newtokubuntuanyone run Cairo-Dock/00:51
newtokubuntui installed it on kubuntu v15.04 and i wasnt able to right click on desktop?00:53
PercyBhmmm... Using Kubuntu I installed also unity, removed the Kubuntu login manager, made a dpkg-reconfigure but now lightdm does NOT start the system, it just sends a "failed" message. Any ideas how I could fix this?..00:55
PercyBIt does not even work as guest... however the background unity-screen does start00:58
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CayHey curious, I see f12 works for entire screen screenshot but I can't find a key binding nor the key combo for single app screenshot02:01
Cayam I just simply a moron and missing it, alt+f12 didn't work02:01
junkdoghi! on my computer - KDE 5.2.2 and Kubuntu 15.04 - the keyboard no longer responds to keyboard input. it worked without issue until now. any way to troubleshoot what's going on - or somewhow reset the effect?03:25
strayPuppyI always tap all the keys like: ctrl, alt, esc, sometimes that will work.03:30
junkdogi tried that, but still the same situation.03:36
junkdogha! i deactivated the 2nd screen, then enabled it back again - now it works ;)\03:39
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lordievaderGood morning.05:44
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hateballAnonn: Do you have a question?07:29
AnonnHello, no, is my first time on irc, i dont know how use, only exploring07:30
AnonnFor what is this room?07:33
lordievaderKubuntu support, see /topic ;)07:34
AnonnOh sorry!!! Tks.07:34
ovidiu-florinThis is the most awesome bug report I've ever seen: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+KristerHallergard/posts/iver7XzhRVV07:55
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zerj23hi there12:32
BluesKajHiyas all12:32
zerj23how can i install kde plasma 5.4 in kubuntu 15.04?12:33
lordievaderzerj23: As of now, you can't. Perhaps you can in the future and perhaps Wily will be the only one to receive 5.4.12:34
BluesKajzerj23, http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2015/08/install-kde-plasma-plasma-5-4/12:36
lordievaderHeh, interesting.12:38
zerj23look at majaro site, it has 5.412:38
BluesKajI assumed 15.10 beta has plasma 5.4, but I don't see any indication in dolphin or aother default kubuntu apps12:42
hay207hi guys, how to mute sound from terminal?12:42
hay207amixer sset Master mute12:43
hay207amixer: Unable to find simple control 'Master',012:43
BluesKajhay207, alsamixer, use m to mute the vol ctl you want12:45
hay207no pulse12:46
hay207amixer -q -D pulse sset Master toggle12:48
hay207used to work12:48
hay207but recently it fails12:48
hay207how to switch from pulse to alsa?12:52
BluesKajhay207, alsa is the default, pulse has become the sound server for alsa , so you can run audio without pulse , but not without alsa, especially on intel-hda audio  equipped pcs12:56
hay207played with settings and it worked12:57
BluesKajjust sudo apt-get purge pulseaudio pulseaudio utils, then reboot12:57
hay207yes i m using intel hda12:57
BluesKajpulseaudio-utils that is12:57
BluesKajhay207, yes I dumped pulse a while back , since I have no need for it ...some audio cards require it but for single source playback intrl doesn't need pulse12:58
mokushany idea if we're getting 5.4 in backports? or should we stick with -ci/stable?13:26
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sky__Excuse me ,where can i report the bugs in kubuntu 15.10?14:25
ubottuIf you find a bug in Kubuntu, please follow the instructions at https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Bugs/Reporting to report the issue to the developers.14:26
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pat_rickanyone else having issues with the software updates icon not updating properly?15:03
pat_rickafter I update, the symbol stay stuck in "updates available" mode15:04
BluesKajpat_rick, i just hide that icon and update in the terminal15:08
pat_rickBluesKaj: so you have the same issue?15:10
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pat_rickI guess hiding it might be the simplest solution15:10
BluesKajyeah, but I'm in 15.10 beta, so i expect small issues like that ...I don't need to be reminded to update anyway , i do so every day.15:11
BluesKajto me it's like someone\ telling me to eat my breakfast :-)15:13
pat_rickah well, maybe it will get a fix eventually15:15
BluesKajplasma 5 still has alot of issues, and the small issues and annoyances that don't affect the the system stability are on the back burner atm15:17
pat_ricki see15:17
pat_rickwell, incidentally it's still the first kde that I considered using15:18
pat_rickdidn't like previous iterations all that much for some reason15:18
pat_rickbut it's true that there are a lot of minor things that I have noticed15:18
pat_rickalthough that's pretty much a given for most linux software, imo15:19
BluesKaj I'm not a fan of the the new plasma 5 in KDE, there seems to be a lot of regression IMO..dropped features etc15:27
BluesKajantway , have to reboot15:28
Swipe-Is it just me or does everyone else have random baloo-file issues where one cpu core gets locked at 100% usage. Stopping and starting balooctl fixes it until the next time. I've tried deleteing ~/.local/share/baloo and reanbling first run in the config file to initiate a reindex15:45
MoonUnit`if you irc client is logging chat try excluding it from being searched, mine used to get stuck on logs from konversation.16:12
Swipe-ok cool, may also exclude .xsession-errors16:17
Yaroshhello Everybody16:23
YaroshI came here to as a technical question, since I cannot find anything on the subject via Google16:23
Yarosh*to ask16:24
Yaroshis there anybody willing to help?16:24
Yaroshwell... i'll leave it here anyway - maybe someone will know. So, I am using KUbuntu 15.04 at the moment (on a laptop) and attached an Apple (wired) keyboard. I would like to map the right command key to be a right Alt key. Is that possible?16:25
Yaroshanyone even reading this?16:40
pat_rickYarosh: It's a pretty unusual question, I think16:42
pat_rickhm, maybe have a look at settings->hardware->input device and then go to  advanced settings16:44
pat_rickmaybe you find something there16:44
pat_rickI guess there should be a way to modify keymaps as well, but I don't know about any16:44
Yaroshthank you. I went there but such option does not exist. It only allows to change alt/ctrl/win key behaviour16:50
Yaroshanyway, in the meantime I posted a question in Ubuntu forums.16:50
lordievaderYarosh: Sounds like you want to checkout xmodmap.16:51
Yaroshi saw some posts about it but all of them were for older version of Ubuntu16:51
lordievaderX hasn't changed that much ;)16:52
Yaroshok - will give it a try then. Thank you very much16:52
SimoniousI'm seeing core dumps..  when this happens I'm used to seeing a core file, where are they going?  Are they turned off?16:52
deadlydud.. and a n00b just entered ;-)16:58
deadlydudkubuntu site looks "spiffy". nice work dudes.16:58
deadlydudmy only prayer .. make sure krunner *never* segfaults16:59
Okitainhello my darlings.17:01
Okitaini think i will consider myself a noob at least until i make my own deb build of kde517:01
lordievaderOkitain: Does building KDE suffice too?17:04
Okitainlordievader: isn't that exactly what i said..?17:05
lordievaderOkitain: No, building KDE doesn't necessarily mean as a package ;)17:06
Okitainlordievader: oh i'm sure i can do it with whatever make is there17:06
Okitainlordievader: but packaging is another level of challenge, ain't it17:07
lordievaderOkitain: That I do not know ;)17:07
lordievaderThe packages I've build are nothing like what the Kubuntu team does.17:07
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spacebug^Hello. Does Kubuntu use X or is it like Ubuntu that has moved to Wayland(?)18:34
Okitainspacebug^: if Ubuntu moved to wayland i am a giraffe18:38
spacebug^ehm.. they did not?18:40
lordievaderspacebug^: Both Kubuntu and Ubuntu still use X.18:40
spacebug^Oh. Well ok then. Thanks :)18:40
Okitaindid we just see a netsplit?19:04
lordievaderNot here.19:05
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ThiagoAderaldoCongratulations Kubuntu Team for the new amasing web site!19:09
austin6598i installed this and when i try to start the dameon with start onedrive-d it wont run: https://github.com/xybu/onedrive-d19:14
austin6598start: Name "com.ubuntu.Upstart" does not exist19:14
lordievaderaustin6598: Are you running 15.04?20:03
austin6598 <lordievader> yes20:03
lordievaderaustin6598: Vivid doesn't use Upstart, it uses Systemd.20:04
austin6598lordievader> so how can i start the dameon with systemd20:05
vivid /etc/init.d/<name> start20:05
lordievaderaustin6598: It's better to write a systemd service file for it.20:06
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Guest87106Hi everyone, I'm just trying Kubuntu 15.04 on a virtual machine and actually I would like to understand if is possible to have the old aspect on window decoration and icons, is it possible ?20:27
Guest87106about window decoration I can get some other version of Oxigen but I did'n find the original one, I think would be a good idea to have it available along with the others20:29
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bprompthmmm dunno myself, I run 12.0420:33
Guest87106I'm using 14.04 and probablly I'll wait until the next LTS, but I really love the old style of Kde and I would like to keep it even on plasma 5, hopefully it will be possible20:35
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getpwnami've just installed kubuntu 15.10 beta, and I'm trying to install pipelight (from here: http://pipelight.net/cms/install/installation-ubuntu.html). Steps one and two have been successfully completed, but when I try step 3 I get: E: Unable to locate package pipelight-multi20:40
lordievadergetpwnam: Support for wily is in #ubuntu+120:42
antequilhe guys what is the login for the latest release of kunbuntu, live cd?20:42
getpwnamlordievader: thanks20:42
antequilI tried unbuntu without success20:42
Guest87106anyway plasma 5 seems to work very well even on a virtual machine, so congratulation to anyone worked on it and thanks for the great job you did ;)20:45
antequilit does look awesome, but im having a hard time making it work on my machine...20:47
Guest87106well about the aspect I like more the old style and I really hope it will be possible to have it exactly like it was20:49
anna`Gotta say folks, 15.04 is pretty F****** pretty ;x21:29
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