tdaitxteward, you can list the open session with schroot -l --all-sessions00:00
tdaitxteward, then enter them using: schroot -r -c <session>00:01
tewardtdaitx: thank you00:01
tdaitxteward, to clean up (delete the session), run: schroot -e -c <session>00:02
tdaitxteward, or even: schroot -e --all-sessions (as the name says, to clean all of them)00:02
tewardtdaitx: right, i know how to clean em up i'm trying to see if the make rules i put into rules were ever even executed00:03
tdaitxteward, ok, have fun =)00:05
tewardtdaitx: perhaps you know this, i have a .c file that needs compiled, it's just a wrapper for a perl program.  any way to make it build, as part of the rules file during building of the actual binary?  (The debian binary just installs perl scripts, it doesn't have anything else to compile)00:05
tewardso short of me making a makefile is there a way to force the build00:06
tewardbefore it throws things into the actual binary package for installation (since the compiled wrapper needs installed)00:06
tdaitxteward, there are many ways to do it... the simplest one I can think of is to call gcc in the rules file itself00:09
tewardtdaitx: with or without a dh_make override?00:09
tewardthe reason being that putting gcc in there made it try and run during the source package build00:10
tewardrather than the clean schroot00:10
teward(let me try something...)00:13
tewardmmm, still not sure where in rules to put it :/00:16
tdaitxteward, if the rules file is using dh, then try override_dh_auto_build00:17
tdaitx  override_dh_auto_build00:18
tdaitx  gcc00:18
tewardthat works for me.00:19
tewardi thought i entered that, i misspelled xD00:19
* teward facedesks00:19
tewardlets hope this builds now00:19
tdaitxops, replace that second override_dh_auto_build with dh_auto_build00:19
tewardtdaitx: you're a godsend, thank you for the assist :)00:33
tewardi've beat my head on this the past few hours xD00:33
tdaitxteward, glad to help =)00:34
seyeongkimWho can i ask about multipath-tools which has cciss_tur for HP LOGICAL VOLUME as default value? redhat and suse has tur as default value. with cciss_tur there is err msg on multipath -v3.02:50
tdaitxseyeongkim, chypermox does some testing on multipath, you should check if he knows or can point you to someone who does03:19
seyeongkimtdaitx thanks03:19
tdaitxseyeongkim, ops, nick without typo is cyphermox03:19
seyeongkimtdaitx t :)03:19
tdaitxyou are welcome =)03:20
pittiGood morning05:03
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dholbachgood morning06:56
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dholbach@pilot in07:11
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dholbachdidrocks, is the ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu fix already in lp:ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu?07:52
dholbachdidrocks, I'm asking because I'm looking at https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mate-dev/ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu/ubuntu-mate-welcome/+merge/269336 right now07:53
didrocksdholbach: not sure it's the one I looked at and sponsored or another one (we had many of them)07:54
didrockslet me confirm07:54
dholbachno, I think it's a different one07:54
dholbachbut the branch is just up to 0.98 in d/changelog07:55
didrocksdholbach: yeah, it's really annoying that we don't have access to this Vcs-Bzr branch07:55
didrocksdholbach: yep, confirmed, the change isn't in the pacakge07:56
didrocksdholbach: be aware that darkxst just uploaded also some other changes without being able for us to merge into upstream's branch07:56
dholbachI'll ask for ubuntu-core-dev to be added to the team07:56
didrocksdholbach: I did ping cyphermox about it07:56
didrocksthanks :)07:57
didrocksdholbach: if you can push https://code.launchpad.net/~darkxst/ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu/UG-wily in between07:57
didrocks(not sure if you have access)07:57
didrockshttps://code.launchpad.net/~darkxst/ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu/UG-wily is the MP07:57
dholbachI don't07:57
didrocksok ;)07:57
* didrocks doesn't fell lonely in this powerless schema :p07:58
dholbachok, mail sent07:58
dholbachI also asked to transfer ownership of the team to TB07:59
didrocksgood :)08:02
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ogra_cjwatson, do you have an idea why https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-touch-generic-initrd doesnt show any versions ? the package is definitely in universe since saucy10:37
cjwatsonogra_: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-touch-generic-initrd/+publishinghistory disagrees with you, and says it was obsoleted by initramfs-tools-ubuntu-touch.  (Remember that /ubuntu/+source/<foo> wants *source* package names, not binary package names)10:38
ogra_hmpf ... definitely not superseded10:39
cjwatsonAnd LP only shows information for non-obsolete series on the source package index page; that source package was only ever published in saucy, which is obsolete10:39
cjwatsonogra_: initramfs-tools-ubuntu-touch builds an ubuntu-touch-generic-initrd binary package10:39
ogra_i wonder how ...10:40
* ogra_ checks the code10:40
cjwatsonogra_: you did it10:40
cjwatsonogra_: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/initramfs-tools-ubuntu-touch/0.4110:40
ogra_oh man10:41
ogra_yeah, ignore me10:41
* ogra_ shakes head and thinks he should soon take vacation 10:42
pittiogra_: you mostly missed doing that during the hot summer days, though :/10:48
ogra_i always miss it during the 12 months a year has :P10:49
ogra_pitti, thanks for the fix for bug 1489410 ... note that i was referring to snappy-personal in it though ... they currently ship apport-cli as is (and wont have the dpkg lists because the build process removes them when removing apt and dpkg)10:52
ubottubug 1489410 in apport (Ubuntu) "do not require apt lists to be pre-installed" [Critical,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/148941010:52
ogra_we should probably add an exception to keep the files for them then10:52
pittiogra_: yes, I know; but as I wrote that's a much bigger undertaking, and needs server-side infrastructure for doing the mapping if you guys want/need this at all10:53
ogra_(i doubt snappy core will ship apport or any such tool)10:53
pittiogra_: ah! that answers one of the questions already :)10:53
ogra_but we have to ask mvo for a final work on that, he is tech lead here :)10:54
ogra_(might be that apport might be a feature of "comfy" (which recently got renamed again and i forgot to what))10:54
ogra_s/work/word :P10:57
darkxstdholbach, can you sponsor syslinux stuff? its just new images11:15
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dholbachdarkxst, looks like Colin commented on it11:41
darkxstdholbach, colin commented on the prior MP which hit the wrong branch11:43
dholbachdarkxst, I'm looking at the the MP linked from https://code.launchpad.net/~darkxst/debian-cd/UG-logo11:44
darkxstdholbach, I resubmitted it against the correct branch since his comment!11:45
dholbachah ok11:47
sitterin proposed we have libkonq5abi2 which needs transitioning from libkonq5abi1 but as it turns out that sobump wasn't needed. is it acceptable to simply go back to abi1 seeing as it hasn't gotten out of proposed?11:47
* ogra_ notes that apachelogger is incognito today :)11:48
sitterI changed nick a while ago :P11:49
sitterdoko: ^ thoughts on libkonq5abi2 question11:59
dholbachdarkxst, I can't merge this - sorry, I added a comment though - can you maybe request a review from infinity - it looks like the most recent changes came from him12:02
dholbach@pilot out12:08
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dokositter, sounds ok, maybe add then a Provides: libkonq5abi212:09
sitterdoko: I was thinking Breaks&Replaces actually12:10
dokositter, well, that too. but without the provides you have to binnmu12:10
sitterdoko: there were no builds against abi212:11
sitterreverting the version is to avoid having to rebuild the rdeps :)12:11
doko$ apt-cache rdepends libkonq5abi212:12
dokoReverse Depends:12:12
doko  plasma-widget-folderview12:12
doko  libkonq5-dev12:12
doko  konqueror12:12
doko  konq-plugins12:12
doko  kfind12:12
doko  kdepasswd12:12
doko  dolphin412:12
sitterdoko: all from the same source12:12
dokoahh, ok12:12
dokoLaney, online?12:31
didrocksdoko: today is a bank holiday in the UK12:37
cjwatsondarkxst: the LP branch / MP will take a while to update, but it's merged where it counts now12:46
cjwatsonsorry for delay12:46
cjwatsondarkxst: no point asking anyone not in ~ubuntu-cdimage for that kind of merge, they can't do it12:46
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tjaaltonhyperair: ping, heads up on openscad: mesa in ubuntu has no libgl1-mesa-swx11*, and debian will drop them too once 11.0.0 hits unstable13:04
hyperairugh okay13:04
hyperairi need to check why i added that dep13:04
hyperairis it being replaced by any other package?13:05
tjaaltoni've uploaded openscad to wily now, built fine without13:05
hyperairah, okay, thanks13:05
hyperairhmm, that change seems to have been done by chrysn and he left a note13:05
tjaaltonoh, apparently it got uploaded earlier already :)13:06
hyperairit's in a comment in debian/control13:06
cyphermoxgood morning!13:13
sitterdoko: not considering because of the danling abi2 package now :/ http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html#kde-baseapps13:14
dokositter, removed13:16
Riddellmvo: what chances of a packagekit update this week?13:44
mterrypitti, regarding the libmicrohttpd MIR bug, we like team bug subscribers, for bus factor reasons and all that  :)13:52
mterrypitti, thanks for enabling tests, that's awesome13:52
pittimterry: ah; well, then I figure the only adequate one is the entire foundations team, as we don't have a team like "boot" or "systemd"13:52
pittimterry: I subscribed foundations-bugs now13:53
mterrypitti, OK yeah, that's fine from my perspective. I just want a team to be able to yell at if something goes wrong.  Even if that means it's always you  :)13:54
dokocyphermox, could you merge doxia?14:46
cyphermoxdoko, sure14:47
barrycjwatson: do you have a few minutes to talk about launchpad's api?  it's been too long for me and i think i'm missing something which i think i need to do a little data mining on a ppa15:10
bdmurraypitti: the change in bug 1485787 was necessary because of bug 1485773.15:20
ubottubug 1485787 in apport (Ubuntu) "package_hook does not include package version" [High,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/148578715:20
ubottubug 1485773 in apport (Ubuntu) "new_only option when writing reports stops some data from being written" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/148577315:20
dokobarry, uk bank holiday15:21
barrydoko: ah.  thx.15:21
bdmurraywhile the UI displays it, it doesn't get written to the report iirc15:21
dokobdmurray, at debconf I wasked how a debian devel could do some bug triage, and closing issues, in lp for some set of packages. was from the debian-science people, or debian-med. dholbach suggested to apply for https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBugControl15:23
dokois this correct?15:23
pittibdmurray: ah, that makes sense, thanks!15:24
bdmurraydoko: Yes, however see "If you are an upstream developer or bug triager for an upstream project contact Jorge Castro". Although jcastro probably isn't the best contact anymore.15:25
bdmurraybarry: I might be able to help.15:26
jcastronot for the past two years or so15:26
jcastrobut tbh, I've only gotten like one or two queries15:26
dokoso who would that be?15:26
jcastroand it's usually a nobrainer15:26
bdmurraydoko: How about me.15:26
bdmurraypitti: will you reupload that apport change or should I?15:30
pittibdmurray: I'll fix that underlying bug for wily15:34
pittibdmurray: the change is still in stable-proposed, isn't it?15:34
pittithat previous change is not a sufficient fix after all15:35
bdmurraypitti: yes, that makes sense15:36
lamontwhy would (wily) ssh hang after "debug1: SSH2_MSG_KEXINIT sent" ?15:48
infinitylamont: What's the server?16:00
mterrybdmurray, ~pkg-ime has committed to look after the tegaki-zinnia-japanese package, FYI16:40
mterrybdmurray, same for zinnia package16:44
cjwatsonbarry: well, let me know what you need and I can respond when I have a chance16:49
cjwatsonlamont: ssh -vvv16:49
bdmurraymterry: thanks16:50
barrycjwatson: thanks.  i'm looking at a few things and will ping or email in a little while16:52
Laneydoko: sort of online (train), can try to reply if you let me know what you want16:54
lamontcjwatson: bad cable, believe it or not.16:56
lamontfrom the land of wtf16:56
cjwatsonlamont: error detection ftw!17:07
cjwatsonbarry: ok17:07
lamontcjwatson: or some such.17:07
infinitylamont: Special.17:07
lamontpulling replacement cat5 about 100 feet?  loss17:07
dokoLogan, grrrrr, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libindi/1.0.0-3/+build/7852395/+files/buildlog_ubuntu-wily-ppc64el.libindi_1.0.0-3_BUILDING.txt.gz17:33
dokoLogan, why do you override my fixes?17:33
Loganyeah I was going to fix that17:35
Loganstrange the symbols didn't match up in Debian17:35
Loganbecause the Debian maintainer claimed to fix the symbols17:36
Loganand it's easy to fix if that claim isn't true17:36
Loganless delta makes for a better Ubuntu17:36
Loganit would be nice to have a PPA that can build on any architecture, though, so we don't have to do this guess-and-check thing17:37
dokocyphermox, Unpacking libdoxia-core-java (1.1.4-3) ...17:45
dokodpkg: error processing archive /var/cache/apt/archives/libdoxia-core-java_1.1.4-3_all.deb (--unpack):17:45
doko trying to overwrite '/usr/share/java/doxia-logging-api.jar', which is also in package libdoxia-java 1.1.4-2ubuntu117:45
dokodpkg-deb: error: subprocess paste was killed by signal (Broken pipe)17:45
cjwatsonLogan: at least ppc64el really is coming soon, once the builders stop exhibiting random memory corruption17:49
Loganha, fun17:50
LoganI should get around to becoming a Debian dev so that I can have access to the porting boxes17:50
cyphermoxdoko: oh, wonderful17:51
Logandoko: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libindi/1.0.0-3ubuntu118:26
zh1noticed ubuntu menu bar is always left any specific logic for that?18:28
Loganthat's more of a question for #ubuntu18:29
Loganbut !controls18:29
zh1Logan, did same question there and folks said to do it here18:29
ubottuStarting in Lucid, the minimize, maximize, and close buttons have been moved to the left side. For more information and workarounds, please see http://pad.lv/53263318:29
Loganassuming that's what you're referring to18:29
zh1most DE`s let move menu bars and here it seems i cant without installing something18:30
sarnolddo you mean the OS X style dock thing?18:31
zh1mean left, top, right18:31
Loganoh, Unity18:31
zh1or bottom18:31
Loganzh1: I think pointing you to http://askubuntu.com/questions/33605/can-i-move-the-unity-launcher is the best we can do18:32
Loganit's by design that it sticks to that side18:32
Loganthere are some unofficial workarounds there18:32
Loganyou are always free to use another desktop environment if you don't like Unity18:32
zh1i was never a fan of this design and noticed many users want to move unity18:33
zh1Logan, i read that link already cause i found it when "googling"18:35
Loganwe can't give you a better answer than that18:35
Loganand this channel is for Ubuntu development, not support18:35
ari-tczewdoko: thanks for ignoring bug 148744519:03
ubottubug 1487445 in vtk (Ubuntu) "FTBFS: missing Build-Depends on libnetcdf-cxx-legacy-dev" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/148744519:03
dokoari-tczew, ?19:05
ari-tczewdoko: there was a patch submitted by LocutusOfBorg1 some days ago and I was on my way to sponsor it. You just uploaded your fix. :/19:05
dokoari-tczew, well dropping the delta is clearly wrong19:07
ari-tczewdoko: ? He added a debdiff with the same change like you did.19:08
ari-tczewwho cares19:08
ari-tczewbut then I think dholbach's requests to focus on sponsoring is a bit pointless19:09
dokoari-tczew, I've spent the last few days on getting some transitions done. I can't check for everything19:11
ari-tczewdoko: I really appreciate it. However, it's not a first case when a patch or a sync request to be sponsored19:13
ari-tczewhave been ignored.19:13
ari-tczewthat sponsors overview can we put in a trash, though19:14
ari-tczewAnyway, I won't clearing such cases in community, please ignore my monologue.19:15
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mterrychrisccoulson, I want firefox 40 on wily...  :(20:30
sarnoldwhat does "not considered" mean? http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html20:32
sarnoldit otherwise looks fine for migration..20:32
mterrysarnold, it is ftbfs on powerpc20:33
sarnoldhas it worked there lately?20:33
sarnoldI thought it's been ftbfs on ppc for a while20:33
mterrysarnold, 38 did20:33
sarnoldhmm :) learn something every day..20:33
slangasekand so did 39, per the listing there of the last successful powerpc build20:34
infinityThe powerpc FTBFS is an obvious -latomic missing, someone just needs to fix it instead of complaininig. :)20:47
dokoRiddell, cyphermox: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/plasma-workspace/4:5.4.0-0ubuntu1/+build/785199822:01

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