a stereo, but i think you might get locked away...03:50
Walkerdine"Please ensure cbootimage,dtc,ftdput and tegrarcm are in your /usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin"03:50
mojtabaSo there is no way of changing sound card settings, or ...03:50
daftykinsyou could drop your max volume to 90% to see if it helps03:51
HexTqmojtaba you could get for cheap a external usb sound card it helps03:51
daftykinsplay in pavucontrol / alsamixer03:51
mojtabadaftykins: there is static sound even when I mute it.03:51
daftykinsthen you have to do one of what me and HexTq suggest03:51
mojtabadaftykins: or keep it at 10% sound.03:52
mojtabadaftykins: oh, ok.03:52
mojtabadaftykins: HexTq: thanks.03:52
* daftykins tips hat03:52
HexTqi read some time ago its caused by the cpu frequency03:52
=== wook is now known as Guest91670
HexTqso no real way to fix it at home so i got that external usb sound card03:53
WalkerdineWhat does a colon mean in a filepath?03:53
mojtabaHexTq: Thanks. Good to know.03:53
=== share is now known as Guest79607
daftykinsWalkerdine: example?03:54
=== nobody is now known as Guest45707
=== sorinello_ is now known as sorinello
Walkerdinedaftykins: ""Please ensure cbootimage,dtc,ftdput and tegrarcm are in your /usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin""03:59
daftykinsWalkerdine: it's instead of a comma04:01
WalkerdineWhat wouldLike cbootimage should be in /usr/local/sbin and dtc should be in /usr/local/bin04:02
Walkerdineignore what would sorry04:02
daftykinswhy don't you tell us what you're really doing?04:03
daftykinsthe main task - not this funky approach04:03
Guest79607I want to send a file04:03
jasonj8It looks like someone wrote a script that meant to say "Please ensure these programs are in your $PATH" and didn't realize $PATH would be substituted with its contents.04:04
daftykinsGuest79607: i wasn't talking to you just then - but sure - ask a question. what do you mean send a file? to where?04:04
daftykinsGuest79607: silent treatment eh, well ok04:10
WalkerdineI'm trying to flash a Nvidia Jetson board but I'm getting confused by the directories and where the files are supposed to go04:12
jasonj8Walkerdine, I'm pretty sure it just means "anywhere in your PATH"04:13
daftykinsWalkerdine: essentially, all those binaries must be in your path like jasonj8 said04:13
daftykinsso typing those binary names from anywhere on the system should be able to find and run them, so that the .sh script can find them04:14
WalkerdineI need to be root in order to run the script and I think thats what is confusing me04:14
daftykinsWalkerdine: doesn't seem like too tough a task then04:17
daftykinsinstall the above programs, have them in your path, run the script04:17
daftykinsjob's a good-un04:17
WalkerdineOkay I think I know what I'm doing wrong04:18
coolstar-pchi, how can I file an issue for a Linux kernel module?04:24
WalkerdineJust kidding04:24
coolstar-pcI have an Acer C720 chromebook that shipped with an elan trackpad instead of the cypress trackpad, so trackpad doesn't work in ubuntu04:25
coolstar-pcthe touch screen work fine though04:25
samthewildoneis there a way to optimize a compression ?04:26
daftykinscoolstar-pc: i suspect you're not using vanilla ubuntu, as it would detect the hardware properly04:26
coolstar-pcdaftykins: I'm using Ubuntu 15.0404:27
coolstar-pcthe issue is that my C720P shipped with an Elan trackpad instead of the normal Cypress trackpad C720's ship with04:27
coolstar-pcso chromeos-laptop doesn't enumerate the trackpad properly04:27
daftykinswhat does "chromeos-laptop" have to do with ubuntu?04:28
coolstar-pcit enumerates the light sensor, touch screen and a *cypress* not *elan* trackpad04:28
coolstar-pcchromeos-laptop is the module in the Linux kernel04:28
daftykinshmm perhaps you need to disable the chunk of code in that module for the wrong pad04:29
daftykinsyou must be quite the niche situation though :)04:29
coolstar-pcyes I was able to fix the issue by patching that module04:29
coolstar-pcbut the patch should be pushed upstream04:30
coolstar-pcdaftykins: well for some reason on the Acer C720, Acer switched some stuff on the ones that shipped after a certain date04:30
coolstar-pcthey switched the CPU from the Celeron 2955U to Celeron 2957U and the trackpad from cypress to elan04:30
daftykinsah that's quite common.04:30
daftykinsstocks change04:31
Walkerdinedaftykins: I'm in the same directory as what I am working with but its coming up with the same path as before04:31
daftykins"the same path" ?04:31
daftykinsWalkerdine: put the output of you running that script here: http://paste.ubuntu.com04:31
daftykinsok you're running it with bash, are you sure that's the shebang at the top of the file?04:34
daftykinsso if you type "cbootimage" on its' own, does it run? or does it say it doesn't know where it is? :)04:35
jasonj8also make sure the programs have executable permission04:35
TJ-coolstar: You should report the issue on https://bugzilla.kernel.org and send a path to the Linux Kernel Mailing list04:36
WalkerdineWell I'm trying to follow a guide so I hope so04:37
daftykinslook at the header of the script file04:37
daftykinsso, does cbootimage run or not?04:37
arusselHow do you create a soft link named /a/b pointing to directory /x/y/z ?04:37
daftykinsarussel: "man ln"04:37
WalkerdineI'm not sure if I should run it04:37
daftykinsWalkerdine: it won't do anything without any parameters04:37
daftykinseither chop chop or you're on your own :)04:38
arusseldaftykins: can't find it, I can manage /a/z -> /x/y/z, but not to rename z as b04:38
daftykinsarussel: well you want ln -s, read the man page04:38
Walkerdine"The program 'cbootimage' is currently not installed. You can install it by typing:04:39
Walkerdineapt-get install cbootimage"04:39
arusseldaftykins: I know I need ln -s, otherwise I wouldn't be able to /a/z -> /x/y/z, but I can't find how to /a/b -> /x/y/z04:39
daftykinsWalkerdine: right so do that04:39
daftykinsarussel: that's good, i'm just a little shocked you can't put 2 + 2 together to make the command work given that far ;)04:39
stangelandis there anyway i can see in ubuntu if my system supports raid?04:40
TJ-arussel: "ln -s /x/y/z /a/b"04:40
daftykinsstangeland: well Linux can do software RAID, so any system can that can have enough disks plugged in.04:40
stangelanddaftykins, but hardware raid is faster04:41
arusselTJ-: thanks04:41
=== randomne_ is now known as randomnesia
TJ-stangeland: not necessarily04:42
WalkerdineThis is what I am currently trying to follow04:42
daftykinsstangeland: you won't have it without a proper card.04:42
WalkerdineI have the /nvidia-tools/ directory set up with all of the flashing tools in it04:43
daftykinsWalkerdine: just install the above and then re-run the script, jeez04:43
daftykinsah you're supposed to get cbootimage from git04:43
daftykinsWalkerdine: you need to add the nvidia-tools folder to your $PATH then04:44
WalkerdineHow do I do that04:45
daftykins$PATH=$PATH:/path/to/nvidia-tools/ i think04:46
backboxhey n00bs04:46
daftykins!backbox | backbox no support here.04:46
ubottubackbox no support here.: Backbox Linux is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu and is thus not supported in #ubuntu. Please use #backbox on irc.autistici.org or https://forum.backbox.org/ for help with it.04:46
Walkerdineis it different on root vs user04:46
daftykinsWalkerdine: yeah they might have different $PATH s, dunno04:46
backboxHey guys, how can i have root privilege without installing (:04:48
novato_brwhat is the best Linux password manager?04:55
SinisterDoorANTILGBT: lol what? (I am sorry to feed the troll btw)04:55
gott3rfunk3n83Homosapiens should death penalty what?04:56
SinisterDoornovato_br,I don't use them,but lastpass is a very famous one,seems like it supports extensions and linux?04:56
SinisterDoorcan't vouch for it though.04:56
novato_brthank you, SinisterDoor04:57
novato_brI'll see it04:57
novato_brhow can I get the default browser's path on ubuntu?05:19
cfhowlettnovato_br, which firefox05:20
novato_brif I know I wouldn't asking for05:21
cfhowlettnovato_br, no, that is the answer to your question.  put it in a terminal and see05:21
cfhowlettwhich <packagename>05:21
novato_brthank you, cfhowlett05:22
cfhowletthappy2help! novato_br05:22
novato_brhappy2help! novato_br05:22
daftykinsyou kinda spoke to yourself there05:23
IRCJOEguys is there a way to del a rule from iptable from all table05:24
IRCJOEfrom all chains i mean05:25
thttsure, sudo rm /sbin/iptables05:28
cfhowlettthtt, false.  that will kill ALL the iptables, not the single rule he requested05:30
thttAnd it should be what?05:30
daftykinsactually that'll delete the binary which is exceedingly dumb05:31
cfhowlettdaftykins, doh!  right, I totally misread that.  that's not just dumb, that's felony level dumb05:32
TJ-IRCJOE: No, you'll need to process each chain separately05:32
daftykinscfhowlett: :)05:33
Tza2fi want to enter wine papers please directory but I'm confused. i'm trying to get throught program files (x86) but im missing the command. i wrote: "cd /home/pc/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files\ (x86)/" and dont work. Can someone help me?05:33
cfhowlettIRCJOE, man ufw seems to suggest: sudo ufw delete RULE|NUM          read for yourself05:33
lotuspsychjecfhowlett: good morning :p05:34
Tza2fi'm using terminal though05:35
cfhowlettlotuspsychje, eh?  morning?  greetings to you, Sir.  It's past lunchtime all over China.05:35
TJ-IRCJOE: You could use something like "iptables-save | grep -v 'reg-exp-to-remove-specific-rules' | iptables-restore"05:35
hypermistwhats the differences between desktop and server05:36
lotuspsychjecfhowlett: bon apetit :p05:36
daftykinsone has a GUI, one does not05:36
hypermistokey dokey ty05:36
cfhowlettTza2f, wrong address.  Mine shows /home/username/.wine/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/05:37
Tza2fcfhowlett, my ubuntu it's in another linguage, but error that shows says that is an error of syntax close to token unexpected05:44
Tza2fwhen i'm try your directory05:44
Tza2fonly way a can enter /Program Files/ is .../Program\ Files/05:46
Tza2fso i guess i'm just missing the way i write the directory. i've many forms without sucess05:47
cfhowlettTza2f, you need to use single quote marks, e.g. cd 'Program Files'05:48
whologingood evening05:48
whologinwhats up cf05:48
cfhowlettgreetings whologin05:48
TJ-Tza2f: For paths that contains spaces you can either 'escape' each space with "\ " or surround the path with double or single quotes as "\path\with spaces\in\"05:48
whologintried lubuntu on vm. but the install kept crashing05:49
whologinare there any other lite weight distros i can try?05:49
lotuspsychje!flavors | whologin05:50
ubottuwhologin: !Ubuntu-GNOME, !Kubuntu, !Xubuntu and !Lubuntu are simply flavors of Ubuntu that come with GNOME, KDE, Xfce, and LXDE (respectively) installed as default, instead of Unity. Other specialized flavors of Ubuntu include !Edubuntu, Ubuntu !Studio, and !Mythbuntu.05:50
cfhowlettwhologin, xubuntu/lubuntu05:50
Tza2fi get it. I entered. Thanks guys05:50
whologinill try xubuntu05:50
whologinwhat would the optimal cpy ram and video settings be for a quard core atom 1.6 2g ram and intel graphis(onboard) ?05:51
whologinim vm i mean05:51
lotuspsychjewhologin: with 2gig ram you can sue unity aswell05:52
whologinalso what was that off topic channel?05:52
lotuspsychje!discuss | whologin05:52
ubottuwhologin: Want to talk about Ubuntu but don't have a support question. Join #ubuntu-discuss, for other non-support  discussion not Ubuntu related you can also join #ubuntu-offtopic. Thank you.05:52
whologincool ty05:52
whologinlot i tried full 14.04 and its super laggy05:53
whologini gave the vm halg of my 2g05:53
cfhowlettwhologin, you can run ubuntu with 2g of ram --- doesn't mean you should05:54
lotuspsychjewhologin: did you install ubuntu also physical?05:54
whologinand 2 of 4 cores05:54
whologinnot sure what you mean05:54
lotuspsychjewhologin: not virtual machine05:54
whologinyes i tried that but i cant reboot after install05:54
whologinuefi POS05:55
lotuspsychjewhologin: disabled fastboot + secureboot?05:55
whologinsir yes sir05:55
whologini followed alot of guides05:55
whologinas far as i could05:55
lotuspsychjewhologin: error on booting?05:55
whologinthey ar not newb friendly05:56
whologinno error, just bios05:56
lotuspsychjewhologin: what you mean just bios05:56
whologintried manual override boot too05:56
whologinmost instructions involve modifying grub05:56
lotuspsychjewhologin: if you cant install ubuntu, your uefi settings must be still wrong05:57
whologinwhen i try to boot ubuntu manualy from the bios it just goes back to the bios screen05:57
lotuspsychjewhologin: doublecheck all settings again05:57
cfhowlettwhologin, that's a sure sign that the settings need adjustig05:57
whologinits a laptop so i dont have advanced bios options05:57
TJ-whologin: There are a few UEFI laptops/notebooks around that have bugs in their firmware that prevents Ubuntu/Linux adding itself to the system's boot manager menu05:58
TJ-whologin: is it a Lenovo by any chance?05:58
whologinasus x205ta05:58
whologini read http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=225432205:58
whologinwhich leads to https://github.com/lopaka/instructions/blob/master/ubuntu-14.10-install-asus-x205ta.md05:59
whologinmost ppl agree this is the way05:59
lotuspsychjesome systems have also an intel option in bios to disable to install ubuntu on, cant recall name of setting05:59
whologinbut i cant follow it05:59
whologinsomeone need to make this process a clickable app05:59
TJ-whologin: That has a 32-bit UEFI implementation I think, but the Installer only installs 64-bit UEFI boot-loader05:59
TJ-bug 134194406:00
ubottubug 1341944 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "32-Bit UEFI bootloader support needed" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/134194406:00
whologinso to get the usb to boot i have to add bootia32.efi to my efi/boot folder first06:00
daftykinsit's still at undecided? shocking06:01
whologinthen the bios can see and boot the flash drive06:01
RelapseBought the LFCS training to get certified today,06:01
TJ-whologin: I assume the installer can't boot in UEFI mode in this case?06:01
cfhowlettRelapse, ??? wrong channel.  offtopic or ubuntu-discuss please06:01
whologinthe community needs to get on this or new laptop users will not be able to upgrade from windows to linux06:02
Relapsecfhowlett, I see your point.06:02
daftykinsi disagree with the use of "upgrade" in that sentence - and not many laptops use these implementations - so kind of but no06:03
cfhowlettwhologin, or perhaps users will purchase laptops from the linux certified list so they don't have to do all this hacking?  for example: my Dell.  turn on, login, ubuntu ready.  3 minutes06:03
whologinfor $200? i doubt it06:04
cfhowlettwhologin, $299 Dell certified, ubuntu installed OEM06:04
whologini bought this thing thinking i could finally learn to use linux06:04
whologinsorry $200 canadian :)06:04
daftykinsthat wasn't a wise move ^_^06:04
whologinnaw i can still study with it06:05
cfhowlettwhologin, http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/desktop/06:05
whologinim using codeacademy to learn some new stuff.06:05
whologinim working on all the cmd line stuff06:05
cfhowlettwhologin, wait, what?  problem solved!  start windows, install vbox, install ubuntu server and code your heart out!06:06
whologini can definately make a lot of folder and text files now. ha06:06
TJ-I've updated the bug so it catches some attention06:06
whologinserver what now??06:07
cfhowlett!server | whologin06:07
ubottuwhologin: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide - Support in #ubuntu-server06:07
whologinthin client?06:07
cfhowlett!ltsp | whologin06:07
ubottuwhologin: LTSP is the Linux Terminal Server Project, which adds thin-client support to Linux servers. See chapter 3 of the !edubuntuhandbook, http://www.ltsp.org and/or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux_Terminal_Server_Project06:07
whologinoh i get it06:07
whologinsuper lite with no gui06:07
whologincan i still install programs like vlc and a torrentr client?06:08
cfhowlettwhologin, "no gui"06:09
whologintotally shrugging my shoulders here06:09
cfhowlettwhologin, vlc is a gui program, no?06:09
whologinright but ill be in a vm in windows so it wont matter06:10
jasonj8It's actually not strictly a gui program. That's just the default interface.06:10
alazare619i have a lvm pool06:10
alazare619i added more storage to the mounted qcow206:10
alazare619fdisk shows /dev/vdb as now 2.5tb's06:11
cfhowlettwhologin, if you're trying to learn cli, use cli tools, e.g. mplayer06:11
cfhowlettand aplayer06:11
alazare619how can i grow it properly its not letting me in system-config-lvm06:11
whologinback in a bit. teaching my daughter to install ubuntu from a flash drive on our main family pc06:11
whologinmplayer will play videos on server edition?06:11
cfhowlett!info mplayer06:12
ubottuPackage mplayer does not exist in vivid06:12
cfhowlettwhologin, it will06:13
Ash12whats this place?06:15
cfhowlett!topic | Ash1206:15
ubottuAsh12: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic06:15
baizon!info mplayer206:19
ubottumplayer2 (source: mplayer2): next generation movie player for Unix-like systems. In component universe, is extra. Version 2.0-728-g2c378c7-4 (vivid), package size 1018 kB, installed size 2683 kB06:19
cfhowlettthat's the one!  thanks Baizon06:20
baizon!info mpv06:20
ubottumpv (source: mpv): video player based on MPlayer/mplayer2. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.8.0-1ubuntu1 (vivid), package size 816 kB, installed size 2097 kB06:20
baizonthese 2 options are available06:20
chalcedonymy husband is having problems getting his main hard drive to boot. he gets an error: Unknown file system ; Entering rescue mode ... ; grub rescue>06:36
chalcedonythis is a desktop. he is /not/ running windows anything (which i'm reading about when i search for the error online06:37
chalcedonyhe's running Ubuntu 14.0406:38
TJ-chalcedony: the usual cause for that issue is that the file-system containing GRUB's menu.cfg and essential modules cannot be found.06:39
chalcedonywhat can i do?06:39
TJ-chalcedony: Which file-system that is depends on whether Ubuntu/Linux is installed with a separate /boot/ partition-file-system - if not, then GRUB's files will be in the operating system root file-system06:40
chalcedonyi mumbled about the 15.04 live DVD i made him06:40
chalcedonyTJ-, i doubt that he did the custom installation06:41
TJ-chalcedony: first thing to do, when you get the "rescue>" prompt is to to find out where grub thinks its files are. "set" will report GRUB variables. The important two are "prefix" and "root"06:41
chalcedonyok TJ- thanks let me go see06:41
TJ-chalcedony: since the last successful boot have any extra storage devices been added (hard drives, flash storage - possibly attached with USB)06:42
chalcedonyTJ-, not usb but he's removed and replaced the motherboard and power supply, dunno which drives are different06:44
TJ-chalcedony: Ahhhh! it is possible with a replacement motherboard that 1 of 2 things could change. The first is the mode the disk controller uses to access the disk drives. If the drive is relatively recent then the controller should be using AHCI mode, which needs setting in the motherboard Setup.06:46
chalcedonyprefix=)nsd s6/boot/grub root=hd0,msdos106:46
TJ-chalcedony: the second issue can sometimes be that the mobo has multiple SATA controllers, and sometimes only 1 of them can have boot drives attached to its ports06:47
TJ-chalcedony: There was a typo there with "prefix=..." I think?06:47
TJ-chalcedony: That 2nd issue can't be causing this since the mobo has managed to read the bootstrap and GRUB's core.img code from the drive06:49
chalcedonyTJ-, yes - i'm copying from notes - computer is across the room06:49
TJ-chalcedony: give me a moment to start a GRUB virtual machine I have here, so I can replicate the "rescue>" situation06:50
chalcedonyTJ-, thank you VERY much :)06:50
TJ-chalcedony: That prefix - based on what root= says - should be "prefix=(hd0,msdos1)/boot/grub"06:51
chalcedonyi'll go look again06:51
chalcedonyTJ-, it is actually what i'm typing - i agree that an umatched ) is weird06:53
TJ-chalcedony: That is the fault then!06:53
chalcedonyhow do we fix?06:53
TJ-chalcedony: was the mobo replaced due to a fault? I wonder if another issue was corrupted disk drive contents06:54
chalcedonyTJ-, the board has an onboard nic - it wasn't seeing the lan06:54
decciAny ide what would be unum for %^&"06:56
TJ-chalcedony: OK... well let's see what we can do about getting you from rescue into the real system06:58
chalcedonyTJ-, super! thank you :)06:58
yermhello everybod06:59
squeakytoy2hey all, i have a newbie question. I am running the command: "servercommand & > log.txt", a log.txt files gets created but noting gets appended. "servercommand &> log.txt" logs to file, but when i dot ctrl+c interrupt, i actually kill my server command - what is the right syntax to use?07:00
=== hxm is now known as Guest51177
TJ-chalcedony: First you need to confirm that grub's core.img (which is what gives you the very limited rescue command-line) can see the drive. Type "ls" (LiSt) to see the drives and partitions that have been found. To fix this, you must be able to see (hd0,msdos1)07:02
chalcedonyTJ-, okies checking :)07:02
squeakytoy2oh, the command is "servercommand > log.txt &" and not "servercommand & > log.txt"07:05
chalcedonyTJ-, (hd0) (hd0,msdos5) (hd0,msdos1)07:06
=== matthew is now known as Guest36392
TJ-chalcedony: looking good then. OK 3 commands *should* get you booted. "set prefix=(hd0,msdos1)/boot/grub"   then "insmod normal"  then "normal" assuming no error messages from those commands you will now be at the standard GRUB boot menu07:07
shafoxI have a Dell laptop Inspiron 14 5000 series which includes windows with nVIDIA GeForce 820M/920M Graphics Driver , I have instaled ubuntu 14.04 where can I download the same video driver for ubuntu ?07:07
shafoxIs this the correct one http://www.geforce.com/drivers/results/83686 ? Not sure need an advice07:08
chalcedonyTJ-, going to try :)07:10
OneM_IndustriesWhat is a good temp for a HDD?07:10
OneM_IndustriesMine are currently 30C, not sure if that is a bit warm.07:10
=== Yukkino is now known as Yukkii
yakovOneM_Industries, http://www.buildcomputers.net/hdd-temperature.html07:12
Ben64shafox: no, get the driver from the ubuntu software center07:12
chalcedonyTJ-, i put in insmod normal and got back: Error: Unknown file system07:12
OneM_IndustriesAh ha, perfect temp. Nice!07:13
TJ-chalcedony: OK... this seems to indicate the disk is corrupt07:13
chalcedonyTJ-, ouch07:14
TJ-chalcedony: You'll need a Live ISO image on DVD or preferably a USB flash device, boot that, and use to explore the extent of the corruption and either repair it, or recover vital data and reinstall07:14
chalcedonyTJ-, i see. what's the preference for USB?07:15
TJ-chalcedony: In case it's not disk corruption, but the new motherboard+RAM modules causing memory corruption right now, when you start the Live ISO image at its boot menu use the 'memtest' option and thoroughly test the system RAM07:15
chalcedonyah ok good idea07:16
TJ-chalcedony: I'd suggest the Ubuntu Desktop Live for 14.04 Trusty07:16
shafoxBen64: Not sure which one to install. In ubuntu software center i can only see this package nvidia binary x.org driver, while in askubuntu and in another blog post suggests to use a ppa. Confused. :/07:16
TJ-chalcedony: Right now we don't know if the corruption exists on the disk, or only once it has been read into system memory07:16
chalcedonyTJ-, no but i meant why USB over DVD?07:16
chalcedonygood point07:17
TJ-chalcedony: Time it takes, waste of a DVD07:17
chalcedonyTJ-, ok good he's got lots of dvds. has a thing about usb.07:17
TJ-chalcedony: OK, well good luck with it :)07:18
chalcedonyTJ-, thanks a lot for your help :)07:18
Gold_Elf? not sure07:27
yakovneither I07:27
Ben64shafox: open the software center, go to Edit -> Software Sources, then Additional Drivers07:29
shafoxBen64: I see 3 optioins: Nvidia binary driver version 346.82 from nvidia-346, Nvidia binary driver version 346.82 from nvidia-346-updates, and last one is x.org x server nouveau display driver from xserver-xorg-video-nouveau07:31
shafoxWhich one to choose the update one or without update one ?07:32
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DroWnDoes anyone's Dash widgets work in KDE 5.3?07:45
DroWnMine only stick to the desktop,won't stick to dash07:45
DroWnThere isn't a whole lot on this,I saw some other people with the same issue,but I can't seem to find if this applies to every distro or just a Kubuntu bug07:45
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leverquinhello i got ubuntu 14.04 yesterday and my codeblocks won't build and run code.09:06
cfhowlettleverquin, 14.04.3 is the current version.  sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade09:09
leverquinnothing happend09:10
leverquinstill can't build and run09:10
cfhowlettleverquin,  I don't code, but I'd guess you need to grab the compiler??? or something?  someone smarter than I would know09:11
leverquini got code blocks that is IDE09:11
leverquinselected compiler is GNU GCC compiler09:11
cfhowlettleverquin, again: I don't code.  over my head.  someone else would know09:11
=== aryan__ is now known as arunpyasi
leverquinits okay09:12
leverquinthanks anyway09:12
TangurinHi, I am trying to install OH-MY-ZSH but when I run: sudo curl -L http://install.ohmyz.sh | sh , I get the message: git not installed! I got GIT installed and can run GIT in /var/www/site_folder but now it doesn't work?09:13
wydhryTangurin - can u run git in current terminal?09:17
Tangurinwydhry: yeah, then I got the helper text, "usage: git ...."09:17
Tangurinwydhry:  even if I run it in /etc folder09:18
wydhryPlease download it the sh file .. and edit it, might be misconfigured git location09:18
Tangurinwydhry: I wrote sudo su and got root access( I think?) and then I ran the commands and it seemed to work, was that the problem? shouldn't sudo be enough?09:21
wydhryMaybe. Could be anything09:22
Tangurinhmm true... sounds like a normal ubuntu day for me "could be anything" ;)09:23
EriC^^Tangurin: i think it's the line hash git .... || exit09:24
Tangurinwhat do you mean EriC^^ ?09:24
EriC^^in the script there's a line hash git >/dev/null ...... || echo "git not installed"; exit09:25
EriC^^Tangurin: maybe your path doesn't include git09:31
EriC^^and root's does09:31
Tangurinokey.. can I change this in some way EriC^^ ? this is so damn complicated! no when I got success I cannot even find the .zshrc file to set alias and etc09:32
wieselchenHi, what kind of directories should I include for my system backup? I currently only think of /etc and ~09:32
EriC^^where are you running the command in? which directory?09:32
EriC^^Tangurin: also as your user, type which git09:32
EriC^^Tangurin: it's cause you installed the script using root so it was installed to /root09:32
TangurinEriC^^: usr/bin/git09:33
Tangurinis that bad or doesn't it matter?09:33
EriC^^ok, type cd as your user to go to your home dir09:33
EriC^^then try running the script again09:33
TangurinEriC^^:  I will make a summary of this now: I could not install ZSH so I wrote sudo su and got root access and then it worked. then I rebooted the ubuntu server and logged in with normal user account. But it seems like I was still  root even if I rebooted the server, so I wrote sudo su again and now I am the normal user again, and not root. when I wrote "cd" now, I come to the home folder where my .zshrc file ise09:36
TangurinEriC^^: Everythings seems to be alright then, or is this a bad practice?09:36
EriC^^it doesn't make sense09:36
Tangurinokey :/09:37
akikTangurin: you should always use sudo su -09:37
akikTangurin: otherwise you're left with environment from your normal account09:38
TangurinWhen I login I the terminal shows my servername and a percent (%)09:38
EriC^^type id09:38
TangurinEriC^^: Okey when I login I am not root, I am the user tangurin, but when I write sudo su, I get the root09:39
Tangurinand when I write sudo su I get colors in the terminal09:39
EriC^^yes, root is using zsh i think09:39
TangurinEriC^^: I think that too.. can I get that to all users?09:39
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TangurinWhen I write: echo $0 as root I get "zsh" when I write echo $0 as tangurin (user) I get "-zsh"09:40
EriC^^try to run the script as your user09:41
Tangurinwhat script do you mean now, the zsh?09:42
EriC^^yeah the install.sh09:42
Tangurinbtw should't I deactivate root user? for the security?09:43
Tangurinfatal: could not create work tree dir '/var/www/.oh-my-zsh'.: Permission denied , git not installed09:43
EriC^^it's already deactivated09:43
cfhowlettTangurin, you could.   most don't.09:43
cfhowlett!root | Tangurin09:44
ubottuTangurin: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo09:44
EriC^^Tangurin: type cd first to go to your home dir, then run the script09:44
Tangurinwhat do you mean ubottu?09:44
TangurinEriC^^: I have changed my home directory to /var/www09:44
Tangurinwas that wrong to do EriC^^?09:44
Tangurincfhowlett: what is that?09:45
EriC^^what do you mean by you changed it to /var/www ?09:45
cfhowlettTangurin,  you asked about root.  see the wiki09:45
Tangurinso when I login via sftp or ssh I come to /var/www09:45
TangurinI asked about if I was supposed to disabled root login, cfhowlett09:45
EriC^^that's odd i think09:45
wydhryReally odd09:46
Tangurinwydhry: okey thought it was I good idea09:46
Tangurinmay that be the problem why GIT only worked in var/www/"sitefolders"09:47
TangurinNow I got This is the Z Shell configuration function for new users. when I login after changed the home directry wydhry EriC^^09:49
wydhryCould be anything ;)09:49
Tangurinwydhry: haha! but I think it works now when I changed back the home directory, ZSH I mean =) but the colors is ugly as hell now, the colors as better in root :S09:51
mike802hello everyone!09:56
wieselchenhello mike802, Tangurin and MikeLa10:01
bobekI am trying to share my wireless network throw the wired connection10:10
bobekneed help with this10:10
cfhowlett!ics | bobek10:13
ubottubobek: If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing10:13
JunkHunkhello I use keepassx in ubuntu and today when I tried to open a copy of my keepassx db and keyfile I found this: http://www.pasteall.org/pic/show.php?id=9242610:15
JunkHunkwhat should I do? is it a virus?10:15
=== popey_ is now known as popey
leverquinhello why when i play dota 2 or other steam games sound is bugged? do i have to set sound card?10:21
JunkHunkdota 2 in ubuntu?10:22
leverquinit supported10:22
JunkHunkI didnt tried that one10:22
altinhow can I find what does a command do in the background ?10:22
JunkHunkI tried trove and arche age and couldnt play them10:22
leverquinbut its linux native.10:22
altinlets say: xinput set-prop 10 'Device Enabled' 010:23
cfhowlettaltin, run it from terminal with --verbose10:23
leverquinyou want me to type this in terminal xinput set-prop 10 'Device Enabled' 0?10:23
JunkHunknow I cannot play none of them cause my keepassx db is fucked up10:23
cfhowlett!language | JunkHunk,10:24
ubottuJunkHunk,: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList10:24
MonkeyDustaltin  try the 'watch' command, like    watch unity-settings-daemon10:25
cfhowlettMonkeyDust, didn't know about command.  tyvm!10:26
MonkeyDustcfhowlett  here to help!10:26
MonkeyDustaltin  in your case   watch xinput   or so10:27
altinMonkeyDust: found it10:27
altinMonkeyDust: with watch-prop DEVICEID10:27
altini can see the parameters set to the device10:27
altinhow can I find where is it reading those parameters ?10:28
MonkeyDustaltin  wit 'which' or 'whereis' I guess10:29
bobekyour link not working10:29
MonkeyDustcfhowlett  you can also use 'watch' to monitor lengthy cp or mv commands10:30
cfhowlettMonkeyDust, niiiiiiiiice.  beats the --verbose option10:30
altinhmm MonkeyDust with watch doesn't show anything when the command executes the parameter.. :/10:30
Emulatorshello guys and girls10:31
Emulatorsim trying to install xubuntu along side windows. having litle trouble here, option to install alongside does not apire in install menu and when try to mount partitions i get error "No object for D-Bus interface"10:42
bekksEmulators: Which iso do you use?10:43
Emulatorsbekks, xubuntu 14.4.3 i think latest lts version x64bit10:45
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JusticeIs there a nvidia fresh repository or?10:55
bekksJustice: What do you mean?10:55
Justicebekks: there was discussions before abount having latest nvidia drivers available as default10:56
Justiceheard it was nvidia-fresh repo or something10:57
bekksJustice: I'd bet it was xorg edgers.10:57
Justicebekks: it was something that should be default for ubuntu not the xorg edgers thougih10:58
Guest495hope someone can help me here? :)11:02
bekks!ask | Guest49511:02
ubottuGuest495: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience11:02
Guest495its about user permissions11:02
bekksGuest495: Ask your question.11:02
Guest495i have the lighttpd and now want to use samba11:02
Guest495for the /var/www11:02
bekksGuest495: On one line please.11:02
Guest495but i dont want to change the owner (root)11:02
Ben64ask your question, you're dancing around the actual issue11:02
Guest495i want to give the user test permissions to /var/www11:03
bekksGuest495: Ask your question on one line.11:03
Guest495is it owner root rwx-r-xrwx ??11:03
bekksGuest495: That makes no sense so far. Please rephrase your question on one line.11:04
Guest495i must change the permissions form others?11:04
Guest495how to add user test and add him permissions for /var/www11:04
Ben64are you actually reading anything bekks is saying?11:04
Guest495for writing11:04
bekksObviously not. I'm resting that case.11:05
Guest495i dont want to change the owner . it is the root11:05
Guest495want to login with samba (testuser) but i do not have the permissions on linux11:06
Guest495i have the samba settings its only about the permissions for linux11:06
Guest495anyone understand me lol?11:07
bekksNo. Can you read me?11:07
wydhrynope. Bye11:07
altinI'm doing a: udevadm info --attribute-walk --name=DEVICEPATH11:07
altinon the output11:08
Guest495what? its easy, neu user want to write and read too on /var/www11:08
altinlooking at parent device '/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:14.0/usb3/3-1':11:08
altinthere is this ATTRS{urbnum}=="366"11:08
altinhow can I change that via a UDEV rule ?11:08
altinlet's say I want to change it to 38811:08
bekksaltin: You cannot. You can use an udev rule to do something based on that ATTR.11:08
Guest495chown rwx(root)-r-x(group)-rwx(other user) ??11:09
Ben64Guest495: https://workaround.org/getting-help-on-irc11:09
Guest495last try: how to give new user permissions for writing /var/www ??11:11
wydhryChmod -r 777 /var/www11:12
bekkswydhry: Worst advice ever.11:12
bekkswydhry: That will grant full permissions to everyone accessing the webserver.11:12
wydhryor better rm -rf /var/www11:12
Ben64wydhry: don't do that here11:13
hioi guess the ubuntu developers finally realized how bad apt-get is, that's why they invented snappy core11:13
hioi thought it would never happen11:13
MonkeyDusthio  discussion in #ubuntu-offtopic11:14
DC_whats up11:16
* DC_ slaps DC_ around a bit with a large fishbot11:17
DC_nobody talks in here?11:18
Ben64DC_: this channel is for support only11:18
DC_oh ok im new to it so i was just here to see what people have to say about it ill sit back and watch11:19
opalraavahi all, i've just installed a fresh ubuntu 14.04.3 64-bit from the dvd. I need to install Skype, but i cant see it in the repository. I downloaded the .deb from the skype website but appearantly its 32-bits11:24
xylo_I installed it just like 5 mins ago without any problem11:24
opalraavadid you install it from the repository?11:24
xylo_I downloaded the deb package from skype site11:25
opalraavaok so i should just dpkg -i the thing and it should work? great11:25
Ben64!skype | opalraava11:25
ubottuopalraava: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga11:25
MonkeyDustopalraava  actovate the 3rd party repo, update, install skype11:25
xylo_skype 12.04 (multiarch)11:25
opalraavaah yes, i'll activate that repo, thanks11:26
circle is there a recommended book if I wanted to learn more about linux (particularly using the command line)? there's a lot out there but it's hard to know where to start11:30
xyloHi, guys I hava a question I was always using Ubuntu. I want to try another distro. Which should I try?11:30
=== Yukkino is now known as Dhs92
xylocircle: http://www.tldp.org/LDP/intro-linux/html/index.html11:30
xyloyeah xubuntu ;P11:31
mlvmhnneed some ubuntu help plz11:31
psichasor maybe kubuntu11:31
xylosuch fun11:31
circlexylo, interesting, thanks, i'll check that out11:31
EriC^^mlvmhn: with what?11:31
mlvmhnmy system hangs sometimes, why?11:31
EriC^^mlvmhn: type dmesg after it hangs it might say11:32
DC_is there a way for me to set up this pc to just be a open type server so i can access it from anywhere?11:32
mlvmhncant it hangs cant do anything11:32
mlvmhnu mean after restart?11:32
xylomlvmhn: try ctrl+alft+f111:32
xylothen use terminal11:33
DC_did i have a stupid question lol?11:33
mlvmhnlike ctrl+alt+delete in windows?11:33
bekksmlvmhn: dmesg does not contain any information of a prior boot. You have to take a look at the logs instead.11:33
Ben64DC_: its not very specific, what does 'open type server' mean? and what do you want to access from anywhere?11:33
xyloyou want ftp server?11:34
mlvmhnwhen it hangs, i must hit the power button11:34
MonkeyDustDC_  can you open this? (dropbox has changed, it works differently)   https://www.dropbox.com/home/Public?preview=Ubuntu+Linux+Toolbox.pdf11:34
EriC^^!reisub | mlvmhn11:34
ubottumlvmhn: In an emergency, you may be able to shutdown cleanly and reboot by holding down Alt+PrintScreen and typing, in succession, R, E, I, S, U and B. For an explanation, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key11:34
DC_yeah a ftp server sorry i dont know that much11:34
Ben64DC_: well don't use ftp, its old and bad11:34
Ben64DC_: i'd recommend an ssh server. using that you can transfer files, make a secure tunnel, and a whole lot more11:35
mlvmhnk, but i think Chrome is the villain here, but why?11:35
DC_oh i use to be into computers like 7 years ago just now trying to paly around with it again i used phpnuke and stuff for websites it seems like nothing is close to the same lol11:35
DC_ssh? and would i access it by ip?11:36
EriC^^mlvmhn: after you restart, check /var/log/syslog or /var/log/kern.log11:36
mlvmhnin terminal?11:37
Ben64DC_: ip or domain name perhaps11:37
EriC^^mlvmhn: yes, type less /var/log/syslog11:37
mlvmhnk will do11:37
DC_is there a way to install windows games on to ubuntu like world of warcraft?11:39
mlvmhnshall i take a print screen?11:39
faucondc: use wine11:39
EriC^^no, you can type cat /var/log/syslog | nc termbin.com 9999 to send it to a pastebin and get the link11:40
EriC^^mlvmhn: ^11:40
DC_and that runs .exe?11:40
mlvmhnin one sentence?11:40
EriC^^mlvmhn: yes11:40
faucondc_: yeah I play assultcube.exe using it.11:40
mlvmhn cat /var/log/syslog | nc termbin.com 9999 ?11:40
DC_thanks ill see if i can figure it out11:41
mlvmhnbut i know Chrome is the main reason, but why?11:41
EriC^^mlvmhn: is it up to date?11:42
ira_DC_: open config.wtf and change: SET gxApi "D3D11" to ET gxApi "opengl" then just open wow.exe with wine11:43
mlvmhnyes, i have 15 tabs and when one tab is updating it can hang the whole system ;(11:43
DC_there is more then one wine does it matter witch one i get and if i get more then one is that a problem?11:44
wydhryIra_ good ext .wtf - lol11:44
faucondc_: try to use the latest11:44
wydhryIra_ btw your nick remind me of one of my best friend in college11:45
wydhryAre u from indonesia?11:45
wydhryOhh ... lithuania, eu .. hikz11:47
wydhryI mean inet.fi ...11:47
MonkeyDustwydhry  STOP11:47
DC_do you use  software center for most of your software or download it from a browser?11:47
chalcedonyif i want to replace /etc/network/interfaces on ubuntu 14.04 - i have tried sudo vi (which edits horribly!)  sudo gedit (big error) and sudo nano -- it won't let me save and exit in nano?11:49
MonkeyDustDC_  or from the terminal, using sudo apt install blah11:49
EriC^^DC_: usually check software center or apt-get , if it's not there and you need it then check the web for good projects on sourceforge and the likes11:50
=== martinst is now known as martins-afk
DC_i feel like learning terminal is a long process but i feel like its so important and is linux hackable?11:50
MonkeyDustDC_  linux is opensource, no need to 'hack'11:51
DC_i mean like from keyloggers ect11:51
EriC^^DC_: it depends on what you install11:51
chalcedonyDC_, step 1 apt-get install vim - then use it.11:51
EriC^^linux being open source means bugs will surface and be fixed, and at the same time it means unofficial bugs can be found more easily and used11:52
DC_i didnt know if there is a keylogger or anything like that for linux like could people hack your pc useing unbuntu11:52
EriC^^DC_: as a user i wouldn't be worried, if you dont run random software that's not from the repos and don't run services on your pc you wouldn't have any problem11:53
opalraavaok so i installed Skype, according to the community help page, but somehow my system settings app was uninstalled11:55
opalraavaif i search for system settings from the dash, it's not there11:55
opalraavaand i need settings to figure out why my microphone doesnt work11:56
opalraavai'm aware that skype is not the best app, but i'm installing this for somebody else11:56
EriC^^opalraava: unity?11:57
poppehi all. Does anyone know why I cant find "linux-backports-modules" in synaptic?11:57
EriC^^type sudo apt-get install --reinstall unity-control-center11:58
DC_is there a free music program for ubuntu?11:59
faucondc_: if u wanna know about true unix break ur sys sometime. don't worry always keep backup. get ur hands dirty11:59
EriC^^DC_: music editing ? or listening?11:59
opalraavaEric, if i type that it says it will remove pulseaudio:i386 which i need (for skype)11:59
fauconrythymbox, vlc11:59
bishopsHi guys, how can one check why why/if one's laptop is booting to slow?12:00
EriC^^opalraava: that's odd12:00
opalraavaseems as if the two packages bite eachother?12:00
fauconbishops: check ur system startups12:00
MonkeyDustbishops  disable services12:00
bishopsfaucon: you mean apps starting with sys?12:00
ioriaopalraava, run from terminal unity-control-center12:01
DC_ok i got battle.net to install but it wont let me select a region?12:01
fauconbishops: yeah12:01
fauconbishops: like mysql, apache when u don't need it.12:01
bishopsI think what's slow is before the word "ubuntu" appears on the screen, there is a long lag time there12:01
opalraavaioria: that says unity-control-center is not installed12:01
ioriaopalraava, ?_?12:02
luckybunnywhere would I change the colours of my title bars in unity?12:02
fauconbishops: sys specs?12:02
MonkeyDustbishops  http://paste.ubuntu.com/12222380/12:02
luckybunnyI don't want to change the theme, only the colours12:02
opalraavait seems as if unity-control-center wants 64 bits pulse audio and nothing else12:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1423414 in unity-control-center (Ubuntu) "unity-control-center will deinstall lts-utopic" [Undecided,Confirmed]12:02
bishopsMonkeyDust: thanks12:02
bishopsfaucon: how to check sys specs12:03
fauconbishops: i mean what is ur configuration12:03
DC_where is my config.wtf12:04
bishopsfaucon: ubuntu 14.04 ?12:04
EriC^^opalraava: try to reinstall unity-control-center12:04
fauconbishops: no dude, I meant how RAM, processsor? etc12:05
poppeTo update my kernel is it as easy as go to synaptic and install the latest linux-image (linux-image-3.19.0-26-generic)?12:05
EriC^^opalraava: i dont have pulseaudio:i386 installed and skype is working12:05
tigga_n00bzhello, may I ask a small question :D12:05
HadesWatch3rubuntu 15.04 is there a  way to move the maximize/minimize buttons to the right?12:05
bishopsfaucon: aah Intel core i5 cpu @1.70Ghz, 64bit, 4Gb12:06
faucontigga_n00bz: don't ask to ask questions12:06
MonkeyDustHadesWatch3r  you're not the first to ask... no, there's no way, get used to the buttons on the left12:06
EriC^^HadesWatch3r: no12:06
HadesWatch3rMonkeyDust thank you.12:06
tigga_n00bzok thank u faucon12:06
HadesWatch3rEric^^ thank you.12:06
fauconbishops: how much time does it take to boot? r u dual booting12:06
bishopsfaucon: maybe 10 sec, no dual booting.12:07
Bern_Hello. I was wondering if ubuntu have any impact on soundcards? I've heard win8 is causing issues with some soundcards. I thought of installing an Xonar DGX in my system.12:07
fauconbishops: I thinks ur sys is just fine.12:08
tigga_n00bzon website of ubuntu-mate it said torrent hash for ubuntu-mate-15.04-desktop-armhf-raspberry-pi-2.img.bz2 is ea74db696bb50907a12ffbc2f2eeb4b5 but torrent via official website is 02666744900bf0326ed1301a21af42db  after download12:08
bishopsfaucon: haha yes possible!12:08
Ben64tigga_n00bz: looks like you got a bad copy maybe12:08
tigga_n00bzok thank u @ben6412:09
fauconbishops: if ur hash does'nt match discard it.12:09
EriC^^tigga_n00bz: the hash shows up here12:09
faucontigga_n00bz: if ur hash does'nt match discard it.12:09
bishopsfaucon: what's hash?12:10
EriC^^https://ubuntu-mate.org/raspberry-pi/ tigga_n00bz12:10
tigga_n00bzok thank u all eric faucon and ben64 <312:10
fauconbishops: I was saying it to tigga not to u12:10
fauconbishops: sorry12:10
bishopsfaucon: yes i then guessed12:11
opalraavaEric, ok i'll try that12:12
Ben64tigga_n00bz: i just used the torrent and got ea74db696bb50907a12ffbc2f2eeb4b5 so you should definitely download it again, maybe your torrent didn't finish?12:14
tigga_n00bzJust finished downloading and checking, probably odd error. now is good. thanks again : ) @ben64 and rest12:15
EriC^^tigga_n00bz: i agree with Ben6412:15
tigga_n00bzok bye and thank u all12:17
DC_dang world of warcraft now uses battle client so i get a error when i open it is there anyway to edit a file to fix that? so i can install wow?12:17
MonkeyDustDC_  is that in wine?12:18
DC_i used wine to open ot12:18
MonkeyDustot = it?12:19
DC_i installed battle.net but now i cant install the game12:19
MonkeyDustDC_  better ask in #winehq, i guess12:19
opalraavaEriC^^: it seems better now that i removed pulseaudio:i386, i have my settings back. it might be an error in the help page to specify one must install pulseaudio:i386 (i followed the instructions on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype )12:20
=== nerofox is now known as Guest58228
Kartagishow do I prevent dropbox from starting as another user?12:27
MonkeyDustKartagis  how did you make it start as another user i the first place, i find no way to do that12:29
KartagisMonkeyDust: I renamed my home folder12:29
MonkeyDustKartagis  so it's not another user, it's you with a different name?12:30
MonkeyDustKartagis  my guess, unlink and re-link dropbox12:30
Kartagisin info.json, it specifies my right $HOME12:31
=== martins-afk is now known as martinst
fauconKartagis: can't u configure dropbox to start for ur new $HOME?12:36
Kartagistrying to unlink it now12:36
PenguinologistHey all. I recently installed Ubuntu 15.04 and I have problem with Network Manager and VPN. Does anyone know better fix for this? http://paste.ubuntu.com/12222545/12:36
fauconPenguinologist: what problem?12:37
Penguinologistfaucon, Well I can not connect the VPN before I delete " ~/.gconf/apps/nm-applet/%gconf.xml " file.12:38
=== jeff_ is now known as Guest53077
Kartagisweird, dropbox start -i is still asking for authorisation12:43
MonkeyDustKartagis  maybe only the first time12:43
medicijnmani've messed around with some ppa's in order to get h265 working in vlc, but know m4a playback is most of the times broken. in some cases vlc (and parole media player) can't play m4a at all, sometimes the total length is about two times the real length. where do i start to fix this problem?12:44
=== darkbasic_ is now known as darkbasic
MonkeyDustmedicijnman  i read here, it's a mac os extension... can you open it with another player?12:45
MonkeyDustmedicijnman  many people have the same problem, in windows too.. seems you have to convert it to some other readable format12:47
BluesKajHiyas all12:47
medicijnmanMonkeyDust: you mean m4a? before i tried installing h265 support it worked without any problems12:49
MonkeyDustmedicijnman  can you not simply uninstall h256 support?12:50
medicijnmanMonkeyDust: i already tried to uninstall h265 but this made m4a and mp4 playback completely broken (i.e. could not play both formats at all)12:51
MonkeyDustmedicijnman  so m4a and mp4 are conflicting, right?12:52
tedjamHi, I am trying to cp this file on my machine, but it is saying 'cannot stat /path/file.so No such file', But when I am in the directory and ls, it is there, but ls -l file.so says 'Can not access /path/file.so No such file'. I am a complete beginner, and google was no help. Any Ideas?12:53
EriC^^tedjam: what's the command you're using?12:53
medicijnmanMonkeyDust: i don't know for sure. i can't seek in vlc or parole media player (it segfaults if i try to seek). vlc seems more stable than parole with my broken m4a/mp4 setup12:53
tedjamsudo cp /home/ubuntu/TSI/ioncube/ioncube_loader_5.5.so /usr/lib/php5/20121212/12:54
MonkeyDustmedicijnman  #ubuntustudio is multimedia dedicated, try and ask there12:54
mangakamang aka12:54
medicijnmanMonkeyDust: thanks. i'll ask the guys there. thanks anyway12:54
MonkeyDustmangaka  it works, we see ypou12:54
EriC^^tedjam: can you type sudo ls -l /home/ubuntu/TSI/ioncube/ioncube*.so and paste in paste.ubuntu.com ?12:55
tedjamEriC^^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12222661/12:56
EriC^^tedjam: the file as a _lin_ in it that you're missing12:57
tedjamEriC^^, Sorry, thanks for spotting that stupid mistake12:58
Sientehello guys, how to install skype on Ubuntu?13:03
ubottuTo install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga13:03
fauconi second ubottu13:03
fauconuse open protocols13:04
poppeHow can I get out of X? I mean down to text shell.13:11
MonkeyDustpoppe  ctrl-alt-f1 is one way13:12
ricardyou better have connected the PC to HDMI DVI-D 18 + 1pin or have a vga cable13:12
poppeMonkeyDust: thanks!! :)13:12
MonkeyDustpoppe  f2, f3 etc ... f7 brings you back to X13:13
akikpoppe: if you stop your login manager, you'll end up in the text console13:13
poppeakik: ist that "sudo service lightdm stop" ? Im on lubuntu.13:14
akikbut yes ctrl-alt-f1 is better, no processes are stopped13:14
akikpoppe: yes13:15
poppeakik: I want to kill the processes because I want to edit a config file (X -configure).13:15
akikoh ok then stopping lightdm is good13:16
poppeakik: how do I boot x afterwards?13:16
akikit will close x window system13:16
akikpoppe: just start up the login manager again13:16
admin-ghello guys i would love some help with installing kubuntu-desktop that was the exact thing i put in and now when i start my computer i get a black screen with a mouse in the middle13:17
poppeakiki: in the old days you used "startx" do you use "sudo service lightdm start" now?13:18
akikpoppe: yes13:19
akikstartx was used after user login13:19
akikthe login manager is running as root (sddm on ubuntu 15.04)13:20
poppeakik: ahh ok interesting and thanks a lot !! :)13:20
MonkeyDustpoppe  sounds like you learned something new here!13:21
akikit's a bit hard to keep up with the development of bits and pieces13:22
poppeMonkeyDust akik: definitely I love to get my hand dirty. I havent been on a linux mashine in some time though. I really like it but it is a lot to do before you get it running smoothly. But as I said I like it a lot. :)13:25
Sientesee you13:25
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=== g_byers is now known as Guest6029
Guest883when i change the hostname from samba server i can not connect13:29
stephen_I just downloaded a software and can't find it13:29
Guest883can you help me?13:29
poppeMonkeyDust akik: an other question if you have time. I followed a guide on how to enable my wifi nic (http://askubuntu.com/questions/235279/my-wifi-adapter-is-not-working-at-all-how-to-troubleshoot) but i cant find any linux-backports-modules in synaptic or apt-get (think they use the same source) do any of you know whats up with that?13:29
HadesWatch3rAnyone know why corebird has a transparent background?13:32
MonkeyDust!find corebird13:33
ubottuPackage/file corebird does not exist in vivid13:33
MonkeyDustHadesWatch3r  what's corebird?13:33
MonkeyDustHadesWatch3r  oh, a ppa, better ask the maintainer13:33
=== Bob is now known as Guest13542
HadesWatch3rok, thank you.13:33
server2clientwhy does my ubunti git slow in two  monyhs after installation?13:35
HadesWatch3rhow to remove a ppa  ?13:35
vagvafhello, i run a python script through terminal. is there any way to see the time it started and the time it finished?13:37
MonkeyDustvagvaf  try putting the command 'time' in front13:37
EriC^^vagvaf: or you can run script /path/to/log -c <command>13:38
=== martinst is now known as martins-afk
EriC^^it should say the time it started and finished13:38
vagvafMonkeyDust, EriC^^ , thanks, but is there any way to see it now? (through a log or something?) execution time was about 18-22 hours...13:38
HadesWatch3rfound it .. add --remove13:39
sever2clientwhy does my ubunti git slow in two  monyhs after installation?13:39
sever2clientwhy does my ubunti git slow in two  monyhs after installation?13:41
MonkeyDust!patience | sever2client13:43
ubottusever2client: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/13:43
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sever2clienton opening terminal  everytime it shows The program 'banner' is currently not installed. To run 'banner' please ask your administrator to install the package 'sysvbanner'13:51
sever2clientim fed up of it? how to fix it13:51
akikpoppe: i'm not sure what happened to linux-backports-modules. maybe you should try to search more to find a solution for your version of ubuntu and your wifi chip13:52
BlackDalekwhat do I need to install to access another PC's desktop remotely on my LAN? both PCs are running ubuntu 15.04. I turned on desktop sharing on the target PC, now what do I need on this PC to access the remote PC?13:55
BlackDalekI found remminam which looks like it might do what I want, but can't figure out how to use it.13:56
MonkeyDustBlackDex  if ssh suits you, try gigolo14:02
BlackDaleknevermind I figured it out using vnc4server14:03
poppeurl to nic drivers? I have read somewhere that it exists a page on the net where a record of drivers to nic under linux are put together, anyone knows about it?14:17
akikpoppe: did you use lspci to check what your wifi chip is?14:19
poppeakik yes it is a RTL8188CUS and it drops the connection and needs to be restarted every 5 min.14:20
=== sorinello_ is now known as sorinello
poppeakiki: driver=rtl8192cu14:21
akikpoppe: check iwconfig and see if you have power management on or off14:21
poppeakik: Power Management:off14:22
poppeakik: http://askubuntu.com/questions/236617/how-to-install-driver-for-rtl8188cus-wireless-adaptor14:23
akiki bought one of those adapters from china and couldn't make it work reliably :(14:23
poppeakik: I bought it in dubai on dragon mart (biggest representation of Chinese goods outside china.)14:24
hektomy crontab has been deleted somehow.. curious if that is something that can happen during upgrade or something?14:24
akikpoppe: http://askubuntu.com/questions/236600/how-can-i-fix-errors-installing-d-link-dwa-121-wireless-driver-tarball/236625#23662514:24
akikpoppe: but i'm not sure if you should step off the safe ubuntu road14:26
=== dominus_ is now known as rikut
poppeakik: I tried to download the backport but it does not exist. Dont know how it works. I will recompile the kernel due to a hw problem I have so it would be nice with all the drivers in place so I could do the .config easy.14:29
beakyhow do i lock my screen to prevent cat from typing on keyboard while im away14:29
akikpoppe: it might be easier to buy an adapter which is known to work14:30
pauljwbeaky: alt-ctl-L works for me14:30
poppeakik: yes :) suggestions?14:30
poppeakik: I have a pcie 4 place no pci and usb. I rather have usb if i can find one that is stable.14:31
akikonly suggestion is to avoid realtek :)14:32
akikintel is supposedly best14:32
poppeakik: hahaha... ok. thanks. :)14:33
beakyi tried that but when my cat slept on my keyboard it froze the lock display14:35
beakywhat do i do now to unfreeze it :(14:35
MonkeyDustbeaky  ctrl-alt backspace14:36
akikMonkeyDust: that hasn't been configured since years by default14:36
beakyalso when i have max-screen xterm on display it briefly flashes when i open the lcok screen14:37
beakyhow do i preent that without having to go to another workspace with no xterm14:38
playenballAnyone here run the proposed updates repo and if so have you ever had any issues with it?14:40
OerHeksplayenball, plenty, you must have a reason to test those updates14:40
rizikonI have a working btrfs filesystem which I rm'ed a file from. I've rebooted to a live env and am trying to restore it, however btrfs-find-root is failing with the error "Went past the fs size, exiting"14:43
rizikonSearching this error only seems to find people having issues with a corrupted filesystem, which I do not have14:43
rizikonBtrfs restore does not restore the deleted files, I assume because it restores the current state of the filesystem14:43
rizikonAny ideas what else I can try?14:43
beakylol btrfs is so buggy14:44
OerHeksrizikon, put back a snapshot, if you have any.14:45
rizikonOerHeks: No snapshots but I should be able to tell btrfs restore to use a previous generation14:46
=== dipperswett is now known as tswett
rizikonBut I need the output of btrfs-find-root to get a list of IDs14:47
admin-gHello guys I am running ubuntu 15.04 and I was using Ubuntu kde but uninstalled and started using the default ubuntu desktop but now themes switch and it looks like kubuntu and Ubuntu are at war witch each other on my screen14:48
BluesKaj!pure ubuntu14:49
OerHekswithout -14:49
admin-gBluesKaj: should I put that in as a command?14:50
ubottuIf you want to remove all !Kubuntu packages or !Xubuntu packages and have a default !Ubuntu system, follow the instructions here: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/pureubuntu14:50
OerHeksI would reinstall ubuntu-dekstop to fix those changes14:50
BluesKajalready tried that OerHeks , there used to be an info about a page with setting up a pure ubuntu desktop , but I guess since untity there are too many DE options14:51
BluesKajok , good yoiu found it14:52
stevecamim trying to create an interface called xenbr0, but every time i try to make an alias in the interfaces file i cant use the network, but dns works15:10
stevecamim a little annoyed, could someone give me some relief, im stuck at this15:10
MonkeyDuststevecam  is that a xen bridge?15:11
MonkeyDuststevecam  sounds like a server, then15:11
stevecamyeah, it does15:12
MonkeyDuststevecam  ok, there's also #ubuntu-server15:12
beakyhow do i update my kernel on ubuntu15:15
beakyto version 415:15
beaky(im on 3.19)15:15
mgolischbeaky: why?15:16
compdocbest not to, unkless you have some reason15:16
MonkeyDustbeaky  if you have to ask, then you shouldent do it15:16
mgolischthere usualy is no need for anything like that15:16
beakyfor btrfs15:16
baizonbeaky: you can use the mainline kernel15:17
baizonbeaky: else you have to wait until ubuntu 15.1015:17
beakyah ok15:17
sever2clienton opening terminal  everytime it shows The program 'banner' is currently not installed. To run 'banner' please ask your administrator to install the package 'sysvbanner'15:17
sever2clientim fed up of it? how to fix it15:17
MonkeyDustsever2client  can you not install sysvbanner?15:18
EriC^^sever2client: check what's calling it in your .bashrc15:18
EriC^^or install sysvbanner15:18
sever2clientnow i  dont want that15:19
MonkeyDust!info sysvbanner15:19
ubottusysvbanner (source: sysvbanner): System-V banner clone. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.15 (vivid), package size 6 kB, installed size 72 kB15:19
sever2clienti want to  remove that shit15:19
EriC^^sever2client: type grep banner ~/.bashrc ~/.profile15:20
MonkeyDustsever2client  mind your language ... you want to use something, but you don't want to install it ... doenst make sense15:20
sever2clientnow i  dont want that15:22
sever2clienti  have already mention that earlier, awake  MonkeyDust:15:22
pauljwsever2client, no need to abuse the free help15:23
MonkeyDustsever2client  guess i was away, so tone it down15:23
sever2clientEriC^^: it gives the name which i  wanted to put , iwant to remove this facility..15:24
BBLLCChow invasive is google earth?15:29
admin-gHey guys is there a way to uninstall all themes??15:29
EriC^^sever2client: paste here15:30
psichaswhat themes?15:30
admin-gI installed a bundle of them and now it looks like they are at war so I want to uninstall all of them (purge or whatever) so that Ubuntu looks like Ubuntu15:30
EriC^^sever2client: if it's more than 2 lines paste in paste.ubuntu.com15:30
MonkeyDustadmin-g  look in ~/.themes15:30
admin-gpsichas: I installed kubuntu desktop inviorment and then u purged it and now it looks like it's trying to force itself onto ubuntu15:32
cfhowlettadmin-g, explain.15:32
MonkeyDustadmin-g  a theme is not the same as a desktop environment15:33
smoula99is the some for help with cross comp?15:35
admin-gcfhowlett: okay I opened terminal and put in "Suso apt-get install kubuntu-desktop" then when I tried to boot my computer it gave me a black screen so I CTRL ALT F2 and put in "Suso apt-get purge kubuntu-desktop" then I did a autoremove so that all the stuff with kubuntu would uninstall and now when I start my computer before the login screen it doesn't say15:36
admin-gUbuntu it says kubuntu and after the login screen it looks like Ubuntu and kubuntu is trying to both be on the screen idk how to explain it 0.5 seconds Ubuntu then kubuntu n like that in a infinite loop and the windows go from dark theme to normal the window menu disappears and shows up15:36
cfhowlettadmin-g run one more ... sudo apt-get autoremove15:37
macbookprocan anyone guide me how to remove nouveau and use nvidia when installing from usb stick15:37
admin-gcfhowlett: I tried that like 5 times15:38
macbookprolive sdcard wfm, but once installed nouveau drivers seem broken15:38
admin-gcfhowlett: I even tried purge ubuntu-desktop then install it again15:38
sever2clientEriC^^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12223473/15:38
smoula99i need help with compile on ubuntu for sh415:39
EriC^^sever2client: type sed -i 's/banner/#banner/' ~/.bashrc15:40
cfhowlettadmin-g, dang.  one step ahead of me  :)15:40
cfhowlettsmoula99, ??? cross comp?15:40
smoula99cfhowlett - yes15:40
sever2clientEriC^^: nothing happened15:40
admin-gcfhowlett: idk what to do at this point15:40
cfhowlett!details | smoula99,15:40
ubottusmoula99,: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)15:40
EriC^^sever2client: yes, it should work when you open a terminal now15:41
cfhowlettadmin-g, worst case: reinstall ubuntu15:41
admin-gadmin-g: and I fresh installing is not an option I mean it is but I have a lot of stuff that I will not be able to recover15:41
smoula99cfhowlett - i would like cross comp this "http://www.streamboard.tv/oscam/wiki/crosscompiling#sh4"15:41
arulmagi_hi can i install MATE desktop in my kubuntu?15:41
MonkeyDustadmin-g  backup first, create a separate /home partition during fresh install15:42
cfhowlettadmin-g, data?  move it to a /home partitoin15:42
sever2clientEriC^^: works, ton of thanks15:42
MonkeyDustsever2client  banner issue solved?15:43
MonkeyDustEriC^^  +115:43
admin-gMonkeyDust, cfhowlett its software I know it sounds crazy but I will not be able to recover it15:43
macbookproanyone here use a macbook pro with ubuntu15:43
playenballarulmagi_, first make a backup then use ubuntu-mate-desktop15:43
EriC^^sever2client: no problem15:43
admin-gI'm going to try to install gnome and see if that works with no problems15:44
arulmagi_playenball, after installing MATE, can i remove kubuntu? is it possible?15:45
admin-garulmagi_: depends on how you installed it I think15:45
HadesWatch3rturned firewall on in ubuntu 15.04 ... seeing alot of SRC= being blocked...15:45
HadesWatch3rfrom Google..15:46
arulmagi_i used my entire partition in my laptop for kubuntu15:46
HadesWatch3rWhy is google attempting this.. ?15:46
admin-garulmagi_: yea then it's fine15:46
MonkeyDustHadesWatch3r  probably 'trackers'15:47
arulmagi_ok thanks. which one you think is better kde or mate?15:47
HadesWatch3rMonkeyDust ... cookie trackers .. ? Trying to do what ?15:47
sever2clientarulmagi_: depends on ur taste15:47
cfhowlettarulmagi_, what matters is what works for YOU.15:47
smoula99i would like cross comp like "http://www.streamboard.tv/oscam/wiki/crosscompiling#sh4" but don't work for me15:47
admin-garulmagi_: depends on your taste buddy they are called flavors for a reason ;)15:48
MonkeyDustHadesWatch3r  http://donttrack.us/15:48
playenballarulmagi_, have you ever used tasksel?15:48
unsichhi everybody15:49
unsichsomebody use USBKill ?15:50
HadesWatch3rMonkeyDust thanks... I have been searching with startpage.com ...15:50
HadesWatch3rno google.15:50
playenballif you will install tasksel you can use it to remove the kubuntu desktop and install the ubuntu-mate one.15:50
arulmagi_oh... ok thanks guys15:50
admin-gplayenball: does that work if the kubuntu is a environment and the original os is Ubuntu?15:51
maestroaparkhello all15:51
playenballarulmagi_, if you switch to ubuntu-mate-desktop I would also select ubuntu-mate-minimal-install as well15:51
pauljwarulmagi_, also if you aren't short on space, you can leave them both installed and select which ever one you want at login.15:51
playenballadmin-g, it is all good because it is still the same ubuntu base15:52
arulmagi_i got around some 500 gb so no problem with space.... i just want to see how MATE works.... heard some nice things about it15:53
admin-gplayenball: so if I have two environments I can delete the one I want not caring about what I had from the first place15:53
beakyare there downsides to using a mainline kernel15:53
wearsockshello there, i cannot watch streamings for I have no flash. how can I avoid flash and still watch them? with html5?15:54
playenballarulmagi_, if I were you I would just install the mate desktop and see how you like it first before removing the kubuntu one15:54
MonkeyDustwearsocks  why ask if you have the answer15:54
playenballadmin-g, as long as all you are removing is the desktop then yes15:54
wearsocksI dont know how to do it, MonkeyDust, that is why15:54
poppeError!! building kernel according to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/BuildYourOwnKernel : fakeroot debian/rules editconfigs gets me "curses.h: No such file or directory". what could be wrong?15:54
MonkeyDustwearsocks  youtube.com/html515:55
wearsocksand if it is a question, it already means I am not sure or do not know it15:55
admin-gplayenball: what would one do if desktop was removed and then did a autoremove command?15:55
wearsocksI dont have problem with youtube videos. It is other video sites (like news sites) that do not show15:57
playenballadmin-g, as long as you had all the right packages still installed it should be ok. I personally find tasksel to just be cleaner and quicker because the scripts that run already know what packages you need15:59
wearsocksis there a way to watch a news channel with an alternative to flash?15:59
sever2clientread newspaper16:00
=== Guest1178 is now known as IdleOne
playenballadmin-g, tasksel is pretty easy. Here is a link to a guide for Ubuntu proper to Ubuntu Gnome using tasksel. Its the same process basically with all the flavors. http://jupiter.ninja/owncloud/public.php?service=files&t=a782d24212751716f75f7cf43f60ca1c16:01
MonkeyDustsever2client  "newspaper" is so pre-internet!16:01
cfhowlettwearsocks, try using chromium-browser16:03
xanguaMonkeyDust: read blogs16:03
wearsockscfhowlett, it asks for flash, too16:03
sever2clientthen wait for IoT16:03
wearsockshappy to ignite a thrilling conversation with one help question16:04
kadirowearsocks: pepperflash16:04
wearsockskadiro, is it a chromium extension?16:04
kadiroit work with it, pepperflash is an open source for flash16:05
kadiroI use it for both chrome and superbird16:06
wearsockskadiro, thank you, trying it now16:06
wearsockskadiro, I dont find it among add-ons. is it to be installed on browser or on OS?16:07
cfhowlett!info pepperflash16:07
ubottuPackage pepperflash does not exist in vivid16:07
kadiroit exist16:08
kadirotry apt-cache search pepperflash wearsocks16:09
wearsockskadiro, yes, I found it in software center16:09
wearsocksit says that it will download chrome from google to unpack the player16:10
wearsocksit is like buying a computer to use a wifi adapter16:10
kadirothis is odd16:10
OerHeksAs of 2015-05, the old "pepperflashplugin-nonfree" is deprecated in favor of an official, maintained, one-step package called adobe-flashplugin, which works for Firefox and Chromium and derivatives.16:11
OerHeks( that one downloads chrome indeed, to obtain the plugincontainer)16:11
wearsocksOerHeks, but it is "adobe-flash", right?16:11
kadirowearsocks: are you trying to wach a streaming inside vlc? i think this is good if you don't need flash16:13
wearsockskadiro, no, in the browser16:13
BBLLCCi found an outdated version of marble and just installed the newest one from synaptic. how do i get rid of the old one?16:14
kadirobecause i try for example youtube from my vlc16:14
xanguaOerHeks: what flash version does adoble-flashplugin install¿ it's from the partner repo right¿16:14
OerHeksBBLLCC, depends, how you installed it.16:15
BBLLCCno idea16:15
OerHeksxangua, i removed firefox and the plugininstaller, but i noticed that pepperflashplugin nonfree thingy downloads chrome.16:16
kadiroBBLLCC: remove the new one and install the old one16:17
OerHeksBBLLCC, then you will have a hardtime to get an answer16:17
weloveandroidSorry about, got disconnected16:17
wearsocksOerHeks, interestingly, also a device which has flash plugin installed does not accept it anymore, either, for being outdated etc.16:17
weloveandroidAnyway, is Ubuntu 15.04 a good version of Ubuntu to use for OS development?16:18
OerHeksflash is dead, it does not know it yet.16:18
kadiroyes wearsocks for that i said pepper but like OerHeks said i can't add anyting16:18
weloveandroidOr is anything older than that sufficent?16:18
BBLLCCthere must be a way to list all installed versions of marble16:18
admin-gGuys what is the difference between lightdm and the other one that I forgot the name off cc16:18
BBLLCCand purge the old one16:18
kadiroBBLLCC: apt-cache search marble and apt-cache policy marble16:19
wearsocksso where we are is that flash is no more, and pepper thing drags along chrome with it?16:20
kadirowearsocks: install chrome or wait :p16:20
wearsocksif you want to watch any web video except on youtube, pepperflash is the option for ubuntu users?16:21
kadiroyes it was16:21
bjensen82My apt is broken due to unmet dependencies: http://pastie.org/1038384016:21
bjensen82no idea how to fix this..16:21
OerHeksbjensen82, update before doing an install, might help16:22
kadirowearsocks: just install chromr if you don't worry about none open source16:22
bjensen82OerHeks: I tried..no luck16:22
bjensen82OerHeks: and its basicly that error msg regardless of how I use apt.. :-/16:23
OerHeksbjensen82, and 'apt-get install f´ does not fix?16:23
=== wearsocks is now known as fivefingersocks
fivefingersocksbut this is strange, there was no such problem until a month ago or so16:25
fivefingersockswith streamings, I mean16:25
bjensen82OerHeks: sorry got dced. I tried the update without luck and I get the error msg when I try to update other stuff etc as well16:25
fivefingersocksby the way, has 14.04.3 arrived recently?16:26
MonkeyDustfivefingersocks  3 weks ago16:27
fivefingersocksoh, thanks16:27
OerHeksbjensen82, strange, you are some versions behind. https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise/amd64/libssl1.0.016:27
OerHeksbjensen82, sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade  # could bring more updates.16:28
bjensen82OerHeks: Yeah I am..but how to fix that just for libssl and dont want to do a whole dist upgrade16:28
OerHeksyou need to. ( dist upgrade does not bring you a version higher, just newer packages.)16:28
bjensen82oerheks but can it potentially break my server?16:28
OerHeksbjensen82, potentially someone can break your server, yes.16:29
=== ich is now known as Guest80219
MonkeyDustbjensen82  there's no such thing as 100% secure, anywhere, ever16:29
bjensen82ofcause not16:30
OerHeksbut this is avoidable, MonkeyDust16:30
bjensen82Im just asking you wether there is a chance I might have to use my sunday for admin stuff? :-p16:30
EriC^^bjensen82: depends how long ago you did your last dist-upgrade16:31
EriC^^and you should know which packages you have installed and an idea of the support16:31
OerHeksbetween 6-1 and 6-11, ild guess16:31
OerHeks*wild guess16:32
EriC^^bjensen82: we can't know if a dist-upgrade is going to break your server or not16:32
EriC^^bjensen82: is everything installed from the repos? if yes it wont break16:33
BBLLCCon ubuntus software center marble appears as installed, but when I click on the icon to uninstall it, a message pop ups: it cannot be uninstalled, because it is already uninstalled. There is still a marble icon in the menu and the thing works16:33
BBLLCCi want to get rid of it16:33
bjensen82eric^^ pretty much yeah16:33
EriC^^(unless the stuff you're using needs some feature that is now deprecated or something)16:33
IdleOnebjensen82: there is always a possibility, slight as it may be, that your server explodes after an upgrade. chances are it won't if you stuck to the ubuntu repos.16:34
bjensen82ok thanks. I have a cronjob for apt-get upgrade running nightly as I recall..so I dont think its too bad16:34
bjensen82or is that for security updates..Ill have to check into that16:35
BBLLCCsudo dpkg --purge marble16:35
BBLLCCdpkg: warning: ignoring request to remove marble which isn't installed16:35
BBLLCCbut marble works16:35
BBLLCCit IS installed16:35
EriC^^BBLLCC: type dpkg -S marble16:35
BBLLCCEriC^^, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/12223770/16:37
NorbinIs it normal not to have DNS working within local network in linux? pinging a machine to a machine next to it by name won't work, by IP all is good16:37
EriC^^BBLLCC: how do you launch marble?16:37
bjensen82OerHeks: Bah even if I do apt-get dist-upgrade I get the same errpr: http://pastie.org/1038384016:37
BBLLCCEriC^^, either from a terminal writting "marble" or using the icon on the main menu/education16:37
EriC^^BBLLCC: type which marble in a terminal16:38
IdleOnebjensen82: have you tried running sudo apt-get -f install16:38
EriC^^BBLLCC: ok, looks like it was manually installed16:38
poppewhat is the "root of the kernel source tree"? I have the linxu-3.19.0 folder and subfolder: kernel,arch, debian,ubuntu and some more.16:39
EriC^^BBLLCC: you'll have to uninstall it according to the installer you used16:39
BBLLCCEriC^^, no idea, dont remember, just get rid of all binaries in that directory?16:39
bjensen82OerHeks: sorry got dced again. Eeven if I try to do the apt-get dist-upgrade after a apt-get update I get this error http://pastie.org/1038384016:39
EriC^^BBLLCC: i guess16:39
EriC^^BBLLCC: not all binaries16:39
BBLLCCwith the name marble on em :D16:40
EriC^^BBLLCC: just /usr/local/bin/marble16:40
IdleOnebjensen82: have you tried running sudo apt-get -f install16:40
bjensen82IdleOne: here is the result of that http://pastie.org/1038387816:41
IdleOnebjensen82: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade16:42
IdleOnewhat is the result?16:42
IdleOnebjensen82: why can't you?16:42
k1lbjensen82: apt-cache policy libssl-dev16:43
BBLLCCi have quite a lot of things i installed manually, got rid of em, but the icons to access em are still visible on the main menu, notice that if I chose the "edit the menu" option to try to get rid of them, the icons are not there16:43
BBLLCChow do I get rid of all non useable icons?16:43
bjensen82k1l: http://pastie.org/1038388416:43
EriC^^BBLLCC: they should be in /usr/share/applications16:43
EriC^^BBLLCC: oh misread16:44
k1lbjensen82: ok i would suggest a sudo apt-get -f install16:44
bjensen82I cant, that gives me: http://pastie.org/1038387816:45
k1lbjensen82: hmm.16:45
IdleOnek1l: when he does a -f he gets the same error about dependencies. You think that maybe pinning to the installed version will let the dist-upgrade complete?16:45
bjensen82and I cant do a dist-upgrade either16:46
BBLLCCEriC^^, that directory also lists things i got rid of year ago... ill have to purge16:46
k1lbjensen82: did you run a "sudo apt-get update"?16:46
bjensen82k1l: yes16:46
k1lbecause the package list from that server seems to be older than the packages you got installed.16:46
bjensen82k1l: well here is the apt-get update output: http://pastie.org/1038388716:48
ubottuUbuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) is a currently-supported !LTS release of Ubuntu.  Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/12.04/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/120416:48
bjensen82yeah...thats not gonna happen right now..16:48
k1lbjensen82: hmm. can you show a "apt-cache policy libssl1.0.0"16:49
bjensen82k1l:  ofcuase: http://pastie.org/1038389016:49
OerHeks.err, Installed: 1.0.1-4ubuntu5.31 is installed :-(16:50
k1lsomehow that package didnt got updated and now depends on that old version of that other pacakge which is already the new one16:50
bjensen82mindboggle...how can I fix that then?16:51
OerHeksbjensen82, any ppa on that machine? and what did you want to install in the 1st place?16:51
hiowhat is this error: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/kernel-ppa/ppa/ubuntu/dists/vivid/main/binary-amd64/Packages  404  Not Found16:51
hioim trying to update my kernel to something > 3.1916:52
k1lhio: that ppa is down or not available for vivid16:52
bjensen82OerHeks: well I just wanted to do a apt-get install unzip lol16:52
hiowhat is vivid16:52
bjensen82and yeah I think the raid controller have some ppas16:52
hioi got that repo from the internet16:52
k1lhio: 15.0416:52
cfhowlett!vivid | hio16:52
ubottuhio: Ubuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download at http://releases.ubuntu.com/15.04/ - Read the release notes at http://ubottu.com/y/vivid16:52
hioi have 15.04 vivid, so why isnt it available16:53
k1lhio: yes, its not for 15.04. its only for ubuntu releases up to 13.04 or something.16:53
hioi need a newer kernel so that the vmware shared folders work16:53
k1l!mainline | hio16:53
ubottuhio: The kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds16:53
OerHekshio,  you should use the mainline.. http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/16:53
hioi dont understand omg16:53
OerHekshio, and use at your own risc, backup stuff first16:54
hiowhat is the command??16:54
cfhowletthio, if you don't understand then you really should approach changing kernels with caution16:54
OerHekshio, it is on that page16:54
bjensen82k1l: any idea how I can this this?16:54
hioi just need shared folders to work, google says i need a newer kernel because it doesnt work with 3.1916:54
k1lbjensen82: IdleOne i guess that needs some dpkg depp diving. but i am not available right now for that task :/16:54
bjensen82anyone else have the time to help out? :-/16:55
OerHekshio, explain please?16:55
WalkerdineHow can I list what devices I have attached to my computer? I need to check if /dev/sdf is the thing I think it is16:56
EriC^^Walkerdine: sudo parted -l16:56
hioi have to restart, maybe then it works16:56
WalkerdineCool thanks16:57
bjensen82OerHeks: this is actually how it all started I think. Perhaps this casts some light on the issue: http://pastie.org/10383908?16:58
siddhartha_xswhen i try to install firefox via a deb file downloaded from security.ubuntu.com, i get this "Error: Breaks existing package 'hunspell-en-us' that conflict: 'iceweasel'. But the '/home/siddhartha/Downloads/firefox_40.0.3 build1-0ubuntu0.12.04.1_i386.deb' provides it via: 'gnome-www-browser,iceweasel,www-browser' on Gdebi package manager. please help17:00
OerHeksbjensen82, line 34 and on:  no space on the device.. what does ' df -h " tell you ?17:01
hio_ubuntu is really complicated17:02
bjensen82OerHeks: well i saw the no space left so I started removing old kernel versions..but when I wanted to run apt again..it was busted in the state its in now..17:02
bekkshio_: Can you be more specific?17:02
hio_i have to read all kinds of articles to install something17:03
bekkshio_: Which is the same on all OS, even Windows.17:03
OerHekshio_,  problem is, you are sparse with information too.17:03
hio_on windows i just have to double click17:03
xanguasiddhartha_xs: why are you installing firefox from a downloaded deb file instead using the repository¿17:03
bekkshio_: And then you have installed some software you have no clue about on how to use it - and you have to read the docs. Same thing. And not supported related.17:04
OerHekssiddhartha_xs, are you running debian?17:04
bjensen82OerHeks: and right now when I look at  http://pastie.org/10383908? Im a bit afreid to reboot the system..should I be?17:04
siddhartha_xsactually a distro based on ubuntu 12.04 LTS , elementary Os17:05
hio_now i get error "system program problem detected report problem?"17:05
bekks!elementaryos | siddhartha_xs17:05
OerHeksbjensen82, something is holding the packages back, i thought the space would fix it ..17:05
bekks!elementary | siddhartha_xs17:05
ubottusiddhartha_xs: Elementary OS is an Ubuntu derivative which is supported in their IRC channel #elementary on irc.freenode.net - http://elementaryos.org/ for more information on this distribution.17:05
hio_Errors were encountered while processing:  linux-headers-4.0.0-040000-generic_4.0.0-040000.201504121935_armhf.deb  linux-headers-4.0.0-040000-generic-lpae_4.0.0-040000.201504121935_armhf.deb  linux-image-4.0.0-040000-generic_4.0.0-040000.201504121935_armhf.deb  linux-image-4.0.0-040000-generic-lpae_4.0.0-040000.201504121935_armhf.deb  linux-headers-4.0.0-040000-generic  linux-headers-4.0.0-040000-lowlatency17:05
bekkshio_: Those are non-standard kernel, as you should have read.17:06
OerHeks hio_ nice, do you need al those kernels? and whatfor ?17:06
hio_the website said i have to download them all and install them17:06
hio_"It is best to downloaded the files into a folder by themselves. Then, one may install all the packages simultaneously by executing the following in a terminal:  sudo dpkg -i *.deb"17:06
bekkshio_: Which website told you to install non-install kernel?17:06
siddhartha_xsfirefox comes bundled with ubuntu. i made a huge mistake installing this elementary thing. it sucks and it lags.17:07
bjensen82OerHeks: can I see which packages depend on the package?17:07
bekkshio_: What do you need mainline builds for?17:07
hio_i dont understand what mainline means omg17:07
hio_i just want a new kernel17:07
bekkshio_: Why?17:07
hio_to fix shared folder bugs17:07
bjensen82libssl-dev depends on libssl1.0.0 (= 1.0.1-4ubuntu5.27) ..what if I remove the libssl-dev and reinstall it?17:08
bekkshio_: Show us the bug report containing the information that those bugs are fixed with a new kernel please.17:08
OerHeksbjensen82, good thinking, remove/purge and reinstall17:08
hio_bekks: here it says it: https://communities.vmware.com/message/251002517:10
bjensen82that worked!17:11
bekkshio_: Wrong bugreport. It doesnt even mention mainline builds. It clearly tells you how to fix that error.17:11
ubottuGlad you made it! :-)17:11
bjensen82TIME FOR A DRINK!17:11
bjensen82thanks OerHeks k1l for the help,17:12
OerHeksbjensen82, now please keep up2date :-)17:12
hio_i ONLY have problems with ubuntu packages constantly17:14
bekkshio_: Which doesnt solve your issue now. Just read and follow the instructions goven in the link YOU provided.17:14
beakyhow do i install windows vm underubuntu17:15
beakyso that i can evaluate windows server 201617:15
hio_no it wont work anyway, i dont have so much time omg i just want to try a better kernel17:15
hio_but NOTHING WORKS17:15
bekksbeaky: Install a hypervisor software like Virtualbox, VMware Workstation, KVM or XEN, and then install your VM as usual.17:16
bekkshio_: The link YOU provided clearly states that a new kernel will now fix the issue.17:16
anonymouszdorova pediki17:16
OerHeksbeaky, find a supported virtualiser, ask in ## windows perhaps?17:16
cfhowlettbeaky, virtualbox + win7 = fully upgraded and working.  guest additions allows me to access my /music in ubunt + itunes in windows17:16
hio_ffs thats why im trying to install a new kernel but it doesnt work17:17
anonymouskozli mother fucker17:17
bekkshio_: Read again: a new kernel will NOT fix your issue.17:17
bekkshio_: Did you even read the instructions in the link you provided?17:17
cfhowlett!language | anonymous,17:17
ubottuanonymous,: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList17:17
hio_i read it, i dont have time to do 15 steps i need it to work now17:18
bekkshio_: Well, if you dont have time to follow the proposed solution, I have no time to waste with you.17:18
beakywow i gotta give virtualbox a try then17:18
hio_: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/kernel-ppa/ppa/ubuntu/dists/vivid/main/binary-i386/Packages  404  Not Found17:18
cfhowlettbeaky, it's a useful tool.17:18
hio_i AM on vivid wtf17:19
hio_how can it not find an url17:19
bekks!language | hio_17:19
ubottuhio_: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList17:19
k1lhio_: that PPA is not for 15.0417:20
hio_so why does it try to download it then17:20
k1lhio_: so stop trying to use that PPA. its not gonna work no matter how much you swear17:20
OerHekshio_, so you are on a VMware image, want to share folders, and want a newer kernel without even telling us what the real issue is. is ubuntu the host or the vm ?17:20
k1lhio_: because you added that PPA.17:20
hio_i just do what the links tell me to do17:21
bekkshio_: You just staed you are ignoring the solution offered in the link you posted.17:22
hio_i shouldnt need to fix ubuntu's mistakes17:22
bekkshio_: The issue is a missing patch for VMware Workstation - you really should read your link.17:23
k1lhio_: drop that attitude!17:23
OerHekshio_, goodluck17:23
hio_so why cant that missing update come automatically via ubuntu update?17:23
k1lhio_: you are just ranting and swearing. this is not the way you contact this support run by volunteers.17:23
k1lhio_: did you file a  bug on ubuntu?17:23
bekkshio_: BEcause VMware Workstation is not even shipped by Ubuntu - but by VMware.17:23
bekkshio_: Now stop your ranting, read the link, follow the solution.17:24
bekksk1l: It's a VMware bug.17:24
k1lhio_: and i did not find where the !mainline command and wiki page says to use a PPA that is not for recent ubuntu versions.17:25
hio_i googled how to install new kernel and got it from some website17:25
WalkerdineI keep getting the error message17:25
Walkerdine"WARNING: GPT (GUID Partition Table) detected on '/dev/sdf'! The util fdisk doesn't support GPT. Use GNU Parted.17:25
k1lhio_: so, even the people i here did say you more than 10 times now that your solution is the wrong one, you still ranting and swearing your solution doesnt work?17:26
WalkerdineAnd then there are several messages like "Command (m for help): g: unknown command"17:26
cfhowlettk1l, it's a done deal.  I saw this coming 15 minutes ago and /ignored17:26
k1l!mainline | hio_ read that page and get a more recent kernel if that helps you.17:27
ubottuhio_ read that page and get a more recent kernel if that helps you.: The kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds17:27
hionow i did the steps in the link and i still dont see any shared folder17:27
hioi knew it wouldnt work17:27
wileeeWalkerdine, Details within context for us to even begin to help.17:28
bekkshio_: You cant have done those steps that fast.17:28
hioi did it while we were talking17:28
bekkshio_: Not within thre minutes.17:28
bekksYeah, of course...17:28
bekksWhatever, good luck.17:28
WalkerdineI'm trying to run a flashing script but its giving me errors on the board partition section and its trying to use fdisk17:28
hiooh ok, so now that i have proven you wrong it's not your problem anymore?17:28
k1lhio: could you stop beeing that aggressiv towards other helpers?17:29
k1lhio: you said you need a more recent kernel because that fixes your issue with a 3rd party program. we showed you the right solution to get a more recent kernel.17:30
bekkshio_: It literally NEVER was my problem.17:30
Caveman_hello, guys can anyone recommend a good tiling wm?17:30
bekkshio: It is your problem, amongst others - the biggest problem for you is that you are not listening, and actively refusing help.17:30
bekkshio: Thats why I wont try to help you anymore. Good luck.17:30
admin-gHello guys I am installing kubuntu desktop and I am wondering if I should pick lightdm or sddm17:30
k1ladmin-g: 15.04?17:31
admin-gk1l: yes17:31
cfhowlettadmin-g, pretty sure light-dm is the default on all *buntus17:31
Caveman_light dm would be my choice17:31
k1ladmin-g: i think kubuntu uses sddm now17:31
cfhowlett! or not17:31
WalkerdineDoes fdisk have a "g" command17:31
cfhowlettWalkerdine, gdisk17:31
admin-gk1l: thanks cx17:31
admin-gOhh yea is there a way to uninstall all other desktops so I only use kubuntu?17:32
WalkerdineShould I switch the fdisk command in the flasher script to gdisk?17:32
cfhowlett!purekubuntu | admin-g17:32
bekksadmin-g: you dont have to uninstall something for using kubuntu.17:32
admin-gbekks: I know but I have Ubuntu-desktop and gnome it takes space and I want more space on my computer17:33
wileeeadmin-g, It you are filling up your hard drive you better have it backed up.17:36
admin-gwileee: I back it up every now and then when I think I'll need it but is there a way to back up Java? I need it for webstorm and phpstorm and I'm tired of downloading it ever time I format17:37
wileeeadmin-g, use a ltl.17:40
admin-gwileee: ltl???17:40
wileeelongterm support release17:40
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. Until 12.04 LTS versions of Ubuntu were supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; since 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) LTS versions will be supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04)17:41
gaurav_SpringDevhi Friends17:42
gaurav_SpringDevI have a vga laptop17:42
admin-gk1l: I am done installing now but is it bad if two lines said "1. Unknown media type in type 'all/all'"17:42
gaurav_SpringDevwant to connect to HDMI tv17:42
gaurav_SpringDevcan somebody suggest me?17:43
admin-gcfhowlett: does that mean Java is reinstalled on it? The jdk I mean17:43
gaurav_SpringDevvga laptop to HDMI output...?17:43
admin-ggaurav_SpringDev: just plug a hdmi cable from computer to TV??17:44
cfhowlettadmin-g, no, LTS means Long Term Support.  non LTS, 15.04, have a 9 month lifecycle.  LTS has at least 3 years17:44
gaurav_SpringDevdoes not work17:44
OerHeksgaurav_SpringDev, find a vga-hdmi adaper/kit17:44
gaurav_SpringDevfrom 14.04 LTS has atleast 5 years17:45
gaurav_SpringDevOerHeks : is it a software kit or hardware?17:45
admin-gcfhowlett: and how would that make me able to back up my Java installation or anything else?17:45
cfhowlettgaurav_SpringDev, false.  xubuntu = 3 years17:45
gaurav_SpringDevbut I have a cable which takes vga input and gives HDMI output17:46
admin-gOkay guys just got done installing it and my computer is rebooting arm17:46
cfhowlettadmin-g, you don't need LTS to backup ANYTHING.17:46
gaurav_SpringDevwhich I am connecting17:46
gaurav_SpringDevand no output is being displayed on the TV17:46
admin-gcfhowlett: then why did someone tell me to use it when I asked that someone if there was a way to back up jdk installation dad17:47
admin-gUhh take the dad out haha17:47
cfhowlettadmin-g, you complained about frequent downloads.  On LTS, you do not need to upgrade every 9 months, thus ... fewer downlods17:47
sever2clienthow to get lts17:48
wileeeadmin-g, Hard to tell what your doing honestly, sounded to me like the hard drive space was tight, that is not a good thing, so I suggested a backup scenario is all.17:48
cfhowlettServerSage, download 14.04.317:48
BernzelHey. Im having some issues with remmina vnc connecting to my mac. It have worked flawlessly before, now though it refuses to connect to the mac. I've rebooted both systems but no difference. Anyone got some ideas?17:49
macskayWhere is the system's default alacarte config in a 15.04?17:49
admin-gcfhowlett: no I asked if there was a way to back up my Java and I also said that I am tired of having to download it every time I format my computer in case you wondered why I would want to back up my jdk installation17:49
OerHeksmacskay, there is no default alacarte anymore17:49
macskayHow does it populate then?17:50
OerHeksmacskay, use unitytweak or https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UnityLaunchersAndDesktopFiles17:50
macskayI've build a custom ubuntu with all my stuff in it, but when installing my home folders get flushed, meaninf all the alacarte settings are gone17:50
macskayi could back it up into my dotfiles-repo but yeah, would be neat to just tell the installation to use that file17:51
OerHeks"when installing my home folders get flushed" ... custom ubuntu ?17:51
macskayOerHeks, yeah I just installed all the packages i want into an ordinary ubuntu 15.04 installation and created a setup file with distroshare17:52
macskaynow everytime i use that distro i get all the programs i want rom the beginning17:52
OerHeksOh, can't help you there, so you found the cause.17:53
macskayhowdoes alacarte populate its menus in the first place, so when you don't have any settings17:53
gaurav_SpringDevwhile connecting from VGA to HDMI output; it is showing no signal on the TV..??can anyone tell me?18:01
WalkerdineNot sure if my flashing script is bad or if I'm just not doing something that I'm supposed to18:04
BernzelAnyone fairly familiar with Remmina?18:13
bekksBernzel: What if?18:14
DarkSectorI am trying to install Ubuntu on an SSD separate from my Windows 7 SSD18:17
DarkSectorWhere should I install the bootlaoder?18:17
DarkSectorOn the Ubuntu SSD or Windows 7 SSD?18:17
Bernzelbekks Well if that is the case, what could possibly cause the software to stop connecting to my mac after weeks of successful usage?18:17
bekksDarkSector: On the boot disk.18:17
DarkSectorwell, I'd like to boot from the Ubuntu SSD, but grub says it's unable to install on ti18:17
DarkSectorbekks ^18:18
bekksBernzel: Can you connect successfully with another client?18:18
bekksDarkSector: So whats the full error you get?18:18
DarkSectorBoot loader install failed18:18
DarkSectorUnable to install grub on /dev/sda18:18
DarkSectorI have the windows boot loader on /dev/sdb18:18
bekksDarkSector: Then why are you trying to install it on sda?18:19
bekksDarkSector: You will not be able to dualboot automatically that way.18:19
DarkSectorOkay, so I had the wrong idea. I thought if I were to install it on /dev/sda, I could set boot priority18:19
DarkSectorand grub would show up18:20
DarkSectorand I would be able to select windows or Linux from there18:20
bekksDarkSector: Thats "manually setting boot order" and not "dual boot" :)18:20
bekks!dualboot | DarkSector18:20
ubottuDarkSector: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot18:20
DarkSectorBut say, I do want to use manual boot. I should be able to install grub on /dev/sda right?18:20
WalkerdineIn the script I am running there is a command like "fdisk /dev/$1 <<EOF"18:20
DarkSectorMy real question is, why can't I install it on /dev/sda18:20
Walkerdineand then on multiple lines there are letters and then EOF18:21
Bernzelbekks , dont have any other clients to try on unfortunatly, I was hoping there was debugging/logging options to track the source of the problem?18:22
bekksBernzel: You dont need other client computers. All you need is another program, so you can identify wether the issue is on the mac side, or on the remmina side.18:23
Bernzelbekks ah I see. X2 or what is it called? Same thing?18:26
Caveman_whats a good wm that is easy to configure?18:29
Caveman_tiling if possible18:29
Caveman_dynamic would be best18:29
bekksCaveman_: The one you install, most likely.18:29
Caveman_oh, ok18:29
Caveman_i didnt know if i3 was easy to configure18:30
Caveman_but im gonna try it out now thanks18:30
bekksThere are a lot of other tiling wm as well.18:30
Caveman_bekks: thanks18:30
Caveman_like what18:30
Caveman_i heard some guys on 4chan saying i3 was the best18:31
admin-g_hello guys i was wondering how to change the path of webstorm when i try to start it the computer gives me a alert window saying "could not launch <path to webstorm.sh>" i went to that path toonly to be reminded that i moved my webstorm to another path18:33
mancomunado    dd is not burning neither XP or 7. "Operational system not found". Anyone had similar results?18:37
OerHeksadmin-g_, more a question for #ubuntu-server. likely you edit that new path, but webstorm is not an ubuntu package. so i find no manual18:38
akikmancomunado: dd is not used to burn anything18:38
OerHeksakik +118:39
akikmancomunado: what you want is k3b or brasero or cdrecord or wodim or growisofs18:40
akikwhat is the cd/dvd burning program in unity?18:41
OerHeksbrasero AFAIK18:42
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admin-g_found this online18:46
admin-g_will it work??18:46
admin-g_[Desktop Entry]18:46
admin-g_Version=1.0                                #not sure what this does18:46
admin-g_Name=My Awesome App                        #Obviously the application name18:46
admin-g_GenericName=Awesome App                    #Difference between this and Name?18:46
=== L0cust is now known as Guest80859
kadiroadmin-g: this is just an example of desktop file18:50
kadiroand it work if you modified it18:50
admin-g_kadiro how much modification does it need if you dont count the version and name and all that18:51
kadiroversion and name are optional18:51
kadirothe required is Exec ( where your script )18:52
admin-g_kadiro what about the script??18:52
admin-g_kadiro i dont understand what you mean18:52
kadiroadmin-g: is yours, you need to put a full path to your script18:53
admin-g_kadiro you mean the file that i want to open??18:53
admin-g_kadiro thats the webstorm.sh file18:54
kadirowhere is it? in home folder??18:54
kadirocan you explain more what exactely you doing?18:54
* kadiro -_-'18:56
admin-g_kadiro yea i would have to change the path to <Home/WebDev/WebStorm/bin/webstorm.sh>18:56
=== L0uk3 is now known as lukethedrifter
kadirothen change the line : Exec=/path/to/sh/file/file.sh with Exec=/home/yourname/WebDev/WebStorm/bin/webstorm.sh18:57
kadirofor icon you can change it too18:58
OerHekserr a service from your homefolder .. are you sure that is a good idea ?18:58
kadirocheck the path i just guess is in your home folder18:58
OerHeksif you don't know a place, use /opt/ folder for services.18:58
WalkerdineI cant figure out how everyone is just running this script no problem. For some reason it says all the commands are invalid18:59
admin-g_kadiro okay look i installed kubuntu desktop and now i can not launch my webstom but my phpsorm opens up as normal when i serach for it or right click and open with. when i try to open webstom in any kind of way i get a error saying "KDElnit could not launch 'tmp/WebStorm-141.1550/bin/webstorm.sh' as you now know my .sh file for webstorm isnt even there"18:59
WalkerdineWhen it comes to the partitioning18:59
Walkerdinefdisk doesn't even have a g command18:59
kadirook i understand now admin-g19:01
Bashing-omWalkerdine: Context ? What in the world are you trying to do ?19:01
pauljwadmin-g_, is webstorm kde software or is written for one of the desktops you removed?  ie gnome19:01
WalkerdineI'm trying to run a flashing script that is supposed to flash this Nvidia Jetson board but when it gets to the partitioning part it just has a bunch of errors19:02
Walkerdineand only makes a 4.2 mb section and I can't figure out why19:02
admin-g_pauljw i dont think its spesified to any desktop but if you think so then i could try to install ubuntu-desktop again19:03
WalkerdineEverything works fine until the board_partition() function19:03
OerHeksadmin-g_, i had that same advice for you in mind :-D19:03
WalkerdineIn which I can't figure out what its doing19:03
pauljwadmin-g_, i don't know, i'm just thinking out loud.  lots of things load drivers and paths according to the environment they're installed under19:04
admin-g_OerHeks, pauljw nope i never uninstalled ubuntu-desktop so it should work19:04
pauljwokay admin-g_   was just a guess19:04
admin-g_ pauljw i just wanted to tell you19:05
OerHeksadmin-g_, you uninstalled kubuntu desktop, so check again if that firestorm is still there.19:05
kadiroadmin-g: if you lunch a script from a full path it work?19:06
admin-g_OerHeks if i did that i wouldnt be using kubuntu right now i am not understanding what you are saying19:06
WalkerdineBashing-om: Would you like to see the output?19:07
CarlFKtrusty - does it have avlib (or libav, or whatever the new ffmpeg is called?)19:07
admin-g_kadiro have not tried that yet im wondering if everything ust be exact lik the "version" or the "name"19:08
gaurav_SpringDevno resolution found yet....want to connect ubuntu vga laptop to HDMI TV19:08
onepolarim newbie to ubuntu19:08
onepolarhell o everyone19:09
gaurav_SpringDevhey onepolar19:09
kadiroavconv CarlFK19:09
Bashing-omWalkerdine: I looked at the script, Like you I can not identify what ' fdisk ' is expected to do .19:09
Ray1hell to everyone))19:09
onepolartyping error ray1 sorry :(19:10
Ray1it's ok. just joking19:10
TJ_on_Wilygaurav_SpringDev, Cannot directly connect VGA output to HDMI input without a specialised Analog-To-Digital converter19:10
CarlFKkadiro: right.  thanks.19:11
kadiroadmin-g_: don't worry about version and name you can put any value for theme19:11
* kadiro some one insult us O_o19:11
kadiroyou welcome CarlFK19:12
gaurav_SpringDevTJ_on_Wily : I have brought up a cable which takes vga input and gives HDMI output19:12
gaurav_SpringDevTJ_on_Wily :but when connecting to a HDMI device; it is showing me no signal19:12
gaurav_SpringDevdo I stille need a converter?19:13
onepolari think u should use converter19:13
kadiroa small circuit analog to digital do a staff19:13
Bashing-omWalkerdine: "WARNING: GPT (GUID Partition Table) detected on '/dev/sdf'! The util fdisk doesn't support GPT. Use GNU Parted." Here is the rub. the script was written for MSDOS partitioning, and seems you have GPT. 'fdisk' does not support GPT. The tool to cope with GPT is 'gdisk' .19:14
TJ_on_Wilygaurav_SpringDev, It is not possible to use a passive cable; if the cable has an integrated D/A converter then it *might* work. You'd have to check the specifications of the cable's converter19:14
kadiroyes gaurav_SpringDev if you are not experienced with electronic testing19:14
gaurav_SpringDevthat is quite okie...but when I am plugginn in the cable; even xrandr is not showin up the connected devices;don't you think that atleast xrandr should show me the output....19:15
gaurav_SpringDeveven if the cable is not supporting19:16
TJ_on_Wilygaurav_SpringDev, No19:16
gaurav_SpringDevVGA output is being bradcasted already19:16
admin-g_kadiro in the file i wrote "terminal=false" but whn i open it up it opens with terminal why is that??19:16
TJ_on_Wilygaurav_SpringDev, VGA to DVI-I will work, but no VGA to DVI-D or HDMI or DisplayPort19:16
TJ_on_Wilygaurav_SpringDev, If the PC has a DVI-D that can directly connect to HDMI19:17
OerHeksgaurav_SpringDev, some hdmi devices must be enabled on the machine before boot. might worth a look19:18
kadiroadmin-g: because you use under it a script or the script it self open some command needed from terminal19:18
BluesKajyes, I use a DVI to HDMI , works well19:18
gaurav_SpringDevso TJ_on_Wily :  if the pc has DVI-D; then?19:19
admin-g_kadiro but my phpstorm doesnt do that it just opens up with no terminal19:19
TJ_on_WilyDVI-D and HDMI both use identical digital signals. The only difference is that HDMI also carries audio19:19
whologinwell im ashamed, i just posted getting ubuntu on to my laptop on craigslist19:19
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gaurav_SpringDevand how to check if the PC is equipped with DVI-D?19:19
BluesKajDVI also carries audio19:19
TJ_on_WilyDVI-I carries analog signals identical to VGA, which is why that works too19:19
gaurav_SpringDevthanks for the info man...how to check if the PC is equipped with DVI-D?19:20
kadiroadmin-g: in desktop change Exec=... with Exec=bash -c '...'19:20
* onepolar away got to go a few hours19:21
BluesKajTJ_on_Wily:  my DVI to HDMI connection carries the digital audio from spdif as well , but it depends on your graphics catrd19:21
TJ_on_WilyBluesKaj, No the DVI standard does not include audio. There are some adapters that use a DVI connector but it outputs standard HDMI packets, which include audio19:22
sstraOld winuser switching to ubuntu and liking it.. however, would very much like to use terminal more then gui and asking for a good reference point to learn commands. There are tons of material out there, but wondering if there is one more liked then others..19:23
gaurav_SpringDevTJ_on_wily : how to check if my PC is equipped with DVI-D or not?19:24
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BluesKajwell, it can tell you that it works here, TJ_on_Wily , perhaps not std , but it loops back from my rv to my audio receiver19:24
Emulatorshello linux ppl :)19:25
Emulatorsim trying to become one too slowly19:25
gaurav_SpringDevso BluesKaj : can you tell me how to check if pc is equipped with DVI-d or not?19:25
jamie___oops, sorry. I'd say look @ the back where the connectors are?19:26
gaurav_SpringDevI don have the one19:28
akikgaurav_SpringDev: you can check what connector you have on the gfx card19:28
gaurav_SpringDevso what would I have to do now; BlueKaj?19:28
jamie___user manual then19:28
jamie___or tech specs on a webpage if you have model/ part name19:28
sstraguess I am lacking +v19:28
akikgaurav_SpringDev: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_Visual_Interface#/media/File:DVI_Connector_Types.svg19:28
BluesKajgaurav_SpringDev:  you hasve to test it to find out out. I had no indication at first til I checked my audio output fro my tv sources19:28
jamie___gaurav_SpringDev: : what motherboard/ graphics card?19:29
WalkerdineHow do I get fdisk the option to create GPT partitions19:29
akikWalkerdine: instead of fdisk use gdisk19:29
WalkerdineI'm running a script that uses fdisk though19:30
gaurav_SpringDevdo not have graphics card19:30
WalkerdineI'm supposed to be able to just run it19:30
KathgrarI've now a working WLAN (RTL8723BE). I removed the hard block by adding the line 'blacklist rtl8723be' in /etc/modprobe.d/fbdev-blacklist.conf, and now see 2 devices instead of 4 devices in rfkill, but WLAN works. _BUT_ my keyboard airplane key to enable/disable WLAN manually doesn't work anymore. Any idea for me?19:30
Walkerdinebut its says the g command is not recognized19:30
akikpretty sure fdisk doesn't support gpt19:31
Bashing-omsstra: There is no one size fits all .. A great place to start : http://tldp.org/HOWTO/Text-Terminal-HOWTO.html#toc17 .19:31
admin-g_kadiro it didnt work now all that happens is that terminal opens up and closes in a blink19:31
gaurav_SpringDevjamie : Chipset Model Intel HM65 Express Chipset19:31
gaurav_SpringDevand no graphics card19:31
jamie___Kathgrar: I think if you look it up online you'll find a fix, my samsung ativ book 8 had software for all the function buttons (wifi on off/ brightness) and all the rest working after finding it19:31
jamie___what motherboard gaurav_SpringDev ? that's a chipset19:32
Kathgrarjamie___: I already have searched for a fix, and there's nothing, nor from the vendor, nor a custom fix19:32
jamie___from ark.intel.com19:32
jamie___LVDS, CRT, Display Port, DVI, HDMI, SVDO19:32
gaurav_SpringDevit is not mentioned in the specs : Jamie19:32
jamie___says HDMI/ DVI there?19:33
Kathgrarjamie___: RTL == Realtek .... you know that?19:33
sstraBashing-om: thanks!19:33
gaurav_SpringDevjamie : but no HDMI port is there19:33
KathgrarRealtek only provides Windows drivers19:33
gaurav_SpringDevIt's jus a vga port out here19:33
Bashing-omWalkerdine: You can not do GPT with a MSDOS tool . I do suggest that you go back to your susouce and see if there is a script supporting GPT . Or get twith the author of the script and see what can be workd out . By this time I would assume there has been a mod made to support GPT partitioning .19:33
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akikBashing-om: fdisk is a linux tool19:36
kadiroadmin-g_: try the path from terminal to see what's happen19:36
gaurav_SpringDevjamie : no DVI port present19:36
gaurav_SpringDevjamie : http://icecat.in/en/p/vendorName/psc2ug-00p001/notebooks-C640-X4012-14356765.html19:36
Bashing-omakik: Yes it is .. to support a particular partitioning scheme (MSDOS/MBR) The error here is in reguards to GPT partitioioning. Other tools are required supporting GPT .19:38
kadiroakik: like said Bashing-om you need to use gdisk to fix GPT problem19:38
Emulatorshelp. is there any app i can use to sync files to mega and skydrive?19:40
Emulatorsand also download of course19:41
Norbinskydrive don't have linux client? Kappa (JOking S:)19:41
Emulatorsthey both have i guess but 2 aps use more resources then one i guess19:42
phayalzEvening, sorry to bother you all, I am new to using a mouseless os. How can I highlight multiple lines of terminal and copy them?19:43
dm_comp$chsh zsh, I get chsh: user 'zch' does not exist19:44
dm_compam I misusing the command?19:44
dm_compI have zsh installed19:44
beakychsh -s /bin/zsh <user>19:46
akikphayalz: what is the mouseless os you speak of?19:47
aeden__dphayalz, I'm not sure that's possible unless you use screen? maybe someone else knows how19:47
phayalzNo gui so no need to use amouse19:47
phayalzI use tmux for window management19:47
beakyctrl+alt+f1 *19:47
akikphayalz: you can use mouse in the console if you install the gpm package19:47
dm_compbeaky still showing bash when i echo $SHELL19:48
phayalzctrl+alt+f1 doesnt seem to ne doing ti for me19:48
dm_compbut it did ask for a password19:48
beakydm_comp: log out and log in again19:48
phayalzI will try out gpm thanks!19:49
aeden__dphayalz, install screen19:49
phayalzLooks pretty good, cant use it to change windows but thats fine, apprecaite it!19:49
blibanyone into linux + streaming cameras? I need something which is compact and can supply me good video feed using usb (1080p + 60fps would be nice)19:50
aeden__dphayalz, You use ctr-a to start the command sequence. Then press esc, your cursor will move in any direction. Press enter to select text, move to where you want to end the highlight, press enter again. -- copies to buffer. Then ctr-a and then } will paste19:51
aeden__dif you use screen19:51
dm_compbeaky: when I exit it close my terminal. It's okay, I'm reading How Linux Works 2ed and this is only for practice. thanks anyways!19:51
phayalzOh okay, I really like tmux but this gpm, thanks akik19:52
dm_compbash: logout: not login shell: use `exit'19:53
dm_compnot a big deal :)19:53
admin-g_kadiro instead i took the path php storm use and changed the end to the webstorm and it worked XD19:54
ubuntu528I'm trying to boot my laptop that has Ubuntu, but it opens an OS selection, and when I choose Ubuntu, it tells me that "The system is running in low-graphics mode".19:55
kadiroadmin-g: happy for that :))19:56
Bashing-omubuntu528: What graphics chip set ? and do you have the proper graphic's driver installed ?19:58
ubuntu528Bashing-om: SiS Mirage 3. It's horrible. And the drivers... I think I updated them a few months ago, but that was when I still had Windows.19:59
=== ubuntu is now known as derperson
leverquini need help. my sound on 14.04 is bit broken. when i play music or play dota2 everything is so skippy20:00
Bashing-omubuntu528: SIS graphics ? Not a lot of support for SIS .. some but not much .20:00
derperson Running ubuntu 5.04 Live. The nostalgia. It feels.20:01
Bashing-omubuntu528: Pastebin ' lspci -nnk | grep -iA3 vga ' and let's se which way we go .20:03
ubuntu528Bashing-om: Am I supposed to search for that on pastebin?20:04
Bashing-om!paste | ubuntu52820:05
ubottuubuntu528: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.20:05
cjohnsonWhy does installing the php package try to install apache2? I don't want apache2 on my system20:06
cjohnsononly php and nginx20:06
ubuntu528Bashing-om: (I am not a smart man) From what I understand, am I supposed to type in ' lspci -nnk | grep -iA3 vga ' to the terminal and paste.ubuntu.com the results?20:06
cjohnsonHow can I install php without installing apache2?20:06
Bashing-omubuntu528: ^^ to use pastebin ; ' sudo apt-get install pastebinit ' and direct to the site with ' lspci -nnk | grep -iA3 vga | pastebinit ' the result is a URL back in terminal. Pass that link back here .20:07
ubuntu528Bashing-om: Ah.20:07
Bashing-omubuntu528: (not to know is not a sin) we were all new at one time .20:07
IDJwhen i try activate swap partition(sda5) it says: 'swapon failed: Device or resource busy'. what can i do here?20:08
ubuntu528Bashing-om: I've been new to life for the last thirteen years.20:08
beakyi have 21 years of experience in life; im an expert in life20:08
Bashing-omubuntu528: Then you have a lot of time to make significant contributions to open source !20:09
WalkerdineCrap now I screwed up bad20:09
ubuntu528Bashing-om: Thanks for motivating me, I guess.20:09
Bashing-omWalkerdine: K, What have you done ?20:10
WalkerdineWell I don't know what exactly I have caused but I tried manually updating my util-linux and I did it wrong20:11
ubuntu528Bashing-om: It keeps failing to install pastebinit. I feel like pasting it by hand...20:12
Bashing-omWalkerdine: The package manager does not allow you " to do it wrong" . Please explain .20:12
=== Bob is now known as Guest71632
Bashing-omubuntu528: checking why .20:12
WalkerdineI did a make install of it20:12
WalkerdineI screwd up mount and probaly alot of other things20:13
ubuntu528Bashing-om: I think I found a workaround, by invoking Emacs and *trying* to get to the terminal trough there.20:13
ubuntu528So I could paste the results.20:13
Bashing-omubuntu528: The command works for me as is - http://paste.ubuntu.com/12225116/ - . Did you install the tool ?20:14
ubuntu528Bashing-om: Trying to "sudo apt-get install pastebinit", but it keeps telling me that it failed to fetch some files.20:14
Bashing-omubuntu528: OK, What release are you on ? what returns ' cat /etc/issue ' ?20:15
ubuntu528Bashing-om: 15.04.20:16
=== ira is now known as Guest56146
WalkerdineIs there a way I can repair my core system files without reinstalling everything completely?20:17
WalkerdineCause if I reboot my computer it won't load anthing20:18
Bashing-omubuntu528: I would expect the tool to be in 15.04's repository .. but, check, is there a positive result from ' apt-cache show pastebinit ' . Life will be much simpler if this tool is available to use .20:18
ubuntu528Bashing-om: Uh... what excactly do you mean by 'positive result'? I did the command, it gave me a huge wall of text.20:19
ubuntu528Bashing-om: Looks pretty positive to me, though.20:19
ubuntunoob213Hello everyone~!20:20
WalkerdineShould I just start reinstalling now anyways to save time20:20
IDJwhen i try activate swap partition(sda5) it says: 'swapon failed: Device or resource busy'. what can i do here?20:20
WalkerdineAt least this time I made it more than 2 days before I screwed up my whole system20:21
Bashing-omWalkerdine: Update ' sudo apt update ; sudo apt upgrade ' Clean up ' sudo apt-get clean ; sudo apt-get autoclean ; sudo apt-get autoremove ' Check the system status and repair ' sudo apt-get -f install ; sudo dpkg -C '. Maybe all is good .20:21
p4wni am having an issue with my computer20:22
p4wni cannot log in20:22
p4wnwhat du i du?20:22
* ubuntunoob213 dances around20:22
MonkeyDustp4wn  that's too general, provide more details20:23
Bashing-omubuntu528: Then yeah that is a positive result. We need to change focus and fix your package manager ! Do terminal commands ' sudp apt update ; sudo apt upgrade ' advise of ANY errors .20:23
* ubuntunoob213 chuckles.20:23
p4wnwell, i turn on teh computer20:23
akikIDJ: if you're sure sda5 is your swap partition you can run mkswap /dev/sda520:23
p4wnand i cannot log in20:23
p4wnit ask me for passcode20:23
ubuntu528I hate all keyboard layouts that are not the Estonian one. Especially Dvorak.20:23
=== ashden is now known as moruk
p4wni have not passcode20:23
Chris____hello im having issues getting my webcam to work20:23
ubottuForgot your password? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword What's the root password? See !sudo. Don't see *** in password prompts? That's normal. Sudo doesn't ask for your password? It remembers you for several minutes. Please use strong passwords, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/StrongPasswords20:23
WalkerdineI got errors running those Bashing-om20:24
p4wnwhere is passcode? must i register wit teh computer?20:24
ubuntu528Bashing-om: I found a way to paste it, I have to use pastebin, though.20:24
Walkerdinemount errors20:24
p4wni did not forget the passcode i just never gave it won20:24
p4wnwhat is teh default passcode?20:24
Bashing-omWalkerdine: At what point and what are the errors ?20:24
Ben64p4wn: there isn't one, reset it from recovery mode20:24
OerHeksp4wn, unless you have an encrypted home, that url should work.20:24
p4wnhow du i recovery mode? what is the command?20:25
p4wni have only /server and /join20:25
Walkerdinemount: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libmount.so.1: version `MOUNT_2.25' not found (required by mount)20:25
p4wnand /msg20:25
OerHeksp4wn, read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword20:25
WalkerdineI'm going to have to reinstall20:25
WalkerdineDoes the system back up fix any of this20:25
p4wnthat page is talk about if i cannot get into desktop i cannot get into computer20:25
WalkerdineOr do I ahve to do a clean install20:25
p4wnas in, i get to desktop20:25
p4wntry to open computer and i need passcode20:25
Ben64p4wn: explain better20:26
p4wni get to desktop20:26
p4wnthen i open terminal with ctrl-alt-x20:26
p4wni mean t20:26
p4wnthen i type in terminal i type "pdgin"20:26
p4wnto open computer20:26
p4wnbut it needs a passcode20:26
Ben64p4wn: use less <enter>20:26
p4wnotherwise it does not get to computer20:26
IDJakik: says the same thing, device or resource busy20:26
Ben64p4wn: you're not making any sense20:26
p4wnto connect to computer20:27
Ben64IDJ: something is already using it then20:27
p4wnit wants passcode20:27
p4wni can conly conect to computer via web20:27
p4wnnot via desktop20:27
Ben64p4wn: stop. explain CLEARLY all on one line if you want any help here20:27
p4wnthat is why i currently am connect via web20:27
IDJBen64: so how can  i kill this application?20:27
akikIDJ: grep sda5 /etc/mtab <- does that say anything?20:27
Bashing-omWalkerdine: Does it exist and is the symlink intact ? My system " lrwxrwxrwx  1 root root      17 Aug  4 21:20 libmount.so.1 -> libmount.so.1.1.0 " .20:27
ubuntu528Bashing-om: I'm trying to do the commands you told me to, every error begins with "Failed to fetch".20:28
IDJakik: no20:28
akikIDJ: do you get errors to your system log?20:28
ubuntu528What is the policy on swearing here?20:28
ubuntu528Just curious.20:28
Ben64ubuntu528: don't20:29
Bashing-omubuntu528: Then I suggest that you do not have an internet connection . What returns if ya do terminal command ' ping -c3 ' ?20:29
ubuntu528Ben64: K, thanks.20:29
p4wnteh prob lem is this i log into desktop then i go to terminal and i type "pidgin" in order to connect to computer and it wants me to enter passcode but when i type "firefox" and i go to a sight like kiwiirc then i can connect to computer wtiihout passcode?20:29
Ben64p4wn: define 'computer'20:29
ubuntu528Bashing-om: And at this very moment, I noticed that I DON'T HAVE MY FREAKING NETWORK CABLE IN. What the hell is wrong with me?20:29
OerHeksp4wn, so you want your pidgin password ..20:29
p4wncomputger is like this, where the people are20:29
Ben64p4wn: this is an irc channel20:30
p4wni thought this was the computer20:30
IDJi guess. i don't know exactly what you mean by that. sorry20:30
Bashing-omWalkerdine: You indicate that your system is broke, and you get the mount error above, I suggest that you check if the file exist (ls command) and verify where the sym link points to .20:30
p4wnwhat is the computer? which on eis the computer?20:31
Bashing-omubuntu528: UH HUh !  Panic not, proceed in a calm and orderly fashion .20:31
p4wnwhat is a computer, if not this one?20:32
Ben64your computer is a computer20:32
p4wnand where do i get the passcode that is wanted by the command "pidgin"20:32
ubuntu528Bashing-om: Either way, 'pastebinit' and 'sudo apt-get install pastebinit" still don't seem to work.20:32
Ben64p4wn: post a screenshot of it asking for the passcode20:32
Ben64IDJ: try 'sudo fuser -m /dev/sda5'20:33
p4wnyou mean the thing that they call the computer when i go to the shop and buy a "computer" it means the actual physical box, not the world that i connect it to? it hgought to buy a "computers" means only to by the box to connect to the computer i.e. the world20:33
user1254p4wn: do you use a patato with irc on it ? ;)20:33
Bashing-omubuntu528: Quick way, make sure the cable is plugged in, reboot the box .. and verify that networking works ' ping -c3 ubuntu.com ' .20:33
p4wni cannot post a screenshot because pidgin had the channel that me bro was banned from and it gave error and now we are in trouble with the isP20:34
p4wni think20:34
=== gianni is now known as Guest47130
p4wnbro says you get in trouble with teh isP when you join channel that bro is banned form20:34
MonkeyDustp4wn  banned by your ISP? 'faut le faire'!20:34
poppeIm on lubuntu. should I use "git clone git://kernel.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ubuntu-trusty.git" when I build my kernel?20:34
akikIDJ: check out the file /var/log/syslog if a non-systemd system or journalctl -xe if systemd system (look for errors about /dev/sda)20:34
IDJBen64: nothing happens. if i restart my computer can resolve it?20:34
jeffrey_fCan someone answer a question about spideroak?20:35
p4wni will ask bro20:35
ubuntu528Bashing-om: Hooray! I got it to pastebin it with Emacs. I selected a bit too much, but I'm too euphoric to paste again right now. http://ix.io/kwM20:35
Ben64IDJ: shouldnt have to20:35
p4wnhe is better with the computer20:35
p4wnmayeb he will make it better now20:36
p4wnhe knows probably teh passcode20:36
IDJakik: its a journalctl20:37
akikIDJ: because mtab didn't contain sda5 i guess your errors could be indicating a hw problem(?)20:37
IDJakik: when i double click it opens as text document20:38
Bashing-omubuntu528: OK, We have the info, the bad news is that you have that SIS card that just has very little support. See:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2252413&page=2&p=13198482#post13198482 ' for best results install lubuntu .20:38
akikIDJ: did you double check that /dev/sda5 is in the partition table?20:38
ubuntu528Bashing-om: Ubuntu has been working with lag for a month, nothing else was wrong. Until now.20:38
IDJyes. '/dev/sda5       964775936   976771071     5997568   82  Linux swap / Solaris'20:39
akikIDJ: what about cat /proc/swaps ?20:40
IDJakik: its here20:41
poppedoes anyone know what git lubuntu is using thrusty,20:41
poppeor ...20:41
IDJakik: i got it20:41
ubuntu528Bashing-om: Guess what, "FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'apt-key'" when trying to add the repository.20:41
IDJakik: thanks so much20:41
akikIDJ: so you had it activated as swap already?20:41
IDJakik: yes20:42
ubuntu528Bashing-om: To hell with Ubuntu, I'm getting Lubuntu. But that day is not today.20:42
Ben64ubuntu528: looks like you typed the command incorrectly20:42
IDJakik: actually i dont even know how i dont it20:42
akikIDJ: free command shows the amount of swap space you have20:43
Bashing-omubuntu528: Slow down .. What are you doing that you are not telling me ? I had in mind to see about (RE-)installing the graphics driver .20:43
ubuntu528Bashing-om: The post told to add the repository, I tried.20:43
Bashing-omubuntu528: With that chip set you are better served from a ligher distribution. See also : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2215422 .20:44
jeffrey_fDoes anyone have experience with Spideroak??20:44
IDJakik: this was a question?20:44
akikIDJ: no20:44
IDJakik: ok, sorry. thanks20:45
Ben64jeffrey_f: what is your real question20:45
Demon_JesterHey guys, I just received a computer from a friend, its a old pc I haven't checked the specs (I just know it has pentium 4 maybe 512 or 1gb of ram) I usually throw ubuntu server, and throw it in my closet, but I was thinking of using a different server distro, and wanted opinions.20:45
akikIDJ: if you execute free you will see the amount of swap space you have20:45
ubuntu528Bashing-om: So, should I get Lubuntu?20:45
akikIDJ: it should correlate with the size of your sda5 partition20:46
MonkeyDustDemon_Jester  no opinions here, type /j ##linux for general linux questions20:46
Demon_JesterMonkeyDust, ok thanks20:46
Bashing-omubuntu528: I do like performance. And yes I do suggest that you try lubuntu .20:46
jeffrey_fThanks Ben64, I'm in the process of moving to a new computer......How to merge and get the data to my new system.  Do I just download through the app from the original device??20:46
IDJakik: ok20:46
BerryHey, just super quick question before I look into this, how easy do you guys think it would be to write a program that makes an overlay graphic when a button is pressed?20:46
Ben64jeffrey_f: what is spideroak and where did you get it20:47
BerryWell, and then toggle it on and off with the button pressed20:47
Bashing-omubuntulog2: Get lubuntu : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/GetLubuntu .20:47
jeffrey_fBen64:  It's a paid, internet backup solution.  Works well, but getting the data from/to another system is a little tricky20:48
Ben64jeffrey_f: then talk to their support20:48
MonkeyDustBerry  this is a support channel, no dev channel20:48
BerryMonkeyDust: Oh, right. My bad.20:49
user1254jeffrey_f: not really ubuntu related but setup your sync folder on your new comp and it will sync the data from the cloud to your new comp. make sure your old comp synced before doing so.20:49
Bashing-omDemon_Jester: Check out : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements/ . On that low spec hardware lubuntu Might work .20:49
jeffrey_fThat sounds like a better option.  Thanks user125420:50
r3dappsHi, I'm new her. I'm learning linux by installing ubuntu. Can you help me to start by helping me?20:50
=== viking is now known as Guest59169
Bashing-om!manual | r3dapps20:51
ubottur3dapps: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/20:51
r3dappsThanks Bashing-om20:51
Bashing-omr3dapps: :) . enjoy20:52
irgendwer4711hi, my Ubuntu 15.04 has a Debian 8 grub boot screen :-D20:58
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guest242does anybody know the system function is for reading and setting the bits for the cr0 register i want to turn off paging in my program "i.e not just the swap off but all of virtual memory" Is there a function from user space api's that i can get down to turning this toggling this PE bit to shut off paging completely21:15
=== ZeD_ is now known as ZeD__
guest242i forgot if there was and from user land inline asm won't really do me good from user ring 321:15
bekksPunctuation is for the upper class only. Thanks Obama.21:16
guest242don't want to embed the code in the kernel but if it was code i could run at the privilage of ring 0 i would be ok haven't figured out the best way yet i am going to do it what is your thoughts21:17
guest242i would put it in a module but not so sure i want it that way... just curious if anybody knew of any internal memory management functions in linux that already could do this shutting of virtual and going back to physical memory for a  little bit so i could read memory linearly... though i probably could just read all the pages in the page table with there function but really wanted to read not only all the pages but what was left ov21:20
guest242apart of the page table yet21:20
guest242O well just have to figure it out my self no worries just a little more time21:21
Demon_JesterHey guys I have a question, I forgot what its called, but you can have multiple windows inside terminal screen.21:22
Demon_Jesteryou can make horizontal/vertical windows inside terminal21:22
MonkeyDustDemon_Jester  'screen'21:25
DarkSectorWow, even on an sad unity performance sucks.21:26
DarkSectorIt takes it so long to popup a gksu window21:27
MonkeyDustDarkSector  use a lighter DE, LXDE or XFCE or so, or MATE21:27
DarkSectorYeah, that's what I am planning to do21:27
DarkSectorHow's Pantheon now a days?21:27
DarkSectorIs it stable?21:27
guest242and though there is alot of mmap functions , nopage ,...etc i can uses i still would have like to do it the old toggling the bit and reading all of memory with a pointer in ring 0 method but haven't figured it out the best way yet to do it21:27
guest242my way21:27
MonkeyDustDarkSector  pantheon is for elementary, iirc21:27
DarkSectorYeah, but it can be installed on Ubuntu, can't it?21:28
MonkeyDustDarkSector  deleting zeitgeist improved my unity performance21:28
Demon_JesterMonkeyDust, are you sure? I thought there was always a debate between screen and another program, like android vs apple phones.21:29
DarkSectorMy lag crops up only when it tries to do super user task21:29
DarkSectorSo I guess it's the file manager21:29
MonkeyDustDemon_Jester  i use screen as we speak21:29
DarkSectorDoes Unity use nautilus?21:29
MonkeyDustDarkSector  sudo apt-get purge zeitgeist-core zeitgeist-datahub python-zeitgeist rhythmbox-plugin-zeitgeist zeitgeist21:29
Demon_JesterMonkeyDust, how do you split the windows in screen?21:30
Demon_JesterMonkeyDust, nvm I found it, I was looking for "tmux"21:31
MonkeyDustDemon_Jester  ctrl a - s21:31
MonkeyDustDemon_Jester  long time ago since ai did it, moment21:32
MonkeyDustDemon_Jester  yes, it's ctrl-a, then uppercase S21:34
MonkeyDustthen ctrl-a tab21:35
kujuHi, I have an AsusGL551JM gaming laptop with an NVidia 860M graphics card. I installed 14.04 for development, and the built-in video worked fine until a recent update (just your regular old GUI-prompt update). I've tried apt-get purge nvidia-*. Can only log into shell by setting grub loader to "text". Not sure where to go next. Help appreciated21:37
whologinis it possible to make my built in sd card reader bootable so i could run a live version?21:37
MonkeyDustwhologin  i know one way, but it requires an installed ubuntu21:38
Bashing-omwhologin: From that terminal try : ' sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall ' to install the recommended graphic's driver .21:39
kujuBashing-om: was that comment meant for whologin or me? Because it helped me to at least get the login screen working again, but after login the screen flashes weird patterns, the drums beat and it goes back to login page21:49
TragicM3LONalright fellas i really need some help here21:49
TragicM3LONwhat i think happened was i unmounted all my drives, and now when booting it says "error: unknown filesystem"21:50
TragicM3LON"Entering rescue mode..."21:50
TragicM3LONgrub rescue>21:50
Bashing-omkuju: Ooopps, must be cross eyed here . the suggestion was for you .21:51
kujuBashing-om: Thanks! It made some progress for me at least, haha. Any suggestions on how to get past the login page loop?21:52
Bashing-omkuju: Depends on the cause . Sometimes it is the graphics driver . Try and reboot the system ? Do you own the files in yout /home ? A loss of authorization to access /home will also cause the looping .21:54
kujuBashing-om: Read/write access to /home is ok. Reboot yielded same result21:55
kujuBashing-om: At one point I tried downloading the graphics driver straight from NVidia following these steps (http://askubuntu.com/questions/526668/how-do-i-use-nvidia-gtx-860m-with-14-04) and found that my machine's /usr/lib/nvidia/pre-install is preventing it. Pre-install file contents: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1222557921:57
Alessandro1970ciao a tutti22:00
=== grant is now known as Guest68323
Bashing-omkuju: Oh Boy ... Downloading and installing from OEM is the last resort . Many other options exist. OK, Find the .run file for the uninstall operation: ' sudo find / -name "NVIDIA-Linux-*" . Anything ?22:02
kujuBashing-om: No worries, I didn't follow through with the install. I figured the pre-install fail was put there for good reason. Though in an earlier attempt I did try an apt-get install nvidia-current, and subsequently did an apt-get --purge nvidia-*22:04
Bashing-omkuju: Have you at some point done the no-no ' sudo startx' ??22:08
=== zoltan_ is now known as Guest1868
kujuBashing-om: Nope.22:09
Bashing-omkuju: Away from the keyboard for a short time. I will retuen .22:09
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hextininiguys, i need help22:10
=== dawkj is now known as Skreen
SkreenHow can we help you?22:10
kujuBashing-om: K22:10
hextininii`m impleenting a irc server, but the client is not receiving properly my repliesmessages22:10
jmubuntuHey guys, software center is throwing an error on startup, its in the aptd in sbin, error is ImportError: cannot import name 'AptWorker'22:11
MonkeyDusthextinini  keep it one line22:11
=== Skreen is now known as skreen
jmubuntuanyhelp would be greatly appreciated!22:12
MonkeyDusthextinini  how is that question ubuntu related?22:13
TheRealSolI'd like to know if anyone has a recommendation for a launcher that can be run on a remote Windows PC with X Forwarding?22:13
jmubuntuguess ill reinstall ubuntu from scratch22:13
MonkeyDustTheRealSol  i'm sure the windows people know what can run on windows22:14
jmubuntuHey guys, software center is throwing an error on startup, its in the aptd in sbin, error is ImportError: cannot import name 'AptWorker'22:15
TheRealSolMonkeyDust: I haven't asked in Windows, because this would technically run on Ubuntu22:15
iseneUpgraded from Ubuntu 14.10 to 15.04 today and this part of my conky setup stopped working:22:16
isene${weather http://weather.noaa.gov/pub/data/observations/metar/stations/ ENGM cloud_cover 30} ${weather http://weather.noaa.gov/pub/data/observations/metar/stations/ ENGM temperature 30}22:16
iseneIt leaves only:22:16
isene${weather} ${weather}22:16
iseneAny clues for debugging this?22:16
TheRealSolMonkeyDust: I'm looking for something that will run on Ubuntu but send the output to my Windows X Server22:16
MonkeyDustTheRealSol  "run on a remote windows pc", is what i read22:16
TheRealSolMonkeyDust: np, I guess you missed the X Forwarding as the end22:17
TheRealSolsomeone did suggest dmenu, but that works in a Terminal and I'm ideally look for something I can configure as a panel22:18
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UmeaboyI wanted to add the kernel ppa in Ubuntu 15.04, but it won't update.22:26
UmeaboyI know that it's not for official use, but I'd like to activate and use full GPU.22:26
UmeaboyAny fix to that?22:26
UmeaboyI have a brand new laptop with Optimus graphics.22:26
UmeaboyHybrid graphics.22:27
ubottuThe kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds22:27
UmeaboyIntel with Nouveau when it comes to drivers.22:27
Bashing-omkuju: OK; back .. Let's get the pre-requisites out of the way . pastebin ' dpkg -l | grep -i nvidia ; la -al /home/ ; ls -al /home/<user_name> ' . See where we go from here .22:27
Umeaboygenii: Is it possible to use http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v4.0-vivid/ as a third party mirror in Ubuntu?22:28
Bashing-omUmeaboy: optimus now-a-days is controlled by nvidia-prime . nvidia-prime should install by default when the proprietary driver is installed .22:29
UmeaboyI did add the ppa.22:29
vinyl_samuraiWhat is a good temperature for a i7 quad core under normal load on ubuntu 14.04 unity?22:29
Umeaboyvinyl_samurai: Why not upgrade to 15.04?22:30
UmeaboyIt's released as stable.22:30
OerHeksUmeaboy, you don't need a kernel, just the driver tool, no PPA at all.22:30
UmeaboyOr are you using 14.04 as a server?22:30
bpromptUmeaboy:    http://askubuntu.com/questions/160535/how-do-i-add-the-mainline-kernel-ppa22:30
vinyl_samuraiUmeaboy: small home server22:30
Bashing-omUmeaboy: You do not need a PPA to install Nvidia drivers, the proprietary drivers are available in the software repository .22:31
bpromptUmeaboy:    seems that the active one, that would gives you some updated packages will be "ppa:kernel-ppa/pre-proposed"22:31
OerHeksvinyl_samurai, check the manufacturor for temp specs. and your mobo settings.22:31
Umeaboybprompt: Right.22:31
OerHeksbrrrr pre-prposed...22:31
kujuBashing-om: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12225756/22:32
Bashing-omkuju: Look'n at http://paste.ubuntu.com/12225756/ .22:32
geniiUmeaboy: No, the mainline builds are purposely made to be manually installed by deb file only22:32
MonkeyDustvinyl_samurai  install lm-sensors, then type this to monitor the temperature and know the critical value    watch -n 1 sensors22:32
Bashing-omkuju: All I see that is adverse is " ii  bbswitch-dkms " . Was BumbleBee installed at some point ?22:33
UmeaboyThe reason that I choose to use a newer untested kernel is to see if the nouveau driver issue has been fixed upstream.22:34
kujuBashing-om: Not to my knowledge. But if it's there maybe I pasted a suggested line from a SO page22:36
ViseionIs there still files so you can update packages on ubuntu 13.0422:37
geniiUmeaboy: You may want to try first instead to use the xorg-edger PPA before trying to manually install a mainline kernel22:37
mcphailViseion: no22:38
bpromptViseion:    http://fridge.ubuntu.com/2014/01/28/ubuntu-13-04-raring-ringtail-end-of-life-reached-on-january-27-2014/22:38
genii!es | Gghh22:38
ubottuGghh: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.22:38
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Viseionwell when i try to  update to 14.xx it says Check your internet connection22:39
OerHeks13.04 eol > 13.10 eol > 14.04 lts ..22:40
OerHeksi would reinstall.22:40
geniiViseion: 13.04 repositories have been archived now to old-releases.ubuntu.com22:40
Viseionmy cd drive broke22:40
genii( 13.10 has not, yet, but soon will be also)22:41
Viseionand nothing will install because it says this package requires installation from unauthenticated sources22:41
Bashing-omkuju: Just looks out of place to me . Not accustomed to seeing it in a nvidia output. To play it safe, lets purge all and start again . ' sudo apt-get purge bumble* nvidia* ' And again install the driver ' sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall ' . Reboot and we see what we got . At a later time we remove those old 304 config files .22:41
Viseionhow would i update it to 13.1022:42
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades22:43
kujuBashing-om: after the purge, bbswitch-dkms remains. I'll still try the ubuntu-drivers autoinstall and see what happens22:44
geniiViseion: See the second link that ubottu just gave, above22:44
Bashing-omkuju: K; doing some research at this time as to what bbswitch is .22:44
kujuBashing-om: Thanks for the help :)22:45
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skreenwhich fonts do you guys prefer?22:48
Bashing-omkuju: Well, not sure what is going on as " apt-cache show bbswitch-dkms >> Suggests: bumblebee " . I can believe that bbswitch conflicts with 'nvidia-prime' but, I do not know this for a fact .22:48
kujuBashing-om: Strange. Not sure what put it there. Well, I've purged, re-installed drivers and rebooted. Same error.22:49
Bashing-omkuju: Nope. we are good ! " apt-cache rdepends bbswitch-dkms " will work with either .22:50
Bashing-omkuju: "Well, I've purged, re-installed drivers and rebooted. Same error." show me the error . See if I can see something there you do not (?) .22:52
acerhow to move the toolbar below22:53
kujuHmm. Not sure that the rdepends command you gave me is supposed to do, but it appears to have 3 items listed: bbswitch-dkms:i386, bumblebee, and nvidia-prime. Bumblebee has a bar next to it, making it look highlighted. As for the "same error" I mentioned, it's that I try to log in, get the drums sound and a flashing screen, and get returned back to the login screen22:53
kujuBashing-om: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12225944 is the contents of ~/.xsession-errors22:54
Bashing-omkuju: Nothing so far is amiss that I can see. What desktop are you running ? We start the desktop from terminal and see what the system reports . Then see what the log file(s) has to tell us .22:55
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Bashing-omkuju: " update-notifier-crash " ??? .. what does the package manager advise from terminal ' sudo apt update ; sudo apt upgrade ' . If the package manager is not happy we are in a world of hurt .22:58
kujuI'm running Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS. Not sure how to start the desktop from terminal or where the system would report that22:58
Viseioncould someone just tell me exactly how to upgrade from ubuntu 13.04 to 13.1022:58
kujuBashing-om: I tried ' sudo apt update ; sudo apt upgrade ' yesterday, and had 0 changes. Same result today :S22:59
Bashing-omkuju: I do know a little bit. We start the desktop from the terminal ' sudo service lightdm start ' . The log file we want to look at ' cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log ' .22:59
Bashing-omkuju: Do not know then what the .xsessions advisory is all about then . Package manager is happy, we go on about our way and see why the GUI does not start .23:01
kujuK here's /var/log/Xorg.0.log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12225998/23:01
UmeaboyViseion: sudo apt-get update && sudo upgrade-manager23:02
UmeaboyOr is it update-manager23:02
kujuBashing-om: Sorry failing to ping you when I post23:02
UmeaboyWell, try both.23:02
Umeaboy-t flag updates to unstable so don't use that unless you know what it'll do.23:03
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Viseionquerying software sources23:04
Bashing-omkuju: Reading, I be a while .23:04
Viseionfailed to download repository information check your internet connection23:04
geniiViseion: As I think I've reiterated a few times to you now, you need to change your 13.04 repositories in your sources.list file to point to old-releases.ubuntu.com instead of whatever you have there currently.23:05
Viseionhow do i do that23:05
Viseionsources.list is root23:05
geniiViseion: gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list23:06
Bashing-omkuju: "/boot/vmlinuz-3.16.0-46-generic" Booting an old kernel, what is up with that ? Does ' sudo apt full-upgrade ' install the -62 kernel ?23:06
Viseionit did nothing...23:07
geniiViseion: After you've done that and saved the file: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade23:07
geniiViseion: After that: sudo do-release-upgrade23:07
kujuBashing-om: Mm... It does not upgrade the kernel. Is that a package manager issue, then?23:07
mpowerhi everyone23:08
geniiViseion: Try gksu then instead of gksudo23:08
mpowerdid anyone has successfully undervolted a CPU under ubuntu 14.04?23:08
mpowerI searched the web for a bit and it seems quite complex when compared to windows and we just open an app and thats it23:09
Viseionit says it is not installed23:10
geniiViseion: So then use the CLI editor instead:  sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list23:10
Viseionwell when i took gk out and did sudo it worked23:11
geniiViseion: Do not use only sudo with graphical applications23:11
Viseionwhy not23:11
genii..but that is a lecture I don't have time or patience for right now...23:12
ubottuIf you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)23:12
HexTqtip: next time create separate partition for /home then just reinstall every new version you like23:12
HexTqsaves you all the hassle with upgrading23:12
Viseionibus-warning.... i dont care about warnings23:14
Viseionwell the terminal is getting stuff from old-releases23:15
Bashing-omkuju: Yikes ! " it just dawned on me that " 3.16.0-46-generic " is the 14.10 kernel . And 14.10 is End_Of_Life . What release are you running ?23:16
kujuBashing-om: 14.0423:16
Viseioni did the sudo nano thing now how do i save it23:18
geniiViseion: ctrl-x23:19
HexTqctrl+x then yes23:19
Bashing-omkuju: K; then the next order of business - no matter else - is to get you up on a current supported kernel . ' sudo apt-get install linux-generic-lts-vivid libgl1-mesa-glx-lts-vivid xserver-xorg-lts-vivid linux-image-generic-lts-vivid ' .23:20
geniiViseion: I have to leave, you should be fine from here on. If you run into issues another helper will have to assist.23:21
kujuBashing-om: Mm.. it didn't like that http://paste.ubuntu.com/12226139/23:22
OerHeksi have seen these libcheese-gtk23 errors before this week23:25
Viseionits still saying failed to download repository information...23:26
Bashing-omkuju: OH Boy ! Lookin at your http://paste.ubuntu.com/12226139/ .23:27
Bashing-omkuju: I am look'n .. looks like we now know the original source of the problem. Now to find the solution. bear with me .23:28
OerHeksold bug .. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-control-center/+bug/142897223:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1424466 in mesa (Ubuntu Trusty) "duplicate for #1428972 Devel package not installable in 14.04.2 (mesa-lts-utopic" [High,Fix released]23:29
kujuBashing-om: Thanks for bearing with me! I appreciate it23:29
Viseionhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/12226168/     this is what sudo apt-get update gives me23:29
OerHeksViseion, you didn't add the "old-releases" to your config file lines.23:31
Viseionwhere is that23:32
OerHekscome on, genii explained the whole thing to you.23:33
OerHekstime to read back23:33
Viseionis it in the same sources.list thing23:33
Viseioni hate ubuntu someone took my windows off and put on ubuntu 13.0423:33
Viseionand i hate the damn root access things23:34
Viseionand having to be connected to internet to do anything23:34
OerHeksehh .. are you sure? when you boot, hold the shift key, to get into grub menu, windows might still be there...23:34
usvihello. I'm having problems compiling stuff against libsmbcliend-dev on ubuntu 14.04.3 . has anybody else had problems?23:34
Viseionthe entire dist was wiped23:35
usviI get this:  http://pastebin.com/6e9W5Yzd23:35
usvilibsmbcliend-dev is installed23:35
Viseionand i somehow have two installations of ubuntu 13.04 one is 13.14 on the grub menu and when i load it i get about 0.5 fps23:36
Viseionthis computer is very odd23:36
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usvicompilation partly picks up the library, but the symbols are not found. on debian stable for compilation is ok23:38
Viseionbut where are the rest of the things i have to change to old-releases23:38
Bashing-omkuju: As you can see there are 3 issues at play here . Let's try and addess the xserver issue 1st . Let's try ' sudo apt-get remove --purge xserver-xorg ; sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg ; sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg ' . See what the package manager advises !23:40
kujuBashing-om: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1222627323:44
usviok my error, I had linker definitions before object files in Makefile23:44
Bashing-omkuju: Look'n at http://paste.ubuntu.com/12226273 .23:44
Bashing-omkuju: Well, the plot thickens . Got to have that package . On my system " dpkg -l xserver-xorg >> ii  xserver-xorg   1:7.7+1ubunt amd64 ' . Looks like we have to deal with libcheese7 before we can address the xserver.23:47
kujuBashing-om: Aight. I love cheese23:48
Bashing-omkuju: Let's do ' sudo apt-get purge libcheese7 ; sudo apt-get install libcheese7 ' . See how that effects the need to fix libcheese-gtk23 . Then maybe we can return to xserver .23:49
Viseionthis computer is mental23:50
kujuBashing-om: Okay, I'm seeing the pattern here. We're systematically purging and re-installing this dependency from the leaves to the root23:52
chadwinheyyyyyyyy everyone23:54
kujuBashing-om: Good news! After refreshing libcheese7, the xserver-xorg reinstall worked23:54
Viseiondoes anyone know how to make a usb drive bootable without downloading and programs on ubuntu  13.0423:54
HexTqstartup disk creator23:55
Viseionis that on ubuntu by default23:55
HexTqshould be23:56
kujuBashing-om: Success now on installing the vivid packages you mentioned23:56
kujuBashing-om: (but still on progress, stay tuned)23:56
Viseionyay it is23:57
Bashing-omkuju: Great .. I must be away for a short time . I will be back .23:57
Viseionand if i take the ubuntu install iso file and put it on a usb drive will it start like a cd with it would23:58
HexTqdepends on your bios settings23:58
Viseionhow would i make it23:58
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Viseionlike what settings23:58
HexTqboot disk priority23:59
Viseionneed to be what23:59
HexTqboot sequence23:59
Viseionso usb boot first?23:59
HexTqor F12 after bios boot and select usb-hdd23:59
Viseionhopefully it works23:59

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