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Tominhas anyone noticed this bug? can you reproduce it? would anyone like to bisect it? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ghostscript/+bug/147926715:23
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1479267 in ghostscript (Ubuntu) "Brother MFC-L8650CDW cuts top of the page " [Undecided,New]15:23
Tominit's ghostscript's bug so it might be that you don't need to have that printer15:24
penguin42ok, good to see you've nailed it down to ghostscript16:21
Tominyeah, downgrading ghostscript packages was all I needed to do16:22
penguin42Tomin: How much of the page is missing, is it just a cm or two or a bigger chunk16:22
Tominabout 3 cm16:23
Tominbut those upgraded versios have security fixes16:23
penguin42ok, and does it look like the whole thing is shifted up the page by 3cm or does it look like it's in the right place but just missing a chunk?16:23
Tominit is shifted up16:23
Tominso there is some empty space at the bottom of the page16:24
penguin42ok, so maybe not just the margins16:24
penguin42Tomin: Now the problem is, is it ghostscript or is it Brother's drivers that don't like it16:25
Tominit's too bad I can't really test this again until friday evening16:26
Tominor at the weekned16:26
penguin42so this is 9.10~dfsg-0ubuntu10 works and .3 fails ?16:26
penguin42both on 14.04 ?16:27
Tominyes on 14.04 and yes the Installed version is the working one and the Candidate is the one that doesn't work16:27
penguin42OK, so looking at the logs have you got a second Brother printer connected as well?16:28
TominI don't think it's connected but yes we used to have another Brother at the office16:28
penguin42Tomin: OK; so there are two things I can suggest  1) Try removing the Brother drivers and just try and use one of the built in drivers; I see on my Trusty machine there's a driver for the Brother MFC8640 - maybe it works?16:30
penguin422) The other way is to try and figure out which of the .1,.2,.3 broke it16:30
Tominthe MFC8640 doesn't work, at least it didn't work well when we tried it when we got the printer16:31
Tominwhere I could get those versions?16:31
TominMFC8640 driver I mean ofc16:32
penguin42ok, the other thing is that I see there is a .4 version out - http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty-updates/text/ghostscript16:32
Tominok, I can try that but not until friday/saturday16:33
penguin42http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/changelogs/pool/main/g/ghostscript/ghostscript_9.10~dfsg-0ubuntu10.4/changelog  hmm none of the changes listed there seem to suggest a reason that's likely16:34
TominIf I can't download binary versions of those old packages, could I download the source package and compile it myself?16:34
Tomincan I just apt-get source ghostscript=the_version_i_need or what?16:35
penguin42yes, or look in http://gb.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/g/ghostscript/ if that doesn't work;  getting the ones in between can be a bit trickier; I think you can check them out of the bzr or git16:37
penguin42if desperate - but it does seem odd, none of the things in that changelog seem obviously related16:37
penguin42I've just got to disappear for a minute or 516:37
* penguin42 returns - (my mixture isn't quite cool enough yet for the next step....)16:39
penguin42Tomin: It's not something silly like an A4/letter mix up?16:41
TominI don't think so, I think I checked that16:42
TominIs this correct way to fetch older sources from bzr: http://packaging.ubuntu.com/html/udd-getting-the-source.html16:43
penguin42I think that should work but it's a few years since I bzr'd16:45
Tominok, thanks16:45
TominI guess I have to do some saturday work and bisect this :D16:45
penguin42Tomin: The other thing I'd try is booting a 15.04/15.10 and seeing if the same bug affects it16:46
penguin42Tomin: Can you add what you told me about what the problem looks like (the missing 3cm, it moving up the page etc) to the bug report16:46
Tominwell I don't think I can install another OS to that computer, but maybe on a live cd if that allows me to install the drivers and stuff16:47
TominI think it's already there, just not in one place16:47
penguin42yeh it was the livecd I was thinking, just to try it16:47
TominI've described it on the description and on comment #5, but I could add another comment about that16:48
penguin42no, that's ok16:49
Tominwell I'll prepare a memory stick to boot later this week to test 15.04 (or 15.10) anyway and also try to bisect the package version that broke this16:51
penguin42Tomin: I've marked it as triaged and added a regression-update tag16:53
Tominok, thanks16:53
* penguin42 checks on his mixture again16:53
yecril71plHello, I would like to ask for SRU of Bug #1391917 to 14.04 LTS.22:18
ubot5bug 1391917 in gnome-system-monitor (Ubuntu) "gnome-system-monitor is obsolete" [Wishlist,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/139191722:18
yecril71plI have no idea what it means to Upload the fixed package to release-proposed with the patch in the bug report.22:21
yecril71plThere is no patch, it is an upgrade.22:21

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