TekknoDraykkoGood evening from North Carolina. Is there anyone home?00:12
TekknoDraykkoLooks like a full house.00:13
TekknoDraykkoI'm a novice Xubuntu user and I have a question about changing the permissions on a file00:13
TekknoDraykkoIt seems that whenever I try to use chmod +x <filename> the permission doesn't change00:14
knomeTekknoDraykko, in what sense?00:15
azzenovic_how exactly?00:15
TekknoDraykkoI've tried logging in using sudo -i but the result is that the executable permission does not get set00:15
knomehow do you determine it doesn't?00:15
TekknoDraykkoWhen I type: "ls -l" on the file name, the permission isn't set00:16
knomeok, so which xubuntu version are you using?00:16
TekknoDraykkoHold on, let me check...00:17
TekknoDraykkoXubuntu 14.0400:19
knomeusing any PPAs?00:19
TekknoDraykkoWhat's a PPA?00:20
knomethen likely not...00:20
TekknoDraykkoLOL! yep...that's a safe bet (unless it's something that's installed automatically with Xubuntu)00:21
knomesoo.. what's the file you are trying to make executable?00:21
TekknoDraykkoNetbeans installation00:21
TekknoDraykkohold on let me get the filename00:22
bazhang!info netbeans00:22
ubottuPackage netbeans does not exist in vivid00:22
TekknoDraykkoI think I might have an idea...if it doesn't work, I'll be back.00:24
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vista__Hey, I am wondering, for how long is 14.04 still supported?08:04
vista__I am thinking of downgrading08:04
cfhowlettvista__, 3 years08:05
vista__haven't really had any problems in 14.10, but 15.04 so far has been a huge disappointment08:05
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brainwashvista__: why?08:41
brainwashif there are problems, then you should consider filing bug reports. maybe even test the current development release (15.10 beta)08:42
brainwashto make sure that things get resolved08:42
vista__oh hey brainwash, didn't see your message there09:42
vista__well, my biggest problem is that I am unable to connect an external monitor after waking my laptop from sleep09:43
brainwashvista__: did you file a bug report (or search for an existing one)?09:58
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xubuntu20wI have a problem12:14
mrkrampsxubuntu20w, ask a question12:15
xubuntu44dhello guys12:28
xubuntu44dtruying to install xubuntu but getting following error12:28
xubuntu20wafter  system starts I have no lan enabled. I need to click and enable it: 'enable networking'12:29
xubuntu44derrno input/output error12:29
xubuntu44dwhat does that mean? how i can solve it?12:29
xubuntu44d*errrno 512:29
xubuntu44dis anobody there?12:31
xubuntu20wit's ridiculous!12:36
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edufmasshello..why #xubuntu-es is like private (invite only) ?15:09
cfhowlettedufmass, false.  #xubuntu-es opens #ubuntu-es15:10
edufmassI can't join.. #xubuntu-es unable to join channel (invite only)15:11
Unit193edufmass: That's because you're already in #ubuntu-es15:44
edufmassbut if I leave #ubuntu-es and I do /join #xubuntu-es I get into #ubuntu-es and receive that msg15:57
knomeedufmass, that's simply a redirect. there is no #xubuntu-es15:59
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edufmassknome ohh ok, thanks!16:26
* xubuntu689 slaps AntiSpamMeta around a bit with a large fishbot16:38
two_jayswelcome :)18:04
melodieI am about to perform an exercice to contribute to a NFO who brings computers to Africa once a year, with Xubuntu arranged for teachers in high schools.  The aim for me is to make it work right the way they did last time with 12.04, but adapted to 14.0418:05
melodiehi two_jays thanks18:05
melodieI need a little information18:05
melodiewithout having to seek for myself in the system if I can:18:05
melodieonce the icons arranged the way we like on the desktop, in which Xfce config file is it located in the .config/xfce4 folder?18:06
melodiewell never mind18:08
melodieI found18:08
melodieI thought it would be more difficult than that to find out18:08
two_jayswell thats good!18:08
two_jaysi really couldnt tell it anyway ;)18:08
melodieI installed mc and with F3 or F4 it's easy to look fast into the content of several files and folders18:13
melodiewell files F4 or F3 and browser folders18:13
two_jaysthats sounds interesting18:14
melodieI could not do most of the tasks I do in the computer without mc18:17
melodieit's the swiss knife so light and handy in the console18:17
melodiecan be used as user or as root too, without any damage for the user sessions18:17
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melodiecan someone give me the output for "ls -l .config/xfce*" ?19:36
melodiewithout the quotes of course :)19:37
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xubuntu10wi am unable to update? sudo apt-get update does not work23:38
xubuntu10wi recieve: E: Type 'configuration/variant' is not known on line 1 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list E: The list of sources could not be read.23:39
xubuntu10wi have a malformed entry in line 123:39
xubuntu10wany help?23:44
melodiehi xubuntu10w23:47
melodiecan you paste the content of your sources.list ?23:48
melodieie : "pastebinit /etc/apt/sources.list"23:48
melodiein the console, then send the url here23:48
melodieI won't be around for long xubuntu10w23:49
melodieit's late here23:49
melodiethis is not a sources.list23:51
melodieI don't even know what it is23:51
xubuntu10wthat is what i recieve23:51
xubuntu10wwhen i put in: pastebinit /etc/apt/sources.list23:52
melodiesorry, you have messed up your system23:52
melodieany idea how you have done that? what commands did you use with "sudo" ?23:52
xubuntu10wnot quite sure how i messed up my system23:52
xubuntu10wfreshly installed did not change much23:53
melodieis your system recent?23:53
xubuntu10wyes, im just looking to install openvpn, however i cant read packages....any other way?23:53
melodieyes, you need a new sources.list file23:53
xubuntu10whow can i fix my system23:53
melodiejust check it, incase you didn't type correctly23:53
melodiefirst, which version of Xubuntu do you have?23:54
xubuntu10wok i will copy and paste again23:54
melodieLTS ? or more recent?23:54
melodieI'll paste a sources.list for you just give me a minute23:54
xubuntu10wok thank you so much.23:54
melodiethis is one from a new install23:55
xubuntu10whow can i go about this now23:55
melodieso if you need to add more sources, do it using Synaptic23:55
xubuntu10wnew user sorry23:56
melodiefrom the menu Settings > Repository23:56
melodiesure, no problem, that's what chans are made for23:56
melodieasking help23:56
melodieamong other things23:56
xubuntu10wcannot find repository23:57
xubuntu10weven when i search23:57
melodieso now you need to save the content of that page to "sources.list" and copy it to /etc/apt using sudo23:57
melodiexubuntu10w in Synaptic23:57
melodiexubuntu10w in Synaptic in the menus >23:57
melodiexubuntu10w in Synaptic in the menus > Settings23:57
melodiebut first23:57
melodieyou need to copy the sources.list to /etc/apt23:58
melodiethen reload23:58
melodieavoid using "sudo apt-get" for a while, just use Synaptic23:58
melodiebutton "reload" and the other buttons next to it23:58
melodiesorry I have to go, I'm very tired now23:59
xubuntu10wim sorry i am a little confused23:59
melodieSynaptic : if you don't have it, install it23:59
melodielast sudo:23:59
xubuntu10wim sorry for taking ur time23:59
melodie"sudo apt-get install synaptic"23:59
melodiewonderful tool23:59
melodieyou can also install it using the Ubuntu Software Center23:59
melodiethat works too23:59
xubuntu10wE: Package 'synaptic' has no installation candidate23:59
xubuntu10wwhat i recieve^23:59

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