pleia2knome: thanks, where does the flyer source live again?00:00
knomepleia2, lp:xubuntu-marketing00:00
knomepleia2, has a script to produce the pdfs from the svg00:00
knomeonce IS pulls the new theme stuff, i'll have another update for static.00:01
* pleia2 thubms up00:02
* knome wonders what thubming means00:02
pleia2I'll try to update docs.x.o and static soon, scrambling to finish work-things before airplane00:02
knomeno rush00:03
knomenothing is really "broken" because they exist00:03
Comstockso i've just eaten chicken nuggets for the 3rd day in a row00:24
Comstocki bet i am going to start rotting00:25
knomeComstock, this isn't a public chat channel.00:25
Comstockoh whoops i hit the wrong tab00:25
knomeComstock, try #xubuntu-offtopic if you must tell about your digestion00:25
Comstockmy mistake00:25
bluesabrelate evening folks02:22
drcLate bird catches the early bug.02:23
bluesabrealready did that yesterday, spent today trying to not be sick02:24
drcSleep?  Sleep? we doan need no stink' sleep.02:24
* bluesabre loves his sleep02:24
drchehe...took a while..."bug"..."sick"...hehe02:25
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bluesabremorning all10:17
knomehello sean10:18
bluesabrehey knome 10:28
flocculantmorning benonsoftware 10:33
flocculantoh dear10:33
flocculantmorning bluesabre :)10:33
* benonsoftware waves10:33
Unit193benonsoftware: Howdy.10:34
benonsoftwareHiyas Unit193 10:34
bluesabrehiya flocculant, Unit193, and benonsoftware 10:43
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omegaphoenixHi any advice on getting started with contributing?19:47
knomeomegaphoenix, hello19:47
knomewhat are you interested in getting involved with?19:47
omegaphoenixI could get started by working on minor bug fixes in any area19:48
knomeomegaphoenix, http://tracker.xubuntu.org/#tab-details19:49
knomein that list, you will see all bugs that are especially targeted for 15.1019:49
omegaphoenixCool thanks19:49
knomeof course there are more, but...19:49
knomewelcome - and thanks for the interest :)19:50
knomebluesabre is our technical lead, he can tell more19:50
knomeand others can help with many things as well19:50
knomejust ask19:50
omegaphoenixWhat do you usually work on?19:50
knomei'm the website lead, but in addition to web stuff i work with artwork, docs, etc etc19:51
knomefwiw, these are my work items for this release so far: http://tracker.xubuntu.org/#tab-details/knome19:52
omegaphoenixHow do I get someone to sponsor my fix once I complete something?19:53
knomethe complete (and bureaucratic) answer is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SponsorshipProcess - the practical answer is "poke people on this channel when you are done"19:54
knomewe'll guide you through the process then19:55
knomeflocculant, see http://tracker.xubuntu.org/#tab-timeline19:55
knomeflocculant, now it's ordered based on week in the cycle - also every "week" starts with a thursday...19:55
knomeflocculant, i'm starting to think the sanest thing to do is to group them by month, then add some indication of the date19:56
knomebecause the code to figure this out is ugly19:56
knomeand the headers are clumsy with the dates shown (but it would be confusing to say week x without showing them)19:57
andrzejrAny chance of changing the default CSD theme to look more like xfwm4 theme? Currently, all CSD windows look as if they had no focus, which is really confusing, especially with multiple displays.20:21
knomeandrzejr, i think ochosi has been looking into that20:22
andrzejrknome, I think part of the problem is that (here) CSD windows use a greybird Gtk theme and xfwm4 uses Moheli. As much as I like greybird's Gtk theme, its xfwm4 one is poor (little contrast and thin borders).20:29
ali1234andrzejr: the only way to fix that would be to make xfwm draw the borders with gtk21:01
ali1234ie the same way CSD is drawn21:02
andrzejrAFAIR ofourdan was pretty clear this isn't going to happen.21:03
ali1234exactly, so it can't be fixed21:03
andrzejrIt cannot be fixed in general but you could still have a theme that does a good job both for widgets and window borders.21:04
andrzejrbesides, drawing drawing borders via gtk and keeping the current theme wouldn't fix *my* problem. It would make contrast of *all* window borders poor, not just the CSD ones.21:06

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