lordievaderGood morning.05:44
Mirvis anyone trying to get marble/rocs autopkgtest:s fixed? http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html#marble http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html#rocs06:01
Mirvasking because of qtdeclarative in the -proposed pocket, but yes there are other KDE packages too stuck in -proposed06:02
ovidiu-florinThis is the most awesome bug report I've ever seen: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+KristerHallergard/posts/iver7XzhRVV07:54
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sitterwhat does one do if one doesnt not get a review?08:50
Riddellsitter: if you don't get a review on a patch you can hassle more people or commit anyway08:56
bshahsitter: http://animations.fg-a.com/tools/pitchfork.jpg tried this? :p08:56
sitterRiddell: completely new package...08:57
Riddellsitter: hassle more, upload anyway.  what are you asking about?08:57
sitterRiddell: see devel list08:59
Riddelloh e-mail.  I'm behind on that09:00
Riddell162 to go09:00
sick_rimmitHello Friends I am back from vacation :-)09:17
Riddellhi sick_rimmit!09:23
lordievaderWhere did you go?09:23
sitterRiddell: have you gotten to the kdepimlibs mail yet :(09:27
sick_rimmitHi folks09:28
sick_rimmitlordievader: I have been to South of England, it was lovely09:29
sick_rimmitBeen away for 3 weeks, What News ?09:33
lordievadersick_rimmit: Nice, nice.09:35
lordievaderWily beta 1 is released.09:35
sitterRiddell: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/plasma-widget-quickaccess/+bug/149046409:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1490464 in plasma-widget-quickaccess (Ubuntu) "remove plasma-widget-quickaccess SRC & BIN" [Undecided,Confirmed]09:37
sitteralso it appears to me that kde-baseapps needs actual transition work09:38
sitteralso didn't we want a dolphin kpart?09:38
sitter(package that is)09:38
Riddellhttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kde-baseapps makes a dolphin4 package09:39
Riddellwhich I think is just the kpart09:39
sitteralso has dolphin4 bin09:41
Riddelllucky for dolphin 4 users09:41
sitterhas no desktop fiel though09:41
sitterweird thing09:41
sitternot sure why it is not transiting then09:42
sitterrdeps need rebuild09:42
sitterRiddell: I am sure we'll forget but dolphin-plugins-bazaar will nuking when we remove dolphin409:43
sittersurely the folderview package in baseapps could be killed09:46
Riddellsitter: so does kdenetwork-thingy until my student merges his branch09:47
sitterlist fo rdeps that need rebuidls http://paste.ubuntu.com/12237157/09:47
sitterRiddell: what was the ABI break in libkonq?09:47
Riddellsitter: hmm was there one?09:51
sitteryou bumped the ABI mangling from 1 to 209:51
sittersaying there was a change09:51
Riddellthey added new symbols for versionplugin stuff09:51
sitterRiddell: I don't see that upstream09:52
sitterversion was ripped out and then reverted09:52
Riddellsitter: hmm that may well have been why I bumped it then at the time it was ripped out09:53
sitterRiddell: so what now?09:53
=== sebas_ is now known as sebas
Riddellsitter: I guess we can either go with it or revert, either is fine, what's easiest?09:57
sitterrevert probably09:57
sitterotherwise we need to rebuild all rdeps for no good reason09:57
sitterRiddell: kblog versions are screwed up ... https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kblog/4:15.07.90-0ubuntu2 vs ci https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ci/+archive/ubuntu/unstable/+build/784251909:58
* Riddell adds to todo09:59
sitterRiddell: http://yofel.net/kubuntu/transitions/html/auto-marble.html does libkgeomap need killing?10:00
Riddellsitter: yes it does for now until a kf5 version appears10:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1490489 in libkgeomap (Ubuntu) "remove libkgeomap SRC & BIN from wily" [Undecided,Confirmed]10:09
sitteryofel: I absolutely adore the transition tracker :*10:10
sitterRiddell: so what about kde4pimlibs :/10:11
Riddellsitter: someone needs to get to it, it's on my todo list but not for today10:12
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yofelsitter: baloo in kdepimlibs is actually correct, even if the version looks totally wrong at first glance:10:26
yofel baloo | 4:4.14.3-0ubuntu5   | wily/universe            | source10:26
yofel baloo | 4:5.13.0-0ubuntu2   | wily/universe            | amd64, arm64, armhf, i386, powerpc, ppc64el10:26
yofelthose two are different things10:27
sitteryofel: kgpg is the thing I had a problem with I think10:28
sitterkgpg[build logs] (4:14.12.3-0ubuntu1)10:29
sitterconsiders 14.12 but we have 15.08 in archive10:29
yofelmeh, then I remembered the wrong thing10:30
yofelthat version isn't even in the package lists, where the hell does it get that from10:32
yofelsitter: fixed, I forgot to delte a cache file in the cronjob10:45
sitteryofel: thanks \o/10:53
=== ghostcube_ is now known as ghostcube
sitterRiddell: are you doing kde-baseapps already?11:47
Riddellsitter: not yet, I can do now if you like11:47
sitterRiddell: I'd prefer if you could review kde4pimlibs really11:48
sitterI can do baseapps11:48
Riddellsitter: oh where is that?11:48
* Riddell spots pkg-kde/krap/kde4pimlibs11:48
sitterRiddell: read mail on kubuntu-devel11:49
sitterhas all the details11:49
pursuivantmuon (Plasma/5.4) v5.4.0-1-gf4009a0 * Aleix Pol: discover/qml (2 files)11:56
pursuivantMake sure the install button has a size11:56
pursuivantOtherwise sometimes it's just empty and we can't see it.11:56
dokositter, your kdecoration binNMUs were built too early on armhf. fixed last night11:57
dokowhere is the description of the kde4pimlibs mess?11:57
sitterdoko: thanks. kdepimlibs https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/kubuntu-devel/2015-August/009875.html11:58
sitterRiddell is hopefully reviewing the old-new source right now11:58
RiddellI am11:59
sitterideally with kde4pimlibs we need rebuilds of 3 sources and then the transition should be green12:01
Riddellsitter: renamed packages need conflicts/breaks on old kdepimlibs (kdelibs4 version) packages no?12:02
sitterRiddell: which ones are those?12:02
Riddellsitter: kdepimlibs-kio-plugins and kde4pimlibs-dev ?12:02
Riddellshould conflict the most recent kdelibs4 versions of the old names12:03
RiddellI think12:03
sitterPackage: kdepimlibs5-dev12:03
sitterthere is no such thing in kf512:03
sitterPackage: kde4pimlibs-kio-plugins12:03
sitterco-installable as it should be12:03
sitteroh wait12:04
sitterRiddell: kdelibs4?12:04
sitterwhy would kde4pimlibs have a conflict with kde4libs all of a sudden?12:04
Riddellsitter: no, kde4pimlibs-kio-plugins conflicts kdepimlibs-kio-plugins << 4:4.14.10-1ubuntu1 and kde4pimlibs-dbg conflicts kdepimlibs-dbg << 4:4.14.10-1ubuntu1 no?12:05
sitterRiddell: are you changing that?12:06
Riddellsitter: yeah12:06
sitter<< 4:4.14.10 mind you12:06
Riddellbut as ever I get a bit confused on whether it should be conflicts/replaces/breaks12:06
sittereh, << 4:15.08.012:07
sitterno wait12:07
sittertoo many open files -.-12:07
sebasI just upgraded to wily ... now I can't install kmail anymore12:07
sebasI need kmail12:07
sitterRiddell: << 4:4.14.1012:07
sittersebas: today hopefully12:07
Riddellwhat blocks kmail?12:08
sebasokay, can you let me know once I can try something?12:08
sitterRiddell: the broken transition12:08
Riddellright but which part of it?12:08
sitterRiddell: also always Breaks&Replaces with a version. there is next to no case where conflicts is appropriate12:08
sitterRiddell: all of it12:08
sitterhalf the pimstack is held hostage in proposed12:08
Riddellthese pim people are a bunch of terrorists12:08
RiddellScottK: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-release-upgrader/+bug/1488843 for sru love12:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1488843 in ubuntu-release-upgrader (Ubuntu Vivid) "SRU: upgrader kde frontend fails to start" [Critical,Fix committed]12:12
Riddellsitter: lots of optional symbols marked missing, do you want to keep those or can we scrap them?12:17
sitterRiddell: oh. pasty? I think I rebuilt and had no missing symbols12:17
sitter  Uploading kde-baseapps_15.08.0-0ubuntu2.dsc: done.12:18
Riddellsitter: http://embra.edinburghlinux.co.uk/~jr/tmp/kde4pimlibs_4.14.10-1ubuntu1_amd64.build12:18
Riddellthis being kubuntu_wily_archive branch12:18
sitterRiddell: ah ignore they are gcc5 optional12:20
Riddellsitter: shall I remove the kdepim-runtime shlibs injection?12:20
sitterthe kabc stuff looks weird though12:21
sitteroh they are all plugins. I wonder how maxy strips those from the symbol dumps12:22
sitterRiddell: oh yes. does that happen in the symbols file?12:22
Riddellsitter: yes, e.g. libkblog4 has at the top libkblog.so.4 libkblog4 #MINVER#,, kdepim-runtime12:23
sitterI so hate this12:23
sitterRiddell: please remove12:23
sittermarble port seems somewhat meh12:27
sittermarble_plugin_path = /usr/lib/kde4/plugins/marble/$(marble_soversion)12:27
sitterno one told me to CI marble12:29
sitterguess that explains it xD12:29
sitterpatches were never ported :/12:29
BluesKajHiyas all12:32
Riddellsitter: kde4pimlibs compiles and installs with dpkg, apt gets confused and an apt -f install doesn't help but I guess that'll get solved with rebuilds12:40
Riddellsitter: I'll upload12:40
sitteryofel: I think you broke marble plugin version path mangling12:42
sitternot that I am entirely confident why exactly we meddle with that anyway12:42
yofelyes I did, back when I was trying to build the qt4 edition12:47
yofelI guess Riddell didn't fix it12:47
Riddellwhat what?12:47
yofelIIRC it does some QML path mangling for the ABI 12:47
yofelRiddell: the weird libmarblewidget soversion detection in rules12:48
sitterthat one I don't see plus that would probably not work12:48
sitterseeing as you cannot simply add random versioning to qml12:48
sitterwhich renders the versioning weirdly moot as the marble-plugins package contains both the plugins and the unversioned qml thingy12:48
sitterso it doesn't magically become co-installable anyway12:49
sitteroh and the package name has no version either12:49
* sitter goes digging for history12:50
yofelit's a debian thing12:50
sitterbzr says you came up with it :P12:51
* sitter shakes fist because of spread out history12:51
sitter  Uploading marble_15.08.0-0ubuntu4.dsc: done.12:51
sitterproblem is the git history is derived from an import of our packaging12:54
sitter  * Update packaging for split tarball12:55
sitterwhat was marble split from? kdeedu?12:55
sitterah yes that has ancient history12:56
sitter+  * Install marble plugins into SOVERSION'ed subdirectory so binary12:58
sitter+    incompatible libmarblewidget can't load them.12:58
sitterI am not sure the present code in rules actually makes any sense WRT the original intent here12:59
yofelmost likely not, esp. not if my harcoded kde4 version is still there12:59
sitterit's noop right now as it is isn't passed to cmake13:00
sitteruhhh I get it13:00
sitterso this really only has the motivation of preventing incompatible libs from loading the plugins13:01
sitterwhich IMO should be upstreamed ...13:01
sitterbut that's easy enough to port for now13:01
Riddellsitter: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kde4pimlibs building!13:02
TJ_on_WilyWeird issue with a fresh install of Wily. I used debootstrap to create an initial bootable bare-bones console, then booted it and added lubuntu-desktop and then kubuntu-desktop. All seems fine except for 1 puzzling feature. At the first (and subsequent) log-ins using Plasma, the desktop opens an empty document in abiword. This doesn't happen in the LXDE or Lubuntu sessions. I can find no autostart entries to cause this. My only idea is abiword is 13:04
TJ_on_Wilythe default handler for some document that is supposed to be displayed but doesn't exist. Unexpectedly, the abiword Parent PID is 1. The process cmdline has no arguments on it.13:04
RiddellTJ_on_Wily: systemd gets even weirder :)13:05
sitteryofel: btw did you start on backports of plasma or apps?13:06
RiddellTJ_on_Wily: plasma's session stuff is in .config/session/* check there13:06
TJ_on_WilyRiddell, don't get me started on that subject!13:06
yofelsitter: ENOTIME13:07
TJ_on_WilyRiddell, I've grep-ed all system locations and user home too, for 'abiword' and 'autostart' and read copious documentation on the XDG facilities, but can find no indication of where the process comes from, or why it only shows up for Plasma13:07
sitteryofel: kk13:07
TJ_on_Wilysystemd-cryptsetup is broken: it does not support keyscripts, breaking unlock with external key devices, and bluez5 has broken PIN-code entry (so BT keyboard won't connect).13:12
sitterRiddell: kde4pimlibs needs a released changelog pushed in git I think13:17
sitterstill says unreleased here13:17
Riddellsitter: pushed!13:18
soeeRiddell: could you take a look @ okular updates ?13:20
Riddellsoee: what about it?13:21
soeeRiddell:  okular : Depends: libokularcore6 (= 4:15.04.2-0ubuntu3) but 4:15.08.0-0ubuntu1 is to be installed13:22
soeewhen trying to upgrade this lib: LANGUAGE=C sudo apt-get upgrade libokularcore613:22
Riddellsoee: apt-cache policy okular ?13:23
soeeRiddell: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12238191/13:24
Riddellsoee: apt install okular ?13:25
soeeRiddell: looks good http://paste.ubuntu.com/12238206/ though when trying apt-get full-upgrade it wants to remoev okular and kubuntu-desktop13:27
Riddellsoee: hmm probably needs a rebuild for new libkexiv2-1113:29
Riddellor maybe I screwed up and upload the old libkexiv2-1113:29
Riddellyes that'll be it13:30
RiddellI'll fix kexiv2 then13:31
soeethank you13:31
Riddellthanks for testing soee :)13:31
soeeRiddell: btw. probably someone mentioned you that 5.4 is tested and works fone on Wily13:37
Riddellsoee: lovely, I'll get that uploaded after lunch13:37
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soeeRiddell: just check plasma-nm, as it depends on some package that still might be in proposed13:38
soeei had do donwload from proposed and isntall manually: libkf5networkmanagerqt6_5.13.0-0ubuntu2_amd64.deb13:38
BluesKajheh, plsama 5.4 is an anticlimactic, i see absolutely no difference after 296 packages were installed13:43
BluesKajeven systems settings as root still won't increase the fonts in the titles and toolbars ...they're still unreadable on a large monitor13:45
BluesKajhopeless :/13:46
sitterRiddell: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kde4pimlibs/4:4.14.10-1ubuntu1 all in binary new 13:48
sitterRiddell: kopete still stuck on 15.07.90 btw13:51
sitterrdeps linking gpgme++ uploaded13:51
sitterwill go in depwait13:52
ovidiu-florinHello sexy people 13:58
ovidiu-florinThe new site is live 13:59
ovidiu-florinI'll announce in social media in an hour, when I get home. 13:59
ovidiu-florinCommuting right now 13:59
* Riddell spots http://www.kubuntu.org/14:13
Riddellwell done ovidiu-florin! that was a long time coming!14:13
Riddellovidiu-florin: so how do I add news items to it? if I log in I can only see Profile and Dashboard14:19
Riddellsitter: kde4pimlibs built! shall I throw up all the rdepends for rebuilding? (for gcc transition and removing kdepim-runtime)14:26
pursuivantmuon (Plasma/5.4) v5.4.0-2-g90e2abe * Carlo Vanini: muon/MainWindow.cpp14:29
pursuivantCorrect signal to catch closing configuration dialog.14:29
pursuivantBUG: 35206114:29
ubottuError: Launchpad bug 352061 could not be found14:29
Riddellhello pursuivant, what are you doing in here?14:29
ovidiu-florinRiddell: Hangout with those interested tonight? 14:32
Riddellovidiu-florin: hmm I'm probably out tonight, edinburgh's big fireworks14:32
ovidiu-florinI'm home in less than an hour 14:32
Riddellthat works but it might just be me14:33
ovidiu-florinRiddell: can I post the announcement on the site? 14:33
Riddellovidiu-florin: sure14:33
Riddellyum feature tour looks so good14:34
sitterRiddell: I uploaded gcc transiton14:35
sitterRiddell: -runtime I'd wait for now14:35
ovidiu-florinCan someone please give me access to the Kubuntu Facebook and Twitter? 14:35
ovidiu-florinSo I can post on Kubuntu's behalf 14:36
Riddellovidiu-florin: hang on..14:38
sitterRiddell: if we can get the stack out of proposed without immediate rebuilds that's good, if not we shoudl selectively beat the broken things with a bat until they migrate14:38
sitteronce it is out of proposed we can do the -runtime drop14:38
sittermass retried kopete and kmymoney now to get it out of depwait14:39
Riddellsitter: ok I'll upload plasma 5.414:44
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Riddellsitter: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kmymoney/4.6.6-1.1ubuntu1 shouldn't have a need for an ubuntu1 version number if it's a no change rebuild?15:14
sitterRiddell: I literally do not know15:14
dokositter, s/ubuntu1/build1/15:16
shadeslayerovidiu-florin: is it useful to have the Register/Login links15:17
shadeslayerovidiu-florin: on the website15:17
* Riddell looks at kde-baseapps tests15:18
pursuivantmuon (Plasma/5.4) v5.4.0-3-gead3de1 * Aleix Pol:  (5 files in 3 dirs)15:19
pursuivantUse kdesu instead of pkexec15:19
pursuivantpkexec doesn't cut it on GUI applications, kdesu seems to work.15:19
pursuivantOn kubuntu it should be using sudo instead of su.15:19
sitterdoko: noted15:25
dokois the kopete ftbfs expected?15:25
sitteroh we are on 15.08 now15:26
sitterdoko: FTBFS from publisher delay I'd say15:26
sitterlibkleo4 is a binary of kde4pimlibs15:27
dokowhy can't you just wait ...15:29
sitterI did wait15:30
yofelsitter: dch -R is for no-change rebuilds btw.15:30
sittertwas green15:31
dokositter, usually you can't give it back until it shows in an apt-get update on your local machine15:34
sneleguy i think you should ship qtdeclarative5-xmllistmodel-plugin and libqt5qml-graphicaleffects in wily15:45
snelebecause without these plasma5 plasmoids from kde-look don't work15:46
snele*without these packages15:46
ovidiu-florinshadeslayer: login yes15:48
sitterI am pretty sure the latter is pulled in by multiple packages15:48
ovidiu-florinregister, I've removed it 100 times already15:48
ovidiu-florinon every update, it get's back in there15:49
ovidiu-florinsoee: ping15:51
sitter  Uploading kopete_15.08.0-0ubuntu3.dsc: done.16:19
sittershould fix FTBFS16:19
sitterRiddell:  you did not pause and you did not NOCI16:24
Riddellsitter: I did pause16:29
Riddellwhat says I didn't?16:29
sitter[16:45] <kubuntu-ci> Starting build #80 for job mgmt_pause_integration (previous build: ABORTED)16:31
sitter[17:00] <kubuntu-ci> Project mgmt_pause_integration build #80: ABORTED in 14 min: http://kci.pangea.pub/job/mgmt_pause_integration/80/16:31
ejatanyone can share info on the konflict packages ? http://paste.ubuntu.com/12239333/16:42
Riddellkdepim is going a bit haywire16:54
ejatbecause of the transition ? 17:06
ejatso now is it safe to do upgrade instead of dist-upgrade ? 17:06
=== drawkward_away is now known as drawkward
soeeovidiu-florin: ping17:38
clivejoany progress on 15.08 PIM transition?18:33
dokoRiddell, again, dropped changes for cantor ...18:50
dokoreally annyoing18:50
soeehiho ari-tczew19:18
* BluesKaj waves at everyone19:30
soeenice extension for webbrowser: https://www.eff.org/privacybadger19:39
Riddelldoko: hmm sorry, let me look20:12
ahoneybunRiddell: ovidiu-florin did I miss anything in that video hangout?20:13
soeeding ding, looks like Plasma 5.4 is landing in Wily archive ;)20:52
soeeand another update: community ppa with nvidia drivers has already http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=NVIDIA-355.11-Linux20:54
ovidiu-florinahoneybun: not really21:05
ovidiu-florinyou know how to post on WordPress21:05
ahoneybunI added a few things on trello ovidiu-florin21:06
ahoneybuntelegram account21:07
ahoneybuninto KDE21:07
ahoneybunsoee: I'm scared to reboot lol21:34
ahoneybunand I'm back21:39
soeeatm there is only problem with okular21:41
ahoneybunI did see the network issue21:41
ahoneybunand -f did fix it it seems21:41
ahoneybunthough I'm on a wired connection so21:42
ahoneybunso they put telegram in there with no way to config it...21:42
ahoneybunRiddell: any idea about that ^?21:47
ahoneybunovidiu-florin: 21:54
* ahoneybun thinks owncloud uses KDE ;)21:54
ahoneybunand Ubuntu is using 4.2 already22:11
ahoneybunor they merged it anyway22:11
soeeWE HAVE 4.1.022:16
soeesorry for caps22:16
ahoneybunfor... now :)22:17
ahoneybunoct 8 is the kernel freeze22:18
ahoneybunso there is time22:18
* ahoneybun has a Ubuntu release party in the works22:18
valorieI'm glad it's a ways into the future22:21
valoriesummer has seemed jam-packed, with no chance to breathe in between events22:21
* ahoneybun only had akademy22:26
valorieit's already more relaxed now that my husband is home22:28
valorieexcept for preparing for and holding the welcome home party22:28
valoriebut that's now done except for the vacuuming22:29
valorieoff to do that bit.....22:29
soeelets support linux gaming :) bught this https://www.humblebundle.com/store/p/expeditions_conquistador_storefront :)22:29
ahoneybunmmm exploring games22:30
ahoneybunnot my favorite games22:31
* ahoneybun just bought Shadow of Mordor since it was ported to Linux22:32
soeeonline ?22:32
soeeor you can play localy ?22:32
soeeoh my 49,99€22:33
ahoneybunI got it for 15 $22:33
soeeah this is some package http://store.steampowered.com/app/24193022:33
ahoneybunI even got GOTY with DLC22:34
soeewhre did you fnd if for 15$?22:34
ahoneybunindia soething22:35
ahoneybunonly for 48 hours or something22:36
soeehttp://www.bundlestars.com/ ?22:37
ahoneybunsoee: https://www.indiegala.com/22:37
ahoneybunsoee: best bet is the steam winter sald22:38

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