dholbachgood morning06:56
philipballewmorning dholbach07:06
dpmmorning all07:08
dholbachhey philipballew07:10
* philipballew runes up to dholbach and gives him a big awkward hug07:15
* dholbach hugs you all :)07:15
dholbachsalut davidcalle07:19
davidcalledholbach, hey, how was your week?07:20
dholbachgreat, very relaxed07:21
davidcalledholbach, nice :)07:36
dholbachhow was yours?07:38
davidcalledholbach, busy, Tristan is learning to walk :)07:39
dholbachnice :-D07:40
dholbachso much to discover :-)07:40
davidcalleYeah, it's a lot of fun07:58
=== davidcalle_ is now known as davidcalle
balloonsGood morning world11:33
davidcallemhall119, do you know if we have a way to tweak the juju stack and deploy without so much caching?12:21
mhall119davidcalle: not sure I follow, caching isn't something juju does12:22
davidcallemhall119, caching services*12:22
mhall119you mean in the apache nodes?12:23
davidcallemhall119, eg. can we change the number of devportal-app intances form 2 to 1 without it exploding in our face?12:23
mhall119oh, sure12:23
mhall119that won't change caching though12:23
davidcallemhall119, oh12:23
davidcallemhall119, ok, so what do you think we should do to always have the same result when we reload the page?12:26
mhall119ctrl+F5 should do it12:27
mhall119davidcalle: are you doing local dev run manage.py runserver? or using a deployment?12:27
davidcallemhall119, http://developer.staging.ubuntu.com , reload a few times and see if the top menu is consistent12:28
josemorning all o/12:29
mhall119davidcalle: yup, always see the same thing: Test1 | Snappy | Test2 | Michael12:30
mhall119morning jose12:30
mhall119jose: phones made it back to me, thanks12:30
mhall119did they work well at TLF?12:30
davidcallemhall119, that's insane, I've switched to a different computer that has never been on the site and I get different menus between reloads12:32
davidcalledpm, dholbach, balloons, could you check as well? ^12:35
mhall119davidcalle: have you tried logging out and back in again?12:35
mhall119well, switching computers would do the same...12:36
balloonshmm.. is it a caching thing?12:36
mhall119balloons: that's what we're trying to determine12:36
balloonsmhall119, yep, each reload is different12:36
balloonsIS hosted, likely needs a bit to propagate12:36
mhall119what's different when it changes?12:37
balloonsno random, but test1 and test212:37
davidcallemhall119, menus, top-level and breadcrumbs on eg. http://developer.staging.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/guides/current/12:37
mhall119still nothing changing12:39
davidcallemhall119, what do you see in breadcrumbs: "fixed-guide1" and "Tutorials" or "The hashes.yaml file" and "Security policy" ?12:40
mhall119davidcalle: dholbach: is the snappy impoter not ready for production? Will it break anything if the code is deployed now?12:40
mhall119The hashes.yaml and Security12:41
davidcallemhall119, works great locally, pages get all over the place on staging, parent pages are wrongly identified for some reason. It won't break anything if it's deployed, if we don't add branches via the admin page.12:42
davidcalleI promise. 0:-)12:43
mhall119heh, ok12:44
mhall119once we get mojo working, we should consider branching trunk into a new "production" or "release" branch that we keep stable12:44
davidcallemhall119, https://code.launchpad.net/~developer-ubuntu-com-dev/developer-ubuntu-com/production12:45
davidcallemhall119, it's roughly in sync with current prod, a bit forward, but nothing dramatic12:46
davidcalle(I believe prod is a r119)12:49
mhall119davidcalle: right, cool, so we'll just update that once we go to prod with the current trunk12:50
davidcallemhall119, dholbach, https://code.launchpad.net/~davidc3/developer-ubuntu-com/oslo-deps/+merge/26963713:14
dholbachmhall119, yeah - what davidcalle said, it shouldn't break anything13:19
dholbachdavidcalle, reviewed13:20
davidcalledholbach, thx :)13:20
mhall119dholbach: davidcalle: ok, rev 131 is what I've currently given to webops to try deploying to a production environment using the mojo spec13:23
mhall119fingers crossed13:23
davidcallemmm, it doesn't have the fixed oslo deps and will fail13:24
josemhall119: woot woot! they did awesome :)13:24
joseand the phone stands make them look really classy13:25
joseit's an amazing idea13:25
davidcallemhall119, you probably want to give them r13313:25
davidcallejose, any pics?13:25
josedavidcalle: I think I posted a couple on G+, lemme check13:26
joseotherwise I'll post them right ahead13:26
josedavidcalle: ^13:27
mhall119jose: yeah,I was really happy with the phone stands13:29
josealso, candy works amazingly well13:30
mhall119jose: oh, good idea, what kind did you have?13:30
davidcallejose, looks great!13:31
mhall119davidcalle: odd, if I used 131 in staging it didn't have your olso dep changes, but it still worked13:31
joseI went to sams club and got a bag of jolly ranchers and then a bag that had all kinds of fun sized mars chocolate13:31
josenext time we need to get orange candy13:31
mhall119which was the more popular, the jolly ranchers or chocolates?13:32
dholbachdavidcalle, do lp:~developer-ubuntu-com-dev/developer-ubuntu-com/dependencies and lp:~developer-ubuntu-com-dev/developer-ubuntu-com/production need to be updated too?13:32
popeydpm: do you know if we have any people (other than the translators list) which we can request chinese translations? Music app needs some. https://translations.launchpad.net/music-app13:32
davidcallemhall119, I... what? Ok...13:32
dholbachmhall119, can we take a look at https://code.launchpad.net/~developer-ubuntu-com-dev/developer-ubuntu-com/1470715/+merge/268471 as a team once all the other MPs are deployed and happy?13:33
davidcalledholbach, the first one will be updated automatically when a tarball is made with trunk at r133+13:33
dholbachdavidcalle, ah, cool - even better :)13:33
davidcalledholbach, the second one... let's wait for it to deploy :p13:34
dholbachah, so it's updated once it's landed? it's not the branch IS use to deploy?13:34
mhall119dholbach: after others are deployed? sure13:35
dholbachwe'll just need to test it a lot13:35
mhall119yeah, speaking of testing....13:37
mhall119we should write some test cases for this site13:37
dholbachdo you have a list of things in mind you'd like to see tested?13:39
davidcalledholbach, deployments :D13:41
mhall119dholbach: all of the code we've written for it13:42
mhall119api docs, snappy importer, webapp-generator13:42
dpmpopey, sometimes we've made such requests over the FB page, but ultimately, the Ubuntu Chinese translators need to approve the translations13:44
josemhall119: I'd say chocolates were more popular since we ran out faster, but we had a big jolly ranchers bag14:13
mhall119jose: thanks for the feedback, will make a note to have some for FOSSETCON14:24
josewoot woot14:25
josemhall119: btw, just submitted the request14:25
jcastrojose: looking for me?15:21
josejcastro: wat? wat? no, I was looking for niedbalski...15:21
Pendulumjose: I'm glad you had more than just chocolate. I know quite a few people who are allergic to chocolate & you'd be surprised how many places/groups only offer things with chocolate when they do things like have candy at a booth.15:22
jcastrojose: oh, antonio just basically mailed both jorge's15:23
jcastroI'm like weird, why wouldn't jose just pm me15:23
josePendulum: definitely :) I was thinking on that! also, long time no see15:23
josejcastro: also, fix you steam, I got like 20x 'jorge is now playing xcom!'15:23
jcastrothat is not me, that's steam15:24
jcastroevery time you login in right?15:24
joseno, randomly :P15:24
josenow I want the game, I blame you15:24
jcastrooh, well, I'm not playing xcom so there's that15:24
jcastroit is a really fun game15:24
josemaybe I should finish playing the 130 games I have first...15:25
* jose hides behind the desk15:25
jcastroget borderlands2 next time it is on sale15:27
joseI was going to15:27
jcastrowe will play that in DC15:27
josegimme free copiez15:28
jcastromaybe next time it goes on sale!15:29
jcastrojose: did they hook you up wrt. to travel to DC?15:30
josejcastro: yes, ticket is booked, just gotta go to the airport and take the flight15:30
Pendulumjose: I've just returned after about 6 months of not being on IRC. I haven't been able to use my laptop much & I don't like using IRC on my phone. But when I make it on, I do keep an eye out for conversations I can contribute to.15:30
josePendulum: well, I hope I can see you again soon!15:31
josetime to go to class, laters all!15:32
dholbachdavidcalle, popey, dpm: team call?15:33
dpmdholbach, on our way, wrapping up our call with balloons15:33
dholbachoops, forgot balloons :)15:33
dholbachthanks guys!15:33
popeydholbach: not today - am on holiday this week (and uk public holiday today)15:34
dholbachpopey, enjoy your time off!15:34
Pendulumjose: feel free to PM me to chat & I'll respond when I'm next on the laptop. I'm making it on most days now & leaving IRC up even when I'm afk.15:35
davidcalledholbach, omw15:37
josePendulum: thanks! :)15:45
mhall119Pendulum: good to see you back in here :)16:13
dholbachall right my friends - I call it a day - see you all tomorrow!16:22

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