hikikohello from Changsha :)01:51
pittiGood morning05:03
didrocksgood morning05:40
pittibonjour didrocks, ça va ?06:00
didrockshey pitti, ça va bien, et toi ?06:02
pittididrocks: moi aussi ! c'était un week-end calme (et chaud !), mais c'était les dernières journées d'été06:02
pittinous sommes allé au stade à nouvau :)06:03
didrocksoh bien ! ;)06:04
didrocksle match était bien ?06:04
pittialors notre club a perdu :(06:04
pittididrocks: non, ils ont joué laid06:04
didrocksargh, pas de chance :/06:05
didrocksje suis à Annecy pour la semaine, chez mes parents06:05
didrocksdonc on a pas mal marché dans les montagnes06:05
didrocksmais oui, il reste encore aujourd'hui de beau temps, et puis pluie toute la semaine06:06
darkxsthey pitti, didrocks06:48
darkxstdidrocks, can you merge this for me? I can upload, but not commit to packaging branch https://code.launchpad.net/~darkxst/ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu/UG-wily06:49
didrocksgood evening darkxst06:50
didrocksdarkxst: I'm unsure I have commit access (see the mate discussion on Thursday)06:50
didrockslet me check06:50
didrocksYou cannot upload to this branch. Members of Ubiquity Slideshow can upload to this branch.06:50
didrocksyep :/06:50
* didrocks remembers the hell that some people gave to him when they couldn't push to some branches due to CI train06:51
didrocksseems like the same people didn't setup for core-devs at least to be able to push there :p06:51
didrockscyphermox: I guess do you mind pushing //code.launchpad.net/~darkxst/ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu/UG-wily ?06:51
didrockscyphermox: also, would be great to fix the permission issues (so that at least core-devs can push)06:51
didrocksdarkxst: I guess just upload for now06:51
didrocks(and mark as such in your MP)06:52
didrocksdarkxst: how was your week-end otherwise? :)06:52
darkxstdidrocks, still getting over the flu :( but got some chickens on saturday ;)06:58
didrocksdarkxst: argh, I hope that won't last too long still…07:00
darkxstdidrocks, yeh, will see... wasnt too bad today though,07:05
darkxstdidrocks, ok I have uploaded it, hopefully cyphermox can push the commits, seems odd though to have a restricted packaging branch!07:12
* darkxst waiting on some fresh eggs, that might help ;) nothing yet though07:12
didrocksdarkxst: heh, keep summoning them :)07:16
darkxstdidrocks, just hoping the puppies haven't scared the egg production ;)07:22
darkxstbut they don't really seem to concerned with the puppies07:23
didrocksah, troubling the chickens, yeah, I can see that happening…07:24
darkxstdogs are loosing interest, as a result07:24
didrocksI bet! :)07:24
darkxstit was all fear from the dogs, especially the old one07:27
didrockstoo big compared to their size (and maybe too hugging as well? ;))07:28
darkxstwell the little ones sure, but the old one, is bigger, just shit scared07:29
darkxstbut the real fun comes I try and introduce mini dashunds to free range with chickens!07:30
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didrockswaow, you are really… experimenting! :)07:34
darkxstdidrocks, they are the protection policy!07:35
darkxstno fox is getting past the dogs, just need to make sure the dogs don't eat the chickens07:35
darkxstin the meanwhile it will be an interesting few weeks!07:37
didrocksdogs would really eat the chickens, you think?07:44
didrocksand yeah, I totally +1 on the "natural barrier" you are putting in place than having more "industrial/human-built" options07:45
larsuTrevinho, morning! DId you notice that gtk doesn't request rgba visuals when GTK_FRAME_EXTENTS is not given?08:20
larsunot sure how to fix that - someone specifically made it like this as a fallback for window managers that can't handle client side shadows08:21
larsuapparently unity is special in that it can't do client side shadows, but rgba08:21
* larsu thinks about patching gtk08:22
pittihey larsu, guten Morgen!08:22
larsuhi pitti!08:23
larsupitti, had a long morning already. Just not online all the time because I'm travelling. How are you?08:23
pittilarsu: quite fine, thanks! had a nice weekend, apparently the last real summer weekend08:23
pittilarsu: went to the stadium (FC Augsburg lost, though), and enjoyed some gardening, table tennis, and ice cream :)08:24
pittilarsu: ah, where are you now?08:24
larsupitti, nice!08:24
larsupitti, Mainz Hbf, waiting for my train to cologne to fly back to Berlin08:24
larsuwas at a wine fest this weekend08:24
larsuand did 20km on a draisine (english?) yesterday08:24
larsuin the heat08:24
didrocksdraisine? nice! on a unused old train rail I guess?08:26
larsudidrocks, indeed08:27
* didrocks wonders if the UK is cut out from the world, no Will, no Laney…08:27
didrockslarsu: some exercise after the wine sounds good :)08:27
larsuLaney is off today08:27
didrocksah, it's a national holiday08:28
larsudidrocks, ya. It was more exhausting than I thought08:28
larsumostly due to the heat though08:28
didrocksyeah, I bet…08:28
didrocks(confirmed, UK is off)08:28
* larsu wonders how long the connection holds up in this train08:29
didrockswith you on the go, I feel soooooooo lonely!08:29
* didrocks shed some tears08:29
* larsu hugs didrocks08:29
larsuturn on some music!08:29
* didrocks hugs larsu back08:29
didrocksyeah, I think that's the only way to have some uplifting here08:29
larsuand seb is gone for 2 weeks?08:31
didrockshis holidays08:36
didrocksthose guys, leaving for a long time…08:36
didrockshem :p08:36
* larsu looks away and whistles silently08:38
didrockslarsu: I did the same :)08:42
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darkxstdidrocks, imagine a rottweiler stuffed into a 20cm tall form factor! something like http://www.purina.com.au/~/media/PurinaAustralia/Images/Breeds/Dog/Dachshund-Miniature-Smooth-Haired.jpg09:37
darkxstif polly thinks for a seconds the chickens are above her in the pecking order, they are stuffed!09:38
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didrocksre dholbach10:42
* didrocks really feels lonely on this channel today :p10:42
dholbachcan somebody take a look at https://code.launchpad.net/~attente/unity-control-center/non-gnome-unity-ibus-support/+merge/238293 and https://code.launchpad.net/~brunonova/software-properties/lp1381050_2/+merge/264634 and https://code.launchpad.net/~binli/unity-settings-daemon/dont-scale-out-of-screen/+merge/268881?10:43
dholbachthanks! :)10:43
didrocksdholbach: I guess retry tomorrow where more folks taking care of this part of the desktop are around :)10:44
dholbachI'll try to remember10:46
dholbachhttps://code.launchpad.net/~gunnarhj/ubuntu/wily/libx11/pt_PT-compose/+merge/258526 too10:47
dholbachSweet5hark, can you comment on bug 1483914?11:00
ubot5bug 1483914 in LibreOffice Productivity Suite "libreoffice-style-elementary as alternate to libreoffice-style-human" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/148391411:00
* larsu waves to dholbach11:01
dholbachhey larsu11:01
Sweet5harkheya guys!11:10
larsuhi Sweet5hark! What up?11:10
Sweet5harkdholbach: soo, releasing the theme independant from LibreOffice will likely get messy with different versions and people having the theme from one archive and LibreOffice from another (e.g. from PPAs). Thus I would love to have this upstream.11:12
Sweet5harkdholbach: (see tdf#92458)11:12
Sweet5harkdholbach: I'd love to help with that as time allows. https://bugs.documentfoundation.org/show_bug.cgi?id=92458#c1 is the relevant piece there: We'd need the license statement-foo from the authors and look at the stuff being clean from an IP PoV. Probably best we get the git history into the LibreOffice core repo and get a license statement from the authors.11:16
ubot5bugs.documentfoundation.org bug 92458 in UI "Integrate the “elementary” theme into LibreOffice" [Normal,New]11:16
Sweet5harkdholbach: the git stuff should be doable reasonably easy with some git filter-branch foo, I will try to find time for that.11:18
Sweet5harklarsu: heya ;)11:18
didrockshey Sweet5hark!11:20
* larsu wonders why he's hacking on notify-osd11:20
didrockslarsu: what happened to you?11:21
Sweet5harkdholbach: (getting the commits into the LibreOffice core repo has the added benefit of creating LibreOffice authoring credits for the theme creators ...)11:21
didrockslarsu: theme-thingy?11:21
larsudidrocks, someone asked me to look at a hidpi issue11:21
didrocksah… making sense11:21
larsudidrocks, it's quite bad: all notifications have blurry text and icons11:21
didrocksyeah, I bet with the fixed-size thing11:21
Sweet5harkdidrocks: hi there11:22
larsuit assumes logical pixels == real pixels when creating cairo surfaces11:22
larsuand it creates a lot of those :/11:22
didrocksI guess, hardcoding is the second name of notify-osd :p11:22
didrocksbut on the logical pixels == real pixels, that was not uncommon to defend it at the time :)11:23
larsu(it would be funnier if it wouldn't be this sad)11:23
larsudidrocks, yeah, fair enough11:23
larsuI think it predates all scale apis in gdk even11:23
didrocksI guess only the web had the difference11:23
didrocksand android a year after11:23
larsuso there's not much that could be done back then11:23
larsuhaha I have a red batter icon again, because there's only 2h left11:24
didrocksI guess you still have the half second reaction "oh crap" and then, "meh" :)11:25
larsuthis is enough for hacking on the airport and the train11:25
larsuand the plane11:25
larsu(train is from TXL -> home)11:26
didrocksplanned to arrive at what time?11:26
Sweet5harkdholbach: beyond that: the debdiff in bug seems rather superfluous to me: No need to recommend -elementary -- we dont do that with e.g. the sifr or breeze themes either. We recommend -human to have it in the default install, we recommend -tango because ... well, actually we dont need to. We do as Debian (which doesnt have -human)  does that.11:26
larsudidrocks, I leave in 40 min and the flight is about an hour (but can't hack during the full time obviously)11:27
didrocksand then, train?11:27
larsujust the inner berlin train11:27
didrocksyeah, so an hour I guess11:28
darkxstlarsu, sure you can, I hack when asleep sometimes ;)11:28
larsunot far, 30 mins or so11:28
didrocksyou will be home quite early :)11:28
didrockswell "home"11:28
didrocksuntil you move :)11:28
larsudarkxst, they won't take off if I don't turn off and securely store away my large electronic device11:28
larsudidrocks, move is tomorrow \o/11:29
Sweet5harklarsu: recommended sound track: "Es faehrt ein Zug nach BER" von Christian Anders11:31
didrockseverytime you talk about electronic device and planes, that reminds me of the Simpson with Bart playing his game boy11:31
larsuSweet5hark, heh11:31
didrocksturning it off making the plane descending dangerously11:31
didrocksand they are asking him to turn it on again :)11:31
darkxstlarsu, I reserve tjhe harder problems for thoise cases!11:35
larsudarkxst, :D11:35
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dholbachSweet5hark, I'll leave it in your hands11:42
Sweet5harkdholbach: ;)11:42
Sweet5hark<- just won an action item11:42
Sweet5harkachievement unlocked, I guess.11:42
dholbachSweet5hark, I'm just going through the sponsoring queue and trying to get as many done or looked at as possible11:42
Sweet5harkdholbach: right. nothing to sponsor here, the debdiff isnt what we'd want.11:43
* larsu goes to board his plane11:44
dholbachI'll unsubscribe the u-sponsors team then11:45
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Sweet5harkpopey: are you fine with the latest libreoffice-vanilla package for clicklification?16:38
popeySweet5hark: heya, I haven't personally tested it, happy it built though.17:28
Sweet5harkpopey: kk. note that its just a 53.6MB on amd64 now. So hopefully ends up ~40MB for armhf ...17:30
popeySweet5hark: failed to build actually.. https://launchpad.net/~canonical-community/+archive/ubuntu/ppa/+build/784221117:44
Sweet5harkpopey: eh? thats not 1:5.0.1-0ubuntu1~minimal1~vivid1 (which is newer). https://launchpad.net/~bjoern-michaelsen/+archive/ubuntu/libreoffice-nattytest2/+sourcepub/5332252/+listing-archive-extra17:46
popeywhat did I do wrong.. hmmm17:46
popeySweet5hark: my bad. will upload yours17:48
popeyignore me :)17:48
Sweet5harkpopey: np. ;) easy to get confused wrt to versions when updates are often faster than build time. happened to me too more than once. One of the challenges of riding this funny little beast.17:50
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