jotik_work_Hello! When I try to maximize a window in Lubuntu 15.04, why doesn't it maximize? It just positions the window in the top-left corner of the screen and doesn't display its border.07:06
bioterrorand this window belongs to which application?07:06
jotik_work_whatever appilication. LXTerminal for example.07:07
jotik_work_The application really doesn't seem to matter... LXTerminal, Leafpad, KWrite, some custom Java Eclipse-based GUI...07:10
jotik_work_This is basically a clean install of Lubuntu 15.04.07:11
jotik_work_Manually resizing the windows to match the screen size is getting tiresome after a while.07:11
bioterrorand this happens when you press the maximize button in the top corner of window?07:19
jotik_work_bioterror: yes07:20
jotik_work_I think that for some reason, the WM thinks that my screen is 800x600. According to xwininfo the dimensions of a maximized LXTerminal are 800x551:07:43
jotik_work_Corners: +0+25  -560+25  -560-192  +0-19207:44
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