craigbrashmorning world :)05:29
philipballewcraigbrash, hello06:46
h0912hi africa :)07:14
Kiloshelloooo africa07:24
Kiloshi craigbrash07:24
craigbrashhi Kilos07:34
Kilosjust read sinclairs mail, he is right, we need to keep contact mainly,  and let things grow from there07:36
Kiloswhole of africa is in a troubled state atm so one has to just ride the tide for now07:37
ongolaBoyhello :)07:41
* ongolaBoy was offline since 2,3 weeks :)07:41
Kiloshi ongolaBoy07:44
Kiloswe noticed yes07:44
Kilosall ok there?07:45
Kiloshi theShirbiny07:45
ongolaBoyI'm fine at my side . A bit busy but it's ok07:48
philipballewKilos, greeting man!07:55
elachecheMorning Africa :)07:56
Kiloshi philipballew elacheche07:56
philipballewKilos, How is life in your neck of the woods?07:57
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Kilosalive philipballew09:13
Kilossorry im so slow09:13
philipballewKilos, dont die! Its chill that you are slow09:13
Kiloslol i wont die man09:14
Kilosim too stubborn09:14
Kilosyou guys just look after here till im in top form again09:15
theShirbinyhey Kilos10:18
FatarHey everyone14:30
FatarSup kilos what was that email about?14:30
craigbrashHello Fatar14:41
Fatarwas that your email craigbash?14:44
craigbrashnot mine but which one?14:45
craigbrashFrom O.Sinclair?14:46
Kilossaying you guys are a tiny group so difficult to push only windows, but thats good too because many peeps that switch to linux end up using ubuntu in one way or anothger15:30
Kilossorry i was asleep15:30
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Fatarthe sleep pills strike again Kilos?15:49
Kiloshaha still15:49
Kilosthey not even sleep pills, supposed to dilate veins and arteries15:50
Na3iLKilos, hows you :)17:31
Kilosgood ty Na3iL and you?17:42
Na3iLam good  :D17:42
melodiehi Kilos ubuntiste-msakni19:49
melodiehappy to see you19:49
Kiloshi melodie19:49
Kilosmaybe Na3iL19:50
Kilosi dont remember if he does grahics as well19:50
melodieNa3iL ? what does Na3iL do?19:50
melodieI'll upload a screenshot19:50
KilosNa3iL ^^19:51
melodiethis is the Alpha1, and I'm about to build the Beta 1.119:52
melodieI would need the logos (not seen on this page) and the background be reused to get the plymouth theme show Malinux instead of Xubuntu19:53
Na3iLYo Kilos melodie19:53
melodiehi Na3iL19:53
Kilosphilipballew do you know graphics peeps with time19:53
Na3iLwassup guys19:53
KilosNa3iL melodie buils things for peeps in africa19:54
philipballewprobably noone who does things for free, but I can keep an eye open19:54
Na3iLOh! cool Kilos keep it up melodie19:54
melodieNa3iL I'm remixing Xubuntu Trusty to do the Malinux edition which had been done in 2012 for the Mali teachers in high schools and universities and I'd like to make it very good. I need some help with a few things now that it's almost ok on the tech part19:54
Na3iLGreat job melodie :) I think d4rk-5c0rp can help too19:55
melodiephilipballew they don't have to do it for free, they can grab Malinux and remix it or adapt it for their own needs19:55
melodieNa3iL that would be nice19:56
Na3iLBesides, what kind of Artwork you need melodie19:56
melodieI have to warn you that the ISO is very large, because of the doc which is inside.19:56
melodiethe one that allows using the Xubuntu plymouth theme to make it look like Malinux : I can provide the logo and background the graphist has to work with that (I don't have source files)19:57
Na3iLBy the way, just wondering if you have did the distribution Malinux from the scratch?19:57
melodieI am using Xubuntu in Ubuntu Builder with the instructions of the guy who did the former one on top of Xubuntu 12.0419:58
melodieI use Xubuntu 14.04.319:58
melodiehe provided scripts, which can't be used anymore and I ported the method with the normal principles I know of19:58
melodieI am about to do the third build, and it pains me to see the Xubuntu plymouth splash when it's a matter of knowing the graphic tools to get the same with the Malinux theme19:59
Kilosmelodie Na3iL and d4rk-5c0rp  are in tunisia same as ubuntiste-msakni20:00
melodieoh ok!20:00
Kilosor elacheche20:00
Kilosguys melodie is in france20:00
melodieI know both his nicks20:00
melodieI'm nearby Toulouse20:00
melodieas is the man who does the computing job in the Non for profit association20:01
melodiethey bring computers to Mali once a year, with this Xubuntu specifically branded for the schools there20:01
Na3iLTrés trés bien melodie :D20:02
melodieat the end of September we will have a full day meeting with computers coming from the companies who change their computers, (5 to 6 years old computers only) and we will prepare theme all together20:02
melodieNa3iL :D20:03
melodieI don't want to talk French because Kilos does not understand20:03
Kilosnono you are welcome20:03
melodieok so you know, when it's ready you can get  it and test it20:03
Kilosi need to sleep anyway20:03
melodieif you can find me a graphist who can take a share of the job that would be really nice20:03
melodiethen I'll send him the background and whatever he can use20:04
Na3iLYeah I will look for some guys who can help you with this20:04
Kilosnight all. sleep tight20:04
melodiegood night Kilos take good care20:04
melodieNa3iL thanks!20:05
Kiloswill do ty20:05
Na3iLYou welcome melodie :)20:05
melodieI have to do a few things now, I'll bb later20:05
Na3iLTake ur time20:10
melodiehi elacheche_anis21:13
melodiegood night22:39

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